Not Big Enough?

By Lemur1

"Come on Jeff you can do it!" Will encouraged as Jeff counted out one more rep with the curling bar as Will positioned his hands at the ready incase Jeff lost it. Jeff set the bar down and shook out his arms. "Damn, I almost dropped it." Jeff cursed too himself and rubbed his left bicep. "Are you kidding you did great, I think were going to have to add more weight next time" Will flattered him. "Geez, if I wanted a Drill Sergeant I would have signed up years ago" Jeff replied as he looked past Will at the hunk finishing off his set with a posing routine over by the mirrors. "God, I wish I had a body like that," he whispered to Will. Will turned to look behind him at the Blonde Hercules in the middle of a double bicep pose, and then his eyes looked over to the stud's left where his rainbow towel lay on the bench near him. "Why not just go over and ask him out? He obviously comes here to cruise if he's so blatant," and with that he shoved Jeff towards the hunk. "You wouldn't mind?" Jeff asked. "Hell no Mister. It's not like we're dating or anything - we gave that up a long time ago." Jeff remembered years back when he and Will first met and tried to make a go of it after about three months they both looked at each other one night and almost simultaneously said "Let's just be friends."

What a relief it was they were both thinking alike that day. It wasn't that they didn't find each other attractive even then they were both in good shape and fell into the above average category on the looks scale. Both of them were brown haired and brown eyed and thoroughly Midwestern "all American" looking, and devout bottoms, hence why the sex side of their relationship never worked out. Since then neither seemed to hook up with the right guy. They went out to the bars together and since the "break up" were going to the gym together to encourage each other in the pursuit of hunkdom. Will was a handsome 5'11" weighing in at around 175 while Jeff was a little bigger at 6' even at 185 lbs. Jeff grabbed his towel and wiped off his forehead as he walked over to the blonde bodybuilder by the mirrors.

"Hi!" he uttered as nonchalantly as he could to the stranger. "Hello." In a curt voice was the reply he got. "Wow you must have been training for a long time to get so big" Jeff queered and as soon as the words came out of his mouth he felt like and idiot for saying them. He really needed to work on his pick up lines. No wonder he had such a hard time finding Mr. Right. "Listen buddy," the Blonde started - "I'm sure you're a nice enough guy but I got rules. I didn't work out this hard, for this long to date anything other than guys as big as myself. So why don't you just come back after you pass the 200 lbs mark Then maybe I can spare the time to listen to you, but right now I'm busy and your just not big enough to waste my time on." Jeff just stood there with his mouth hanging wide open unable to speak. He had no idea anyone could be that cold and that self absorbed. Without saying a word he turned on his heels and with tail between legs went back over to Will. "Were leaving!" he spat out as he made his way past Will to the locker rooms.

Will caught up with Jeff in the showers. Jeff was scrubbing hard in a vain effort to rub off the humiliation. "What the hell happened over there?" Will asked as he turned his shower on. Jeff continued to lather away furiously as he spat out the next words. "Stupid jerk! 'Your not big enough' - who the hell does he think he is - fucking God's gift to homos?"

Will paused and then replied. "I take it things didn't go to well with Hunk-u-lez?" "Fuck no!" Jeff shot back "What the hell was I thinking?" "Walking over to a guy who looks like that with a body like this." Jeff turned and faced Will - arms spread waiting for an assessment of how scrawny he felt. Will stared at Jeff looking at his athletic physique, soap running down his torso and catching in the cuts of his abs. "I tell you one thing Jeff, that guy is an asshole plain and simple, I mean look at you, you're gorgeous" and he wasn't lying he was getting a hard-on just looking at him. "What say we just finish cleaning up and go to 'Sinners' and have a few beers, dance, and who knows maybe a guy with freaking brain in his head will take one look at you and say "My, God I have to ask that guy out!"

Jeff smiled; Will always knew just what to say to cheer him up. He was such a great guy; it baffled him why he wasn't making some guy the best husband in the world. "You're on!" Jeff answered with a chuckle. They finished their showers and slipped into their clothes and made their way out of the locker room just as the blonde stud was coming in. He rolled his eyes as he walked past Jeff. Jeff just made eye contact with the floor and tried to pretend he didn't see him. Soon enough after a short drive they were at the door's of 'Sinners.' The sound system was pounding away and Will offered to buy the first round. Jeff stood at the edge of the dance floor and waited for him. His eyes vacantly worked around the room when they locked on the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Walking straight towards him was the most stunning man he had ever witnessed. The stranger was his height and had jet-black hair, piercing blue eyes and a jaw line any Hollywood start would kill for capped off with the perfect cleft in it. As he approached Jeff he held out his hand and asked, "Dance with me?" Jeff obediently took his hand and was pulled in to the dance floor. As they worked their way through the gyrating crowd of men packed on the dance floor the stranger just began to move his hips subtly as stepped in closer to Jeff. Soon their bodies were pressed against each other, hands on buns. Jeff couldn't say a word. He just moved his hands up from the guys waist and felt the spread of his v-shaped torso and finally resting his hands on the firm, round shoulders of the mysterious stranger. It was as if he was under some magnificent spell that would never end. The intense blue eyes of the stranger just stared right through him as if trying to capture his soul. Before Jeff could even respond the stranger moved in closer, closed his eyes and pressed his lips against Jeff's. Jeff was in rapture; His cock was instantly hard as they pressed their mouths together soon the stranger was tonguing Jeff. As the kiss drew out he tasted sweetness, almost like honey maybe even cinnamon too, in his mouth. Jeff could not remember another man tasting so good. And just when his taste became so sweet to almost be sickening. He pulled his lips away from Jeff leaned into his ear and said, "Ummm... you taste so sweet; I'll bet you're going to get huge...wish I could hang around and watch but I have to go now." And, with that he pulled away from Jeff and disappeared into the crowd. Jeff tried to follow him but with everyone moving around him he couldn't make any headway and lost sight of the handsome man. Then his eyes caught Will's standing on the edge of the dance floor holding their beers.

"Did you see him?" Jeff asked as he stepped up to Will. "See who?" Will answered. "The guy I was dancing with you big dummy...did you see him?" "Damn you set a record there Jeff. I told you, you're a stud - the minute you come in the door some guy is hitting on you. How lucky is that?" Jeff asked again urgently "Are you sure you didn't see him? Damn!"

"I take it he was a real looker then?" Will said with a sly grin. "He was gorgeous. He gave me the most intense kiss and then just pulled away and disappeared into the crowd." Jeff said dejectedly. "Don't worry my big man" Will said in his pluckiest voice. "We are just going to march ourselves back onto the Dance floor and sooner or later you're bound to see him again!" "Well, all right. Maybe he'll come back?" They moved back out into the dance floor and within a few minutes Jeff was having such a goodtime, laughing and dancing with Will he had forgotten to keep his eyes out for the stranger. He was getting really hot but did not want to stop dancing - his energy seemed boundless. Will noticed Jeff was dripping with sweat and suggested he take his shirt off. He sheepishly complied, and Will just took in the view. Jeff somehow seemed even hotter looking now than he did back in the showers at the gym. Will danced absent-mindedly as he watched Jeff just seeming to blossom with enthusiasm swinging his arms over his head and shacking his hips. Will found he had to slow down to keep going but Jeff's energy seemed to never end. After what seemed like a couple of hours of non-stop dancing Will finally admitted he needed to stop so Jeff obliged. Will watched, as other guys looked away from their dance partners to catch a glimpse of Jeff as they left the dance floor. He seemed pumped up from all the dancing and sweat was pouring down his body. He stepped over to the bar and asked for water. The bartender passed him a bottle and said, "It's on the house stud" and gave him a wink. Jeff kind of shook his head not believing how coy the bartender was being. He had been here dozens of times and never got this kind of service.

He turned back to Will and said, "He just gave me a free drink and a wink Maybe I should take my shirt of more often." Will answered; "Maybe you should, you do look hot tonight. You should've seen all the guys just about breaking their necks trying to get a look at you" and gave Jeff a big smile. "But, why? Just because I took my shirt off?" Jeff asked. "Must be," answered Will, "I have to admit you have been working out a lot harder than I have, and tonight I just don't know why but you look beefier some how, hunkier. But, as much as I would love to stand around and tell you how cute you are I need to go home, some of us have to work tomorrow."

Jeff smiled, they worked across the street from each other - Will as a graphic designer with a marketing firm and Jeff as a regional sales rep with a small software company, and he knew damn well that Will knew he had an early day tomorrow too. "So you wanna hang out and catch a cab home?" Will asked. "Naw, I need my beauty sleep too, lets go."

Jeff untied his shirt from his waist and proceeded to put it on. He rolled his shoulders forward to bring it up that last little bit to adjust it so he could do the buttons when he heard the 'rip' sound. "What the fu-!" he uttered as Will turned upon hearing the sound. "Turn around and let me see what you did?" Will asked. Jeff slowly turned around as Will assessed the damage. "Well damn if you didn't just tear out the shoulder seams big boy." Will quipped. "But, how the hell did that happen? The shirt fit fine when we left the gym, and now the sleeves are way too tight. I can barely get into it." Jeff was confused. "Well no point in crying over tearing you lucky 'pick-up' shirt. Just count your blessing that all that working out is starting to pay off. Cope - pull the sleeves off, they're about ready to go anyway, and wear it as a button down wife beater. We got to go!"

Jeff was buzzing from all the dancing but found he was drifting off as Will drove them home. They ended up living in the same building about a year ago. Will convinced him he was paying way too much where he was staying and his building was rent controlled, nice, and reasonably well located. They were even on the same floor. He often wondered if there was an ulterior motive in Will suggesting the apartment. Did he still have a little spark left in his heart for him? He tried not to dwell on it. They gave it a try once and it didn't work out. They made much better friends than lovers. Will nudged him when the car was parked. "Am I keeping you awake?" Will joked. "What? sorry, I must have drifted off there. I guess all that energy is wearing off." They got out of the car and quietly got on the elevator in the parking garage. Will once again had to nudge Jeff when they got to their floor. "You gonna be okay?" Will asked. "Yeah, I'll be fine, just tired that's all." Jeff reported.

They said their goodnights and headed their separate ways down the hall. Jeff made it to his door and tried to reach into his pockets to get out his keys, but his pants were so tight it was a struggle. He tore the pocket a little cursed to himself and put the keys in the lock and went inside. He pulled off the now sleeveless shirt and decided he should brush his teeth before going to bed. He turned on the bathroom light and was struck by what he saw. Will was right. He did look fuller somehow. His muscles just seemed thicker than he remembered. He grabbed his toothbrush and watched at how his bicep bulged with every little movement. He was getting more tired now so he rinsed out his mouth slid out of his pants and crawled into bed, and as soon as his head hit the pillow he was fast asleep.

Jeff felt himself flying over mountains and in the distance he saw a man standing on top of one of the peaks. He was huge, bulging with muscle everywhere. Jeff was coming up from behind him anticipating the pay off of the front view - he was naked! As Jeff came around to the front of the muscle giant he noticed something familiar about him. It was him, but changed somehow. He was a magnificent muscle beast. Veins where stretched in a fine network across his body feeding the masses of sinew that were spread across his mighty frame. He watched 'himself' as he struck one intensely muscular pose after another. He watched its/his cock throbbing out into the air as thick as most men's forearms and equally as long. The cock was springing and bobbing as the muscle giant changed from pose to pose. Then Jeff could feel himself reaching climax and watched as he/him expelled his mighty load. Cum seemed to flow in and endless torrent from the mammoth cock. It flowed down his shaft, falling to his feet. Soon the muscle giant was standing in a large puddle of jizz. It capped the mountaintop like creamy white snow. Jeff felt wet all over as if the Herculean beast had shot the load on him. The warm wet sensation became more and more intense until he could think of nothing else. He attempted to look down at his own body when he woke up.

He still felt the warm wet sensation as his eyes opened in the darkness and realized he must have cum on himself while he slept. He pulled the covers away in the darkness and heard and felt the sticky sensation as he lifted off the sheet. He had completely soaked the bed through with his cum, and the sheets were plastered to him. How could so much cum have possibly come out of him. He slid his legs around and stood up feeling the cool air against his wet body. His balls felt heavy, pulling down on his groin. He felt awkward, off balance, walking down the hall in the darkness. Finally he reached the bathroom. He stretched out with his left hand to get the light switch and pull a towel of the rack to clean up with. He turned to the mirror squinting his eyes from the change of light. Then he rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things. "What the fu-?"He whispered to himself.

He was 'BIG', bodybuilder big, and then he saw why his balls felt so heavy. They hung off him like to oranges from the citrus tree, apparently burdened by there own weight. His cock, while flaccid, lay over them thick as his wrist and a good eight inches long. His eyes drew upward taking in the view of his abs, which bulged out like bread rolls in a baking tin. He moved his hands in to inspect them by touch and let them follow his eyes in their ascent. Soon he was cupping his pecs with the palms of his hands. He lifted them up and let them go and watched them bounce with their own weight. His cock was becoming hard again so he let his right hand go back down to hold it. As soon as he wrapped his hand around it he stated leaking pre-cum. He massaged the slippery clear excretion around it's head and then began to stroke it up and down. Bigger is better he thought to himself as the sensations coming from his new endowment became more intense. He brought his left arm up to make a bicep pose and squeezed the muscle with all his might. It swelled under his guidance, and just kept on growing soon it was almost as big as his head. He changed grip and watched his right arm do the same. He let go of his cock and did a crab pose. His abs pushed out farther and then his pecs rose up as if being inflated with air soon obstructing his view of below and pushing his arms apart. He changed to a double biceps pose and pulled down hard with his lats. Squeezing them out and watching them bulge at his command.

All his muscles were growing like crazy, and his cock too. It stuck out from his waist and pulled in close to his body rising up, up, up as straight as it could soon it was coming up past mid-waist nearing the shelf of his pecs. It started to throb and jerk and he could fell the orgasm building deep in his balls. KA_BOOM!!!!! His cum volleyed over his head and hit the low bathroom ceiling. Like a volcano it continued to erupt more and more cum. It seemed as if it would never stop. He finally had to release his pose and grip to counter for balance as his climax subsided. He felt weak in the knees from the experience, as he looked around at the mess he had made. Cum was everywhere. He'd need a bucket to get it all up. But just that quickly he felt horny again. Energy was returning to him, but this time he wanted more than his hand. He wanted a hot ass to shove this massive tool into. He was almost astonished at himself. He couldn't recall every being so horny and wanting to dominate another man, but right now he wanted to have another man submit to his mighty cock He wanted to feel a tight ass riding his bull sized dick and loving every minute of it. Who could he share this newfound power with? Who would eagerly service his mammoth meat with their willing ass?


The name popped in to his consciousness and the more his brain circled on Will's name the harder his cock became. It was so late but he didn't care. His cock demanded attention. He stomped out of the bathroom, and briefly thought of putting on some clothes, but what would fit him now? The floor seemed to groan under his weight at each step. He jerked open the front door of his apartment almost pulling it off it's hinges, and he started down the hall. It was late and no one was around. He pounded down the hall and raised his arm at Will's door. He called out Will's name and rapped his mighty fist against the door - it burst open snapping the frame as the dead bolt gave way under his strength. "Will!" He called again. He could hear Will's voice in his bedroom "Who the fuck's there? Do you know what time it is?" Jeff stood frozen in Will's bedroom doorway. Will stared terrified at the site of the immense figure eclipsing his exit. "Will, it's me, Jeff." "Jeff?" Will could not fathom that the hulk like silhouette could be his buddy Jeff. "It's me Will, Jeff." He started; "I don't know how, or why, but something happened to me tonight. Something wonderful. Look at me - I'm huge! A Goddamn muscle freak and I love it, and I love you. I want you Will right now! I want you to take me into you. I want you to want me as bad as I want you. I want you to feel all this power coursing through me and into you.

Jeff stepped in closer to Will's bed and lowered himself. Will reached his arms up and pulled in Jeff for a passionate kiss. "I never stopped loving you Jeff," He whispered. Jeff rolled over onto Will and then rolled onto his back bringing Will on top of him. Will pushed himself up on Jeff's wide chest and rode on top of the monster-sized cock Jeff now possessed. Jeff was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum now and fingered some from the tip of his cock and moved his hand around to Will's eager hole. Jeff gently massaged Will's tight ass and began to appreciate what a tight, firm body he had. Will was moaning and sliding along Jeff's cock working himself into the right position to take him in. It was so big it looked like it could kill him, but he didn't care. He straddled Jeff's cock it was seeping so much pre-cum he slowly rode it down to its base. Jeff began bucking his hips. They moved in unison reaching closer and closer to climax until Jeff erupted in him. Cum was oozing out of Will's hole when he let go of his own load shooting across Jeff expansive chest.

They slid into each other's arms kissed, cuddled as Will felt Jeff become hard again inside him. "You're ready to go again?" Will couldn't believe Jeff's stamina. "I'm always ready for you," Jeff teased. And, so the night went on again, and again until Will simply could take no more. Jeff pulled Will's back into his chest, and wrapped his arms around him holding him through the night. Will fell asleep with Jeff's hard cock still inside him.

The next morning, Jeff awoke to the feeling of Will sliding off his now flaccid cock. Before he could open his eyes he heard Will's voice, "Oh, my God! What did you do to me?" Jeff squinted his eyelids apart and looked up at Will now standing at the side of the bed with his back to Jeff. Will was holding his arms out in front of him looking at himself. Jeff had his own nice view of Will's back. It was sublime. Jeff's eyes traced the sinews coming down the back of Will's neck as the intertwined into his shoulders spreading out round and broad, rippling all the way down to the small of his back. From there Will's glutes burst forth defying gravity as they rolled into his thighs that looked like they were made from steel cables. While Will was by no means as large as Jeff he was a site to behold. His buns alone deserved to be plastered across Time Square in an overly tight pair of Calvin's for the entire world to see. "I gotta get a better look at this..." Will spouted as he tore off to his bathroom. Jeff came in behind him still admiring the back view. Will must have put on some thirty or forty pounds over night filling out his frame to the envy of all male super models. He was busy starting at him self when he saw Jeff's wide frame come in behind him. Where Will was sublime Jeff was extreme. It was the first time Will saw Jeff's new body by the light of day. Even though he stood in front of Jeff he only blocked half the view in the mirror of Jeff's bulging mass. "Geez-us, Will - your awesome," was all Will could say. "You're looking pretty fine your self mister," Jeff commented placing his hands on Will's shoulders and kissing him lightly on the back of the neck. "You have the most perfect bubble butt I have very seen in my life."

Will turned into Jeff. Letting his hands explore Jeff's huge muscle tits. "My God how much do you weigh?" He asked. "I don't know - let's say we find out." He moved around Will to step on his bathroom scale. "That thing only goes up to 300 pounds you know." Will joked. It was no small feat for Jeff to squeeze his legs close enough together to get both his feet on the scale. He tried to look down but almost lost balance tipping forward trying to see over his bugling pecs. He heard the scale groan and asked "Well How much do I way?"

"Damn! It's on fifty," Will answered. "Well that can't be right I pretty sure I weigh more than 50 pounds" Jeff replied. "No, you don't get it. Zero is the 300 mark! You weigh three hundred and fifty pounds, maybe more. For all I know they scale can't go any farther because you're crushing it." Then will heard Jeff's stomach growl. "I think I'm hungry?" Jeff spoke sheepishly embarrassed by the noise. "What time is it?" Jeff then saw the clock on the counter... "Shit! It's eight! I'm supposed to the in a meeting!"

"I think that could be a problem. For starters do you even have something you can fit into, and even if you did how could you explain yourself to everyone?" Will questioned. "What about you? You don't think people are going to notice something different? Let's face it we're both screwed." Jeff's mind raced. "How much money you got saved up?" He asked. "I don't know I got maybe 5,000 or so in my savings account. Remember I want to go to Europe next year so I've been real good. Why do you ask?"

"I guess that will do." Jeff started; "I've done a little better myself. I was a little smarter than most in pulling out of tech stocks before the bubble burst. So we should be okay." Will asked, "Okay for what? What are you thinking about?"

"We need to buy time while I come up with a plan as well as some money to get something going." Jeff continued. "What the Hell are you talking about? Will was getting frustrated. "Call in sick, and I'll do the same. Let me make a few phone calls before I say any more. When was the last time you saw your family?" Jeff asked. "Christmas, I guess," Will answered. "Me too," That gives us until next Christmas to come up with an excuse for them as to what happened to us. I'll be back in a little while I need to go to my place and make those calls," and with that he kissed Will and bounced out the door.


It's been six months since that magical night for Will and Jeff. After about a week of not returning to work they both called their employers and quit without ever going back in. Jeff's plan was to go into business for them selves. He had a degree in Marketing that he decided he should put to good use instead of just being a sales rep. They specialized in the health and athletics' niche and had little trouble gaining clients especially if they offered to feature themselves in some of the ad photography.

It appeared to require little effort to maintain the new physiques, but they enjoyed the stares they got when the appeared at a new gym on a "trail" membership. Today Jeff decided they should drop in their old gym and maybe see if they could pick them up as a new client as well as get a work out in. They were both standing at the counter checking in and Jeff was asking to talk to the owner when the Blonde bodybuilder walked in.

He stared at Jeff looking up and finally into his face, but unable to place why this muscle god looked familiar to him. He offered his hand and spoke "Have we meet? You seem awful familiar." Jeff looked at Will licked his lips and turned back to answer. "I don't think we could have. You see, when you're as big as I am you have to have standards on whose worth your time" He moved his eyes up and down the eager Muscle Mary. "And, you see I just can't believe I would have ever wasted my time on you because... you're just not big enough." •

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