All-American Teen Muscle Challenge, The


By Aaron Strong

It was 1:00 a.m. I had been flipping the remote, looking for a channel with some muscle on it. I had pretty much worn out the trashy videos I had collected, and I was getting tired of the muscle men shows I had as well.

Just when I was ready to turn it off and head for the bathtub for a long, slow jerk-off session, a show caught my eye.

"And now from the Muscle Fantasy Network, this is the All-American Teen Muscle Challenge!"

Muscle Fantasy Network? I put down the remote on the bed next to me.

The screen switched from shot to shot of incredibly-built young studs. At first glance, I could tell these guys were built way better than the guys in the muscle videos I had stored in the closet. They were amazing!

The theme song ended, and the camera showed a man in a suit, very well built. He looked to be in his 30's. "I'm your host, Frank Simms. Let's meet today's contestants!" The audience cheered. "From Memphis, here is Chad Miller!" A wide shot of the stage showed a guy entering from the top right of the screen. It switched to a closer view. Shit! He was amazing! He looked young, but he had a lot more mass that I would ever expect on a teenager. He had short black hair, a thick neck and a pair of delts that would make Dennis Newman wonder! He wore a red tank top and a matching set of very skimpy posing trunks, and that's all.

The audience cheered as he walked down the various levels of the stage, down to the left side where Simms stood. The girls in the crowd screamed, and I could tell why. Chad had a killer grin, and his body was astounding! His huge arms just kinda hung by his sides, and I couldn't take my eyes off them. I loved the separation between his large delts and his triceps.

An announcer began talking as Chad made his way to Simms. "Chad is 18 years old. He is six feet tall, weighs 235 pounds and has a 31 inch waist. Chad has five per cent body fat, and he boasts a pair of arms that measure nineteen and a half inches!" The crowd screamed. Chad smiled as he took his place next to Simms, and just stood there. Shit, his body was one boner-producing package!

I gently squeezed my crotch under my jeans as I watched, fantasizing about how Chad would look when he took that red tank top off. I watched, expectantly hoping that he'd shed it later in the show.

"Welcome to the show, Chad," Simms said.

"Thanks," was his reply.

"You ready to meet your opponent in the first round?"

"Bring him on," Chad grinned. I thought I'd have an involuntary orgasm over that smile. The audience cheered.

The announcer started speaking again: "From Phoenix, meet Rian Stockman!" Another guy entered the stage, this time from the upper left side. He was blond and wore a royal blue tank top and matching posing trunks. I had been wondering how they could find anyone who could match Chad's virility and muscular mass, but as I laid eyes on Rian, I stopped wondering. Shit, he was stacked!

His hair was slightly highlighted, darker on the sides and lighter streaks on the top. He had dark eyebrows and deep eyes. His face was absolutely gorgeous! His traps were thick, to match his delts, and like Chad, he had a pair of guns that just blew me away! As he walked, he grinned, obviously happy with the crowd's reaction to his muscled body. Rian's definition was a work of art. His muscles rippled with breathtaking vascularity-- the likes of which you normally see only on contest-ready professional bodybuilders. His forearms were thick and muscular, an indicator I had realized that told a lot about a man's strength and muscularity. Rian's forearms were freakish, and I knew his muscle was more than just show.

"Rian is eighteen years old, stands six feet two inches tall, weighs 247 pounds and has a 30 inch waist. His body fat is at four per cent, and those guns hanging on the sides of his body measure in at just over twenty inches!" More screams as Rian took his place next to Chad.

Four per cent body fat? On a huge guy like that? And a teenager? I squeezed my cock again, unable to keep my hand off my jeans.

The two muscleteens stood relaxed, next to each other, each one stealing glances to size up his opponent.

I had a difficult time believing that these two guys were actually teenagers. Yes, their faces looked that young, and they were indeed cute hunks. But I had never seen so much mass on such young guys. Where did they find these guys?

"Okay contestants," Simms started. "You know the rules. We're going to have three challenges in round one. At the end of the round, the stud with the most points will go on to meet last week's winner, who incidentally is our three-time returning champion. You'll definitely have your work cut out for you, but more on that later. The winner of the second round, with last week's champ, will be today's winner. We'll tell you later what the grand prize is, but suffice it to say, you're going to love it. We don't call this the Muscle Fantasy Network for nothing!" The audience roared loudly.

The camera showed a wide shot of the whole stage, and parts of it started moving. A pedestal raised up at center stage. "Our first contest will be the arm wrestle!" The audience roared loudly. "Contestants take your positions."

As Rian and Chad moved to opposite sides of the pedestal, Simms was joined by a commentator. The screen identified him as Mark Richards. He was probably a little younger than Simms, and wore a suit coat as well. His thick neck revealed his muscular build, as did his huge chest and arms.

"Mark," Simms said, "looks like these two guys are pretty evenly matched for this competition."

"Yeah Frank," Mark said. "I wouldn't expect this to be a quick contest at all." As the camera showed Chad and Rian placing their elbows on the pedestal, Mark continued. "You've got a lot of power in these two guys. I'd be hard-pressed to predict a winner."

Chad and Rian grinned at each other, putting on their game faces. Their arms bulged as they awaited the signal to begin.

"Ready?" Simms asked. The audience got louder. A bell rang, and immediately Chad and Rian's bodies tightened. Their huge guns grew as their faces clenched. Rian bared his teeth, hissing. Chad's eyes closed.

At first, it seemed as if Chad had a slight advantage, moving Rian's arm back just a bit. The camera show a view from Chad's back side.

"Just look at Chad's back development, Frank," Simms said. "His lats are freakin'' huge. He's got quite a powerful upper body."

I slowly unzipped my jeans and pulled them back, exposing the white cotton of my Hanes briefs. My erection was hard, and I tickled myself, slowly moving my fingertips up and down the cotton covering my shaft.

The camera zoomed out from Chad's back, showing more of his body. His skimpy posing trunks did little to hide his glutes.

"Yeah Mark," Frank said. "And he's obviously got the lower body to match! Just look at those glutes tighten and ripple as he struggles against Rian." The audience screamed as the camera highlighted Chad's muscular back side.

It seemed pretty suggestive for television. But I guess it was late at night.

A close-up of their arms again. Then it zoomed out slightly to get their faces. Each guy was struggling hard. Chad was sweating.

"Look Mark," Frank said. "Rian is coming back. He's coming on strong!"

Rian moved Chad's arm backward. Chad yelled loudly. The crowd screamed. Chad's body started to shake. He had seemed to be a guy who hadn't really tasted defeat before, but it looked like Rian was overpowering him. Rian moved farther, his freakin'' huge biceps poking high into the air. Shit his arm was thick, and the muscle fibers were rippling all over it!

"Just look at Rian's arm, Frank," Simms said. The camera shot a close-up. I tugged on my briefs, pulling the elastic down just a bit, enough to expose my slit hole which was spewing precum all over. "I'll bet we have a few viewers at home who are tugging at their crotches right now. How'd you like to put your hand on that? Just imagine what that arm would feel like right there. That is teen muscle at its hardest!"

What? What did he say? On television? I didn't believe what he just said. Tugging at their crotches? What kind of show was this?

Finally, Rian slowly forced Chad's shaking arm all the way down. A bell rang and the audience yelled. "We have a winner!" Simms said. Chad rubbed his huge biceps as Simms grabbed Rian's hand and victoriously raised it in the air, to the delight of the audience.

"We'll be right back with the second challenge of round one, right after this!" Simms said.

As they broke for a commercial, I threw a tape in the VCR and began recording. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed some vitamin E oil and some toilet paper to clean up the mess when I was done. I jumped back onto the bed and leaned back, positioning myself for the rest of the show. Almost in a panic, I pulled my jeans off, but left my briefs all the way on. My cock was as hard as a tree limb, and it was tight inside my underwear. I wanted to keep it there for a while. I could have easily started ejaculating at any second, but I planned on making this last as long as possible.

"Okay, we're back," Simms said. Rian earned five points in round one, but Chad has a chance to catch up right now."

Another wide shot of the stage, and it started to move again.

"And for our second competition it's time for the bench press!" Simms said. A bench and barbell moved to center stage on a mechanical rolling platform. The bar was loaded with two 45 pound disks on each end. Added to the weight of the bar, it was a total of 225 pounds.

Standing behind the barbell, in the position a spotter would take, was an incredible muscleman. He looked like he was probably in his mid-twenties, but I had never seen a man so well developed and so knockout gorgeous in all my life! He wore a white tank top and matching skimpy white posing trunks, which looked fantastic next to his tan skin. His hands rested on the bar and in this position his triceps stuck out high in the air. His arms were huge! The women in the crowd went wild as the camera stuck to a close-up shot of him.

"Assisting as a spotter is our own Jake," Simms said.

"A fan favorite to be sure," Mark said. "Just look at the development of that man's body!"

"You'd be hard-pressed to find many men built better," Simms said. "I'm sure Jake is giving our two teenage contestants more than just a slight case of inferiority right now."

Indeed, Chad and Rian couldn't keep their eyes off Jake, as the platform slowly came to a stop.

"Okay, contestants," Simms said. "This contest will be a test of strength and endurance. It's really quite simple. The guy who can do the most presses wins this contest."

Chad and Rian looked at each other and tried to show their game faces. Simms continued: "Jake here, will act as spotter. He will not assist you in any reps, but if and when you fail on a rep, Jake will be there to lift the bar off of you."

"And from the looks of those guns," Mark chided in, "he'll probably only need to use one of them to lift it off!"

The audience cheered. The camera got a close-up of Jake's upper body, and he grinned, baring his bright white teeth. He was a dimpled hunk of muscle!

"Okay Chad," Simms said. "You're first. Take the bench."

As Chad laid down on the bench, the screen showed a picture-in-picture box in the upper left corner. It was Chad, obviously taped before the show, giving an interview. He began talking: "I'm pretty confident in my strength. And I think that will bear out in the bench press contest. I know I'm ready for that. I've never met another teenager who is stronger than me in the bench. Yeah, there are a lot of guys down at my gym who are stronger, but they're all older and more experienced. I think I'm pretty much in a league of my own when it comes to teenagers, so I don't think I'll have a problem with the bench."

The picture box disappeared and the camera showed Chad getting ready, gripping the bar.

"Pretty confident words, wouldn't you say, Mark?" Simms asked.

"Yes indeed," Mark answered. "Almost cocky. But he does have a point. He's amazingly powerful in the chest. We'll just have to see how Rian stacks up."

A bell rang and Chad lifted the bar off the supports. With seeming ease, Chad began pumping out quick, but deep reps. He easily handled the weight. The audience roared with enthusiasm.

"Looks like he's going to be a tough contender indeed," Mark said. "He's pushing out those reps like they were child's play."

The camera closed in on Chad's chest and arms. His pecs pursed into two thick mountains at the top of each rep, and his big arms had no difficulty in moving the weight off his chest at the bottom of the reps.

"Nine, ten," the crowd cheered. "Eleven." Chad started to slow just a bit. "Twelve." Chad stopped at the top of this rep. You could see him take two or three deep breaths as he held the bar straight. Then he lowered it again.

Thirteen was considerably slower. As was fourteen.

"Looks like he's not going to be able to put out too many more," Simms said.

Chad's arms shook on rep number fifteen. He paused at the top of this rep as well, panting heavily.

He almost didn't make number sixteen, but his muscles rallied to push it all the way up. He held the bar still, then lowered it and let it bounce off his chest. His arms throbbed as he struggled to raise it again. Jake looked at the ready to assist if he failed. Torturously, Chad raised the bar. His feet bounced as he repositioned his body, trying anything to boost his strength. He yelled as he finally straightened his arms. "Seventeen!" the crowd cheered.

Chad held the bar. He obviously nearly failed on that last rep. But he didn't rack it. He was going to try for another rep.! His chest and abs rose and fell as he gasped for air and searched for more strength. He began to bend his arms to lower it. He let it hit his chest and then with all his might he pushed. His face was red. He whole body shook.

He got the bar up about a quarter of the way and it stopped. It began to lower. Jake leaned forward and cupped his palms beneath it, his massive biceps growing. The two of them racked the bar and the audience screamed.

"Seventeen full reps!" Simms announced. "That's going to be hard to beat!"

Chad got up and tore off his tank top, to the delight of the women in the audience. He grinned and danced his pecs. He flexed them for a very long time, and the camera just kept it there. I pushed down on my cock, lusting over Chad's cute grin and his thick, muscular chest. The bodybuilding videos I had collected couldn't hold a candle to this kind of stuff. The camera seemed to know what I wanted to see, lingering a long time on Chad's pecs as they squeezed and relaxed. For me, it was the height of eroticism.

"Okay, Rian," Simms said. "You're up next. Let's see what you can do!"

As the audience cheered, Rian laid down on the bench. He paused for a second as he carefully positioned his big hands on the bar. Then, the bar raised. Rian lowered it all the way to his thick chest, then easily raised it in a marked, even tempo. His reps were just a little slower than Chad's, but the force was even and deliberate.

His face was still, not wincing or showing any strain. He looked like he had done thousands of these before. The audience started yelling louder when he got to number eleven. He wasn't slowing down.





Rian kept pumping out the reps, barely slowing down on number sixteen. His thick arms seemed to have no problem. Seventeen was slower, but he didn't stop to rest. Eighteen. The audience went nuts. He had just passed Chad's record, and he was still going strong. After number nineteen, Rian paused for a second, then dipped the bar to his chest again. He struggled to get it up. His thick pecs rippled and wiggled. His arms slowly straightened, and he held the bar still.

Then, even though he could have quit earlier, Rian lowered the bar again. Twenty. His muscular body shook as he straightened his arms at the top. I tickled my balls through the cotton fabric. This was so HOT!

Rian started for number twenty-one. His face was red. The bar touched his chest; his back arched; he yelled out, spraying the air with spit. His huge arms shook and the bar fought back. But slowly, the powerful teenager prevailed, forcing his guns to push the bar higher. Higher. His head turned violently from side to side as he struggled. Then, he held his breath, his red face full of determination, and pushed for all he was worth. Twenty-one.

He racked it, and the crowd went wild.

The camera got a close-up of Chad. He looked pretty put out, and bewildered.

Rian stood up and shred his blue tank top in two, gritting his teeth as the women in the crowd screamed. He grinned, standing there in his skimpy trunks. He looked over at Chad and began to ripple his pumped pecs, smiling. He taunted Chad, and Chad looked down and away from him, grinning to hide his humiliation. Rian continued to pose. He looked right into the camera and grinned. I thought I would cum, so I moved my hand off my briefs. Rian slowly looked down at his trunks, placed one hand on them and slipped his thumb inside, tugging them down slightly. He looked back up at the camera in a coy, teasing way, as if to say, "Wanna see more?" The crowd was going nuts.

His tan physique was so lean, every muscle fiber seemed to show beneath the warm, brown skin.

Rian tugged his trunks down just a bit and as he revealed the very top edge of his pubes, he flexed his pecs once again. Shit, he looked HOT! His triceps were massive, bulging as he pressed his trunks lower. More of his light brown pubic hair. It was manicured and trimmed. Rian grinned, then lifted his trunks back. He brought both arms up and flexed his biceps for a second, then relaxed.

Simms congratulated Rian, and they broke for another commercial.

When they came back, Simms said "Okay, now it's time for the final competition in this half of our show. If Chad can somehow muster enough points to overcome Rian's lead, he'll go on to face our current champion, but it looks rather bleak for him right now."

Rian smiled as he looked over at Chad. Simms continued. "Our final competition in the first half will be the chin-up. But we're adding a twist. Each competitor will complete as many chin-ups as possible... while his opponent is hanging on him!" The crowd yelled loudly.

"Here's how it works," Simms said. "Chad, you'll go first. You'll step up to the pull-up bar and Rian will stand behind you. You'll then grab the bar and hang there while Rian places his arms on your shoulders. If he wants, he can wrap his legs around yours, or he can simply hang on your back without using his legs. Then, you'll do as many chin-ups as you can."

The two contestants looked at each other. "Understand?" Simms asked.

Chad and Rian nodded.

"Okay, lets get started!" Simms said.

The stage started moving again, and a chin-up apparatus moved to center stage.

Chad and Rian stood under the chin-up bar, Rian directly behind Chad. Chad looked up at the bar, took a slight jump and grabbed it. He hung there and Rian reached up and grabbed Chad's shoulders. The crowd screamed as the two hunky muscleteens melded their bodies together.

I pulled down my briefs, exposing my rock-hard cock. Precum was flowing harder than ever.

"Remember Rian," Simms warned, "You cannot swing or otherwise try to hinder Chad's progress."

Chad hung there with Rian hanging on his back, ready to go. "Okay Chad," Simms said. "Begin!"

The crowd roared loudly as Chad grunted and jerked his body upward. His face tightened and he squinted his eyes with the effort. He raised up and Rian's feet dangled. The camera changed to a close-up of Chad's face as his chin cleared the bar. He was determined, but not overwhelmed.

Their bodies lowered. Chad's arms were totally straight. He tightened and began to move upward. Shit this was too much! I tickled my thick straight cock, not fully believing that I could be watching something so totally driving me wild with muscle lust!

Chad's chin cleared the bar again, and he lowered down. The camera showed a side angle, and you could see his fuckin'' thick arms grow as he tightened them for the third rep. Slowly he rose. Rian's muscular body hung limply on Chad's back. The blond hunk didn't want to risk being disqualified by swinging. Chad's face grimaced as he pulled rep three. Down they went, a little faster this time.

"Chad's doing pretty well," Mark said. "He has an amazing amount of biceps and back strength."

"Indeed," Simms said. "There aren't too many bodybuilders who could pull their own body weight times two for reps in chin-ups."

Chad raised up for rep four. He was struggling, but his chin cleared the bar. At the bottom of the rep he adjusted his grip. His muscular body tightened, and up the two of them rose. He shook noticeably and his open mouth let out a loud yell as he fought. His face was contorted in the close-up shot as his chin cleared the bar once again. The two teens lowered rather quickly, and Chad just hung there panting for a few seconds.

Rian spread his legs and gently wrapped them around his opponent's legs, then he let them go, relaxing them. Chad just hung there. The audience obviously loved what Rian did, because their cheering was getting louder. Rian spread his legs again as he hung on Chad's back. The blond's muscular glutes and legs pinched back his blue trunk fabric as he spread his thick, muscular legs wide then wrapped them once again around Chad's.

This time, Rian held his legs around Chad's and kept them there.

Chad, panting, was not ready to quit. Slowly, he adjusted his grip and tightened his arms. The two teens rose upward for rep number six. The audience roared. Chad's body shook. He got about three quarter's of the way up and couldn't go farther. He clenched his teeth and screamed. His shaking body moved slightly higher, pulling Rian's with it. Chad's biceps thickened and tightened, pulling them both higher. Close-up on Chad's face, which was dripping with sweat and tight. I could almost feel the struggle.

Finally, Chad's chin cleared the bar. As soon as it did, Chad lowered down and let go of the bar. Both of the teens dropped to the floor, standing on their feet.

"Six reps!" Simms announced to a cheering crowd. "We'll be right back to see how well Rian does after these messages!"

As the show broke for another commercial, I stripped off my remaining clothing and opened the vitamin E oil, gently spreading it on my stiff cock. It was so stiff that it began to hurt! I played with myself, gently teasing my cock, enjoying every tingling sensation. Foreplay has always been a huge turn-on to me, and I spared no sensual pleasure as I treated my thick, ripped cock to touch after touch of tingling stimulation. I gently moved the tip of my middle finger over my balls and under them, tickling the sex spot that lies between the back side of my scrotum and my sphincter. My cock bobbed, lightly patting my abs in involuntary approval. Precum spurted out and dribbled onto my stomach. There was so much that it oozed down the side of my torso towards the sheets beneath me.

The show resumed, and Rian was now standing beneath the bar with Chad behind him.

"Since there is a twelve pound difference between you two," Simms said. "We're going to have Chad wear this pack, which weighs twelve pounds, on his back to make up the difference. That way, you both will be lifting the same weight." Simms handed the pack to Chad, and he strapped it on his back.

Rian smiled and said something which the microphone didn't pick up.

"What's that?" Simms asked, sticking the microphone in Rian's face.

"I said `Are you sure twelve pounds is enough? I think I could handle more.'" Rian grinned.

The audience cheered and Simms walked away.

"Okay Rian," Simms finally said. Let's see what you can do."

Rian hopped up and grabbed the bar, then Chad placed his hands on Rian's shoulders. The two muscle teens raised into the air and Rian's chin cleared the bar. Then again.

Rep three was a little slower, but Rian seemed to do it with ease.

Chad spread his legs and wrapped them around Rian's legs. He even raised them higher, trying to get them up around Rian's waist.

As if he couldn't care less what Chad was doing, Rian lifted them both up again, clearing rep four.

Chad seemed to be trying for all he was worth to prevent the inevitable.

"Shit," Mark said. "Rian looks unstoppable! Can you believe the brute force in this kid? He is astounding!"

I pressed down on my cock.

"I know I wouldn't want to get this kid ticked off at me!" Simms joked. "His pure power is unreal. I think he's going to beat Chad's chin-ups easily!"

Rian's huge arms bulged again, and up they went for rep number five. The audience was going nuts.

Chad started to pull himself higher on Rian's back, hoping that might have an effect.

It didn't.

Rian began rep number six, and completed it easily.

Rep seven came a little harder, but he did it without missing a beat. The audience was deafening. He had won.

Without stimulation from my hand, my cock tightened, then burst out a hard squirt of semen. Then another. I groaned loudly. Cum began to land on my abs and chest. I grabbed my balls and watched my shaft bounce off my abs, rhythmically showering my torso with white milk. It was more like a seizure than an orgasm. My whole body writhed in pain as it slowly released the sexual tension. It was as if my cock was a spigot, and all of Lake Powell was being held back waiting to flow through it.

Even though Rian had won, he wasn't done. The audience went bonkers as Rian pulled up for rep number eight. Chad just hung there helplessly, as his powerful opponent bested him and just kept on going.

Then another rep. Rian's body was shaking now, and it was obviously difficult. He wanted to go for ten.

But Chad had been humiliated enough. As Rian started for rep number ten, Chad let go and stood on the ground. The audience screamed.

But Rian, without the burden of Chad's weight, now continued to do chin-ups. He quickly pumped out ten more reps on his own as the crowd yelled and Chad looked up, almost longingly. His face was a mix of jealousy for Rian's incredibly powerful physique, and it seemed to hold a tinge of lust for him as he eyed the rippling beef move up and down without effort.

I could identify. My stiff shaft continued to burst with spraying semen. I was unable to control myself, and I didn't want to. My cock was offering up its juices in an overwhelming display of appreciation for the unbelievably muscular blond body that was displayed on my TV screen.

Rian finished his chin-ups and dropped to the stage. He posed his now-pumped biceps for the crowd, giving them plenty to cheer about.

I eeked out the last few drops of sperm. Shit it was a big mess.

They broke for a commercial. I cleaned up and waited for the second half of the show. I was full of anticipation. •

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