Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

For over 2 minutes Manny pumped his cum through his superhuman cock and into Jeremy's ass. Manny was able to keep pumping a full load for the entire time he was cumming, since his testicles were now so inhumanly oversized.

Jeremy looked down as the intense orgasm subsided. Manny looked short again, compared to Jeremy. "Ummm !!!" said Manny. "MUSCLE!"

Manny pulled his cock out of Jeremy's ass with a plop... Cum splattered on the floor and splashed as Manny's now softening cock hung hugely limp like a huge beef log arcing out over and down Manny's huge testicles, which were still large but much smaller than they'd been a moment before. Now they were only the size of large oranges. As Jeremy watched, however, they were already rapidly swelling. Manny's muscled body glistened with sweat and cum, and already the panting exertion that he'd felt was subsiding.

Jeremy knew that within moments Manny would be an even greater sexual predator than before. He thought that he should be scared of that, but even as the thought occurred to him it slipped away as the energy coursing through his body made him horny again, just seconds after a full two minute orgasm. His own body was still growing, although at a reduced rate. He staggered to his feet and looked down on Manny.

Jeremy shivered, his now much taller body warm with itching growing feelings. Jeremy stood head and shoulders over Manny now. Jeremy was still growing taller too, from 6'8" of a few moments ago to 7'6" now... but he was still growing, Jeremy could feel he was growing bigger. He flexed an incredibly huge bicep, and pushed down on it with his other hand. The pumped muscle receeded under the pressure of his grip, the pressure feeling hot and good, almost burning in an odd way. As he let up, the muscled bicep sprang back to its full size, then swelled visibly larger, his body growing more and more muscle to absolutely fill his expanding frame. He pressed on his pecs with both palms, and they burned and sprang out even larger.

"So fucking HOT! " exclaimed Manny.

"Look who's talking!!!" said Jeremy, his voice now a deep, resonant bass rumbling pleasantly in his massive muscle torso.. Jeremy stared at the incredibly enormous genitals on Manny, his new lover.

Manny's testicles were still visibly swelling, and his gargantuan cock, although now soft, was well over 16 inches in length. And his thickness soft was so great it was as if he was still fully erect in thickness. In fact, the width of his cock was over 4 inches. It was completely obscene, although Manny was soft. Manny turned and looked at himself in the mirror, and smiled as his expanding balls pushed up under his cock and thrust it forward so it hung out in an arc, hanging well away from his huge muscled thighs. Manny noticed that his foreskin seemed to have regenerated, as his huge cock head was now surrounded by an enormous foreskin.

"Watch this!!!" said Jeremy. He posed a most muscular in the mirror, tensing every muscle in his body until they burned like fire, standing out in huge relief on his massive body. Finally he relaxed the pose, and his muscles rapidly inflated LARGER than before... and he grew taller and taller to 7'8" in height.

Similarly to Manny's stretch, Jeremy suddenly bent over and grabbed his ankles, stretching, his massive muscle buttocks sticking up in the air. Jeremy was caught in the stretch. Manny watched as Jeremy's lengthening legs pushed his buttocks higher and higher. Jeremy's glutes mounded with growing muscle. His ribs creaked and made snapping sounds as his torso expanded. His shoulders widened and thickened as the growth stretch took him fully.

Jeremy groaned, a deep rumble in his chest, as his skin grew, stretched across over his new muscle. Jeremy's complexion was perfect, his skin completely renewed and youthful. His lats grew thicker and thicker and thicker, mounding across his muscled back. Finally Jeremy relaxed and stood up. His ass stuck out far in back, a perfect muscle butt. His legs were enormous, long, thick and perfectly massive. His shoulders and lats were enormous, his huge arms hanging like a gorilla's. His torso was a wide deep V, incredible.

Jeremy shook all over, and his pecs ballooned with swift growth, fighting for space on the wide canvas of his chest. Finally they settled in, straining with pumped hardness, quivering. His nipples were 2 1/2 inches wide, and his nipples stuck out 1 1/2 inches, a sensitive set of bitch tits begging for Manny's tongue action. Manny realized he was literally drooling.

Jeremy's abdominal muscles were inhumanly developed, gargantuan, tight, sexy and strong as anchor chain.

Jeremy strutted in front of the mirror, insanely developed and now a full 7' 11" tall stallion. His dynamically balanced body was a sensual invitation to any stud. •

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