Steroid Experience

The Summer before Senior Year

The Summer Before Our Senior Year Of High School I'd Convinced Him To Do A Cycle Of Steroids With Me.

"I have a friend whom I've been friends with since we were back in the 5th grade. He was always a little chunky and was a freckled face doufus in the eyes of the ladies. He started lifting when he was 14 and I remember when 95 lbs. fell on his chest--he was unable to budge it. In the next couple of years he got a little stronger (and slimmer) but still had absolutely no luck with the ladies. He was the only 17 year old who I knew who'd never even KISSED a girl before. The summer before our senior year of high school I'd convinced him to do a cycle of steroids with me. We stacked testosterone cypoinate and sustanon for a few months. We both got SO MUCH bigger and it was noticable to everyone in school the first day of our senior year that we'd been lifting our balls off.

Well, to make a long story short, my friend whom had never even kissed a girl at the at of 17 and 4 months, now had girls literally flocking to him. Whispers in the hall were heard "he's so hot, he's got such a great body.." it was sickening. To top it off, my ex-girlfriend asked ME for his number. Hello? What about me? I got mine though. Not like good old Tommy though. He was a new man and with his new found confidence he owned the girls of our high school. Kind of makes you want to do drugs, doesn't it?" •

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