Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

"Wow!" exclaimed Manny. "I'm so fucking HORNY. I've never felt so fucking horny. I'm really horny. I think I'm too horny. All I can think about is fucking. All I want is to fuck. Have to fuck. And I want muscle. I used to think I was into muscle, but now I'm TOTALLY into muscle. You're so fucking huge now Jeremy. I love it. I really want you again dude!! I need you now!!!"

Jeremy looked a bit concerned at Manny's entreaties. "Don't you want to take it easy for a minute Manny??" He'd found an old muscle t and extra large shorts in the laundry and pulled them on after showering. Manny loved the way they stretched across his enormous muscle.

"No way Jeremy!!! Let's go again dude!!! I want you again!! " Manny paced back and forth rapidly, his still growing cock swinging as it grew longer and thicker, still soft. "I want you to WANT me!!! I want you to WANT me NOW!!!!"

Jeremy felt like a blow struck his chest at each moment Manny voiced his demands. He felt his muscle grow hot and pumped. Although he'd been sated a moment before, at Manny's demands he felt a rapidly increasing desire. Manny was still getting larger and more muscular, although Jeremy now stood 6' 8" tall, Manny was now about up to Jeremy's chin. And Manny's body was taking on the heavyweight bodybuilder physique of a smooth Latin stallion. He was definitely no longer the little man who'd braved Jack's hotel room door. Manny was a fucking hung stud with a real attitude and a major desire.

"I think Jack may have put too much of a demand on you Manny... or maybe you want what he wanted for you too much..." Jeremy found it hard to think as he became hornier and hornier.

"Is this too much???" Manny demanded. He grabbed his thick swinging cock and shook it at Jeremy. Manny was superhung now. His cock was growing past 13", visibly lengthening, while still completely soft. And his cock was thicker than ever, a huge heavy thickness that promised immense size erect. His testicles were now huge swollen orange sized balls hanging in an oversized scrotum.

Manny suddenly stretched his arms high over his head, caught up by the powerful warm itch deep inside his muscle and bone. He grabbed one wrist with the other hand over his head and stretched, standing up on his toes and stretching towards the locker room ceiling. His muscles flexed as he was caught up in the vicious stretch. His lats widened, his biceps pumped, his quads and calves flexed, his pecs stuck out with increasing thickness, and as he was caught in the stretch he visibly grew well over an inch taller.

"Fuck yeah!!!" said Jeremy, in spite of his feelings of caution, which were quickly washed away by a wave of desire.

The stretch continued, as Manny grew yet another inch in height and his shoulders creaked as his carriage grew wider. He moaned a deep, satisfied sound as his muscle swelled larger ... his delts growing to cannonballs, his traps mounding up on either side of his face, his neck getting thicker and thicker, his face changing as it lost all fat in his cheeks and became a hard, smooth, chiselled visage of hot gay masculinity and drop dead gorgeous male model looks. Manny's ass was a vision of hot smooth masculine butts, pumped and ready to be pumped. Finally the stretch stopped, and Manny dropped down onto his heels with an audible THUMP. His cock, now passing 14", still soft, swung wide, slapping his muscle thighs and dangling, bouncing and swaying in front of his musclebod.

He stepped up to Jeremy. Manny was so much taller now that he was now up to Jeremy's eyes. Manny was staring directly at Jeremy's chin. Manny was now 6'4" tall. "Hey, Jeremy!!" Manny grinned... "I'm getting bigger, maybe as big as you!!!!"

"You're much bigger, esp where it counts for me!!!"

"I love your huge muscle Jeremy!!! I want you even bigger!!!! I like you bigger than me!! You've got to stay bigger than me!!!!" With each demand Jeremy felt like he was catching fire... his caution slipped to the wind as he reached down and grabbed Manny's huge soft cock.

"You gonna make me?" •

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