By waynoh

Joe lifted his head and looked at me with a blank stare. I practically threw him off of me as we scrambled off of the couch.

"@#%$!" I whispered loudly. "In the bedroom. Quick!"

Joe ran ahead of me into the hallway, his cute little butt jiggling with each stride. He rounded the corner, heading for Robertís room.

"NO!" I hissed. "This way!"

He followed me down the hallway, into my bedroom and I quickly shut the door as I heard the front screen door open. Robert was inside. My head was whirling, trying to figure out what to do. I turned on a small lamp next to my bed.

"You gotta get out of here," I said to Joe. "You can slip out my window to get back to your apartment."

"I canít," Joe protested.

"Youíre a gymnast, for crying out loud! Of course you can."

"Iím @#%$ naked, @#%$!"

"Oh, @#%$!" I cried. "Our clothes are still in the living room!"

There was a light knock on my bedroom door.


It was Robert.

"Hey, man. You awake?" he asked.

His speech sounded slurred, which could mean that he was drunk.

"Um, yes," I replied.

Joe slugged me in the shoulder

"Ow!" I spit out through clenched teeth.

He gestured at me with a, "What the @#%$ did you answer for?" look on his face.

"You okay in there?" Robert asked. "Can I come in?"

"UmÖ" I frantically tried to think of what to say. "Gimme a second."

I shoved Joe towards the closet.

"Get in there and keep quiet. Iíll try to get rid of him."

Joe slipped into the closet as we heard another knock.

"Dude," Robert said. "Iím coming in. Okay?"

I quickly shut the closet door as the handle turned on my bedroom door, it opened, and Robert stepped into my room.

"Hey, man," he said.

It didnít phase him for a second that I was standing there completely naked.

"Can we talk for a minute?"

"Um. Sure," I replied.

Robert looked like he had been through the ringer. He slumped a little and his hair was all disheveled. He was definitely drunk and was having a difficult time standing. Still, his handsome features, broad shoulders and exposed muscular arms caused my dick to stir.

"Whatís that?" he asked.

"Whatís what?" I replied, a slight panic in my voice.

I glanced behind me to make sure the closet door was still closed, thinking that Robert might have spotted Joe.

"That stuff thatís all over your chest and stomach."

Robert attempted to point at me, but he was really @#%$-up.

"Oh," I said, trying to be extremely casual. "I spilled something on myself. I was just about to take a shower."

The oil, sweat and cum on my torso was beginning to dry and flake, difficult to ignore against my tan.

"Looks more like you shot something on yourself, if you know what I mean."

This was followed by a silly laugh, Robert thinking he just made the funniest quip in decades. I donít think he realized how right he was. He was having a difficult time keeping his eyes open and looked as if he would collapse at any second.

"Dude, you better lay down before you fall down," I offered.

"Nah, Iím alright," he said. "I already hurled at the party and feel much better."

Thatís when I noticed my shirt Ė my favorite shirt Ė that Robert was wearing. It was a mess. I moved towards him to see if the damage looked permanent.

"Jesus. What did you do to my shirt, man?"

"Oh. That," he said. "WellÖ firstÖ letís seeÖ Katherine threw her drink on me after I grabbed her breastsÖ"

"You grabbed her breasts?"

"Um, yeah. They were fuckiní fine, man. You shouldíve seen Ďem. She kept saying, ĎShow me your muscle. Show me your muscle.í So, I kept flexing for her, and she kept feeling my arm. So, I finally said, "Show me your tits." And, I reached out and grabbed Ďem, and she freaked and threw her drink at me and ran out of the house. Everybody thought that was pretty @#%$ funny."

"So, you did that in front of everybody at the party?" I asked.

"Yeah," Robert laughed. "Hey, man. She was treating me like a piece of meat, so I did the same."

He had a point Ė a bad one Ė but, still a point.

"So, then I just hung out," he continued. "And, kept drinking. And, then I puked. All over this ottoman. So, the guy who threw the party told me to leave, and I caught a ride home with this other dude."

Robert was now leaning a good portion of his weight against the doorjamb of my bedroom, and I knew it wouldnít be too much longer before he crumpled to the floor. He could have been the poster boy for the campaign against under-aged drinking. He may have done his share of drugs growing up, but now at eighteen-years-old, he was certainly displaying a real lack of experience with alcohol. His clothes smelled of cigarette smoke, and my shirt was ruined from Katherineís drink and whatever Robert didnít get on the hostís ottoman.

"Dude," I said. "You need a shower and to get to bed."

"Yeah, I know," he agreed.

"Letís get this shirt off."

Robert slowly stood up as I moved in front of him. I reached down and tugged at the taught material tucked into the waistband of his black slacks. Had the couple of disasters that had befallen my shirt been avoided, it still would have been ruined as Roberts muscular body had stretched the material beyond itís limits. I even noticed a small tear at the seam under his right armpit as he lifted his arms up to allow me to pull the shirt up over his head. I only got the bottom of the shirt up as far as his upper abs before it became a struggle. His wide traps and thick chest clung to the material. I yanked at the poor shirt, inching it up higher as Robert began to twist and tug his body lower, his abs crunching, his muscles straining. I was now experiencing an internal conflict of being really pissed of about my shirt and really turned on by this hunk of a stud.

By now, we had the shirt up over his head and face so that he couldnít see a thing. His arms were trapped over his head, the knit polyester cloth putting up one last fight to contain Robertís bulging muscles. I had a perfect view of the small trail of dark hair peaking over the top of his pants, pointing up to his rippling mid-section, the flaring traps displaying his defined gills, his broad pecs stretching his nipples into tight ovals, the thin, sparse brown hair of his pits inviting my lips and tongue, all of this in full view taunting me to wrap my arms around his hard body and pull him into me. My dick was beginning to swell as, together, we made one last attempt to free Robert from his polyester prison. Then, with a low growl, Robert tore the failing material from his muscular frame, the seams splitting and shredding as he liberated himself at last. He held the blue pieces of cloth high above his head in a pose of victory, and a @#%$-eating grin on his handsome face.

"Sorry about that, dude," he said. "But, I couldnít take it anymore."

With that, he tossed my pastel blue polyester knit rag over my head and leaned forward against me, his thick arms wrapping tightly around my shoulders. He sagged slightly, allowing me to support his weight as I slid my arms around his wide back. Robertís skin was warm against me and his hard chest pressed into mine. The hair under his arms tickled my bare shoulders and his breath was hot on my neck. My dick was growing rapidly and I was sure he would notice it. I held on for as long as I would dare, trying to memorize the sensations of his smooth, young flesh against me, his hard, bulging muscles pressing into my body. My @#%$ was getting stiffer and longer.

"Sorry about your shirt, man," he repeated.

"Forget about it," I said.

"No, really, bro. Youíre always so good to me. Iíll make it up to you."

A few thoughts immediately went through my mind, but I opted for the honorable choice.

"Weíll worry about it later. Letís get you into the bathroom."

I reluctantly pulled back from him, spinning him around to deter his eyes from spotting my boner, and guided him down the hallway. We entered the bathroom and I playfully shoved Robert towards the sink.

"Why donít you brush you teeth while I get the shower going and warmed up," I offered.

I kept myself angled in a way that Robert would hopefully not see my hard-on. I opened the smoked glass door and stepped into the stall, turning on the water. I let it run cold for a few minutes, which made me catch my breath as it sprayed over my naked body. It began to have the desired effect, which was to soften my @#%$ before Robert joined me. At least, my plan was for him to join me.

"Damn," I heard Robert say. "You shouldíve seen that bitch tonight. She had fuckiní huge titís, man. I couldíve played on those all night."

I turned on the hot water and the shower began to get comfortable.

"Yeah," I said. "Well, I guess youíll have to wait a while on that. Címon, Don Juan, and get your ass in here. Letís get you cleaned up and into bed."

I heard Robert rinse and spit after brushing his teeth. I could barely make out his form through the smoked glass as he bent slightly to pull-off his shoes, socks and pants. He stepped towards the stall door and opened it, about to step inside.

"Robert," I said. "Take off your underwear, idiot."

"@#%$!" he laughed. "What would I do without you?"

He hooked his thumbs into the elastic band of his briefs and yanked them down. Try as I might, I could not tear my gaze away from him as he exposed his naked body before me for the very first time. I could feel myself shaking, my breaths were short and staggered as I anxiously anticipated what I had yearned to see for so long. Robert stood up straight, stepping out of his jockeys, the cuts in his legs deepening as the muscles rippled with his maneuvering. My view of his legs was only for a fraction of a second as my lust drove my gaze to his crotch.

The dark bush framing his @#%$ was short, but thick, and was a sharp contrast to the white flesh of his lower belly. A deep vee separated his torso from his hips and legs, pointing the way to genitals that could be the model for the perfect male sexual organs. Robertís circumcised penis was thick and full-looking even in itís flaccid state. At about three-and-a-half inches the heaviness of the soft muscle forced it to hang in an arc over two large, smooth, egg-shaped testicles which began to slowly sag after being freed from the confinement of Robertís briefs. My legs almost buckled as I imagined myself dropping to my knees and pressing my face into his groin, devouring the fleshy nut-sack and drawing blood into his hardening @#%$ with my sucking mouth, never stopping until his fat dick rocked and shook as Robert squirted my tongue and coated my tonsils with his thick, hot sperm. It took only a second for me to assess the view of this studís package and imagine my bringing him to orgasm. It was only a few more seconds before my dick was a full-raging hard-on.

Fortunately, all this seemed to go unnoticed by Robert as he stepped into the stall and under the spray of the warm shower. He faced the steady stream with his back turned towards me, allowing me a bit of relief at the knowledge of him being unable to see my boner in all its glory. Placing his head under the spigot, his hands groped for the shampoo. I grabbed the bottle and placed it in his hand. The clear water streamed down the deep valley of Robertís spinal column, channeling through is white bubble butt. My throbbing hard-on bobbed up and down, fractions of an inch from those smooth muscular globes. After squirting some shampoo into the palm of his left hand, the bottle slipped from his grip and bounced around the slick floor.

"Leave it," I said. "Iíll get it."

The bottle rested by his right foot. I squatted down, careful not to touch Robert in any way, fearful that he might take it the wrong way, get mad, and beat the @#%$ out of me. As I reached for the shampoo, Robertís right butt-cheek was just an inch from my face. The smooth white flesh looked like marble in the glistening water that cascaded down over his young body. I was in lust hell, so close to the one guy I wanted to be with more than any other in my life, and unable to satisfy my gut-wrenching desire to pull him down on top of me, feel him thrust into me, to kiss me deeply, and to fill my insides with his burning hot cum.

I rose slowly to my feet, my dick straining, yearning to be satisfied with some contact. My eyes were met by Robertís bulging shoulders and biceps as he lathered up his hair with shampoo, the glistening muscles in his back rippling with each subtle movement. I dropped the shampoo bottle and it hit the shower floor, clattering around and ending up directly in front of Robert. He laughed, his eyes were closed while he continued to shampoo his hair.

"Iíll bet you did that on purpose," Robert teased.

"Just donít bend over to pick it up, if you know whatís good for you," I countered.

Robert laughed harder and began rinsing his hair. I grabbed the bar of soap and began working up a lather over my chest and stomach, all the while never taking my eyes off of Robertís powerful shoulders and arms as they tightened and flexed with each run of his fingers through his now-clean hair. I needed to be very careful to make sure that he didnít step back or turn around, for my @#%$ was unmistakably rigid and practically poking him in the ass. Suddenly, he looked back over his shoulder at my face. I brought my eyes up to meet his, hopefully before he noticed that I was looking right down at his butt.

"You have the soap?" he asked.

I nodded, temporarily unable to speak.

"Would you mind doing my back?"

He turned his head away from me as I managed to squeak out one word.


My hands were already soapy at this point and my heart was pounding. With the bar of soap in my right hand, I began to rub it over his hard traps and shoulders, my left hand joining in and working the lather over his slick, muscled flesh. I had to stay conscious and remind myself to make my hands rub and move in a more mechanical way, rather than my natural urge to make the moves sensual.

"Here," I said, as I reached around in front of Robert to hand the soap to him.

He took the bar from my hand and began working it over his chest and abs while I returned my soapy palms to his broad back. I worked by hands over his shoulder blades and the muscles rippled as Robert moved the bar over his front side. My slick hands glided lower in a circular motion, briefly sweeping up along the meaty thickness of his wide lats, then back down again. Moving lower, my hands began to tremble as I soaped-up Robertís tail pipes, drawing ever closer to the creamy white cheeks of his muscular ass.

"Want me to do yours?"

Had Robert not spoken, Iím almost certain I would have plunged my hands down around those beefy globes shimmering in the bright light of the shower stall. My dick was aching, screaming for attention.

"Sure," I replied, my voice cracking.

I noticed Robert turning, so I quickly spun around to face away from him, desperately hoping to keep my raging boner from his sight. Being a few inches taller than him, I knew that he wouldnít be able to see my @#%$ by looking over my shoulders. He placed his strong hands on my back, his slick, soapy fingers splaying out over my smooth muscles. Roberts calluses were rough against my flesh, but sent chills through my body as his hands moved over me. I tried not to shiver as he worked over my back, palms sliding down my spine, gripping my waist and running back up over my lats. He repeated the motion a second time, but his hands dipped a little lower and grazed across the tops of my ass-cheeks before gripping my waist, running up my lats and returning to my shoulders again. He left me breathless as he turned away from me to rinse the remaining soap from his incredible body.

"Well," Robert said, sleepiness creeping into his voice. "I feel better after getting cleaned up."

I continued to keep myself facing away from him as Robert slipped by me to exit the shower stall. His hard, bubble butt rubbed across mine as he passed me, and stepped out.

"Oops," he chuckled. "Sorry about that."

"@#%$!" I thought to myself. "Iím not."

I slipped under the stream of the shower head as Robert began to dry off. The shower stall door was still open and as I continued to rinse, I would catch glimpses of his smooth flesh as he worked the towel over his chest and stomach, and then reached around to dry his back. With his back turned towards me, I slowly moved my right hand down in front of me and gripped my steel-hard prick. It jumped at my touch as I began to gently stroke it back and forth, keeping my eyes glued to Robertís gorgeous white butt. My balls tightened as Robert ran the towel down over his thick quads and hamstrings, his back rippling, his arms bulging. Too drunk and unable to stand on one leg, Robert had to bend over to dry his calves and feet. As he bent lower, his huge balls hung between his elongated cut-up hamstrings, his granite-hard ass-cheeks stretched and separated, exposing the tight little ring of his winking butt hole, encircled by a few subtle wisps of dark hair. I had really only stroked a couple of times, but that sight was all it took. My body flexed and my dick jerked in my palm as a jet of cum squirted, shooting out of the shower stall, landing right on Robertís left butt cheek. I quickly wrenched my body around as another volley hit the shower door. Robert bolted upright, turned and yelled, his voice echoing of the tile in the bathroom.

"Hey, man. Turn the shower off or shut the door. Youíre getting me all wet again."

As I continued to cum, my @#%$ firing one load after another against the wall, I heard the stall door shut behind me.

"Iíll be in my room," Robert said, as he moved towards the bathroom door. "Come in after youíre done. I need to talk to you." •

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