Steroid Experience

He opened the cabinet…

"Years ago when I joined the Marines I met a guy I will call C.J. C.J. was a rather big guy, not tall but huge muscles, about 5' 10" which was just about my height. When we were on leave, we began doing things, partying and doing everything possible before we returned for infantry training. I had noticed C.J. seemed to become a little more irritable and would try to pick fights with other guys when we went places. I would get pissed because no one dared mess with him but me the averaged size guy would be the one that would get the punches thrown at.

Driving one night after a brawl he started, with him in the car I asked C.J. what the hell his problem was and he basicly told me, 'When I was your size I asked the other big guys the same question' being confused and curious of what the hell he meant, I was thinking for a few second then just blurted out 'What the hell do you mean?', He simply responded, 'I'll show you', very confused in what the hell he meant I waited thinking of a conclusion until we had gotten to his parents house (where he was staying on leave). When we got there he took me upstairs to the restroom, he opened up the mirror cabinet and pulled out some Decca, Sust250, and Cypionate. I had always avoiding steroids being taught they were bad and fatal never knew any specific names just knew them as 'Steroids'. So, I asked what they were and in a friendly, but bad ass voice he tells me 'Anabolic Steroids, Man'. I was once a guy your size but these made me into this. I have just begun my fifth cycle.

After convincing me, which took 10-20 minutes, I guess I did realize a bunch of the anti-Steroid talk is all hype, I decided to start using steroids. Anyway my first cycle began of Sust250 and Decca and I continued it, as he continued his 5th back at infantry training school. Though things did seem to irritate me a little more I could easily keep control and act and seem normal, but C.J. like he showed me on leave would get pissed off and would always pick fights. I had found out he had beat his D.I. into a ruptured pulp, with ruptured organs, when he had a roid rage. The D.I. was just acting like a typical Drill Instructor with that pissed off mood that usualy embeds fear in everyone but it didn't with C.J.! C.J. had been court-marshalled and had to do a little time, but being just a little more than half way through his cycle he didn't have any of his viles with him, he had experienced Gynecomastia while locked up and lost a lot of his size. When he got out I was shocked, I had completed my second cycle and was huge, no side effects while C.J. came out, just barely bigger than I was when I met him.

He had his Gyno taken care of and never touched Steroids again, while I completed four successful cycles and decided for myself never to use them again because I was satisfied with my gains, and was severe side-effect free. C.J. had accepted a job offer in Arizona and I haven't seen him since and only kept in touch on the phone a few times. I am still in the Marine Corp bigger than most everyone else, one thing I will say about steroidsÖ they really become part of your life, they arenít anything on the side, they literally change you and they are something to really be thought about and taken on with 110% diligent responsibility." •

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