Steroid Experience

From Skinny Party Boy to Musclebeef

"I was living with some friends at our apartment and all we did was drink and party everyday. I had totally quit working out, quit eating right and took on a one meal a day diet with lots of alcohol and other illegal substances. Needless to say after 3 months of this I was in very poor health and my weight had dropped to 138lbs. At the time I was 17 years old and out on my own so all of the partying hit me really quick. (side note -- height was about 6 ft)

Anyway let's get to the point here. My friends and I got kicked out of our apartment and I ended up moving to Austin, TX with my girlfriend. When I arrived I found a World Gym and bought a membership. I started eating right 6-7 meals a day along with some protein shakes and weight gainer. Then I worked out for about 3 weeks and I met a guy who sold a lot of the juice around that time and I bought about 500 hundred pink d-bol tabs and a little bit of clomid. As soon as I got it I started two a day for 2 weeks.

I put on some weight and I started looking human again. Then I upped it to three a day for 2 weeks and I started getting big in the upper body and a little stronger. Then excited as hell upped to four pills a day for another 2 weeks and then my weight shot through the roof. I was looking bigger then ever. My friends and co-workers were like what the hell are you eating. My close were getting too small and I loved it. Then I upped it for the last time to 5 pills a day for 3 weeks. My bench press went from hardly doing the bar with two 10's on each side to 210 POUNDS FOR 4 REP'S. That was amazing for a guy with build like mine. I was squatting 315 pounds as well.

Side effects: I could not sleep well, I had less then three pimples show up on my back, I did get pissed of on two occasions but nothing too serious.

Good effects: I was buff as hell, girls loved me, and I had a great sense of overall well being. I felt like I had met my goals and I have simply never been more happy.

My weight was at an even 170 pounds and I was retaining some water though. The next week I dropped down to three, then two, and then I was off and I took clomid for about 2 weeks.

OUTCOME: I lost a bit of mass but I didn't get sad. I currently weigh 164 pounds and I can bench about 210 one time now. I have been off for about a month and a half-two months.

I loved every second and I am on my way to doing another cycle here in about another two months." •

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