Steroid Experience

Those Beautiful Veins

While Using Steroids I Was So Buffed, With Those Beautiful Veins Sticking Out, And Large Lean Meat All Around My Body That Even I Wanted To Have Sex With Myself.

"THAT'S IT, I couldn't handle it anymore. I had the worst body in my entire school. I felt so ashamed of myself. I felt bad every time my friends said, 'lets go to the beach', or 'lets go work out'! All I ever wanted was a good looking body. Not too much to ask. ALL of my friends were always at parties and the the girls were always all over their big muscular lean bodies. Whenever I met a girl, she would always say, 'Nothing but skin and bones, honey', 'You need to gain some weight son'.

I was always being pushed around always made fun of, given least respect. 'F--k this', I said to myself. I am changing my body. I bought a home workout machine. I worked out like crazy. I wanted to bring my 17 year old body of 6ft tall 120 lbs and turn it into 180-200 pounds. I trained and ate so much that I cant even describe the stress that I went into. I felt like I actually gained some pounds and stared at myself in the mirror, My mom would come and start laughing at me. I had been working out for a month and TRUST ME, this shit doesn't work. I then knew for a fact, let me repeat myself, knew for a fact, that those mother f--kers were on steroids, and nothing else. I knew that that type of body wasnt just built by eating right and lifting smart, or any of that psycho-bulls--t.

I finnally gave up. I knew that this was the only way. I made a descision to try out a full cyle of steriods, including deca-durabolin and clomid to keep my balls nice and healthy. I bought it from Sweden and received it in my P.O. Box so that my family wouldn't know. I had it for about a week and I didn't use it until I knew all about it. I wanted to make sure that the side effects wouldn't harm me, and make sure it would be undetectable internally by blood tests and externally by my peers. I didnt wanna make it too obvious that I got all this s--t so fast, so I pretended that I was workin out all the time.

I would make the best impression to everybody at my school that my life was dedicated to working out. If my friends wanted to go out, I would say things like, 'sorry, I have to work out now', but in reality I would sit on my ass and play video games and inject my self with steroids. I played with everybodys mind to make sure that the coast is clear for me to take the steroids and get away with it. O MY GOD, the results were shocking! In 8 weeks, this cycle brought my 120 lbs to 164 lbs. Not what I thought I wanted, but really was what I wanted. Let me tell you, even I wanted to have sex with myself. I was so buffed, with those beautiful veins stickin out, and large lean meat all around my body. I was exactly what I wanted to be. I was extremely strong. I had so much strength that I could literally lift about 315 lbs.

Now, lets get back to the part where I was disrespected alot and made fun of. NOW, everybody at my school kisses my ass and they do anything I want them with no question. Even those people that were punkin me around were smart and stopped messin around with me cause they knew they would get their ass beat. All the pretty girls that I thought I would never come near, were always asking me to the banquets and dances. Lemme tell you, my self esteem sky rocketed. I am hella tight now! I thought steroids would kill me, but I only got 2 side effects, guess what they were..... very minor headaches and very minor sleeping disorders. Heck, I dont even think that those sideeffects came from the steroids, maybe I already had them before or somethin. But let me tell you, if you wanna make youre body look good fast and safe... then trust me, just take the minimal dosage of more than one kind of steroid. It will be cheap, and worth it. If you take too much, then it will do you more harm than good...TRUST ME I KNOW." •

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