Steroid Experience

Fooling the Judges

"I am a 23 year old bodybuilder and have been doing anabolic steroids for about 7 years. Since I was 17 I had always been driven to be bigger than anyone in my class or school for that matter. I was always trying to beat my friends in arm wrestling to prove my strength. I have been bodybuilding since age 12 and have done all kinds of anabolics from GNC. The competition to look the greatest really interested me. I kept at it for a while throughout grade school into high school. The greatest plus for me was all the attention. Everyone wanted to know me or beat me because I was bigger than them, but noone could.

I entered high school 5' 8 166lbs with a 180lb+ bench press, over 600lb+ leg press . I began football and wrestling. I continued to train like hell with bodybuilding and tried to maintain good condition while in school. Every football game was all about my defense. But there were these few guys that were too much for me, with better bodies, more strength ,and more power. After a few months I found that they worked out at my gym and boy did they work out! I followed them everywhere without being noticed. I found they kept taking a few pink pills (dianabol).

I didn't think much of it until 11th grade. I looked all over the internet to find the steroids they took and I did. I dropped the wrestling and football and continued with bodybuilding. I found some great places online that would hook me up with any steroid. I bought as much as I could afford which was 30 primobolan, 25 winstrol, 2 10ml vials of equipiose, and 300 dbol.

Right before I left high school I had maxed out at 5' 9 201lb with a 350lb+ bench press! I had hardly any side effects. Sure, I got pissed really bad sometimes and got like 3 zits on my back, big deal. I was hooked on the juice. I thought for life. I was having a great time working out and it soon became my job. I applied for a personal trainer position at my gym and got it. All my clients wanted to know how I did what I did. I had to bullshit a lot to keep my job, but after my first few cycles of low androgens and plenty of internal rest I went for more heavier things. I ordered about 22 deca, 10 sustanon, and 500 dbol, with Nolvadex and clomid to help with side effects and nut shrinking haha.

I looked great at 20 years old! So, I decided to enter some bodybuilding competitions. I am not gonna name which ones, but I won 1st place in 4/5 of them.

I said the hell with it and went for a little(40 tabs) anadrol with nol, and clomid. I packed on 35lbs in a few months! The side effects sucked though and my girlfriend began to get mad at me for having a pissed off attitude from the androgens, but after making $30,000 in prize money she stopped complaining.

The anadrol boosted my strength to an over 440lb bench press! and over 800lb leg press! My back was a little broken out and my blood pressure was higher then normal. So, I had to stop for a few months as my girlfriends worried over me.

After stopping the juice my clients noticed how depressed I was, but I went on training no matter what. U gotta understand its hard to keep up a 5,000 calories a day diet and still look good with lagging body parts. My strength went down and down and down,and so was my blood pressure which was good. My muscle mass was holding fine and here I am now.

In all my experience with almost any steroid I must say that you have to be careful about what you do. I am currently back on low androgens. I am downing about 8tabs of anavar a day with 3cc's of deca , 3cc's of winstrol, and 5cc's of primo. Steroids have been a true boost for my already great body and life. I am now 6 ft even 236lbs with 26inch arms and a 50 something inch chest. I have my bench press back up to 450lb and I look and feel great with hardcore training and a proper strict diet. I have won numerous bodybuilding contests while fooling the judges over urine samples ha ha and I have what to thank for that besides my new wife? ANABOLICS!!" •

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