Mike (2002)


By waynoh

"Okay," I said. "I want you to."

He slipped out of bed and went to the door, unlocked and opened it. Silently, he moved down the hall to the bathroom. The light went on and spilled into the hallway, and I heard Mike rummaging through drawers and the medicine cabinet. The light went off and I heard him move back towards the bedroom. He padded into the room, closed and locked the door again, and leapt back into bed. He yanked the covers back exposing my naked body in the softness of the light from the moon pouring in through the window. He knelt next to me, placing something on the nightstand, then gently bent down and softly pressed his lips against mine. My hands moved up along his arms, feeling the knots of muscle that seemed to quiver, tense and transform their shape and hardness as he began caressing my chest and stomach. The silkiness of his smooth skin was hot to the touch of my hands, and it felt as if it were any hotter, Mike would simply combust into flames. I never wanted to stop touching him, holding him, feeling his flesh burning against mine.

Mike ran his lips and tongue down around my chin, tracing the line of my jaw, licking and kissing all of the nooks and crannies of my neck, while he slipped down on his side next to me. I could feel the hardness of his @#%$ grinding against my thigh as he draped a muscular leg over mine. His hand squeezed and kneaded one of my pecs firmly, yet with tenderness.

He continued moving his wet mouth around my neck and shoulders, sending chills up and down my body. I ran my hands through his beautiful blond hair, riding along with the journey his head was making across my chest. His hot mouth and tongue traced the contour between my pecs and outlined each one, pausing a while at each nipple. The pressure on my tits varied as he at first would clamp his mouth over each one and suck hard, and then rake his tongue across the sensitive point sending shock-waves through my body, straight to my dick, causing it to throb into granite-like hardness. I would moan, thrusting my head back into the bed, lifting my back up and spreading my chest wider trying to push more of my nipple into his sucking mouth. I discovered more things about my body that night than at any other time in my life. I had no idea that Mikeís tongue in my ear would cause my whole body to vibrate, his lips on my neck would send chills down to my toes, his mouth on my nipples would make my dick like steel, and his @#%$ inside me would make me cum without touching myself.

As Mike moved his lips and tongue down and across by stomach, he shifted his body around so that he brought his powerful legs up near my head. As he traced and sucked each of the little muscles of my abs, I turned my head to take in the sight of his beautiful, thick @#%$ bouncing against his tight, smooth belly. I needed no further invitation and leaned to my side placing a hand on his hip, and moved my face closer to his heated groin. It caught me by surprise when I felt his rasping, wet tongue slide down the length of my hard-on, and him sucking my nuts into his mouth. I moaned, pushing my face into the inner thigh of his muscular leg. Mike began churning, rolling and sucking my balls that were trapped inside the hot wetness of his mouth. If I hadnít already cum two times this evening, Iím sure that would have done it. I really didnít want to cum too quickly as I was hoping that our lovemaking would last a long time, if not forever.

I began to kiss his inner thigh, my lips burning against his hot skin. As I moved closer to his balls, I could sense veins crisscrossing underneath the skin covering the hard muscle of his leg. He gave be better access by spreading his thighs a bit more as I took one of his nuts into my mouth. His balls were truly magnificent and I wanted to take both in my mouth at the same time. But, they were too big. I sucked and tugged at the hairless, fleshy sack, twirling and rubbing each nut with my tongue. Mike would clamp his strong legs around my head, squirming and moaning, and then begin vigorously sucking my raging boner. I eventually, reluctantly abandoned his balls and went for the bigger prize. I traced the tube along the underbelly of his turgid member with my lips and finally reached the tip. There was a little drop of precum waiting for me to taste, which I pretty much wasted as I couldnít wait to get his hot dick into my mouth. I plunged with abandon and immediately gagged as Mike thrust his hips into my face, forcing his @#%$ down my throat. I coughed a bit, but refused to let his boner escape. He began to laugh, taking his mouth off of my dick.

"My girlfriend used to have the same problem," he laughed.

I slid my arm around his lean waist, grabbed his ass in my hand and gave it a pinch.

"Ow! @#%$!" Mike yelped. He rolled me onto my back, his legs straddling my face and his dick crammed into my mouth. He drew my legs up under his arms, lifting my ass up off of the bed, and bit my right butt cheek Ė not hard, but enough to make me yell. But, the yell was stifled by the fact that his @#%$ was buried halfway into my mouth. He then took a bite of my left cheek and then I started laughing.

"How do ya like that, @#%$?"

I was laughing pretty hard, and tried to tell him to stop. But, the best that I could manage was an incoherent gurgle.

"What? What did you say?" Mike teased. "I canít understand you? Youíre talking like you have dick in your mouth or something." He was laughing now. He bent down and took another little nip at my right ass cheek again.

I strained to push his hips up with my hands, and his dick, coated with saliva, popped out of my mouth.

"Goddam!" I said. "Youíre gonna choke me to death with that thing."

"Yeah," Mike replied. "But, what a way to go!"

Mike lowered his head again and gently nibbled my left butt cheek. But, this time he lingered a while and began to kiss, lick and suck on the meaty muscle. I wrapped my legs around his back and took his huge dick into my mouth again. I began to suck it deeper each time. I started to calculate the probability of allowing his @#%$ to slip into my throat again, but without gagging. Mike moved his mouth to the other cheek and wet it with his tongue and lips. I managed my breathing and decided it was now or never. Just at that moment, Mikeís mouth left my butt cheek and there seemed to be a slight hesitation between the two of us.

In one swift movement, Mikeís face pushed into the crack of my ass, his mouth clamping on to my tight little butt hole, his tongue poking, wiggling and pressing into the unyielding ring of muscle. At that same moment, his hips pushed down to meet the upward motion of my head as his @#%$ sank deep into my throat, his nuts crushed up against my nose and eyes. If air could have escaped my lungs, I know my moan would have been loud and long, reacting to the pleasure of Mikeís sucking wet mouth on my virgin ass. But, Mike did the moaning for both of us at that moment as he lightly pumped his thick meat back and forth in my gullet. Finally, at just the right moment, his balls lifted from my eyes as he pulled his fat @#%$ from my throat and I was able to catch a quick breath or two before he slipped it back all the way in. The pubes of his groin mashed against my chin, and my eyes began to water. My @#%$ began to relax and Mikeís tongue began to dart in and out, while his mouth continued its long kiss in the crack of my hot butt. His strong hands pulled at by buns to try and give him better access to my hole. I pulled my legs hard against his back to try and squeeze him deeper into me, all the while concentrating on breathing when Mike would pull his dick out of my throat for a short moment.

Neither of us wanting this pleasure to end, we carried on this way for a while until Mike slipped from the grasp of my legs and sat back. He looked down at my face between his legs, the head of his massive dick oozing onto my lips. His left hand took a hold of the base of his penis and he began to rub the slick meat all around my cheeks, across my nose. He pushed the spongy head of the shaft around my eyes.

"What are you trying to do?" I asked with a smirk. "Poke my eye out?"

"Damn, Jeff," Mike replied. "You are so hot. My girlfriend could never suck me the way you just did." He grabbed a tube of something off of the nightstand. "Iíve got to @#%$ you. Now."

On his knees, Mike moved down to the foot of the bed, the muscles in his body rippling as he twisted and maneuvered between my legs. "This is lubricant," he said, as he removed the cap from the tube. "This will help me get inside you." I melted at the seriousness and softness of his voice. "Bring your legs up onto my shoulders." I rested each of my lower legs between his traps and shoulders while he applied some of the lube to the fingers of his left hand. Placing that hand between my butt cheeks, he pressed his slick middle finger against my tight hole and gently rubbed it around. A little whimper escaped my lips as he added pressure. I moved my gaze from his concentrating face and noticed the bicep in his left arm bulging as his finger slipped inside me. My dick bounced against my lower belly and I threw my head back against the pillow. "Donít stop breathing," Mike said. I let out a low moan as he began to slide his finger in and out of my little hole.

Mike spent quite a while working his finger in and around the opening and prepared me for two fingers. This eventually led to three fingers which, by that time, was making me so hot that I was writhing and twisting all over the bed. "Oh, God. This feels so good," I moaned. He gave me the tube of lube with his right hand. "Put some of this on my dick," he said. "Make sure you cover the whole thing." I squeezed a generous amount on my right hand and began to rub and massage his steel hard @#%$. As I worked it all around and made the whole shaft super slick, I realized that his dick was thicker than the handle of my racquet, which was bigger than most. Mike was moaning now as I worked his slick boner in my hand, my calluses scraping the tender flesh of his hot meat. "@#%$," Mike said. "Take it easy. I donít want to cum before I get the chance to @#%$ you." I reluctantly let go of his throbbing pole and began to pull on my own hard-on. I noticed there was a small pool of precum that had leaked from my dick head on to my lower abs. Each time Mikeís fingers brushed my prostate, more liquid would leak from my penis.

Mike leaned forward and slowly removed his fingers from my hole. As he pushed my legs up towards my chest, my butt raised a little higher and he moved into position. His hands grabbed my ankles and looked down into my eyes as I felt the rubbery head of his @#%$ press against my tight butt hole. I felt completely vulnerable to Mike as he issued soft commands to allow him entry to my insides. "Relax, Jeff. Let me get inside you. Keep breathing. I want to make love to you. Make love to my dick." The low lustful tone of his last sentence dropped me into total relaxation and the head of his monster @#%$ entered into me. I silently gasped as Mike continued to push. The thick center of his rod stretched my ass beyond belief and I cried out, "Oh god! Itís too big, Mike!" But, it was too late for Mike. He was gone in that moment. A deep, long moan shook through his body as he sank is eight-inch prick into my once-virgin butt. His pubes crushed up against my ass and his balls pressed against my cheeks. "Jesus, Mike, it hurts," I spit out through clenched teeth. I grabbed at the sheets and began to think that the whole thing had been a mistake Ė falling in love with Mike, spending the night with him, having sex with him. All of these thoughts and more swept through me as Mike began grinding his hips with a very subtle pumping back and forth in my hole. I looked up through watering eyes at Mikeís face between my ankles and saw that his eyes were closed and his face was flushed as a soft moan escaped through his full, pouting lips.

And, suddenly, the pain was gone and replaced with new sensations. Mikeís dick strokes lengthened in and out of my clenching ass and newfound pleasure rushed through my body. It stunned me into silence for a moment as wave after wave of sensations began to rack my nerve endings. I looked down at Mikes bucking hips and saw a steady stream of precum from my boner practically spitting onto my hard stomach. Mike released his grip on my ankles and leaned further forward, placing his hands on the bed. With his face looking down at me, his eyes locked onto mine, his beautiful blond hair hanging down, framing his flushed features, his pace quickened and his hips began to smack against my hard butt, his nuts slapping my cheeks. I ran my hands up his arms, holding on to the bulging, knotted muscles of his triceps, while the bed creaked under the weight of our intense @#%$.

A few moments later Mike slipped his arms from under my legs and he placed the weight of his straining, humping, muscular body on top of me. Wrapping his strong arms around my neck, he kissed me deep and hard, thrusting his tongue in and out of my mouth while his hips continued to pound me into the mattress. My legs dangled in the air as my arms held on to the rippling muscles of Mikeís broad back, his @#%$ jackhammering into me. Mike broke our kiss and let out a long moan.

"God, Jeff," he panted. "You feel so good around my dick. Your hot little butt is going to make me cum."

"Oh, @#%$, Mike," I groaned. "@#%$. I love that youíre inside me. @#%$ me."

"Oh, Jeff. Iím gonna blow!"

A few more hard thrusts, the headboard banging against the wall, the way Mikeís sweaty body tensed up all over, his muscles slick and bulging under my touch, his deep animal grunting, and his violently throbbing dick firing inside me, pushed me over the edge. Without touching myself, I unloaded at that moment, my @#%$ jerking and spewing load after load, streaking across Mikeís abs, pecs and neck. The shock waves of our orgasms rocked our young bodies as Mikeís prick continued to shoot into me and my own come began to drip on me from Mikes heaving torso. As the waves began to subside, Mike began to relax in my arms, the full weight of his hard body melting into my embrace. Our sweat and my seed mixed between our smooth flesh and I could feel some of Mikeís sperm seeping out of my poor little butt hole. He dumped such a huge load up my ass, that even his big dick couldnít keep some of his semen from escaping. If it were at all possible, I would surely have been impregnated with Mikeís baby given the amount of come he pumped into me in that @#%$. My mind drifted for a moment, imagining us raising a little Mike on our own. I chuckled at the thought and Mikeís groggy voice asked, "Whatís so funny?"

"Later," I said. "Iíll tell you later." I relaxed under the weight of my stud of a lover, and we fell asleep with his hot dick still inside me. •

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