Mike (2002)


By waynoh

I continued to jack Johnís dick as he pulled my head back from his chest, his eyes pushing into my soul as he glared at my flushed face between his large powerful hands. His @#%$ leaked precum and I managed to work some of it over the satiny head as I continued to yank and squeeze the incredible girth. My jerking hand seemed tiny against the length and width of Johnís enormous rod, unable to bring my thumb together with my middle finger, the shaft too thick for my grip. The subtle thrusting of Johnís hips signaled that he was enjoying my hand-job, despite the inadequacy of my handís attempt to contain his meat. His strong arms pulled my head into the deep crevice separating the two cut-up columns of bricks that made-up Johnís abs. My tongue darted and licked while my lips kissed and sucked each individual iron block of his crunching, twisting midsection. His warm, sweating palms moved to my traps and began to push me down.

I strained against the pressure as I stopped to french his navel, while my hand tried unsuccessfully to stroke the entire length of Johnís prick. I used my left hand to try and steady my balance by gripping his right leg. The steel quad vibrated but did not budge as it helped to support my weight. By now, my right fist was brushing past my neck as I continued to stroke Johnís massive prick. My nose flared as I took in the fragrance of his recently washed crotch, blending the scent of Ivory soap and his own natural musk that seemed to radiate from his groin. One of his hands grabbed the back of my head again and shoved my face against his rock hard pelvic area, my nose crushing into his bushy pubes, my cheek pressing against the side of his hot, throbbing dick, a churning nut teasing my chin. I lost the grip of his powerful tool as my right hand moved to Johnís left quad to help steady me from the heavy force of him pushing my face into his genitals. My lips and tongue continued to lash out at anything they could reach. John pulled his hips back from my face, the grip of his hand tightening on the back of my head, his huge @#%$ raking across my cheek. Without even the slightest hint of a pause, his hips drove forward, cramming his fat-looking boner into my mouth, stretching my lips, sliding over my tongue and choking me down my throat. I pushed against the pillars of cement that were his legs and, yanked my head back against the tight grip of his guiding hand. I gagged, sputtered and coughed, my eyes watering.

"Jesus Christ!" I yelled. "Give me a goddam break."

A flash of concern swept his face, but only briefly. Then his expression returned to wanton lust as he pressed his dick back into my mouth.

"Sorry, man," he grunted. "But your hot @#%$ mouth has got me so turned on right now, youíre going to have to deal with it."

John began taking short little jabs, his powerful hips thrusting his leaking shaft in and out of my sucking mouth. I could only manage a couple of inches of his massive meat, before my lips would stretch so tight I thought they would tear. I worked my tongue as best I could all around the head, teasing the tip, poking the piss-slit, rubbing the shaft, trying to bring as much pleasure to him while he rapidly @#%$ my mouth. I gazed up along his rippling torso, barely able to see his look of ecstasy practically hidden from view above his full, round pecs. His thick quads jiggled and tensed under my steadying hands, as he took his will with my head between his gripping fingers. He grunted and moaned between an occasional one or two-word remark like, "Yeah!" or "Suck it!" Iím not sure how much time passed before it was clear he was ready to blow. But, then he stopped.

Yanking his dick out of my mouth, John reached down with his large hands, cupping each of my armpits in his strong grip, and lifted me up and off the floor. The veins in his arms seemed to thicken and spread, and smaller ones that I hadnít noticed before appeared as if he had no fat, and that he could simply be a model of the human muscular form for an anatomy class. He walked me back towards the bed and tossed me onto the mattress as if I were made of straw. I lay there flat on my back with my limbs spread out, completely at the mercy of this muscle boy who was clearly in control.

His eyes swept over my nakedness before he moved quickly over me, crawling across my body, his heavy @#%$ dragging a little wet trail up my smooth torso. Brief, split second contacts between small sections of our heated flesh would send chills through my body as John continued moving up my frame to straddled my chest with his thick, muscular legs. Spreading his warm thighs, his smooth nut-sack sagged onto my neck as he sat lightly on my heaving chest. He ran the fingers of his left hand through my curly blond hair as he gripped the base of his huge @#%$ with his right hand, and began rubbing and slapping the hard meat against my yearning face. My tongue darted out and licked and jabbed at his hard-on, which was easily two inches longer than Mikeís. I was lost in lustful desire as he began to feed his boner between my full lips and eager mouth.

I ran my hands over the smooth steeliness of Johnís huge quads, tracing the cuts and veins of his lower abdomen, occasionally squeezing and rubbing his full pecs, and drinking in the beauty of his stunning body. After a long while of gently @#%$ my mouth with his dick, John tried a new tactic by turning around and attempting to murder me by shoving that monster down my throat. Believe me Ė with those sturdy legs practically crushing my head, his churning balls rolling over my eyes, and the round, beefy globes of his flexing ass in my grip Ė I wanted to swallow him. But, he was just too big. I gotta hand it to him. John, although not a mental giant, knew he was too much for me, taking the discreet hints of my intense gagging, violent coughing and loud, moaning protests. So, he chose a different way for me to bring him pleasure. He simply sat on my face.

Although I was initially shocked by this bold move, my instincts kicked in and my tongue darted out, searching and then finding his tight little butt hole. I was actually suffocating between those two hard, marble orbs pressing in around my face, until John started bucking and wiggling his hot cheeks in response to my licking and sucking his hot ass. I could feel the knuckles of his right hand rapidly rubbing across the ridges of my pecs and abs as he stroked his huge meat. His whole body seemed to writhe and grind under my roving hands, and I sensed that John was getting close to cumming as his moans grew louder and longer.

For a straight guy, John was sure getting into my rimming his muscle ass. In the next moment, I pushed my tongue against his hole and, with just a bit more pressure, entered the tight little ring, sending him into the throws of an intense orgasm. John let out a loud grunt and his hot butt hole began a rhythmic gripping and relaxing spasm, and I felt huge ropes of hot liquid jetting across my abs, crotch and legs. He continued to shoot all over me for six or seven times before the tail-end of his ejaculation poured the remaining jizz into a pool around my tight belly. As John relaxed, his moans became softer, but his body would still jolt with an errant shock of pleasure left over from his intense, record-breaking, cumshot.

I continued to press my lips into the deep crevice of his gorgeous butt, licking across the hole, sending shudders through Johnís racked body. After a few momentís I felt his cupped hand sweep across my abs, collecting his semen, and made a move that set my head reeling. I had completely ignored my own @#%$ through this whole process, and was totally caught off guard as John placed his cum-slicked hand on my hard-on and began to stroke it with a slow, steady rhythm. I let out a long groan that was muffled by his smooth buns.

Suddenly, John shifted his body and moved down my torso, his muscular ass alternately jiggling and flexing. Straddling my hips with his powerful legs, he reached back with his right arm, the muscles in his broad, sweeping back blasting into deep definition. He gripped my pulsing @#%$ at the base and pointed it into the crack of his steel hard buns. My mouth hung open in disbelief as John lowered his body, pressing his tight muscle hole against the tip of my leaking prick. With determination, he slid my boner up his clasping @#%$, letting out a long, loud growl as if he were benching an all-time record. My head fell back and I yelled out, "Holy @#%$!" His granite cheeks mashed into my hips, taking my hard @#%$ all the way. The sensations were too much for me. His huge nuts rubbing over my own churning balls, the super-tight ring of his ass muscle clamped at the base against my pubes, the hot and squishy glove of his insides massaging my pole, all of these feelings sent me right over the edge. The sight of his hulking frame twisting and flexing at the intense sensations of my dick jerking inside him made me dizzy. The sound of his deep, masculine voice booming with lewd expressions rocked my body as I fired shot after shot of my hot seed into his guts. My orgasm seemed to want to go on forever, but slowly subsided, leaving my whole body limp in the process.

John lifted his ass of my @#%$ which snapped back against my hard belly, a little bit of cum still oozing from the head. He lay on his stomach next to me, his head resting on his beefy arms, his face turned towards the wall. We rested there for quite a while. I could still hear the faint sound of the lawnmower. A twist of guilt shot through me as I realized that I hadnít even thought of Mike during this encounter with John. John broke the silence by turning his gaze towards me and in a deep, commanding tone said, "Get on top of me and @#%$ me."

I hesitated, and Mike faded from my consciousness as I looked into Johnís eyes with some confusion.

"What?" I asked.

"You heard me."

I held his gaze for a moment, his face partially obscured by his boulder of a shoulder. Then my eyes roved over his thick back, memorizing the bulges and indentations of the knotted muscle as it tapered to his narrow waist. The center of his lower back displayed two solid pipes of muscle that plunged into his gorgeous, round bubble-butt. At that moment, I realized that John had no tan line. I imagined what he must look like, laying out by the pool with nothing on. I wondered if he did it when his parents were home Ė if his mother might see him and secretly lust after his hot muscles. My dick was like steel again.

"Címon, man," John whispered. "Do it."

I sat up and straddled his massive thighs, placing a hand on each of his glutes. Pressing down, I pulled the globes of muscle apart exposing his slick, winking hole. With the target firmly in my sights, I moved forward pressing the head of my raging hard-on against the tight ring of his sphincter. I squeezed my hips forward applying pressure against his resistant opening. Finally, I had to put some of the weight of my body into my assault as John had difficulty relaxing. I looked up and took in the vastness of his broad, expansive back, amazed at the deep cut that ran up his spine. Taking my hands from his ass and placing them on the bed, I bent down, the cheeks of his muscle butt gripping my pole. I kissed John lightly between the shoulder blades, sensing the velvety smoothness of his hot flesh against my lips. His whole body seemed to relax and my @#%$ popped into his tight hole, my ass flexing as I drove my steel pole all the way in.

His warm insides enveloped my throbbing dick, his tight ass clamping and pulling at my hardness. Even though I just came, I knew that I wouldnít be able to last very long with this stud writhing underneath me.

I eased my body down on top of John, my pecs pressing into his wide, rippling back. He was grunting as I began to slowly hump his firm round butt. I slipped my arms up under his, the sparse hair in his pits tickling my forearms. John began to grind his ass back against my hips as I continued to @#%$ into him, my pace quickening with each thrust. I turned my hands up and gripped onto the tight balls of his rock hard biceps, and began kissing him around his strong neck, traps and shoulders. Johnís bed rocked and squeaked as I drove into him harder and harder, our moans growing louder and louder. Soon, my hips were smacking against Johnís twitching, flexing ass, my balls drawing up tight against my pistoning boner.

Then, John broke my grip on his biceps as he pressed his hands into the quaking mattress, lifting his body up onto his hands and knees. I wrapped by arms around his rippling torso, while I continued to drive my @#%$ in and out of his muscle ass. My hands groped and slid over his crunching abs and bulging pecs, my face pressed into the deep valley between his shoulder blades. I hammered into him, grunting with each thrust, my cum rising up ready to blow. My right hand swept down Johnís muscular abdomen and easily found his massive @#%$, throbbing and drooling with precum. I jacked his hard-on with long, quick strokes. His whole body turned to granite as his prick swelled, shook and began to shoot. His ass-ring began the rhythmic clenching and relaxing sensation again, milking my dick in the hot, moist insides of his bubble butt. My boner flexed, dumping wad after wad of my hot jism into his jock ass, my body collapsing onto his sweaty back. As our orgasm subsided, I gave a few more tender strokes of his @#%$ with my hand, squeezing the last few drops of his cum onto the sheets.

In the next moment, John heaved me off of his back and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I gotta hit the head," he said, almost to himself.

He stood up, stretched, the muscles in his beautiful body popping out.

"You better be outta here by the time I get back."

With that, John walked to the bedroom door, picking up his cut-offs on the way. Unlocking the door, he opened it, turned and paused, the old familiar "donít @#%$ with me" look returning to his face.

"If you tell anyone about this, I swear Iíll kick your ass so hard, itíll kill your whole family."

And, then he was gone.

I lifted myself from Johnís bed and returned to Mikeís room. I could still hear the lawnmower buzzing, but now it was fainter. "Mike must be cutting the backyard now," I thought. I lay on his bed, noticing the sheen of sweat mixed with cum on my torso. I didnít think I could take any more assaults on my senses with everything that had happened this weekend. I began to doze with the faint hum of the lawnmower in the background lulling me to sleep.

"Hey, @#%$. Wake the @#%$ up. Itís one oíclock, for crying out loud."

My eyes flew open. I turned by head sharply and there was Mike. He was laying on his side next to me, his head propped up on his elbow, wearing a @#%$-eating grin on his face. I gazed over his beautiful body, taking in the smooth nakedness.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"I told you, man. Itís one oíclock. Itís afternoon, pal. Jesus, I must have worn you out last night."

The noise of the lawnmower buzzed under the bedroom window. "Thatís odd," I thought to myself.

"Wait a minute," I said. "Who the @#%$ is mowing the lawn?"

"Oh, thatís John," Mike said, matter-of-factly. "Itís his turn to mow the lawn this weekend. I told the @#%$ to wait until you were up, and he basically told me to @#%$ off. You hungry?"


"Well, youíd better go clean yourself up. Iíll go make us some lunch."

Mike jumped out of bed, grabbed a pair of cut-offs out of the dresser, and bounded out of the room. I laid there for a moment. A smile crept over my face as I recounted my dream, and then heaved a sigh of relief. "Thank God," I whispered. I crawled out of bed and headed for the bathroom for a much needed shower, murmuring to myself.

"Who needs an ass hole like that when I can be with someone as wonderful as Mike." •

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