Steroid Experience

No longer the Little Guy

"I have been a little guy all my life. Even when I was on the swim team in highschool, I couldnít get myself very big. I went away to college and after getting my degrees I was looking at lifting magazine one day and decided it was time to get in the gym. At the time I started I weighed a featherweight 117# at 5í10Ē and I still vividly remember my first bench press: 25# for 10 reps and I though I was gonna die. I kept at it and gained a lot of strength and put on some size, but not near what I wanted. Having the metabolism from hell made it very hard to gain mass no matter what I did.

At the age of 28, I met my workout buddy,who is about a decade younger than me. I had gotten some good strength and was up to 140# but I want to looklike the big guyz I had admired all my life. My buddy said, 'We should juice.' So, I did the research and got a short cycle. It was 20 mg of dbol a day for 21 days and 400 mg of Test-200 every10 days. The results were amazing. I went from 140# to 163# in the span of about 6 weeks and I kept a good deal of it.

Coming off the juice was tough. Something about clomid that makes a guy really moody, like a woman gets when sheís PMSíing. Still, I stayed focused and built myself back up. At 152# I looked better than ever and the steroids had given me a rock hard foundation to work from. I spent the next 8 months refining the mass I had put on and recovering some of the strength I had lost after the cycle ended. For you novices reading this, you donít get to keep all your size or strength gains, though you can minimize the loses in post-cycle with what you take for recovery and to get your own testosterone production restarted.

I am now 3 weeks into my second cycle. It is a much high dose (600 mg of Test-200 done in two 300 mg shots per week and 25 mg dbol the first 21 days). When the test finally kicked in a few days ago, it was awesome. (The Testosterone you inject takes about 2 Ĺ to 3 weeks to kick in). My arms and chest were so pumped at the gym they hurt...and they kept hurting all over, the result of the muscle growing faster than the skin can stretch. I feel as rock hard now as I normally do after a pump and Iím gonna see some serous gains this time since Iíve already put on 10# in the first 3 weeks and the Test just kicked in. Last time, the size didnít come till the 4th week and it came almost all at once it seemed. I can already see myself growing, and at this dose itís gonna be awesome when it happens. I will definitely use higher next time.

My view on steroids is the media has over hyped all thatís bad about them; usually horror stories of people who didnít learn what they were doing with these things. Roids arenít play toys. So, if you plan to use them, do your friggin homework! AM I happy with my gains? Hell yeah! I get checked out all time--by both sexes. Iíve been offered modeling jobsand even had 2 porn offers (did some modeling, still thinking about the porn) so I know itís paid off. Will I usesteroids again? You bet. I will cycle once a year until I get to mygoal weight of 200#, and then Iíll maintain from there. 200# on my slim 5í10Ē is gonna be hugeÖ.and worth every cc Iíve injected. Iím not alittle guy any more and never will be again." •

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