Steroid Experience

How I got Massive

"I am an Asian male living in Arizona. I lifted weights religiously from 7-10th grade, and barely managed to pack on 140 pounds on my 5'9 frame. I wasn't rail thin, but I wasn't big either, Especially for working so hard and eating right. My genetics weren't s--t, to say the least. My mom and dad combined barely broke the 200lb barrier, and my older bro was 160 and hes 5'10 21yrs old. In 10th grade, I also switched gyms, to one closer to my house. This is where I met an older trainer, around 25 years old. He was freakin huge, about 5'10 245 at around 6-8% bodyfat. He seemed to know a lot about nutrition and training, and it wasn't long before he began training me. At first, under his H.I.T. style training, I made some gains. With his training and eating plans, I went up to 175 by my junior year. I was getting pretty big and cut, and I was extremely happy. At the end of my junior year, I was 178. I didn't seem to get any bigger, no matter how much I ate. Also, I began getting depressed, not seeing any gains spending $100-200 a month on supplements and eating and training like a maniac.

My trainer, I'll call him Dave, told me he could help me. I was desperate. He gave me my first shot in my ass, something he called the MasterVial. Within two weeks, my gains shot through the roof. Remember, I was stuck at 178, Without really changing much in my diet/training, I was at 186, cut and veiny. I felt super strong and super jacked. My bench was up almsot 25 pounds, and my chest started responding again. Dave, after seeing my results, told me he would he would tell me what I was taking, and put me on a Summer of Mass cycle. I was hooked, I wanted to be in. There was roughly 10 weeks left of summer, and I wanted to be big and ripped. Dave told me the MAsterVial was Sust250, and gave me this cycle for the summer:

- 200 mg of Parabolan a week - 1 shot of Sust250 a week - 100 mg of Deca a week

I did this for 7 weeks, and I went up to 215, at about 12% bodyfat. I was swoled up, but the fun was just getting started. For the last 3 weeks of summer and for two more weeks after that, I took a cutting cycle.Worked up to:

- 3 Clen tablets a day - 100 mg Winstrol a week - 200 mg Masteon

By the end of summer, I was 205, 5-6% bodyfat. First day of school, I was wearing a beater. My arms were exploding with veins, and my abs were hard as a f--kin rock. My first period class I had 3 chicks feel me. I was getting a little action last year, but this year, oh s--t man. After another mass cycle where Dave upped my Deca to 200-300mg and my Sust250 to 1ml every other day. He also added a some Winstrol and Anavar. I didn't care that I was injecting almost everyday, I was a freakin monster. I was so strong I considered powerlifting.

At the end of senior year (I was so jacked I was stripping at parties and getting whoever I wanted), I was 5'10 (still grew on roids), 230, and 10%. Every guy was jealous, but couldn't do anything b/c I would kick their asses. S--t, I was incline pressing 315 for reps! My max bench was like four plates. I thought I had bad genetics, but Dave told me my receptor affinity was really good. I am 19 now, and I cycle 8 weeks on, 4 weeks off. I am getting bigger everyday, and s--t, the only side effects I had was slight acne on back, water retention, some aggression (I used most of it up in the gym) and a little stomach probelms. No bitch tits (Clomid) or hair loss. It is so worth it, I went from a unnoticed skinny Asian to a freakin Monster, people call me the 'AsianInvasion.' If u have a guru or trainer (like Dave), it is very good and safe." •

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