Steroid Experience


"I started training when I was in 7th grade at a small school. All through high school I played sports and lifted weights and made moderate gains. I was about 165lbs when I graduated from high school and bench pressed about 235lbs. Steroids were always taboo to me because all of the negative hype that I had heard about them. The fact that they were a schedule III drugs also deterred me from even thinking about using them. All through college I continued to train naturally and made decent gains, nothing phenomenal, but adequate. My bench press had increased to 285lbs and and my body weight was 180lbs.

A good friend of mine, I will call him GD had mentioned something about steroids to me and asked me if I had ever tried them. I never had, but recently I had been curious about them and he had convinced me that if taken the right way they would be safe. I finally agreed and bought a vial of Winstrol V and a bottle of testosterone for $300.00. It was an extremely sketchy thought of sticking a needle in my ass and shooting a foreign substance into my body, but the gains must be worth it, I thought.

I started the cycle by stacking 2 cc's of Winny and 1cc of test. The first injection was scary because I had never administered a shot to myself before. I had these thoughts of having an air bubble trapped in the syringe and killing myself. All went smooth. The needle is so sharp that it felt like a mosquito bite at the worst. The site of the injections burned really bad from the test. GD said this was normal and to constantly change shot locations.

By the third week I had increased the dose to 3 cc's of winny and 1 cc of test. My strength gains were minimal (5 to 10 lbs.) 295lbs. bench press, but my endurance went through the roof. I benched 225lbs for 20 reps. Wow, I couldn't believe it. I ended the cycle by increasing to 4 cc's of winny and 2 cc'c of test. My lack of strength gains could have been due directly to insuffcient caloric intake, but it seemed that I was eating everything in site(my body weight was only 190lbs). I had started to question the purity of the drugs. The test had to be good because my libido had increased 10 fold. I could come 6 times in a row with each orgasm as big or bigger than the last.It was a good thing a had a girlfriend, because I probably would have broke my arm jacking off.

The cycle ended and I didn't feel any withdrawl symtoms. I was left with the feeling that there wasn't much to steroids and often wondered why people made such a big deal about them. 2 years past before GD approached me again and asked if I wanted to try something different. He showed me these small pink five sided pills called dianabol. I got 200 tabs for $350.00. I realize that this is highway robbery at $1.75 a tab, but since you cannot obtain them from an Eckerd pharmacy, sometimes you have to suck it up.

The results I got were phenomenol. I started by taking 10mg a day and worked up to 20mg a day by the third week. My bench press increased to 335lbs. and I felt like superman. Nothing bothered me. I felt like I could do anything. My self confidence went through the roof and people around me really started noticing changes in my physique and personality. This experience was totally different from the first time that I had used. The dosage capped at 30 mgs a day and then started to pyramid down. For about a month after the cycle was over I felt no different and my strength and endurance stayed constant, but after that I really started noticing a drastic change. Massive depression set in and I lost all desire to train. I felt bad for at least 6 weeks, losing most of my gains. I found that I was isolating my self and not wanting to do anything. This feeling finally subsided, but I came to the realization that this drug created false securities and a realization that to maintain these feelings, the drug use would have to continue.

I have not used steroids since, but now have the respect and understanding of how powerful steroids really are. It is a individual choice that a person makes, no one else's and the risks are soley in the hands of user. Serious thought should be taken before one decides to use any anabolic steroids because the withdrawl symtoms can be devastating." •

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