Misha, the Russian Muscle Kid

Measuring the Muscleboy


By MuscleBoy27

I pulled up in Misha’s driveway, and he and I each grabbed an armload of bags and carried them into the house. I’d met Misha’s parents only briefly while waiting for Misha to change to go shopping. They were very nice, and they seemed really happy that Misha and I were getting along so well. His mother knew just a little English. Her sons and her husband would usually translate for her if she looked the least bit confused. Misha’s father spoke excellent English. As it turns out, the family moved here so that Misha’s father could work locally to broker import/export deals between Russian and American companies. He was a skilled negotiator, a fact that struck me a little odd since Misha was such an open book. Misha’s father was quite good at what he did, and now in America, money wasn’t a problem for the family.

As we came into the house, both parents greeted us. They were apparently very curious to see what Misha had purchased at the store. Their curiosity was peaked by the tight mesh shirt, hat and shorts that Misha was now wearing. The shorts were still the one’s I’d given him, so they didn’t fit quite right. I think his parents worried that we’d purchased shirts that were all too tight and pants that were all too loose. The family was clearly very close and loving, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when Misha’s father talked him into doing a little fashion show for us.

Misha and I put down the bags next to a chair and Misha told me to match up the clothes for him again. I was pretty freaked at the thought of arranging his clothes for him in front of his parents, but they seemed to think nothing of it, so obliged him. He went up the stairs with first outfit and came down wearing it a few seconds later. Behind him was Alexi, who apparently was interested in seeing the clothes. Behind Alexi, much to my total amazement was my brother Shawn. Apparently he and Alexi had been hanging out together. Everyone seemed to like the clothes that we’d picked out, and Misha’s family kidded him whenever the shirts were a little tight or particularly revealing. Even Shawn got in the action a little, squeezing Misha’s arms as he showed up a somewhat tight tank top.

After the show was over, I went with Misha up to his room. The second the door was closed, he wrapped his powerful arms around me and planted a long passionate kiss on me. “Aaron, this is so incredible! I saw myself in the mirror each time, and I looked so good! I look just like the posters and A&F!” Wow, I thought, he actually abbreviated A&F. He’ll be talking like a native in no time. “Well, Misha, you look like most of those guys in the posters hope they might someday look! It’s getting pretty late; I should get home. It’s almost dinner time and I am starving again!”

Misha looked upset. “Can we not stay together again?” I looked back at him and I know my eyes showed concern. “Hey, muscleboy,” I said softly, grabbing both of his traps with my hands, “there’s nothing I want more, but it my seem a little odd to our parents, don’t you think?” I massaged his traps for a few seconds as he was thinking. “Would your parents be upset, Aaron?” Well, he had me here. I didn’t think they really would care. They seemed to enjoy meeting Misha the previous night, so they’d probably figure that we were just hitting it off. I told him this, and Misha decided he go ask his parents if I could stay the night. In just seconds he returned looking very excited.

“Alexi tells me that Shawn is going to stay here for the night, how about we stay at your house?” I couldn’t believe my ears. I was surprised enough to see Shawn and Alexi together earlier. I couldn’t believe my brother was now hanging out with my boyfriend’s older brother. No, he wasn’t just hanging out, he was spending the night? What was going on with those two, I wondered. Anyway, it didn’t matter; it was an excuse to hang out another night with Misha.

I called my parents and they were more than happy to have Misha over again. We headed over to my house and had a much more simple dinner at the kitchen counter. My mom had cooked tons of food since she knew Misha was always hungry. I surprised myself by eating almost as much as he did. By the time we were done eating it was almost 9:00. We headed up to my room and I was ready to pass out. Our workout was catching up with me, and I was definitely feeling sore from the previous day. As we walked into my room I feel on the bed totally ready to get some rest. Misha could see that I was done for the night, so he came over and carefully took off my shirt. As he did, he began to massage my back. The kid’s powerful hands worked my aching muscles like they were nothing. He did my arms, shoulders and back. As he finished, he said to me, “I thought maybe tonight you could take my measurements, but I can see that you are far too tired for that.”

My face was in a pillow, “Uhhhhm, I noh tha tihed, I thin I coud hep you wif tha.” He let go of my body for the first time since we’d entered the room. “What?” He couldn’t figure out what I was saying with my head down, so I lazily turned toward him and told him, “I think I have enough strength to help you with your measurements. “Fabulous!” was his reply.


“Yes, fabulous, the word means I’m happy at your agreement, no?”

“Well, I suppose it does, but there aren’t too many high school freshman that use that word.”

“Oh.” He said. Normally you wouldn’t expect a display of so much emotion in a single word, but with it he told me that he was both disappointed and concerned.

“You’re kinda worried about fitting in at school, aren’t you?” He nodded. “Well, let me tell you a few secrets about going to school here. First, because you’re so muscular - and fucking cute as well – you really won’t have all that much to worry about. People will cut you a lot of slack because of the way you look.” I turned slightly on my side so I could see his reaction. The words were clearly sinking in, but not fully.

“Cut me a lot of slack? I don’t understand Aaron.” He shook his head and was clearly frustrated. It was painfully clear that he was disappointed at his knowledge of English. The fact of the matter was, his English was probably as good or better than mine. He just wasn’t used to SoCal slang. I knew enough from my virtually useless attempts to learn Spanish that learning English, and particularly our slang-filled version, was as hard as it could be. I smiled at him, “when we say we’ll ‘cut someone some slack’, we mean we’ll be understanding if that person doesn’t do something perfect – the kids will understand that you aren’t from here, and they’ll understand that you don’t know all the slang expressions.”

“But you said they would ‘cut me slack’ because I was muscular. Why would that have anything to do with my English?” He was confused again, and with good cause. After all, there was no logical answer to his question. “Misha, it is kind of sad, but people here are more understanding of mistakes made by those they find attractive. It’s just the way we are.” He nodded, “people in Russia are the same. If they like you – for whatever reason – they are more forgiving.”

He continued massaging me, now moving down to my lower back. I smiled to myself. It was becoming clear that wasn’t just a big, hot, hunky, amazing pile of muscles; he was smart too. “But how do I fix my English?” My 14-year-old muscleboy wasn’t satisfied with forgiveness, he figured this problem could be solved through his iron will and determination. Unfortunately, SoCal high school slang isn’t anything you can muscle your way through. “OK Misha, I think I can help you understand more our slang, we can spend some afternoon and evening time learning the latest lingo.”

Misha was clearly happy to hear that hope wasn’t lost. “So how do we do this?”

“You gotta start livin’ in the real world. When you can’t do that, then the Road Rules!”

“Aaron, what are you talking about?” He’d slid himself down toward my legs and had started massaging them. As he asked the question, he unintentionally put me in a figure-four leg lock. “Misha! Please, you’re hurting me!” He absent-mindedly looked at how he was holding my legs. “Oh, Aaron. It was an accident. I am so sorry!” He released his hold on me.

“I’m talking about TV my man! More importantly, I’m talking about M-TV.”

“Ah, M-TV! I’ve seen it. I don’t understand most of it.”

“Well muscleboy. You can train me in the gym and I’ll train you on the local customs. What do you say?”

“Sounds good to me, Aaron. You are already improving in the gym.” As he said this, he spread himself on top of me. He hooked his legs around mine and with his arms; he put me in a full nelson. I felt pretty cocky at that moment, and I could tell he wasn’t much of a wrestler. I summoned what little strength I had left and reversed our positions putting him in a grapevine. As I stretching him out good, he looked up at me with a look of amazement. “Oh, and maybe I can teach you some wrestling holds too.”

“Fine with me – if you can handle the pain.” I tried to stretch him out a little further, but if I was managing to hurt him at all, he didn’t let on. “Oh, don’t worry,” he smiled, “I take my share of pain. I hope you can too.” He had a point there. I figured I’d better be a little more careful about teaching him to wrestle.

“OK Muscle, enough wrestling for now, how about those measurements?”

He jumped off me and immediately began taking off his clothes. I sat up and watched him. As he pulled his shorts off one leg, he turned to look at me. “You get undressed too, Aaron.” I wanted to ask why, but I figured I’d find out soon enough. I got up and started taking off my clothes. Misha pulled a seamstress’ tape out of his backpack. He handed it to me, and I grabbed a notebook and pen from my desk. “OK, Misha – let’s see what you’ve got. You flex, I’ll measure.”

He smiled one of his superior smiles at me. “I must pump up before you can measure me.”

I rolled my head back across my neck, “I don’t think I have enough energy to get pumped up, Misha. I’m pretty tired.”

“No, not you, me.”

“So why am I naked?”

“You’ll see. Just do what I ask. First let’s weigh ourselves.” We went into the bathroom and he jumped on the scale. “Looks like 180.Hey I gained almost two kilos since 14 days ago! Now you Aaron.” I jumped on the scale and Misha read the dial. “156 pounds.” I looked down at the scale, “Wow, I’m up a pound too. Must be those mega-workouts.” He checked our height as well. He was 5’6” and maybe a little more. I was 5’9.

“Let’s get going. I need to pump up my shoulders. Grab my feet, please.” He was grinning at me as he put his palms on the floor and flipped his legs up in a handstand. I grabbed his feet and steadied him. As I did, he started doing inverted push ups. “Count please!” I counted out each rep. He stopped at fifty. “Now I need to do chest and triceps.” He got down and started doing pushups. I counted out fifty again. “It isn’t hard enough, Aaron. Lay on my back for extra weight.

“You’re kidding.”

“No, I can do it. Please, climb on.” I wrapped my arms around his incredible chest and he started knocking out perfect pushups – 30 of them. He stood up and his skin was red from the blood gorging his muscles. The veins were standing out on his arms and across his shoulders. I was getting hard just looking at him. He flexed his bicep in front of me and told me to feel it. “Oh my god Misha. I can barely fit my hand around it, and I can’t even begin to dent it.” It was true. I squeezed his softball-sized bicep as hard as I could and it didn’t even budge. He was such a rock. I started to put the tape around his arm, but he stopped me.

“Not yet, I still have to hit my biceps and back.” He walked over the chin up bar in the doorway of my bathroom. He did 40 reps behind the neck and then 40 more in front. When he finished, he hung there looking at me. “Climb on, I need some more weight.” I shook my head and did as I was told. He had me totally hard and completely in awe of his power. He did 12 reps and told me to drop off. He did another 10 and then let go.

“Yeah, Aaron!” He yelled. “I am so pumped up! Look at my muscles!” He hit a double bicep pose and I almost lost it just looking at him. His lats flared out like wings and his arms were huge, I couldn’t believe their size. Veins popped out from his forearms and crossed his biceps. He looked so incredible. “Measure me, Aaron!”

First we did his biceps. “Not quite 17 inches.” I said. He squeezed harder and the incredible ball of muscle in his arm peaked up slightly higher. “OK, that’s 17.” He made me read the metric side of the tape too. “That’s 43 centimeters.”

“Oh yes! That’s up one centimeter! I feel so pumped Aaron! Now my chest!” It was 46.5 inches, 118 centimeters. “Yeah, look at that muscle! Feel how pumped I am Aaron!” I felt his pecs and his lats. He was so warm and his body was so hard. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. “Now my neck!” I was 16.5 inches. “My waist!” he demanded. It was 28 inches, 71 centimeters. “Oh yeah, same as always,” he smiled. “Now I need to pump my legs!”

Without even warning me, he picked my in a fireman’s carry and started doing squats. He did 20 reps, and then he started doing calf raises. After 20 of those he went back to squats. He had me facing toward the mirror on my dresser so I could see what was happening. His face was getting red as he worked and I could feel his incredible arms bulging to hold me in place. As he started do the calf raises again, he started do them faster and faster. I don’t know if he realized or not, but the motion was totally getting me off. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I started to cum while he was still holding me on his back. A huge smile came across his face as he rearranged his hands and pressed me over his head. “Oh yes. I got you off! I knew I could, this is so hot, Aaron!”

He not so gently through me to the ground and then swaggered up to me. I was now on my knees looking up at his amazing body. My mouth was open, I couldn’t think of anything to say. He put his hands on hips and looked down at me. He was grinning that grin again. “Measure my legs now!” he demanded. They were 25.5 inches, 65 centimeters. “Yeah!” he yelled. “That’s up a centimeter!” As he said this he grabbed my hair and tilted my face back. He bent over and rammed his tongue down my throat. He had my head so firmly in his hand I thought he was going to lift me right off the ground. “I feel so pumped Aaron! It’s time for you to do some work!” Without another word, he grabbed his dick with his other hand and rammed it down my throat. Up until now, he had been content to let me give him the best blowjob I knew how, but now he was totally getting off on himself. With one hand, he held my head and fucked my face. With the other he ran his hands across his amazing body. “I feel so powerful. Yeah, my body is getting so big wait until I start really growing!” His vice-like grip smashed my face all the way down on his amazing eight inch dick. He blew a huge load down my throat. I felt his cock pulse with power as it unloaded deep in my throat.

I had moved my hands around to grab his rock hard ass. I pulled myself into him so that even when he let go of my head, his cock stayed far down my throat. I wanted to feel his amazing power for as long as I could. I finally released him and he used my hair again to pull my head so that he could kiss me. He rammed his tongue down my throat again. When he finally released me, a huge grin crossed his face. He spun himself around. “Don’t forget my calves, Aaron!” I measured them. They were 16.5 perfect inches. I rested my butt back on my calves and looked at him. He was doing a double bicep pose as he flexed his calves. I couldn’t stand it. I grabbed his hips and pulled him toward me, shoving my tongue deep between his butt cheeks. I could taste his sweat and feel his powerful ass flexing almost involuntarily as I licked him. He was so incredible, I was totally lost in him and I loved it. After about a minute, we both started to cum again. I released him and feel backwards on the floor. He jumped on top of me and we rubbed our cum into each other.

He smiled at me and our eyes locked. We stayed that way sliently for a bit, then he softly said, “Wow that was hot. You really bring out the best in me, Aaron! Let's take a shower and get some sleep. We have a big workout tomorrow." •

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