Steroid Experience

I Was As Hard As A Damn Chiseled Block Of Granite

"I played Div.1A college football in the ACC from 96'-99'. I played nose tackle and was 6'4 275 with 21% bodyfat. During my entire college career I knew that when my playing days came to an end I wanted to get Ripped up. I wanted more then anything to step into the dance club, gym or even on campus and turn heads. I was always very strong,benchpressing 225 for 30 reps on the bench at our PRE-camp test, but with 21% bodyfat strength doesn't mean very much when your trying to impress girls.

Well, to make a long story short I suffered a career ending shoulder injury 6 weeks into the 99' season. I immediately began the journey of losing all that fat. From October11, 1999- March8, 2000 I went from 261 16% bodyfat down to 205 , 5.8% bodyfat. I was eating 6-7 small, 'clean' meals a day, running 30 miles a week and doing short high intensity high rep, light weight workouts. You have no idea until u experience it, the feeling u will get to have girls EVERYWHERE checking you out when u even walk by. I would go for a run on campus at get honked at every time, I would have girls waiving at me and guys looking at me like they wanted to kill me.

As about 3 months went by I got a lot stronger but only gained 3 lbs. I was very lean and cut, and looked really good at just 208, but that is a bit slim for a 6'4 frame. I began thinking.. what if I could be just as lean as I am now but pack on aout 20-30 lbs of lean mass???? How impressive would I be then? HOw many heads would I turn?

Well, I found a guy who sold me 600 Dbol tabs for $300 and enough clomid tabs to help me recover from the Dbol cycle for an additional $36. I started the cycle early JUne. I took 4 tabs every day for 7 weeks. I remember how hyped I was when I got the package in the mail. I poped 4 of those little pink tabs in my mouth as fast as I could!! It was amazing.... I gained 6 lbs in the next 5 hours!! I was so damn hyped every time I looked in the mirror. I mean hell, if you get this big in the first 5 hours with out lifting, what will happen when u hit the gym? FUnny thing was I could not lift for the first 3 days I was on them, I was too damn tired.. hell I was taking 3 hour naps a day and sleeping 10 hours a night. After the first 4 days though I caught up on my sleep. I also had the appetite of a grizzly bear. I was eating 9 meals a day.

ANyway.. my gains were as follows: Start, bodyweight 208, flat bench 215 for 12, incline bench 180 for 12reps, squat 275 for 10 reps. 7 weeks later...Bodyweight 233, flat bench 275 for 12reps, incline bench 245 for 12 reps, Squat 365 for 10 reps. I got pumps like MAD on this stuff, and very vascular.. I lost some definition from all the water retention and gained a little fat since I was eating so many extra calories. I was also doing less cardio since I was so stiff from all the water retention and weight gain. But if didn't matter since i was so damn massive and had veins everywhere.

I went to the student rec. facility a few times to lift... I always wore a Tshirt over my Tank-TOP.. got in a good pump after a few sets then took it off.. MAN.. the guys stared at me like I was A FREAK.. this one big dude was in there and his jaw about hit the floor when my shirt came off.. After he saw me do a set of dumbell flat bench I heard him say to his friend.. " DAMN, HE IS DEISEL AS F#CK" I had all these skinny little regular students looking at me like I was a damn IFBB PRO.

The only negative side effects I got were slight depression and a little bit of Zits on the side of my face the last 2 weeks. Well I finished my cycle and took the clomid and 2 weeks later after eating real 'clean' and running 15 miles a week I was 218 and just as lean as I was when I was 208. I lost about 85% of my upper body strength gains but retained almost all my lower body gains. Well class was going to be starting just 2 weeks later and I wasnted to REFINE my new size and be ultra RIPPED and defined by the time class started. BEsides I wanted to be in top form for my 4 mile runs on campus at noon right between class, when everyone is on their lunch break , hahaha.

Well I talked to my source and he put me on 2ccs of Equipoise a week and 4cc's of WInstrol a week. The Eq cost me $110 per 10ml bottle (2) bottles for 7 weeks and the win was $230 per 20ml bottle ,(2) bottles. I noticed a little difference from the winstrol after the first shot. I looked a little more dense and cut but nothing much. I noticed nothing from the EQ for the first 2 weeks. THEN damn.. that shit hit me like a TON of bricks around week 3. I was AS HARD AS A DAMN CHISLED BLOCK OF GRANITE. I had striations running across my chest, veins busting through my skin and my skin looked paper thin. I mean I was geting almost as strong as I did on the Dbol, but at a much slower rate, with out the water retention.

MAN.. then the fun really started when I went for these runs on campus with no shirt on. NO LONGER did the guys stare at me with hate.. now they looked at me in AWE!!! I had girls looking at me in shock... I mean damn.. I was 6'4 223 6.1% bodyfat. I loved waiving to the kids who would check me out when they drove by.. haha I loved catching guys staring at me. I mean it must be tough on these girls to see a physique like mine then go back to their 'average Joe' boyfriend. Going to the dance clubs wearing a skin tight body shirt turned heads like mad. It was the most fun I ever had, it gave me a natural high that is RARE to attain.

Well I have been off the EQ and WIn for 3 weeks now. I have retained about 85% of my strength gains. I didn't experience ANY negative effects from the EQ or WIN.. only positives. I will stay clean for the next 13 weeks then do a cutting cycle of Cytomel/Primo in the spring. I highly reccomend doing a cycle to anyone. IT has really helped me out and sure as hell beats dumping all that money down the drain on supplements that do only 5% of what they claim to do.

I just reccomend that you research the gear you want to take and find a honest supplier. I was fortunate to workout with mine a few times when we met up one day when I was on a road trip. Well good luck to anyone who is considering doing a cycle. YOu have heard my experience now its time to experience it for yourself!" •

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