All-American Teen Muscle Challenge, The


By Aaron Strong

"Okay," Mark said. "We're about to begin our final competition on today's show. As it stands, Rian is behind our champion Dan in the points right now."

"And," interrupted Simms, "I would bet he'd actually like to be behind Dan in another way too."

The audience roared at Simms joke.

"Indeed," Mark smiled, casting a longing glance over at Dan. "Wouldn't we all."

More hollering and laughter.

"But Rian can make up the points he needs in this final competition," Mark went on. "Here's what's going to happen."

The camera showed the whole stage, and from the top left of the multilevel stage, Jake came out and started to walk down to the center to join Simms, Mark, Rian and Dan. The audience cheered as Jake, clad only in a Tarzan-style loincloth, walked down the platforms, his muscled body rippling with each step.

"We've asked Jake here to assist us in the final contest," Mark said. "Our last competition will be the ejaculation distance contest."

Whoops and hollers came from the audience. They definitely were interested in seeing this one.

"Here's how it works," Simms took over. "Jake here is going to spend a little time with each contestant, one at a time. Rian, you'll be first. In essence, what we're going to do is have Jake give you a hand-job. You will stand right here on this white line on the stage. When you begin to ejaculate, Jake will be sure to stand to one side so we can measure how far your semen squirts. We'll mark that spot, and then Dan will have his turn. The teen who shoots his wad the farthest will be the winner."

Both Dan and Rian grinned from ear to ear, trying to hide their wonderment and enthusiasm for the contest, and the audience rumbled the studio with their screams.

After trying in vain to get the audience to quiet down, Simms finally motioned Jake to begin seducing Rian. The huge muscleman moved to Rian, and he escorted the blond to the white line. Then, to warm Rian up, Jake moved directly in front of him and smiled. He leaned forward and kissed Rian on the lips. He just pecked him at first, then a longer kiss. Then, Jake took Rian's cheeks in his hands and held his head still while he pressed his lips against the teenager's.

Rian's knees bent slightly, then he put his hands on Jake's freakish triceps to steady himself. Jake's mouth opened in the kiss, as did Rian's and their lips alternately parted and touched, exposing Jake's tongue as it penetrated Rian's mouth. Rian's hands tightened on Jake's triceps, then moved to Jake's biceps, which were bulging as Jake's hands continued to hold Rian's head still.

The two men embraced fully now, running their hands up and down each other's bulging muscles. I fought to keep my hands under my butt as my cock screamed to be touched.

Jake and Rian parted. Jake stepped back, looking deeply into Rian's eyes. Without taking his eyes off Rian's, Jake pushed his loincloth down. It fell to the stage floor and Jake stepped out of it, back to Rian's embrace. They resumed kissing and frenching passionately as Rian ran his hands down Jake's back and onto his hard, bare ass. Rian's fingers massaged Jake's butt as they kissed.

Jake stepped back once again. He bent down on his knees and brought his hands up to Rian's trunks. Slowly, he pulled them down, and Rian's cock immediately stuck up into the air. Before Jake could tug Rian's blue posing trunks to the floor, Rian's huge cock was so stiff that it pressed tightly against his own six pack.

"Holy shit," Mark said. "I'd say that penis rival's Dan's!"

"I'd have to agree," Simms said. "These two teen musclehunks have definitely been blessed in the manhood department!"

Jake, still on his knees, gently leaned forward and as Rian closed his eyes, he began softly licking and kissing Rian's dick. Rian's manicured light brown tuft of pubic hair quickly became moistened with both his precum and Jake's saliva.

"How much would you give to be Jake right now," Simms asked Mark. "To be able to have that hard teen cock on the tip of your lips..."

"Shit, Frank," Mark said. "I don't know WHO I'd rather be, Jake or Rian. Jake gives the most unreal, sensual blow-jobs you could ever experience..."

Jake went all the way down on Rian, nearly completely swallowing the cock, which looked to be over a foot long. Rian dropped his head back in pleasure. Jake's blow job wasn't hard or rough. He gently kneaded Rian's stiff member with his tongue and lips. His mouth caressed it. His large soft tongue gently licked it. He enveloped the shaft once again, moving painfully slowly down it. He stopped when it was all the way in and held still. I could tell his tongue was slowly moving all over the shaft as he held it there. Rian moaned.

Jake came up, and stood up. He pinched Rian's nipples and touched his shoulders and bulging arms. The teen's cock remained stiff, seeming to beg for more.

Jake stepped around Rian. Now at his back side, Jake pressed his muscular frame against Rian's back. He placed his hand on Rian's chest and kept it there, playing with his nipples and enjoying the thick pec muscles. Jake's hand slowly moved down Rian's torso, his fingers fondling each muscle of the teen's six-pack.

"Look at Jake," Mark said. "He is really getting into this. His cock is totally hard against Rian's back, and he's pressing it and pressing it."

"I wouldn't be surprised to see him penetrate both of these boys," Simms said. He knows that when he shoves that cock up a young stud's ass, it's a sure bet the teen would blow soon thereafter-- and blow hard."

I couldn't stand it any more. That thought was too much. I lifted my butt slightly and brought out my right hand and began tickling my cock. I watched Jake's hand move lower, onto Rian's cock. As he began to tickle Rian's penis with his fingertips, I did the same to myself. Jake moved his fingertips onto Rian's hairless balls, and slipped the tip of his middle finger underneath, to fondle the sensitive sex spot, just under and behind the teen's testicles.

I did the same to myself.

Rian moaned, his eyes closed, and Jake continued to touch under his balls, occasionally rubbing his thumb onto Rian's nuts.

Then, Jake moved his hand back up. Gently pulling Rian's cock away from his abs, Jake lightly began to stroke it. I knew if I did that, I'd blow right away, so I forced my hand back under my butt and continued watching the show without touching myself- for now.

Jake took his thumb and forefinger and squeezed the base of Rian's dick, then slowly squeezed up the shaft. When he got to the top, a large drop of precum came out the slit hole. The camera was up very close.

Jake moved his hand down, and lightly grasped the shaft. His fingers were open, not closed tight on it. Slowly, he rocked his wrist up, then down, barely moving his fingertips which were holding the cock. He slipped his fingers to grasp it just a little more firmly, continuing the soft, gentle rocking motion with his hand. Rian moaned again, letting his head fall backwards, his thick neck growing and moving with each erotic groan.

"Shit, Frank," Mark said. "Just look at Rian's response to Jake's gentle touch. He's not going to last long."

As Jake continued the hand job, he bent his knees. He pulled his torso back and the camera caught his huge erect cock lying against Rian's butt. Jake bent his knees a little more, and positioned the head of his penis against Rian's ass hole. Then he started to move in. Slowly the rigid shaft parted Rian's rectum and slipped inside. Rian gasped at first, opening his eyes. Jake's right hand continued to massage the teen's stiff boner. Precum dribbled down onto Jake's fingers.

Jake pushed his dick all the way in. He wrapped his left arm around Rian's upper chest, almost as high as his neck, keeping the teen perfectly still in his one-arm embrace. As his right hand continued to masturbate the muscleteen, Jake began to whisper something in Rian's ear, and Rian moaned some more.

Then Jake began to rock his body. It was almost imperceptible at first, but I could see that Jake was moving his cock inside Rian. Maybe only millimeters, but it was definitely rocking, gently driving the teen musclestud insane with minute pulses of pleasure, emanating from the long, thick, hard penis of Jake.

Jake continued squeezing on Rian's penis. Rian moaned louder now, and his body began to stiffen.

"I think he's almost ready to shoot his wad," Frank said.

The audience was nearing a fever pitch, rocking the rafters.

Jake continued to fuck the teen bodybuilder, masturbating him with his right hand. Rian moaned loudly, and I could see the muscles in his body tense.

"Ohhhhh," Rian moaned. "Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!" he hissed. With that, the blond muscleteen jerked his body hard. Jake moved his hand down to the base of Rian's cock so as to not interfere with the distance on Rian's cum shots.

A huge burst of cum blasted out of Rian's slit hole and plopped down on the ground. Jake adjusted the angle of Rian's cock for the second blast, trying to maximize the distance. The second wad shot farther. Then a third spray. And a fourth. Jake continued to rock Rian's body with the minute movements of his penis inside Rian's ass. Rian continued ejaculating.

"Shit," Frank Simms said. "This guy has a lot of cum! Just look at that guy shoot!"

"And he's getting an amazing amount of distance too!" Mark said.

As Rian finished his orgasm, Jake slowly pulled his own throbbing cock out of the teen's ass. It was fuckin' huge, and wet. It slapped up onto his abs, and he touched it with his fingertips.

Rian turned around and embraced Jake. "Shit," he murmured loud enough for the microphone to barely pick it up. "Thanks. That was outstanding."

"Don't mention it," Jake said, kissing Rian. "Maybe you can return the favor some time."

"Let's have a measurement of the distance," Simms said. A guy brought out a tape measure and measured off the farthest plop of cum from the white line.

"Nine feet, three inches," he announced. The crowd went wild.

"We'll be right back for Dan's try, right after this," Simms said.


"Okay, we're back," Simms said. "Now let's see what kind of effect Jake can have on Dan."

Dan, already sporting a full boner, sticking out of his trunks and up to his abs, took his position at the white line. Jake stepped in front of him and admired his teen muscle physique. The two men started kissing, passionately, wrapping their huge arms around each other, overcome with lust for each other's bodies. It was a fantastic melding of two muscle physiques. At times, it was difficult to determine which mound of muscle belonged to whom. Their skin was similar in color, and they were so intertwined, each man moaning, hugging and running his hands up, down and around the other, that their bodies seemed to melt into one freakish mass of muscle.

As they kissed, a small picture-in-picture box appeared in the corner of the screen. Another interview. It was Dan.

"I just can't resist a good hand job," he said. He wore a tank top that really accentuated his traps. "There are these two kids in my neighborhood. They're probably only about 12 or 13. They come over to my house a lot after they're done with school, before their parents come home."

He started grinning more, and this neck thickened. Shit, he looked so hot! "It just started out with me taking my shirt off for them and letting them see my muscles. I could tell they got boners just looking at me. But eventually they were coming over to my house and feeling my pecs and arms. I loved it. I really get off on a boy wanting to feel me out. So I posed for them. Well, one thing led to another, and one of them felt my cock with his hand on top of my shorts. It was pretty big and hard under my boxers. I took it out and let him touch it. His little hand was shaking, but I could tell he liked it. I asked him if he wanted to kiss it, and he nodded yes. He started licking it, and I told him that if he jerked me off, I'd do him afterwards. I don't like to take advantage of young boys, but they both were enjoying themselves. Anyway, the first kid needed some lessons in how to really touch for the maximum pleasure, but I showed him exactly what to do to me. He was a fast study, and soon he had my cock in his hand pushing down on it, and I blasted a huge wad. He was awestruck. His friend got a turn too."

He smiled and paused, then continued. "They come over just about every afternoon now, and each of them gives me a hand job while the other one feels my muscles. It's pretty hot."

The picture-in-picture box disappeared, and Jake was at Dan's back side.

"I can't help but think that if Dan likes a hand job from some young kid, he's just going to LOVE the strong, tender hand of Jake!" Mark said.

Jake's cock was visible as it rested on Dan's back side. The two of them were totally nude. Dan's huge penis stuck straight up, and Jake's hand had already begun stroking the teen. Dan groaned.

Jake's stroking was painfully slow, and you could almost hear Dan begging for more. But Jake was a master at holding back, driving Dan crazy.

"Oh, shit," Dan moaned, his eyes closed. He rested his head in the crux of Jake's neck. "Oh, shit," he repeated. Jake took his hand off Dan's cock, and it throbbed to the beat of his heart. The camera closed in on it, and the huge dick glistened with it's own precum. The slow, steady rhythm of Dan's heart made it pulse with life. It almost reminded me of a baby's lips that had just been taken off its mother's breast, instinctively pouting and looking for the nipple, searching for more. Dan's cock searched for Jake's hand, waiting, wanting, yearning for the muscular fingers to once again perform their wonder.

After a minute, Jake's hand resumed the dance with Dan's penis, gracefully moving onto the shaft, seducing it with a strong, yet very gentle rocking motion. Dan, squinting his eyes from the resumption of ultimate pleasure, moaned a deep, breathy moan.

Jake's fingertips seemed to tighten on Dan's shaft. And Dan seemed to be increasing in his intensity. He was getting closer to climax. He moaned again.

Then, just as Dan seemed ready to go over the edge, Jake let go once again. The dance paused. It was a syncopation in the rhythm of the hand-job. Dan's body tightened, searching once again for the hand. Jake held his body motionless, yet refused to satiate his desire for genital stimulation. The penis bobbed, its shiny head contracting and expanding.

Jake relaxed his grip on Dan's upper body. He moved in front of Dan and bent down. He leaned forward and allowed the tip of his tongue to caress the throbbing cap, mixing his saliva with Dan's precum. Dan, his eyes still locked closed, bristled at the contact, then immediately relaxed. Instinctively, he moved his torso forward, trying to push his cock inside Jake's mouth. But Jake pulled back, keeping only the tip of his tongue on Dan's cap. Jake placed his hands on Dan's hips to make sure the teen kept still.

Jake pointed the tip of his tongue, and began to play with Dan's slit hole. He tried to insert his pointed tongue inside Dan's hole, then slowly, torturously, he slithered his tongue down the side of Dan's cock. Dan groaned again. Jake's wet, slimy tongue slimed Dan's shaft. The giant muscleman didn't allow his lips to come in contact, just his tongue. He slowly started licking it like a lollipop. Dan's body tightened. He got louder. Jake grinned as he tortured the teen, slowly licking the dong.

Slowly, Jake opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the cap. He moved his head forward and allowed the stiff rod to move into his throat. Dan seemed ready to blow. Knowing this, Jake moved off. He just knelt in front of the teen and stared at the throbbing, wet penis. It groped for more, but Jake refused. He stared at it, smiling, studying its rhythm, its hardness, its virility.

Jake stood and moved once again to Dan's back side. He caressed the teen's shoulders and moved his hands onto Dan's chest, pinching his nipples. Dan seemed lost in another world. Jake opened his hand and enjoyed the teen's thick, pouting chest.

"Oh, please," Dan whispered. "Touch it."

Jake refused to move his hands lower. The muscleman's stiff cock began to slip between Dan's legs. Jake hugged Dan. Jake's thick cock head was soon visible, just under Dan's balls, tightly snuggled between Dan's muscular legs, protruding just a bit. Jake moaned.

"Holy shit," Dan moaned. "Oh, shit. Please touch it," the teen begged.

Jake moved his hands down onto Dan's abs, then he began to finger Dan's pubic hair. His fingertips came awfully close to Dan's genitals, but not quite. Jake continued to go close with his hands, then pull back. He moved them all around Dan's genital area, but never quite hit the target, driving Dan insane.

Jake whispered something in Dan's ear.

"What?" Dan asked.

"Flex your right biceps for me," Jake said again. "I want to feel that hard, teenage arm of yours."

Dan not wanting to take his concentration off his dick, reluctantly obeyed, hoping Jake's satisfaction his his huge gun would motivate him to resume the hand job. The teen muscle hardened into a peak and Jake's hand felt it. Jake smiled.

"Fuck," Jake whispered into Dan's ear. "You have the hardest teen body!"

Dan lowered his arm, and Jake pulled his cock from between Dan's legs. "Time for me to feel the inside of your teenage ass, dude," he said.

Jake began inserting his penis inside Dan's butt hole. Dan's eyes widened, and then he groaned again.

"Oh shit!" Dan groaned. Jake pressed hard, and went all the way in. As he had done with Rian, the huge muscleman began to gently and slowly rock. Only a fraction of an inch of movement of Jake's huge cock inside Dan sent the teenager into a frenzy of groaning. Jake's fingertips once again began to gently stroke the muscleteen's penis. Dan moaned louder.

As Dan neared orgasm once again, Jake froze. He stopped rocking and removed his hand from Dan's penis. Instinctively, Dan rocked his body on Jake's cock.

"Hold still," Jake ordered. Dan couldn't stop. He rocked some more, if only millimeters, on Jake's stiff dick in his ass. "Hold still," Jake commanded again, grasping Dan's shoulders tightly. Dan, nearly at the end of control, stopped rocking.

Jake held him still. Dan was on the verge of orgasm. The two men stood at the white line, frozen. They remained motionless for what seemed like minutes. The sexual tension was overwhelming. Dan's throbbing cock seemed so hard that if it were touched it would shatter into a million pieces.

Slowly, Jake's hand moved back onto Dan's cock. His fingers tightened. He pressed down on the cock and held his hand still, applying pressure to the shaft- not rocking, but just pushing down on it. The musclegiant rocked his torso two times, ever-so gently moving his cock inside Dan's ass.

And that was enough.

As Dan's body tightened, his muscles rippled. Suddenly he jerked and a big glob of cum burst out from his cock. Jake held the gun steady, aiming for the farthest trajectory possible. But he was only able to hold it for a few seconds, for as soon as Dan was fully engaged in his orgasm, Jake seemed to lose control. He grabbed Dan's arms and stood perfectly still. His muscles tightened, and then his body started to jerk.

"Holy shit!" Simms said. "Jake is cumming!"

"He's going to deposit quite a load inside Dan's ass, I can assure you that," Mark said.

The two hunks enjoyed simultaneous orgasms. Dan's cock squirted far, and Jake's cock filled the teen's ass with muscle-semen. The two men exchanged moans and expletives as they continued their long, hot sex session. Their sweaty, muscular bodies writhed as they simultaneously released the pressure of their sexual dams.

Dan's ejaculations shot high and far. "Shit!" he called out with each burst. His teenage pole lobbed long ropy globs of cum into the air, each one plopping onto the floor with a smack. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" The teenager shook his head from side to side, unable to control himself. "Oh FUCK!" he moaned. His muscular physique tightened, displaying freakish definition.

Jake squinted his eyes and he grasped Dan's shoulders, riding him like a bronco. His throat emitted a kind of guttural noise as he gritted his teeth and forced his semen into Dan's rectum. His huge arms rippled as he rode the young bull, occasionally groaning, occasionally hissing some incomprehensible expletive.

My awe with the whole show was interrupted only when my eyes received a blast of my own cum, bursting involuntarily out of my pulsing cock.

When they were done, Jake pulled out, and his stiff cock slammed against his abs. The two men embraced passionately, and one got the impression that these two musclehunks might possibly meet again, perhaps in some backstage corner, after the show. They kissed, and gazed into each other's eyes, lustily enjoying the afterglow.

The measuring guy brought out the tape. "Eleven feet, four inches," he announced. The crowd exploded.

"Dan wins again," Simms said.

The camera showed a dejected Rian, then moved to an ecstatic Dan.

"Dan is our four-time champion," Mark said. "We'll be right back after this." •

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