Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

Fred and Toby tumbled to the bed. Toby grabbed Fred's cock in his massive hands, although the size of Fred's cock made even the tough looking Italian muscle stud's meaty hands look like those of a small child.

Toby shivered with desire. He felt hot and imbued with a new raging sense of sexuality. He wanted Fred's cock in his ass, especially now that Fred was bigger than ever, but even more he realized that he wanted Fred's hot beautiful ass. He'd always been a bottom before, but now he felt the desire to dominate Fred, as completely handsome and sensual as he was.

Fred looked into Toby's eyes and Toby grabbed Fred's incredible ass, sliding his hand between the glutes. Fred nodded, swooning with desire, and rolled over onto his back.

Toby found that he now had a thick raging erection. His cock head was brutally massive. Toby easily picked up Fred's long muscled legs with his new muscle strength and flung Fred's legs over his own shoulders. He shoved his thick brutal devil cock deep between Fred's ass cheeks and Fred arched his back and moaned with pleasure. Toby grunted, his voice rumbling. His massive legs and ass pumped Fred hard. Fred moaned louder with increasing pleasure. Fred's huge massive cock was at half mast, flopping on his hot abs and pecs. Toby ground his hairy groin hard onto Fred's hot ass and Fred spasmed with hot erotic pleasure, unable to control his limbs. Toby's hot muscled bod shone with sweat and his hairy chest was glistening, the dark curly hair plastered to his massive pecs and abs.

"Fuck me harder you hot Italian muscle stallion!" Fred said. "Come on you huge Italian muscle punk!!! Fuck me more and more!!! Harder and Harder!!! Bigger and BIGGER!!!!! Show me hot its done by a real Italian STUD!!!"

At his words Toby felt his body turn to liquid fire. The amazing sensation burned into his brain. He felt himself changing, his mind expanding, his desires shifting. His body began to change too, muscle becoming denser and thicker. His cock became hard as steel and he began to pound Fred's hot perfect ass with his thick rod. Their eyes met and locked. Toby's green eyes locked onto Fred's blue eyes and an unspoken devotion flew between them. Toby's mind caught fire as he pounded Fred's ass, staring into Fred's perfect male model good looks.

Fred reached up and twisted Toby's nipples. Toby began to shoot hot fuck juice inside Fred. Fred writhed on the bed as Toby's huge hands gripped Fred's long powerful thighs with tremendous force.

Fred felt an orgasm shoot through his entire body, without cumming. He was orgasming with Toby. Suddenly, they both began to grow bigger, while their orgasm continued and Toby continued to fuck Fred's hot ass. Fred's cock began to swell and thicken on his abs, without getting harder at all. His cock lengthened several inches while Toby continued to cum and cum. Fred felt Toby's cock begin to thicken and grow longer inside his ass, and Toby's chest widened with renewed muscle growth... Toby's legs grew longer and more muscular, lifting Fred's ass higher off the bed. Fred could feel himself changing as Toby stared at his body. Fred grew more muscular, bigger, he could feel it happening to him, as a deep warm itch pulsed through his body. Toby began to swoon with the power flowing into him. Fred's orange sized testicles grew bigger and bigger, heavier in Fred's scrotum, now hanging off to the side of his cock. Fred could feel the weight in them.

Finally Toby ceased cumming, his now larger than ever body dripping with sweat. He leaned over Fred, his huge muscles quivering. Finally, he pulled out and flopped into an armchair, exhausted. He was devastated by the afterglow of a minutes long orgasm. Fred finally dropped off to sleep, as Toby passed out in the chair. •

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