Steroid Experience

Ready to Grow

"Hi my name is Anthony, I am 20 years old, and I just started using anabolic steroids. I started weight lifting at the end of my sophomore year after football season ended. I got my ass kicked all year and barely played JV. At this point football was my life and I knew the only way I could make an impact was to hit the weight room. So I started going. It was hard at first but with in the first few months I saw drastic gains. I went from benching 155 following football season to benching 315 by summer. It was great and I loved it.

I gloated at the fact of being all natural. I hated steroids and looked down upon them. To me if you weren't all natural you weren't creditable for your gains. Well, when junior year came around my coaches were astonished. I was faster, stronger, and physically looked 100 times better then the following year. I wound up starting offence and getting a lot of defensive time on varsity.

I kept up with lifting all through high school hitting a climax at breaking the school bench press record at 415. Well then the worst thing happen to me, I went to college. I stopped lifting and after a year and a half of living away from home I jumped from an in shape 205 to a fat lazy 240. I was pretty disgusting. Then I moved back home and something in me snapped. I got back in the gym and I started dieting. With in three months I was down to 190 (the smallest I had been since freshman year) and it felt great, but I still was missing something. I was defently slimmer, but now I wanted to get BIG.

This is about the time I started researching steroids. Something I was so agaist for so long. But after researching it for awhile I found that the media had guided me wrong. I began to learn that if I cycled and stacked properly it really could only do good for you. Then I found a good internet source to obtain steroids. At first I was sketchy about sending money through the mail, but I took the chance. Then came that magical day. I came home to find a small brown box in my mail. I opened it to find my 200 mg Eq 20 Syringes and 25 clomid for post cycle. It was like christmas mourning, it was great feeling to look at my goodies. Unfortunally I was going on vaction so I had to wait two weeks before I could test out my newly found life changing substance. (I was so eager to test out AS that I couldn't wait to get home from vaction.)

The day of truth finally came. I found it mildly difficult to get the juice in the syringe at first, but I soon got it all in there. I was a little nervous at first and was thinking of having someone else plug me, but hell I spent all that money I might as well suck it up and do it my self. So, I plugged that baby in, I didnt even feel it, it was a great feeling. Then I slowly injected that warm juice. The mental power you get after that is unimagminable, its something you just have to experience for yourself. AS I write this I am only been using roids for one week. So, I havent experinced much growth or strength changes yet, but im not worried. I am dieting and training intensly and I know this stuff takes time. The moral of my story is how in one point in my life I wouldn't even think about taking anbolic steroids and at another point I swear by them. Which is why I will end my story with this quote. 'I do not believe today everything I believed yesterday; I wonder will I believe tomorrow everything I believe today.'" •

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