JP (Original True Story)


By JoiseyTawlk

“Have you seen JP?”

“Yeah, he’s fuckin’ huge.”

When band camp started in mid-August, all anyone talked about was JP. He was the main topic of conversation in almost every circle. Even the guys were making comments and the girls were constantly giggling. “I heard he’s good in bed.” “I’m sure his dick is as gorgeous as the rest of him.” High school girls are all the same, I thought to myself, trying not to laugh out load at their comments. They would never have a chance with him, but they didn’t know that.

As usual, we both arrived together, even though JP was finally old enough to drive now. He wanted to spend as much time as he could with me, so we took turns driving to school that year. We didn’t plan it, but we looked like twins, both wearing sleeveless shirts, showing off our newly-buffed arms. His was black and looked amazing on him. His steel biceps bulged out of his skin and made him look hot. I wore a white shirt that JP said displayed my “powerful” shoulders really well. “Like they’re anywhere near as powerful as yours,” I told him at this compliment. He just shrugged and blushed. Obviously, we promised each other not to be intimate in public since both of us were still in the closet, so we had to be careful what we said to each other and what we did. Believe me, at times, it was a little tough to hold back.

This was the first time since June that many people had seen us, so more than a few jaws dropped when they saw us, especially when they saw JP. We walked into the band room and headed over to where the other trumpet players were congregated. Hunter, the other senior section leader, came over and gave me a high five. “Dude! What’s up!” he said. He hadn’t seen me all summer either, being that we were no more than just colleagues in band. “You look big,” he continued, glancing at my arms. “You’ve been working out?” “Yeah,” I answered humbly, shrugging my shoulders. “JP and I got busy this summer.” I had to laugh at the implications of that statement, but Hunter wouldn’t pick up on it. I’m sure the last thing on his mind was what JP and I did besides lifting weights. He looked over his shoulder toward JP, who was by now naturally surrounded by girls. “Yeah,” Hunter replied. “He’s gotten pretty big, too.” I hinted a bit of jealousy in his voice. Hunter was the type that tried to stay in shape, but just couldn’t get rid of that stubborn big gut. He wasn’t obese or anything, just large. “You wouldn’t believe how much he could bench,” I said. “I’d say at least 200,” he guessed. “Try 320.” Hunter’s eyes practically flew out of his head. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “Yeah,” I continued. “The kid‘s a beast - hey, JP!” I shouted over to my boyfriend. He looked over at me and I lifted my arm as if to flex it. He caught my message and flexed his left bicep. A huge mountain of muscle suddenly exploded out of his skin, leaving the girls there in awe. “Damn,” Hunter gasped. A couple of the girls were brave enough to feel the hard 18 inches of muscle JP’s arm held. His face displayed the smile that I loved so much; his eyes shimmered like stars and his perfect white teeth gleamed. The girls were going crazy over him and he was playing the part of the Ladies’ Man pretty well for someone who was gay. “You should be a bodybuilder or something, man,” Hunter commented. JP scrunched his face and shook his head. “Nah.” “Ok, band,” our band director announced. “Everyone get out onto the field.”

The first week was spent solely on drill, the forms that are made on the field. In the afternoons, though, each section would work on their music by themselves. Hunter and I were in charge since we were the two seniors, but JP made it known that he could’ve been in control if he wanted to. There were two little freshmen in the trumpet section. I almost laughed at the expression on their faces the first time they saw the three of us. They were completely intimidated. JP and I knew right away that we’d have them eating out of our hands in know time. I’m sure Hunter realized it too. By the end of the first week, JP had gotten to know them very well. He’d beat up on them, not seriously, just for fun. They adored him and it didn’t take a genius to see that they looked up to him like crazy. JP had such a way with people. He had that perfect charm that just made everyone like him, plus having someone with his strength and muscularity on your side, especially as a freshman, was always a good thing. He would flex his arms for them and let them feel all that hard muscle. One particularly hot Friday, JP took his shirt off during sectionals and the freshman’s eyes bulged out. Hunter shook his head with disbelief and I rolled my eyes. The show-off, I thought. They had never seen anyone as cut as JP. He couldn’t help but taunt them a little. “Go ahead,” he said, pointing his head at one of them. “Punch me as hard as you can in my stomach.” He stood there, half flexing his rock-hard abs. The smaller of the two freshman hesitantly walked up to him and thrust his fist against the six bricks. I winced as a load smack reverberated through the room. The freshman yelped and shook his hand in pain. “I’m still waiting,” JP chimed, smiling. The punch hadn’t phased him at all. He barely felt it.

Over the next few months, I was not only blown away by how much JP’s strength and size had grown, but also how much better of a trumpet player he had become. He range went up into the stratosphere and his tone was almost as gorgeous as his eyes. His technique was amazing and he could sight-read nearly any piece of music you would put in front of him. In October, he actually beat me out in concert band auditions, so he was now sitting first chair with me in second. As a future music major, I normally would’ve been upset by this, but it was JP. How could I be upset by anything he did? We would gaze into each other’s eyes and smile whenever we would pass through halls. We were so in love with each other. At lunch, we would go outside to play Frisbee. I was so amazed at his speed and endurance. The kid just never got tired.

In the months preceding wrestling season, JP continued working out, but he didn’t work nearly as hard as he had over the summer. His growth spurt was slowing down again, so he didn’t post nearly the same gains as he had been doing. He actually lost weight, making sure he would be able to weigh in at no more than 171 pounds, since that was what he was going to wrestle this year. His waist returned to its previous 27 inches and a physical showed an amazing body fat percentage of 4%. To keep these stats, he devastated his abs with every workout, doing anywhere from 300 to 500 sit-ups a day. JP was pure muscle. We would hang out together every once in a while. He would let me massage his muscles after his workout sessions and then we would kiss, while watching TV or something. I loved feeling his rock-hard body under my fingers. He wanted to stay loose for wrestling, so he loved having me over to do this. I would sometimes lie on his massive back and gently rub his steel arms, hearing him purr. One time, when I was massage the back of his thighs, he actually came. “Whoops,” he said, blushing. “That’s alright,” I assured him. “That means you’re relaxed. It almost happened to me one time when my mom was giving me a massage.” He laughed and I couldn’t help but laugh with him. He rolled over onto his back and held his arms out to me. “Come here,” he said, his eyes getting softer by the second. I lay down on top of him, placing my hands on his giant shoulders. He wrapped his arms around me and gently massaged my back. “Man,” he said. “You’re tight back there. Have you been under pressure lately.” “College,” was all I could say. He knew what I meant. I was going crazy filling out applications, practicing for auditions, and doing homework and everything else. There were some days where I was running on pure adrenaline, or so it felt. “If I didn’t have you,” I said quietly. “I’d be going crazy.” I gazed into his eyes and kissed him. “I’m going to miss you so much,” I whispered, my eyes starting to fill with tears, my fingers brushing his hair. “We could stay in contact,” he assured me. “There’s always IM.” “True,” I continued. “But that’s not the same.” Chances were, I was going to an out-of-state college, so seeing him would be relegated to holidays. I lay my head against his left pec and sighed. “I love you, JP,” I said, fighting back tears. I heard him sniffling. “I love you, too,” he returned. We lay there like that for a minute or two until JP finally broke the silence. “Man, I gotta tell you a hilarious story.” “Sure,” I answered. I needed some comic relief. “You know Leslie?” “You mean, that slut girl, who goes around sleeping with half the football team.” “Yeah,” JP continued, laughing. “She tried fucking me right in the middle of the hallway.” “What?!” No way, I thought to myself. “What happened?” He continued the story.

“It was when I was wearing that Packer T-shirt that is a little too small for me. I was walking out of Physics, when Leslie comes up from behind and starts flirting with me. ‘Hey stud,’ she called out. I turned around and I was like, ‘Uh, hello.’ ‘Have I ever told you how sexy you are?’ she said.” JP’s imitation of Leslie was cracking me up. “I said, ‘uh, thank you, I guess.’ She was like, ‘Well, you are. You’re one hot, sexy hunk of meat.’ She put her hands on my chest and was feeling me up and everything. She was like, ‘Ooh, your muscles are just as hard as I heard.” JP was rolling his eyes and throwing his voice to sound like a girl. It was hilarious. “Then all of a sudden, she throws her arms around me and thrusts herself into me and says, ‘Fuck me, oh, fuck me.’ I was like, ‘Whoa, down girl,’ and pushed her away - not too hard, otherwise I would’ve pushed her down, but I think she got the point.” We both were laughing so hard, we could barely breathe. “Man,” I finally said, after regaining control. “You have everyone after you. You better watch out.” He took me in his arms again. I sighed, feeling his incredible power surrounding me. He eyes were melting as he said, “You’ll always be the only one, Matt.” I felt like I was ready to cry as I felt his lips against mine. I wished I didn’t have to go to college. I wished out love would never have to split. I wished I could stay in his arms forever. •

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