All-American Teen Muscle Challenge, The


By Aaron Strong

"We're back to the All-American Teen Muscle Challenge," Simms said. He was standing with Mark and Rian. "And we've got a unique consolation prize for Rian." The audience cheered.

"Rian, you have a great opportunity here. We actually have two prizes. One is a weekend with Jake at a beautiful Malibu beach house!" A huge screen dropped down in the center of the stage, and pictures of a lavishly furnished beach house apeared. Then, some pictures of Jake flashed up there as well.

"I'm sure you'll agree this prize is pretty good, right Rian?"

Rian smiled. "Bring him on!"

"Well, we will," Simms continued. "But first we're going to give you a very pleasurable opportunity to also walk away with a $5,000 bonus. Let me explain."

The screen went blank as Simms began to tell Rian about his next activity. "Rian, many of us guys remember what it was like when we were, say 12 or 13 years old. We found some old muscle magazines and began to stare at the pictures of the hunks flexing their muscles. Eventually we took those magazines into the bathroom and as young boys will do, we found ourselves masturbating for the first times in our life, blowing our little wads all over the pictures as we fantasized about touching those muscles and looking under those posing straps. Right Rian?"

Rian smiled broadly. "Oh yeah, I can't tell you how many times I jacked off to pictures of Mike Matarazzo and Dennis Newman," he said. The crowd yelled loudly.

"And now," Simms continued, "YOU provide the fantasy material for probably thousands of little boys who are watching us on TV right now!"

Rian laughed, then hit a double biceps pose. His arms were huge.

"Well," Simms said. "We've found a nice young man, a boy really, who is a big admirer of yours. His name is Luke, and he's 12 years old. Luke has no idea that we know about his fantasies of you. What we did is this: We got Luke to come down here to the studio a few weeks ago under the pretense of auditioning for a TV commercial. We brought down scores of boys Luke's age for this bogus audition. We placed them alone in a waiting room. On the coffee table of the room were four or five portfolios with pictures of bodybuilders in them. There were also pictures of scantilly clad women in some other portfolios on the table. Since the boys were all placed alone in this room, one at a time, they were uninhibited in their activites. They had no idea we were taping them with a secret camera.

"We taped them and watched to see what kind of pictures-- which portfolios-- they looked at. And our cameras followed them into the bathroom which was just off the waiting room. Well, the upshot of all this is this tape we're going to show you right now. Let's look."

The screen on the stage came to life, and it showed a boy sitting on a couch, looking at pictures. The pictures of Rian had his name in the bottom corner. There were a number of pictures of the muscleteen, all in different poses, flexing his muscles. He was wearing white posing trunks in the pictures, and he really looked HOT! Luke grabbed his crotch as he looked, and he even mumbled some words. "Fuck, that dude has some huge muscles." He looked some more and said "Shit, he is hot!"

The studio audience loved it.

Then the tape showed Luke taking three or four of Rian's pictures and going into the bathroom. Another camera picked up the action there. Luke locked the door and unzipped his pants. He pulled them down, then he pulled down his briefs, exposing a developing penis, which had two small balls supporting it. A small tuft of hair provided some fuzz to the genitals. It was obvious Luke was just now getting into puberty.

Luke positioned the pictures of Rian and turned on the water in the sink. He moistened his right hand and lathered it with soap. As he stared at the pictures of Rian he said "Come on Rian, show me your muscles. I wanna feel them. I wanna touch them. I want you to take off those shorts and show me that huge man-cock of yours while I touch your nipples." He started jerking off, and in less than a minute his little 12 year-old penis began squirting up onto the mirror and into the sink. Luke moaned as he stared at the pictures of Rian, repeating the muscleteen's name with every squirt. He obviously enjoyed Rian's muscular body very much.

The screen darkened and the camera showed a laughing and grinnning Rian.

"Okay, Rian," Simms said. "You can see that Luke is-- well, very attracted to your body. And we have brought him once again to the studio. He is back stage in another room with hidden cameras. This room also has some weight equipment and mirrors. He is there right now, supposedly waiting for another audition. Here's your mission. We're going to send you back stage, and we want you to give little Luke his own personal session with his idol. If you can bring him to orgasm in an hour or less, you will earn an additional $5,000 as a consolation prize."

Rian grinned. "I think I can do that."

"Here's some clothes," Mark said. "Get dressed, and then you can undress for Luke back there. I'm sure he'll like it."

"We'll be right back," Simms said, "to see if Rian can bring this little muscle worshipper to climax.


The show resumed. It was a picture of a small weight room. The weights were shiny silver and the room was carpeted and very nice. In one corner sat a couch, on which rested little Luke. A door opened, and in walked Rian. He was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. Even fully clothed, his physique was breathtaking. Broad shoulders dominated, and his gargantuan arms filled out the sleeves of the sweatshirt. His waist was narrow, and the jeans barely contained the thick legs of the muscleteen. He was carrying a duffle bag.

Luke looked up and the camera caught his face. He immediately recognized Rian, or at least recognized that he was in the presence of a muscleman. His eyes were huge. He quickly tried to hide his wonderment and looked down at the floor.

"Oh, hi," Rian said. "I didn't know anybody else would be in here."

"I'm just waiting to try out for a TV commercial," Luke said appologetically.

"No sweat," Rian said. "I am too. Mind if I hang here with you?"

"Sure, not at all," Luke said. He looked up at Rian and you could tell he was awestruck.

"What kind of TV commercial are you trying out for?" Rian asked, setting down his duffle.

"I dunno," Luke said. "I think it's for some kind of cheese or something."

"Oh," Rian said. "By the way, my name's Rian." That was it. Identity confirmed. It really WAS the Rian in the pictures Luke had masturbated over and fantasized about! Luke's face turned pale.

"I'm Luke," the boy finally said.

"Nice to meet you Luke," Rian smiled, sitting down. "I'm trying out for some nutrition commercial. I'm supposed to stand in the background and flex my muscles while some lady talks about some nutrition bar, or something."

"Oh," Luke said. It was obvious he was very nervous.

"They said I could come in here and warm up," Rian said. "You know, pump up my muscles with the weights so they'll be big for the commercial. If you pump weights it puffs up the muscles because they fill with blood."

Luke didn't say much.

Rian stood. "But some people think I really don't need to get a big pump because I'm already pretty big." With that, Rian lifted his sweatshirt off. He was wearing a dark blue tank top that clung to his torso. His delts and arms were astounding, and his thick chest stretched the fabric of the tank top. "What do you think?"

Luke's mouth opened in awe, and you could tell it was dry. He shifted his legs, obviously adjusting his crotch.

"You into bodybuilding, Luke?" Rian asked.

"Well, maybe a little bit," Luke said.

"Great," Rian smiled. "Mind if I strip down and get in a little workout? You can watch if you want. Maybe you can give me a few pointers on my poses too."

"Uh, sh-- sure," Luke said. I'll bet his heart was beating a thousand beats a minute.

Rian began to unbutton his jeans, standing sideways from Luke's view, making sure to give Luke a fantastic eyeful of his 20 inch arms as he undid his pants. His triceps rippled. He looked up at Luke and grinned. Then he admired his huge guns and looked back at Luke. "You like these arms Luke? They're over 20 inches big."

Luke said nothing.

Rian, standing facing the side, kept his arm down, but he bent it and flexed it. Shit, it was huge! "You ever met someone with 20 inch arms, dude?"

"I don't think so," Luke said.

Rian undid his pants and pushed them down. His white posing trunks were the same ones as in the pictures Luke had jerked-off to days before. Rian grinned at Luke and pulled off his tank top. Luke was even more uncomfortable now.

"So, what do you think Luke?" Rian asked. His muscled body, clad only in the skimpy posing trunks, rippled with teen virility. He stood there, pec slabs resting on his rib cage like 20 ounce steaks on a grill. The main blood vessel on his biceps stuck out like a steel cable.

Luke hesitated, then said "Wow."

Rian smiled. He turned toward a mirror and began to slowly pose. Muscles rippled. Double biceps. Shit his arms were massive. And his vascularity was perfect. Each muscle on his body was tightly wrapped in a freaky network of blood vessels. Fuck, he was so HOT!

Luke watched in awe, but tried not to look too interested.

As Rian continued to pose, he said "This is 247 pounds of solid muscle, Luke. You like it?"

Rian hit an ab pose, with his arms behind his neck. He exhaled and his abs danced with definition. He turned towards Luke and began to swivel his hips, smiling the most killer smile. He held it there, moving his hips and grinning at Luke. He rolled his abs, then swiveled his hips some more. It was powerful and erotic.

He hit a most muscular pose. He was a masterful poser, and Luke also couldn't help but notice Rian's thick cock as it slumbered in the white trunks. It seemed to thicken as Rian got more into his show-off session. Rian hit a side biceps pose, extending both arms out to the same side, pointing the top of his wrists upward, looking right at Luke and smiling. Fuck, his biceps muscles laid on his arms like two slabs of meat, yet they looked as hard as rocks, even when Rian slowly churned them into two flexing monsters. Rian bent one arm up, and his biceps formed a perfect baseball.

Luke adjusted his jeans.

"See anything you like, dude?" Rian teased. He stepped towards Luke just a bit and continued posing. He turned around and spread his lats. They looked like two barn doors. He fussed with his posing trunks, exposing his glutes and flexing them. Luke's mouth was dry.

Rian turned around and stood relaxed. He grinned at Luke, then danced his huge pecs. He stared into Luke's face and traced the fingertips of his left hand over the flexing, bulging triceps of his right arm. He admired his freakish arms, smiling at them, then looking back at Luke.

"Shit, Luke," Rian grinned as he relaxed. "I remember when I was your age. If I had some huge muscleman standing in front of me like this, I would have been cumming in my pants."

Luke's eyebrows raised. "What?" he said.

"You know," Rian said and started to make a jerk-off motion with one hand, right in front of his cock. "Masturbating was my favorite activity when I was your age. Still is, to tell the truth."

Luke's mouth dropped open.

"Shit," Rian said. "I used to spend hours in the bathroom masturbating while I looked at pictures of musclemen. That's why I became a bodybuilder. I just couldn't get enough of muscle!"

"R-- really?" Luke studdered.

"Sure!" Rian said. "Every guy does it. It's just that most of them won't admit it. It's just not very matcho to them. But I disagree. There's nothing like giving yourself a good hand job. Except maybe getting one from someone else." He grinned.

Luke shifted on the couch again.

"How `bout you Luke? You ever get turned on by a muscleman?"

Luke didn't answer.

Rian stepped closer to Luke, leaned over and flexed his huge arm for him. "Go ahead and feel it dude. It's rock hard."

Luke hesitated, then lifted his hand to Rian's bulging biceps muscle. The boy gasped as his hand felt the hardness and size. Rian kept it flexed and slowly moved his other hand to Luke's crotch. Luke jumped back as Rian touched him, but the muscleteen squeezed it and felt that it was rock hard.

"Thought you liked what you saw," Rian grinned. The muscleteen walked over to the door and locked it. He looked at Luke and said "I think you and I are a lot alike." He returned to the couch and sat next to Luke. There was silence for a minute.

Rian's face lit up as an idea hit him. "Hey, dude," he said. "Would you be intersted in helping me get pumped up? For my audition?"

"Well-- I guess so."

"Great!" Rian sprang up and walked over to a chinup bar. "Come on over here," he said fixing his eyes on the bar above his head. He kept his back side to Luke and as the 12 year-old approached, he bent his knees and squated. "Wrap your arms around my neck, little guy," Rian said. "Hop on my back."

Luke obeyed. It was his first body-to-body contact with a muscleman, and the camera caught the wonderment in Luke's eyes as his body rested on Rian's muscular back and shoulders.

Rian straightened his legs, and Luke's feet left the floor. Feeling the bulging adam's apple at his forearms, Luke tried to adjust his grip around Rian's neck, not wanting to choke him.

"Don't worry about choking me little guy," Rian said, standing. "You're not going to be able to hurt me."

Rian again looked up at the bar. "Let's see how many of these I can pump out," Rian said, half to himself. He raised his arms. His fingers barely touched. He made a small hop and jumped up, grabbing the bar with his palms facing him. Luke held tightly.

Rian's back muscles rippled against Luke's shirt as the two of them rose in the air. Effortlessly, Rian pulled his chin up to the bar, held it there for a second, then slowly lowered to the bottom. Rian started in on rep two and never looked back. I couldn't tell for sure, but I could only imagine the sensations Luke experienced as his little body rode up and down, up and down, on the muscular back of the object of his fantasies.

Rian kept chinning, and pumped out 20 reps. The last ones were slower, and harder for the teen, and Luke obviously was in awe of the power he was experiencing. Rian let go of the bar and stood on the floor, breathing heavily. His body glistened. He reached up and pried Luke's arms from his neck, bending slightly to let him down.

"Ah yeah," Rian smiled, still breathing heavily as he turned around to face Luke. "Thanks." He raised his arms and flexed them. "Nice pump, huh?" Luke's eyes widened. Yeah, it was a fantastic pump.

"Now," Rian said. "How about another exercise." Without resting, Rian laid down on the floor in the push-up position. "Lay down on my back, little guy," Rian said. Luke obeyed, gently resting his head on Rian's neck. He closed his eyes for a second, clearly lost in lust. He placed his hands on Rian's thick triceps.

"Okay," Rian said. "Hold on." He flattened his palms on the floor and pushed up. It was easy. "Okay, dude. Move your hands onto my pecs. It'll help me get a good pump in them if you keep your hands on them while I do these."

Luke looked like he didn't know what to do. But finally, his little hands moved down and forward, resting on Rian's thick, hard pecs.

"Good," Rian said. He slowly lowered down, and Luke kept his hands still. Rian's chest spread out as he lowered his body, barely touching the backs of Luke's hands to the floor. I could see Luke adjust his torso. "Woa dude," Rian smiled in response to Luke's movement. "This feel good?"

"Yeah," Luke said. He seemed to be loosening up a bit.

"Well, don't worry about pressing against my butt with your pants," Rian coaxed. "It's kinda a natural response to want to press it." Rian kept pumping out quick but deliberate push-ups. Luke's hands remained on Rian's pulsing pecs, and occasionally he squeezed them. The thick slabs of beef overfilled his little hands and he moved his palms, trying to grasp the mass and width of Rian's chest.

Again, Luke's lower torso adjusted as he laid on Rian's back. "Sorry if my butt muscles are giving your cock a little massage," Rian said as he pressed up and down. "It's kinda hard to keep them still while I push up."

"That's okay," Luke said.

Rian kept pumping out the reps, easily shooting past 50. "If you want to move your hands down and feel my abs, you can," he said.

Luke moved his hands lower on Rian's torso and began to explore the typography of Rian's abdominals. He ran his fingers over the ridges for about 10 reps, then moved them back up to Rian's pecs, making a special stop on the teen's peanut-sized nipples.

"Go ahead and pinch those, if you want," Rian smiled, breathing heavily. "It kinda gives me a charge."

Luke obliged.

"Yeaahhh," Rian sighed. "Oh, that's good." He slowed a bit, nearing 90 push-ups, but he had a lot of power left. He stopped at 100. Luke got off, and Rian stood up. The muscleteen danced his pecs, eliciting wide eyes from his worshipper.

"Push-ups gets the pecs and the triceps," Rian said, bringing his wrists in front of his cock and squeezing his pecs together. He twisted his arms just a bit and allowed his triceps to dance and grow for Luke.

"Fuckin' big muscles, huh dude," Rian smiled.

"Yeah," Luke said.

Rian posed some more, and Luke watched, mesmerized.

As he cooled down, Rian suggested that the two of them move back to the couch. Luke sat, and Rian leaned back on the cushions, next to the boy. Rian reached around Luke and rested his arm on Luke's shoulder, squeezing him close. Then he leaned back some more, straightening his back, scooting his butt forward, almost in a lying position. He spread his legs wide, relaxing and showing off his body. His briefs barely contained his thickening cock, and his teen body glistened with sweat.

He looked down over the rolling ridges of his abs, onto his cock. "I always love getting pumped up like that," he said. "Sometimes it makes me hard, too. You know, down there."

Luke didn't respond.

The two sat in silence for a minute.

"You probably are old enough now where you've started jerking off, huh dude?" Rian asked.

No response.

"Man, I remember when I was your age. My cock started growing and I started getting hair down there. I thought I was some kind of freak. I didn't know what to think about the changes in my body. It'd get hard every time I saw some well-built dude, and I would jerk it off every night in bed. A couple of times a day in the bathroom, too."


"Oh yeah," Rian reassured him. "You do it very often?"

Luke shuffled his feet.

"Come on, dude. You ever get hard looking at bodybuilders? Shit, this thing gets stiff as a pipe when I see buff men," he said, looking down at his posing trunks. It was getting bigger and longer as he talked. "I get hard when I look at MYSELF sometimes. These muscles can be a real turn-on, don't you think?" He danced his pecs. Luke said nothing, looking down at the ground.

"Shit, my cock's getting hard right now, thinking about muscles. I think the way you've been looking at me has a lot to do with it too."

No response.

"When I leave, you gunna go into that bathroom and jerk off?"

Luke stayed quiet for a minute then said, "I don't know."

Rian smiled and ruffled Luke's hair. "Shit kid, you're making me hard."

They sat there silently, both watching Rian's cock grow under his posing trunks, Luke trying not to look, but unable to keep his eyes off Rian's body, especially that dick under the fabric.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," he said to the boy.

Luke didn't move. Rian slowly pulled his posing trunks down, just a bit.

"Wanna see it?" he taunted, smiling.

He fondled himself through the fabric, the tips of his fingers tracing the outline of the bulging organ.

"You ever seen one this big?"

Rian lifted the fabric. They both could see it. He lowered the trunks and hid it again.

"Just say the word, dude, and you can have a look," the muscleteen teased.

Luke couldn't move his eyes off, but he said nothing.

Rian lifted his trunks again and gave Luke another eyefull.

"What do you think, dude? Wanna wrap your eyes around this thing for a few minutes? You can look at it all you want. Just say the word, dude"

Silence. Then finally, Luke almost whispered "Okay."

"Awesome," Rian said. "I love showing this thing off." Rian smiled and slowly pulled the fabric down, slinging it under his balls, exposing his thickening cock to Luke. Luke stared at the beautiful set of genitals. Rian touched himself. Then he moved his hand back to Luke's crotch. This time Luke didn't resist.

"Go ahead, Luke," Rian prompted. "Touch it. Feel how big it is."

Luke didn't move. Rian kept his hand on Luke's jeans and just sat there with his cock growing before Luke's eyes.

"Go ahead, dude," Rian said. "I'm getting stiff just thinking about it."

Luke didn't move.

"It's just the two of us," Rian said. "Shit dude, look at how big you're making me. Just the way you've been looking at my muscles is giving me the hugest boner." He stared at his own cock, now at full erection. It pressed hard against his abs. Rian lifted it with the tips of his thumb and forefinger, forcing it away from his body. Shit, it was big and hard. He pulled it away farther, but it looked like he was so stiff that he couldn't get it but a few inches away from his abs. He let go, and it slapped his abs, making a deep "thwap" sound.

The teen pulled it out from his abs again and, starting at the base of his shaft, he milked a large drop of precum out of his slit hole. He let go again and it slapped his abs like before, not bouncing up at all, but hugging his body like a magnet.

"You ever see a cock that big?" he asked the boy.

Luke hesitated. "N-- no."

Rian leaned back and faked a yawn, stretching his body out as he reclined on the couch moving his butt right to the front edge of the cushion. He squezed Luke's cock as he relaxed. "Shit, dude, you are hard too. If you want me to unzip your jeans, you're going to have to touch this thing first."

Rian's huge dick rested heavily on his abs. "Go ahead, Luke. Touch it. Feel how hard it is. Then you can feel some of my muscles while I flex them for you."

Luke didn't move. He looked scared.

"Here, maybe this will help." Rian leaned over and kissed Luke's lips. At first Luke fought to get away, but of course it was useless. Rian pressed his tongue inside Luke's mouth and they frenched for a minute. Then they parted and Rian sat up.

Luke was white.

"It's okay, dude," Rian smiled. "You like that?"

Luke nodded yes, timidly.

"All riiiight," Rian smiled. "Me too. I like kissing you a lot. He leaned forward again and kissed Luke, frenching him again. Luke sat frozen. Rian cupped his hand on Luke's cheek, holding him still as he penetrated the boy's mouth. Rian moaned, and moved his head, as if to make sure he explored every corner of the boy's mouth. He was very gentle, and tender. It was one of the most sensual kisses I had ever seen. I pushed down on my cock.

They separated once again, and Rian smiled, looking right into Luke's eyes. "That's so awesome, dude."

He looked back down at his hard cock. It was dripping precum. "Go ahead, little guy. Touch it. It feels warm, and hard."

Luke sat motionless.

Rian took Luke's hand in his own and placed the boy's palm on the teenage cock. Rian let go and Luke left his hand there. Rian smiled.

"Go ahead and feel all of it, dude. It's yours to enjoy." Slowly, Luke began to move his fingers. He squeezed it.

"Shit, that feels good," Rian smiled.

Encouraged, and tantalized by the feel of Rian's penis, Luke continued. He moved his hand up to the head and felt some of Rian's precum. "It gets wet like that to provide lubrication. Comes in handy when you're fucking the ass of some musclestud."

Luke didn't respond.

"You ever see pictures of two men having sex?" Rian asked.

"No." Luke continued petting Rian's dick.

"It's pretty steamy stuff," Rian said. "I imagine you'll get into that a little later, when you are more developed." Rian squeezed Luke's jeans. "But it is pretty fun. I've probably fucked over 50 men. If you want to watch sometime, I'll let you come over to my place. You haven't seen anything until you've seen these two arms hold some guy down while I'm fucking him."

Luke continued petting and squeezing. He moved his hand down to Rian's balls. "Oh shit, that feels good," Rian said.

Rian began to unzip Luke's pants. Within a minute Luke's little cock was exposed. Rian pulled Luke's pants off. Luke couldn't take his hand off Rian's cock. The muscleteen smiled. He leaned forward and started licking Luke's penis. Luke froze. Rian swallowed Luke's genitals whole, and began massaging them with his tongue.

He gave Luke his first blow job, an extra long one. His mouth and tongue gave Luke sensations that he never knew he could experience. Rian's mouth was tender and gentle, driving the boy mad with pleasure. Luke put his hands on Rian's muscular shoulders, holding the muscleteen down. He squeezed Rian's thick traps. He looked like he would cum any second.

But before Luke made it that far, Rian lifted up and smiled. "You want to do that to mine?"

Luke nodded yes.

Rian leaned back and put his hands behind his head. He grinned. Luke leaned forward, then hesitated. "Go ahead, dude," Rian said. "It feels real good on your mouth. Lick it if you want to. You can put it inside your mouth too, if you want."

Luke licked Rian's cock hesitantly at first, then he gained enthusiasm. Rian moaned. "Oh shit that feels good. Don't stop."

Luke was definitely inexperienced, but Rian moaned anyway, encouraging him on. The boy really got into it, licking and kissing and sucking Rian's head for a few minutes. Eventually, Rian pulled Luke up. He looked down at the boy and said "Want me to flex my muscles for you while you jerk off?"

Luke nodded yes.

Rian stood up, pulled his trunks all the way off. His cock laid tightly against his ab as he stood in front of Luke. He started posing. "You can touch anything you want."

Luke stood on the couch, not knowing what to do.

"Go ahead, dude," Rian prodded. "Feel this." The teenager flexed his left arm and Luke put both hands on it. "Pretty hard isn't it," Rian said. Luke nodded. Rian placed his right hand on Luke's erect penis and began stroking the boy. Luke moaned, keeping his hands on Rian's arm. He moved one of his hands onto Rian's chest and began feeling the teen's pecs. Rian obliged by dancing his pecs. Rian's right hand continued masturbating Luke.

Luke pinched Rian's nipple with his left hand while he felt the hard muscle of Rian's arm with his other hand. Rian continued rocking his fingertips up and down Luke's cock.

It didn't take long. Soon Luke's young body was jerking hard, and his youthful cum was squirting out all over Rian's huge physique. Rian leaned down and put his mouth on the squirting penis, and Luke grabbed the teen's shoulders once again as his semen filled Rian's mouth. Rian's tongue milked Luke until the last drop was out.

"Shit," Rian said standing tall. "You are some kind of horse! You produce quite a load of cum!"

Luke smiled, but he was clearly embarassed by it all.

"It's okay, dude," Rian reassured. "Watch. I do it all the time." With that, Rian took his cock in one hand and slowly began masturbating himself. "You can help if you want." Luke moved his hand to where the action was and assisted the teen. It only took a few rubs. Rian was ready to blow.

The physique of the muscleteen tightened, and then he jerked. With a loud moan, Rian's cock began to produce a volley of ejaculations. Luke watched wide-eyed as his idol gave him a lesson in manhood. Rian's muscles flexed with erotic precision. Luke nearly came again.

A voice came on the TV, saying "We'll be right back to see Dan receive his prize for being our four-time champion, right after these messages." •

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