My New Life with Eric


By Greetz

On my way home I couldn't think of anything but how relaxed I was and how much I loved that massage. Good thing we're working out together again on Saturday. Walking felt strange somehow and I had to adjust the dick several times. There were faint memories of never having to do that, as if I used to have a much smaller dick. It felt like that must have been in a different life, this dick was big and for some reason I was proud to have it. It felt so strange to be thinking about the dick, it felt as if I was thinking about someone else's dick, as if it wasn't mine. Strange. I didn't care, it was a beautiful dick, and any guy would want to have one like this one.

I didn't need to shower before going to bed because I had showered at Eric's place. Together with him no less. Who would have thought? Two days after I met him we had already showered together at his place. I can't imagine why we didn't shower at the gym or even why I had never showered at the gym before. Never mind, this had been much nicer. I was so relaxed after the massage and the nightly walk home I went straight to bed, I didn't even want to jack off.

I thought I would sleep well because of being so relaxed but I didn't. All kinds of things were going through my mind. They started out as whispers but were getting louder and louder but they were too faint for me to make out what was actually being said. It all felt very soothing and comforting, so in the end I managed to just let those things flow through my brain and enjoy the soothing feeling they gave me. I knew that was the true thing to do.

The next day I felt like I could kill ten crocodiles with my bare hands. I had so much energy, and boy was I hungry. I needed protein and carbs and what was that other thing again? I couldn't remember. Never mind, shower first! There I stood in front of the full-length mirror, naked. What a sight it was that large white dick between my legs! What an improvement! "Improvement," I thought to myself "what kind of improvement? Didn't I always have this dick?" What was this obsession about the dick all of a sudden? Then again, why not? It was a marvellous dick after all, wasn't it?

Looking in the mirror while brushing my teeth I wondered why I didn't shave more regularly. I was just too lazy to shave every day. I didn't need to shave everyday, but I made a mental note of doing so from today. A smooth skin is so much nicer and it makes me look a lot younger too. When I finished brushing my teeth I started lathering up my face with shaving cream, the remaining shaving cream I smeared over the hair on my chest. When my face was done, my razorblade started shaving the lathered up area of my chest as if it had a mind of its own. I can't remember ever having shaved my chest before but it felt good. I had a naughty idea and decided to shave the rest of my body too. It was a lot more work than I had anticipated. Good thing I had a few weeks off from work at the moment, that way I had all the time in the world. It felt good to feel the razorblade caress every inch of my skin but also a bit weird. Shaving my body was good; I knew this to be true. With every move of the blade I could almost hear what the voices of my dreams were saying. Wasn't able to make much sense of it though, I could only make out a few words: smooth, younger, math, muscle, shave, tattoo, true and more stuff like that. Hearing or rather sensing the words felt good, it was as if those lost whispers of my dreams were finding the right places in my mind to settle down. I was happy that they did.

When I looked in the mirror after I was done I liked the result. "That's what a bodybuilder's skin is supposed to look like" I thought. Where that idea came from I have no idea. But I did know that bodybuilders remove all, or most of their body hair so their muscles are more visible. Still, I was hardly a bodybuilder, was I now? Enough of these silly thoughts, time to get some food inside of me, and more importantly a good deal of protein; that's what you need to build muscle. My clothes felt so different now my skin was completely smooth. I was looking for a bulk packaging of protein powder to make a shake but there wasn't one in any of the cupboards in the kitchen. I didn't know that there had never been any protein in the kitchen not any powder for shakes anyway. I couldn't stop this craving for a protein shake and after an hour I was getting desperate. I just HAD to go downtown to buy the stuff. My hunger prevented me from climbing on my bicycle right away. I prepared a small meal, lots of carbs and veggies. It looked like a small evening meal. I felt so much better, but still felt the craving for that shake. I opened the door of the fridge and instinctively grabbed something that turned out not to be there. What was it that I wanted to get? It had some relation to the protein and my hunger feeling but I couldn't make out what it was.

I couldn't believe what happened to me in the shop. First thing was my stutter. Where had that come from? I couldn't say one sentence without at least one stutter. At least the person helping me was patient and didn't seem to make fun of me. But more disturbingly, I couldn't get the right amount of money out of my wallet. I couldn't add the numbers correctly for some reason. This frustrated me even more than the whole stuttering business! In the end I had to ask the shop assistant to help me get the right amount together. I looked like and sounded like some kind of moron! "It's as if your intellect has been sucked into that man flesh you carry between your legs. Dicks can't do math now can they? You know it's true." I had no idea where that came from. Was it something that I heard during those dreams last night? Wherever the hell it came from, I knew it was true. But I didn't like it one bit! The stuttering was bad enough, but anybody can have a stutter once in a while, but not being about to add those simple numbers to get the right amount of money was just embarrassing! A 6-year-old boy could have done that without even having to think. What was happening to me?

It got me really worried. I really didn't know whom to turn to. All of my friends would think I was pulling their leg. No way that something like that would happen to anybody without some kind of accident or a stroke or something. It was just too bizarre. I thought of what Eric would say tomorrow. He would be the first person I would see from my friends. What would he say about my stuttering and what if I told him about the math thing? The more I thought about him the more I knew he would understand and make things better.

At home I talked out loud to myself to check if I was stuttering, I wasn't. No stutter at all. Not one I say. So to further check I went to the convenience store in my block of flats. "C-c-an I have a M-m-ars b-bar please?" I said. I almost kicked the guy standing next to me out of pure frustration. And again, I couldn't seem to get the right amount of money, so to disguise it I just handed the man a banknote. That would have to be enough, right? He gave me my change, though I didn't know if it was the correct amount. I practically ran out of the store and cursed all the way to my apartment. Without any stuttering. This was extremely frustrating.

Most of the day was spend preparing meals and shakes and of course eating them. I really need a lot of food during the day and one meal during the night, have to get up especially for that meal. I wanted to jack off and looked at my favourite pictures I collected from various websites. But I couldn't get hard; I couldn't even touch the dick for I knew it wasn't mine. So in the end I just started cleaning my apartment before I went to bed. I was nervous about tomorrow. What would Eric say? Would He still be pleased with me? I felt like I could cry like a little boy.

During my sleep I heard those whispers again. Not as many as yesterday, it seemed that some had already found the right place in my mind to settle down. The remaining whispers seemed to be looking for their spot. The only thing that I could make out of all that garble was "... your life will be different now you're ..." There was one sentence that repeated itself after every inaudible whisper like some kind of mantra: "You know this is true." Was I going mad? And what was wrong with my bed? Any position I found myself in felt uncomfortable. I tried not to think about it and tried to get some sleep. I found it hard to fall asleep on this bed for some reason. I had never had any problems falling asleep. When I looked at the alarm clock it was time for my nightly meal. After that I really had to get to sleep. Muscle growth requires a lot of sleep. I knew that was true.

Next day I was happy that I would see Eric again. It had been a long two days. So many things that I couldn't make any sense had been going on. For some reason I never realized those things started after I had been to Eric's place. On my way to the gym I practised some 'hello-goodbye' sentences to see if the stutter was still there. I was relieved that it wasn't. Perhaps it had been some kind of a one-day-stutter or something. I had no idea. I was so relieved that I had forgotten about the whole stutter business when I said "H-h-ello" to the guy in the reception area of the gym. "F-f-fuck!" I really didn't need this! What would I sound like with a client when I'm back at the office? Who would want a Project Manager who stutters, and oh my god, I had forgotten about the whole counting thing. If I couldn't even get the right amount of money from my wallet to pay for something like a Mars bar; how could I manage large projects? I felt the weight of the world fall down on me.

I slowly walked to the locker room. I started to undress slowly. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, naked. I had never been naked in this locker room. Don't know why but I just had to look at my reflection. There it was, that beautiful white dick between my shaved legs. Shaved legs? Why had I shaved my legs? Just as I had asked that question inside my head, inside my head came the answer: "Bodybuilders always keep their bodies free from any hair, you know that's true." Indeed I knew that was true, I had seen so many pictures of those muscle hunks on the Internet. I loved the look of those smooth enormously muscular bodies. The amount of pictures on my pc were proof enough. Though mesmerized by the man meat between my legs I couldn't help but notice that I should add some more muscle mass. People kept telling me that I had grown considerably the past year, but my mass was nowhere near to where it should be.

As I was standing there, it must have been a few seconds, Eric entered the locker room. God was I happy to see him. I felt a bit relieved. He looked me up and down and had this grin on his face again. It was a great sight to see him undress and see his biceps bulge. But however big he had seemed before he was nothing near as big as I knew I had be. Our workout together was great. Every time we moved to the next machine or started the next exercise he whispered things in my ear again. What ever it was I was having the work out of my life. If all my workouts would be like this I would reach my target that much faster.

In the shower something really weird happened. When I looked at Eric's dick it looked just like the one between my legs. At first I thought I wasn't seeing things clear, but the longer I looked the more I knew they were the same. "Isn't it a splendid piece of meat?" Eric asked me. He had obviously noticed my staring. "I see I'm not the only one with my dick between his legs." What did he mean by that? How could anybody else have Eric's dick between his legs? It wasn't making sense to me. "Don't look so surprised little man, you know that dick between your legs isn't yours. It's so obvious. It hasn't even got your skin colour. You must have noticed that my dick is white." I had noticed that the dick between my legs was white, that it stood out not just because its size but the more because of its colour. "You mean, that I have... err...your dick between my legs?" It was just too weird to even say the words out loud but I had. There it was again that grin on his face. "That's exactly what I mean. You know it's true, don't you?" All I could think of to say was "yes". All the evidence was there right in front of my eyes. The two dicks were identical and the colour obviously didn't match my skin. What was happening? "Don't look so troubled, little man. It's a great dick to have between your legs isn't it? A dick any man, let alone a boy, would be proud to have dangling between his legs." With that all worries about the subject sailed away to a distant shore. Eric invited me over to his house for a massage. How could I refuse? I loved his massages!

While I was having Eric's special tea, which tasted good after a few sips he was having a glass of water. He said that I looked worried or troubled. I could tell him all about it, it would make me feel better he said. I knew it would but I was a bit ashamed about the business with the stuttering and the math stuff. It was also just too strange. It wasn't difficult for him to convince me that whatever it was it was safe with him, he wouldn't tell anybody and there was no need to be ashamed among such good friend. "After all," he said, "we even share the same dick. What could be a more personal bond between two guys?" I told him about the stuttering business and the math thing. I didn't have too many problems with the stuttering because I thought that was likely to be a temporary thing. But the inability to add a few simple numbers had me worried sick. I could kiss my job goodbye if that didn't change. Eric took it all in patiently, never interrupted me. When I was finished he sat himself next to me on the sofa and put his arm around my shoulder. "Don't worry little man, you only stutter in public places because you have no one to guide you. You need me to be with you so you always know what to do, that's why you stutter in public places when I'm not around. When you're with me you don't stutter because when you're with me you are relaxed. You're relaxed because you know I take care of you. The math thing was perhaps a bit too sudden for you. You see, I have this plan for you, I want you to comply with the stereotype of a dumb iron pumping muscle guy. Aren't dumb guys sexy in a special way? You know that's true don't you? But as I see that all these changes at once are a bit of a shock to you, I will restore your ability to add numbers. But remember the more muscle you will add the dumber you will be. By the time you're body is finished you will not be able to spell words like 'availability' correctly and you'll have problems grasping their meaning. Because you will be the stereotypical dumb bodybuilder won't you, little man?" I knew I didn't have to answer, I knew it was true.

The massage was great again. It seemed to last for hours. Eric whispered all kinds of things in my ears most of them I couldn't really hear. But one of them sounded familiar, like a whisper from my dreams: "Now you're dependant on my guidance your life will be different, now you're my boy, you will do what I want you to do. You can't stop it. You know it's true." I was sure I had heard a part of that sentence before. Why was he saying all these things? I didn't care, I was feeling so intensely relaxed. I drifted off again to that special place deep inside my mind where all of the things Eric said to me made absolute sense.

Like the other day I wondered what had happened because it was dark when I left Eric's apartment. I guess we just chatted for a long time before he gave me one his great massages. He had given me a box with medical things of sorts. I didn't know why, but he assured me that I would know when the time came. I just had to make sure I put all the things in their proper places. •

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