Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

Jeremy felt the enormous soft cock twist in his grip, throbbing and swelling. The next moment he was down on his knees, sucking on the huge head of Manny's cock, grabbing with both hands on Manny's huge testicles, grinding his smooth muscle pecs under the tight muscle t against Manny's thick muscular legs and grabbing and feeling up Manny's hot smooth muscle ass. His thick long tongue wrapped around the enormous shaft of Manny's cock, as it swelled thicker and thicker, growing longer and longer, until it stood out massively from Manny's hot groin. After a few moments Manny helped Jeremy up to his feet. Manny was now almost as tall as Jeremy, only about an inch shorter than the muscle god. Manny put Jeremy down on his back, and Jeremy squirmed with pleasure at the thought of what was going to happen next. Jeremy was still just a youth, despite his size, musculature, and masculine development.

"Oh yeah!!" Jeremy trembled as Manny lifted his huge cockhead to Jeremy's huge muscle ass. Manny pulled the large but very tightly stretched shorts down to expose Jeremy's huge muscle ass. Precum was flowing freely from Manny's oversized tool and he shoved his cock deep into Jeremy. The enormous size was incredible to Jeremy. He gasped at the intense pleasure he was feeling as his ass accomodated the gigantic cock.

"Come on Muscle Stud!" Manny said. "Show me your stuff!! Show me a real big man! I want your muscle BIGGER and BIGGER and BIGGER and BIGGER!"

Jeremy's muscles caught fire and he felt the intense warm itching sensation return to his body again. He knew that he was growing again. Several hours earlier he'd only been 5'9" tall on a good day, now he was 11" taller than that, and who knew how big he'd be when Manny was finished with him?

The truth is that Jeremy didn't care about consequences with Manny's huge cock in his ass. All Jeremy thought about was the enormous size of Manny's cock and balls, and how much he wanted Manny's huge cock... Jeremy also wanted to keep Manny's interest, and he knew that he needed to be muscular to do that. "Oh yeah Manny!! Manny you're so big!! Come on and fuck this big muscle stud!!!! Make me grow with your huge cock stud!! Dominate my muscle and make me grow!! Make me BIG Manny!!! Come on you elephant hung fucker make my muscle grow!!!"

Manny was lost in the throes of fucking and pounding Jeremy's ass. He actually looked as muscular and tall as Jeremy was now. Jeremy realized Manny was bigger than he was...!!!! Manny was fucking enormous!!! Jeremy stared at Manny as Manny suddenly realized how hugely muscled he'd become. How tall he was. Manny was perfectly proportioned for a muscle god. Every proportion on his body was massively muscled and throbbing with masculine power and virility. His abs were massive slabs of muscle fighting and flexing under his tight belly. His arms were hugely thick, his flaring lats thick as sides of beef. His delts were as big as soccer balls. He was a smooth Latin machismo.. a muscled handsome stallion whose gaze was obscenely inviting.

As their eyes met and Manny realized how enormous he'd become, a sort of spark passed between the two musclemen. Jeremy felt his muscles set afire. He heard ripping fabric as his muscle t shredded to rags in seconds, his growing pecs bursting through as the shirt continued to tear down the sides. Jeremy began to grow faster, thicker, taller... growing and growing in moments... still impaled as Manny began to cum in his ass, growing and growing. For over 2 minutes Manny pumped his cum through his superhuman cock and into Jeremy's ass. Manny was able to keep pumping a full load for the entire time he was cumming, since his testicles were now so inhumanly oversized.

Jeremy looked down as the intense orgasm subsided. Manny looked short again, compared to Jeremy. "Ummm !!!" said Manny. "MUSCLE!" •

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