My New Life with Eric


By Greetz

It's amazing how easy the conversation flowed. There was no effort needed to keep it fresh, funny and interesting. And geez I have never seen such beautiful eyes in my life. Not just the colour, but the radiance and depth. It was hard to concentrate on anything else. And mind you there was a lot else to concentrate on. Though his clothes weren't particularly tight, his muscles shone through. Each time he moved his arm a bit his biceps bulged. But all I could concentrate on were his eyes.

During the conversation I only learned a few things about this set of eyes. They belonged to a guy named Eric. It was only because of me reading my ASP book that he started talking to me.

"Geez that's a large book you're reading there."

"Excuse me?" I said without paying much attention to the person behind the voice. "The book, it's large." "Oh, err, yes it is." I said while looking up from the page. I first saw his winner smile and when my eyes met his, I dropped the book. "Didn't mean to startle you." he said while picking up the book. "And it's heavy too. Professional active serverpages 3.0" he said while handing the book back to me. I really didn't know where to look. This guy was just too enchanting. What a great smile and those eyes! "You don't look like a nerd to me," he continued, "you can't be reading this for fun, or can you?". I told him I was trying to teach myself some ASP to get my web skills updated. And that I actually was reading it for fun. Or at least a combination of fun and work. I told him I was an Project Manager at an Internet business and was up-dating my programming skills in order to better communicate with the programmers who worked on my projects.

From there on the conversation went as smooth as something really, err, smooth. For some reason I kept telling him more and more about myself, while I only knew his first name and that he was new to my town. He just moved from London because of his job as a graphics designer. We talked about design, our favourite architects and food. I thought it was really funny that we shared some of our favourites. He also liked Tadao Ando and Jamie Oliver. So we talked about food and cooking, kitchens and architecture. By the time we were taking about Feng Shui and Zen gardens the train came to a halt. "Shit, where there," he said, "we'd best get out."

I really didn't like the fact that we had arrived. I didn't want to leave him but he was already putting on his Carhartt jacket. While I was trying to put on my coat I dropped the book again. I had forgotten all about it. Eric smiled and picked it up. "Don't know what active server pages 3.0 are, but they can't seem to beat gravity.". I smiled nervously. How was I going to prolong our encounter, I couldn't just ask him to join me for a drink? Or could I. We were getting onto the platform when Eric asked me if I would like to show him around town a bit. If I had the time. "Why yes," I was happily surprised, my 'problem' solved itself. If only all my problems would solve themselves like that. I would make time; I would skip almost anything just to be with this enigmatic guy. "that would be fun. If you like I could start with showing you my favourite café, I'm in the mood for a drink. What say you?".

So there we were. I'd been to this café a hundred million times before, but this time it felt completely new and fresh to me. I could see it with his eyes it seemed. I smiled at the bartender and asked Eric what he would like to drink. I don't know why but I didn't feel nervous like I normally do. I felt like I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Strange I never felt like that when I'm with someone I fancy. When I put the drinks on the table, Eric had already taken of his jacket and this time his sweater too. His biceps made the fabric of the Fred Perry polo shirt stretch to capacity at the end of the sleeves. This guy was like a perfectly cut diamond, radiating an inner glow. "This pages stuff seems rather complicated." He closed my book and put it on the table. I told him that I had just started reading it two days ago and that it wasn't as difficult as all the asp-code made it seem. Again we talked and talked. I asked him what his girlfriend thought about him moving from the centre of hip-world to this provincial town. I don 't remember but I think I made him say it twice, I just couldn't believe it. "I don't have a girlfriend, I'm gay." My utter surprise must have been so apparent that he continued, "Well, come on, you must have noticed. I did." "You did what" I asked him. "Notice that you are gay too." That is something I really don't understand, why do other people notice when someone is gay and I just don't. Unless it's so obvious that even my grandmother would. I just told him that he didn't 'look' gay. Whatever that may be.

This guy was like a magnet; I couldn't get away from him. We talked about all kinds of things. It's incredible to be able to talk like this with someone you've never met before. It turned out that he only moved to my town four days ago. He had some problems finding his way around he told me. When he asked me if I knew a good gym in the neighbourhood I couldn't believe my luck. "I don't know if it's a 'good' gym, but I like going there. And it's actually not far from here." Eric had been working on his body for 5 years and it showed. He said that it might be fun to do a session together one day. "Top! My next day is Thursday," I told him.

When I got home I couldn't believe my luck. Not only did I see a really gorgeous guy, I had a conversation with him, been to my favourite café with him plus we had a gym date in two days. I found it really hard to concentrate on anything else but Eric. This guy was so great it was almost supernatural.

Needless to say that I couldn't wait till Thursday. Every minute did seem like an hour, or even longer. I tried to sleep most of the time so I wouldn' t notice time passing so slowly. When I closed my eyes, all I could see were his eyes. His beautiful jaw line, his perfectly shaped lips and his muscular body. I couldn't wait to see him in the locker room. I really wanted to see him in the shower but I never shower at the gym, I'm just too much of a prude.

When I woke up on Thursday. I felt so exited and also very nervous. I had my gym bag packed ever since we had made the appointment. Everything was ready for our work out together, but was I? I never had a work out partner before I really didn't know what would be expected of me. Ah well, I bet Eric will tell me in due course.

At the gym there proved to be no reason for being nervous at all. Once I was in the vicinity of him I felt relaxed, I just knew that things would be all right. That feeling alone was so good. I always worry about everything so this complete relaxation was fantastic.

The work out was great. We decided to do chest, biceps and abs today. I have read fantasy stories on the net about situations like this where one guy helps out the other guy at the gym. I felt as if I was in one of those scenes: Eric on the bench-press and me standing there ready to assist him in the last two reps. I only looked down very briefly and saw his beautiful face one rock of concentration zooming in on the bar, the top of his head very close to my crotch, his muscles flexing as if there was no tomorrow.

Working out with Eric as my partner was terrific, not just because of him being such a hunk and feeling relaxed around him, but his encouragements were what it took to push that extra pound or do that one last repetition. I would really love to do this again any time soon.

When we finished our workout Eric said that he was curious about how I looked in the shower. I told him that I never take a shower at the gym. "Why not? What's wrong with the showers here?" Eric asked me. I told him that I really wouldn't know if there was anything wrong with the showers because I had never ever used them. More quizzical looks from Eric. "I'm just too much of a prude," I told him, "I don't like to be fully exposed in front of strangers.". He argued that he wasn't a stranger anymore. "Don't you feel at ease with me?" he wanted to know. "I've never been more at ease as I have been with you, some how I feel very relaxed when I'm with you. It's not you, it's other people who might walk in, I just don't like it.". An evil grin appeared on Eric's face "We'll have to shower at my place them, won't we?!". It wasn't a question so much, it was more of an order that didn't like to be disobeyed. I looked at him and shyly agreed. "Could be fun" I thought. I was a curious as hell how he looked in the shower and I wouldn't mind having a look at his place. What kind of place would a guy like him have?

"How can a graphic designer afford a place like this?" I asked him while taking in the impressive view from his apartment in one of my favourite buildings in town. I had often fantasised about having an apartment in this building. "Oh, it's my family background. I guess one could say that we are 'loaded'. Money has never been a problem in the family. The job is just to pass time and have some fun so I won't get completely estranged from the ways of the world. Why don't you just sit down and relax while I prepare some tea, it's my special brew.".

While we were talking it occurred to me that we hadn't even mentioned the shower since we got to his place. Not that I minded very much, I was feeling very relaxed. More and more relaxed actually, somehow I felt as if I could really be myself, no inhibitions were necessary. "This tea is really good, what kind of blend is it?" I asked him while taking in some more sips from what must have been my third cup. "Oh, it's a very special blend really. It has some special herbs that make you feel really relaxed and some herbs that diminish your inhibitions much like alcohol does except without the intoxicating effect on the brain. I find it very useful before my massages." he said while filling up my cup a bit. "Massages? What kind of massages?". He told me it was a little surprise for me, he wanted to give me his super special massage to thank me for helping him get to know his way around town a bit and for being his first friend in his new found hometown. "I don't mind a massage." I thought. How perfect this all is…

"Okay!" he said. It startled me so much that I almost dropped the cup on his beautiful wooden floor. "It's time for our shower. I will make sure you'll be completely ready for my special massage" he said while getting up. He walked away and motioned me to follow him. Though I had some apprehension about having a shower with him before we got here but now I just felt excitement. I followed him up the stairs. There we were in his bathroom, a large room about as big as my bedroom with white marble on the walls and a dark wooden floor. I had never seen a bathroom with a wooden floor. It was really beautiful. Eric didn't take time to take in the details of the room, of course he'd seen it all before. He was already undressed by the time I completed my spin. "Wow!" I didn't mean to say that out loud but judging by Eric's reaction I had. "What's up?" Eric asked me with a grin on his face exposing his perfect teeth. "Is there anything about you that isn't perfect or near perfect?" I asked him while taking in his body. I already knew the features of his face and I had seen his body flexing in the gym but his dick was just perfect too. I have always been jealous about guys with a dick like that. All the guys I met had bigger dicks than me both in flaccid and erect state. His had a perfect length and was nice and thick. His balls seemed larger than normal and hung fairly low. Sigh. "Oh" he said forcing me close my mouth to shift my attention from his dick to his face again, "there are plenty of things that aren't really what people expect from me but aren't apparent from looking at me. In fact that is the real reason why I moved. My family advised me that I'd better moved abroad. For the sake of the family and all that.". I looked really confused. "Ah, never mind" he said, "it's nothing to do with you. Let's just help me get you undressed and have a nice shower.". How could I have disagreed with his suggestion? A nice shower seemed perfect.

And perfect it was. While we were standing under the falling water there was nothing in the world other than that moment. The water falling on my head, the water gliding from my body and Eric's hands all over me with a sponge. Every now and then he started massaging my shoulders in a way that almost made my legs go numb. He stood behind me holding me tight. I felt his beautiful dick press against the divide running between my gluteus maximus, it was half hard. It felt great to feel his dick while he squeezed mine. When he put his tongue in my ear I almost lost it. Then he started whispering all kinds of things in my ears. Most of it I couldn't really hear, it was as if I were in a distant place, as if my mind had been disconnected from my body. I could feel things and hear things but they didn't make sense in the way they used to. Everything was different, it was as if I wasn't me somehow.

The massaging went on and so did the whispering. Whispers in my left ear and then in my right ear again and the left ear still some more. What was he saying? Something about relaxing, giving in. What did that mean? I was already relaxed, wasn't I? Giving in, to what? True. "Yes" I thought, "I know it's all true". What was? What was he saying? It just didn't make sense. I decided not to try to make sense of it but instead just enjoy his lips moving against my ears ever so softly, the soothing words I heard in a distant country, his man flesh between this boys' legs touching my little dickey. "Yes I had been a good boy, hadn't I?" Where was that thought coming from? I wasn't a little boy, was I!. After a while my mind was coming to a stand still; there was no use for my thoughts any more, not now.

Then the water stopped and I was spinned around so I faced Him. He was so beautiful. Wouldn't you don't do just anything for Him? I knew that was true, I would do anything for him. If I stayed a good boy He would reward me in ways so divine I could not begin to imagine.

How I got on the massage table I don't know, but there I was. I had never been this relaxed; his expert hands were working the perpetually tensed muscles in my shoulders. All the tension and stress of my life I stored in my shoulders. And now, through the deliberate movements of His hands it was all disappearing. "So why don't you ever shower at the gym?" His question woke something up deep inside my mind; my inner self travelled the un-chartered depths of my mind from the deepest parts of my brain back to the surface. I didn't like that, I wanted to stay in that safe place, but I had to because a response from me was required. Before I could say anything I let out a very deep breath. So deep it seemed to have travelled from the same place my inner self came from. "I told you at the gym, too much of a prude", it was strange somehow to hear these words in my own voice. The words seemed to make sense. I couldn't remember when my words come out the way I had intended them to. That was one of my problems. When I wanted to say something sometimes the words just came out wrong. I used the wrong words for things. I could say "table" when I meant to say "tomorrow". No one seemed to be able to make sense of it, except He of course. "You know you can tell me the truth little man, I won't punish you" he said as if he were talking to a child. I told him that I really hated the size of my dick. It was much smaller than all the other guys' dicks. I was afraid that people would make fun of it. "It's nothing to be ashamed of! Boys just have smaller dicks than men, don't they? You know that's true, don't you?". I knew it was, of course it's true. "But I would really love to have a dick like You." I continued, "I would really love to have a dick like Yours, I always have wanted one like that." For some reason I sounded more like a boy who wasn't allowed to play with his favourite toy than a grown up man. He said that I could have a dick just like His because I had been such a good boy right from the start and he wanted to give me something to encourage me to keep up the good work and to reward me at the same time. "You can have a dick just like mine between your legs but there will be some limitations." He said. I told him that I really didn't mind, I have been whishing to wake up with a dick like His for years. "Okay" he said, "I want you to get up and stand in front of that mirror, look at your dick and tell me what you see." I told him that that I saw a small uncut dick with a shrivelled sac carrying small nuts. "So you see a boy's dickey?" He said. "Yes" I said a bit depressed, again sounding more like a disappointed little boy than a grown man. "Okay, I want you to close your eyes. When I tell you to open your eyes again you will find that you no longer have a small dickey like a boy is supposed to have, but you'll have a nice piece of man flesh bungling between your legs. In fact, when you look at your new dick you will see my dick between your legs. It will not just look like my dick but it will feel and behave like my dick. That means that it will only get hard when I want it too, it's not your dick remember, your dickey is a boys dickey. The dick between your legs now is a Man's dick, my dick. Furthermore, you are not allowed to touch the dick, it's mine, so it's not yours to touch unless I give you permission to touch my dick, never mind the fact that it's between your legs. Do you understand?" I told him that I did, I wanted to open my eyes so badly to see His dick between my legs. Wouldn't it be great to have a Man's dick? All the other boys would be so jealous! "Not touching my dick means, not touching it! Not when you have to go pee or any other time. When you have to go pee you sit down so you don't have to touch it. The only time you're allowed to touch my dick is with my permission and to clean it in the shower. And remember my dick between your legs will only be able to get hard when I want it to. Do you still want my dick?" I violently shook my head to indicate: "YES!!!" "Okay, open your eyes and tell me what you see." I told him that my boys' dickey had disappeared and in it's place was a beautifully long thick uncut white dick, the veins were magnificent, the head in it's flaccid state larger than my boys' dickey head had ever been in erect state. The balls were really big and each felt as heavy as a chicken's egg. That's why the sac was hanging so low. I was in total owe of the new Man dick I had hanging between my legs. It was a real sight, a white man dick between my tanned legs it stood out as hell. When I walked a little I felt the sway of the meat between my legs. Normally just the sight, let alone the feel of such meat between my own legs, would have made me as hard a hell, but not now. This wasn't my dick.

"I have given you my dick between your boys' legs because you have deserved it. I will be able to take it back and make your little boys' dickey reappear at any time that I feel you don't deserve such a grown up thing. Now that you have such beautiful meat between your legs you will not be embarrassed anymore, you will like showering with other's so they can have a look at my dick. Otherwise there is no need for a boy to have such material between his legs even if it's not his own." I agreed completely, I knew He was right. "Why not show me some handy work and get the juices flowing, I want to see how you treat my dick when you jack off." I had been waiting for permission to finally touch it, those minutes seemed like hours. I started touching it and stroking it to let it rise to it's full potential. But it didn't, nothing happened, it stayed just the way it was, a nice piece of heavy soft man meat, there were no juices flowing in any direction. No matter how I tried I couldn't get it hard. After a few minutes I looked up at Eric in desperation. He had an evil grin on his face when he said "You can get hard now." Not a second later blood started flowing and the man flesh between my legs started rising, and rising and rising. It was so huge! This was my dream dick come true. "Remember that I told you my dick will only get hard when I want it to, the fact that it is attached to your body makes no difference." He could talk all he wanted, I could only concentrate on this flagpole of a dick that was standing to full mast between my legs. After careful treatment, I wanted the moment to last as long as it could there was no knowing in when I would get His permission again, I shot the largest load of cum I ever shot. It took me a few minutes to recuperate before I could say "This must be the best dick in the world.". "I know, it's MY dick." Eric said with his perpetual grin. Eric suggested that I got back on the massage table so he could finish his special massage.

When Eric and I said our goodbyes I wondered what had happened to the time. Why was it so dark outside and so late already? We only had some tea, a shower and a short massage, didn't we? Wow that massage sure was great. But what had happened in the mean time? I shook off the question and shook his hand before leaving his fantastic apartment. •

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