Baby Brother


"Kev, did you see a glass here?"

"Whoa, man, was that yours? Sorry... I was really thirsty..."

"You drank it!?"

"Sorry, bro. Honest mistake. I'll make it up to ya."

"Kev, you don't understand..."

Suddenly, Kevin swooned, "Whoaaa....what's going on? I feel weird..."

He was seized by a paroxysm of pain, shreiking, "My God, what was in that stuff?"

He staggered a few steps, clutching his stomach, gasping, crying...

Blinking back tears of disbelief, I sputtered, "Kev..."

As if someone struck him from behind, his back arched upward, arms flying out to the sides. Strangely, his feet remained rooted in place, as if glued to the floor. In this position, his body went rigid. Caught in the middle of motion; stiff and immobile. A tremor made its way up his legs. His eyes rolled back. He drooled pathetically. Finally, he fell on the floor, his body stiff and trembling violently. I tried turning him over in an attempt to get him up, but couldn't budge him.

Perspiration poured down his flushed cheeks. His eyes bulged sickeningly.

There was a shift in the timbre of his whimpers. His crying took on a deeper resonance. There was nothing I could do...

Kevin was changing...

I felt his body begin to swell beneath my hand. His loose plaid shirt started stretching tightly across his broadening back, pulling the pattern into a taut checkerboard.

His muscles grew underneath the shirt. Huge, inhuman muscles. Muscles that people like me would kill for. Big, rounded delts filled Kevin's sleeves. I saw them bulging rounder. Wider. Wilder. Deepening shadows betrayed the onset of powerful traps bulking up under Kevin's shirt; his back grew outward, widening, taking on that inevitable V-taper. I felt muscular knots erupting all over his back, imagining the sensation of the incredible power that was overtaking my baby brother.

His high-pitched whimpers had become animalistic grunts. He was no longer a boy. He was a man. Barely that. A monster.

In seconds, Kevin's shirt had swelled to bursting with his growing torso, his shoulders, the size of cannonballs, poised to rip it clean off his back. I made out the fierce horeshoe-shape of bulging triceps pressing into the clinging sleeves; his freaky traps peeking out of his collar. His tight jeans choked and chafed his outrageous legs; the development was so complete, even his hamstring veins were clearly delineated beneath the dense fabric.

Kevin's face was beet-red; his eyes clenched in rage; he snarled and spat savagely. He wanted out. He was now far too big for these pesky clothes. A sixteen year-old muscle giant with an attiitude.

With a sharp crack, Kevin's immense back split the shirt wide open, exposing a fantastic set of dense, rippling rhomboids. After a resounding grunt of relief, he groaned lustily as his hulking lats breathed in the fresh air, overtaking the pathetic clothing imprisoning his hulking body. His swelling delts neatly tore the sleeves free. He clutched at his chest, violently ripping open the shirtfront, allowing his massively surging pecs room to grow. The muscular landscape of his back expanded further, muscles popping and swelling everywhere; the hole in the shirt widened, crawling up to the yoke, finally splitting the collar. Mind-boggling traps obscenely bulged into view as the whole bodice fell helplessly to the floor, exposing his staggering lat-spread. I could see hints of his bulging pecs peeking out beyond his terrific wingspan. From the back, Kevin looked like two linebackers squashed into one; his neck as succulently thick as most men's legs; his traps big as melons. The rest was all lats, except for the slender waist that, seemingly defying gravity, upheld his mighty torso.

Kevin's outrageously developing delts and triceps ultimately destroyed the sleeves, first peeling back the engorged fabric, then alternately blasting and splintering it till the rags fluttered wistfully around him. Thick, pulsing veins revealed themselves below the skin-surface, encircling his gigantic biceps and forearms like deadly snakes. His biceps, the definitive symbol of manhood, bulged and pulsed with monstrous size and strength.

There was another terrific cracking sound; the seat of his pants split, pouring forth great globular glutes, splitting down the length of his jeans with a delectable, prolonged rrrrrrip. Kevin's tremendous hams and calves bulged themselves into glory, massive and developed beyond belief; wide as great oaks, solid as granite. Kevin looked about savagely, trying to catch a glimpse of the obscene growth enveloping his once scrawny body, transforming him into a living, breathing, bulging hulk. Thick, curly, black hair sprouted on his chest and legs, coating him in a blanket of luxurious, sexy, masculine fur.

He was naked from head to toe. His skin glowed pink. His phenomenal body was clenched in fury, every muscle flexed to bursting, veins pulsing his superhuman blood in a frantic attempt to keep up with his accelerated strength.

He turned to face me...

I almost passed out at the sight of his huge heaving pecs topping his massive torso; the tremendous shoulder development, his succulently freaky biceps, the serrated abs. His almost frighteningly developed quads, and a dick that would make even the most jaded sex goddess beg for more.

He eyed me furiously, hitting a terrifying most muscular. We knew who is boss now. You just don't fuck around with 275-pound sixteen year-olds. •

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