JP (Original True Story)


By JoiseyTawlk

At the beginning of the summer, I never thought it possible for JP to get any bigger than he already was. I was proved wrong by August when band camp started again. At 6 feet, 175 pounds, JP was massive, but gorgeous. His golden brown hair shone in the sunlight, his bright blue eyes piercing through me whenever I looked into them. His thin, red lips were strong offering heavenly kisses and his powerful tongue made them even better. When he smiled, his perfect white teeth glistened and dimples appeared on his smooth doll-like cheeks and his eyes sparkled with such merriment, you’d swear you were looking at an angel. His body just kept getting better and better as the hot weeks of summer progressed. His menacing wrestler’s neck contrasted beautifully with his still boyish face, making you wonder if his head was somehow transplanted onto this Adonis of a body. The base of his neck, now wider than his cheekbones, overlapped with his traps, which curved downward perfectly to his massive shoulders. These were giant balls of muscle that exploded out of JP’s skin whenever he did overhead curls. They led to concrete upper arms so thick, I felt their power every time he put his arms around me. His biceps rose to an incredible peak measuring 18 inches around and so hard to the touch, that you swore he was a living statue. The tendons in his forearms writhed like snakes at the slightest bend of one of his fingers and his vice-like grip was impossible to force open. JP’s luscious pecs were so large, they pushed out the fabric of every shirt he wore, making him seem even bigger when he was wearing one. When we were making out, I would sometimes glide my tongue along the crease between his pecs and massage his nipples, which actually pointed downward. I loved feeling every inch of these giant slabs of meat. His lats flared out like wings and caused his arms to stand so far from his sides, he wasn’t able to fit through a normal doorway without moving them. His corrugated abs were amazing. With something less than 5% body fat, JP devastated his six-pack when he worked them. Hundreds of sit-ups a day made them harder and harder. His stomach was like a brick wall, unable to be bent. I could stand those abs without phasing JP at all. It would turn me on immensely whenever trickles of sweat rolled down his pecs and in between each of his abs. Those sit-ups also kept his waist incredibly small at 27 and a half inches around (yes, he did lose some of that extra inch he gained). Therefore, his torso exhibited an amazing V shape from his shoulders to his hips, making his back that much more impressive, as if it wasn’t unbelievable enough covered with muscle upon muscle. His round butt was just as hard as the rest of him. When we would rest after making out, I would sometimes lay my head on that butt and played my fingers among the muscles in his chiseled lower back. In fact, his butt was probably the only thing holding up his boxers, which he wore when he worked out. His cock just simply amazed me. At seven and a half inches now, it felt so wonderful in my hands and every once in a while my mouth. JP’s ripped thighs bulged with my step his took and exploded when he did the leg press. With my head lying on his butt, I would sometimes massage the back of those massive legs. His calves were also hard balls of muscle, bulging like the rest of him. A week in Florida during Fourth of July gave him a beautiful tan, allowing the sweat to glisten even more when he worked out. This made our make-out sessions afterward even better. More and more, I would let JP take control of my body during these moments. As he got stronger and stronger and bigger and bigger, I would succumb to his powerful arms and chest and just let him take over. We would strip down to our bare bodies and just lie together, staring into each other’s eyes, every once in a while kissing. It was the most unbelievable summer of my life.

The day JP benched 300 pounds for the first time was an incredibly hot day in August. It must’ve been near 100 degrees outside, which meant that it was even hotter down in the basement where the two of us worked out. Like a typical wrestler, JP refused to lift weights with the air conditioning on, even in the hottest conditions. That was fine with me, because that meant more sweat dripping over his sexy muscles and I always needed to lose some extra weight anyway. JP was having a very good day; his muscles were hammering rep after rep of the heavy weights that I could only dream of lifting. I mean, I had a gotten a little stronger, but JP was in the middle of a growth spurt, allowing him to increase his poundages rapidly. He had just finished his fourth set of benching with 215 pounds and was pumped. As he laid the bar back into its rack and sat up and I sat down on the bench so that I faced him. “Man, JP,” I said, shaking my head, “You’re just cranking them out today.” “I feel really good today, I guess,” he answered, smiling at me, his eyes shimmering. The bangs of his hair were plastered against his forehead from sweating and he was breathing heavily from exertion. “I feel stronger than ever.” He did a most-muscular pose and every muscle in his body bulged like crazy. Every vein was pulsating with blood. My cock started hardening more than it already was. In only two years, JP had gained 75 pounds of almost pure muscle. It was like something you read about only in fantasy stories. And to believe that this muscle god was my boyfriend. I moved my body around so that I faced his back and started massaging his massive shoulders and upper pecs. “Relax, babe,” I told him. He let out a large sigh. “Imagine,” I said, staring up at the ceiling. “Only six months ago, 215 seemed so heavy.” I laid my chin on his left shoulder. “And now you’re lifting it like it’s nothing.” JP gently place his left hand on my face and gazed into my eyes. “That’s because I have you in my life,” he whispered. My heart melted when he said things like that. “JP.” Now it was my turn to sigh. “Why are you so perfect,” I asked him, adoringly. His eyes grew softer as he moved his lips closer to mine. “Because I have you,” he said, kissing me softly. I leaned back against the bar, stretching my arms out along it. JP let go of me and re-positioned his body so that he could get full control of the both of us, as if he hadn’t had it already. I closed my eyes as he slid along the bench until we were face to face again. “Oh my God, Matt, you’re so hot,” he gasped. I couldn’t believe I was getting this praise from somehow who I practically worshipped myself. Instinctively, I wrapped legs around his waist and he advanced forward to resume kissing. His steel arms hugged my upper body, his hands gently massaging my back. He moved his lips to my neck and shoulder as I placed my hands in his hair. Suddenly, he stood up as if doing a squat still with my legs around him. My heart nearly skipped a beat. JP was now effortlessly supporting my entire weight on his body. He was so strong. He was so beautiful. And I was so in love with him. He turned around and sat down again on the bench with me sitting in his lap. His eyes rose to meet mine once again, mine looking into his with such admiration, I felt like I was nothing compared to this unbelievable hunk of a boy…and I loved it. “Holy shit, you’re so strong,” I told him, breathing hard. “I bet you can bench 300 now.” “Well, I do feel pretty good today,” he answered, humbly. I rose from his body and said, excitedly, “Well then, let’s do it.” A shrug from him signaled an OK. “Should we start with 280 and work our way up or something,” I asked. “Nah,” JP said, confidently.

“I don’t need anymore warm-up.” This wasn’t the first he had tried benching 300. A few weeks ago, an attempt was made, but he was unable to lift the bar all the way. He was pissed at himself for the rest of the day. Surely, now he would do it. He seemed stronger than ever. I finished putting the last weight on the bar and JP lay down underneath it, preparing a grip. I got ready to spot him. We took the bar off its rack and lowered toward JP’s chest. Then, with a burst of energy, he pressed the heavy weight up and up. Slowly, but surely, the bar rose higher. His arms were quivering and his face displayed a look of determination. Finally, his arms straightened. JP had just benched 300 pounds - a new record. He took a deep breath and lowered the bar to his chest again. He was going to try it again. With his eyes shut and his muscles straining, JP forced that bar up into the air. It actually seemed to go up a little more quickly this time. The bar lowered to his now heaving and pumped chest once again. He was actually going for a third rep. A little more slowly this time, he pressed…and succeeded. Again. And again. My eyes were bulging out of their sockets. JP was going for a fifth rep with the heaviest weight he’s ever benched! I couldn’t believe it. His eyes were shut tight, every muscle in his body was shaking, his jaw was clenched, but he was determined. Nothing would stop him. At last, his arms straightened and I helped him put the bar back into the rack. Then JP let out a big smile. “I did it.” I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to say. He rolled his eyes up at me and gave me this devilish look. No, he wasn’t. “Put 10 more pounds on this thing,” he growled. When JP was on a roll, nothing got in his way. I obeyed and added the weight and we prepared to bench 310 pounds. The bar went down to his chest and then up. It almost seemed effortless to him. JP was amazing. He was unbelievable. His was a god. My mind was racing as his finished his third rep with 310 pounds. I was breathing almost as heavily as he was, and I wasn’t doing anything but spotting him. JP looked at me again and hissed through his teeth, “10 more pounds.” His eyes were on fire. I had never seen him more determined. I obediently loaded the bar to 320 pounds, a weight that would break his brother’s record. I knew this is what he wanted, so there was no way I could stop him. JP was a monster. This was a little tougher for him, but he didn’t care. He finished the first rep with a scream. I couldn’t tell if it was from pain or determination or sheer ecstasy at beating Ryan’s record, but it was a sound I will never forget. My mind was in a fog and my eyes were blind with unbelief. Somehow, he pulled off a second rep and racked the bar. “10 more pounds,” he screamed. However, 330 pounds seemed to be the limit this time. He was unable to do a rep. As we placed the bar into its rack, JP let out a “Damn it.” He was such a perfectionist, he hated failing at anything, even if it was beyond him. “You beat your brother’s record,” I gasped, still trying to find air. “320 pounds! You’re such a sexy beast!” His steel blue eyes looked at me and I couldn’t hold back. I gave the longest, most powerful kiss I had ever given anyone in my entire life. My hands groped his warm, hard pecs, while his hugged the back of my neck and head. The kiss the both of us breathless. I collapsed backward onto the floor trying to catch my breath. It had been an unbelievable afternoon, seeing JP push his body past his limit and still have enough energy to give me the most amazing kiss I had ever felt. I closed my eyes, playing the events of the last hour over in my head. I felt a shadow loom over me and then sensed JP’s body heat near me. Was he coming back for more? I opened my eyes in time to see him laying his head on my stomach. I reached my hands down and glided my fingers through his wet hair. “I want you to be with me forever,” he purred. He held onto my wrists and pulled them over my head, while at the same time sliding his body upward so that his head matched mine. He made sure he wasn’t completely lying on me, surely since his 175 pounds of dense muscle would crush me. I was in heaven being entirely surrounded by my incredibly beefy boyfriend. He lowered his lips once again to kiss me. He may have been strong and powerful enough to bench 320 pounds, but he was still gentle enough to leave me feeling light as air when we made out. We rolled over so that he was now on the bottom and continued kissing. He moved his hands to my butt and pressed me closer to his body, allowing me to feel nothing but his massive muscles.

Both our dicks were as hard as can be, his brushing up against the inside of my left leg, mine pressed against his concrete, corrugated abs. This reminded me of something. JP hadn’t worked his abs yet today. “You forgot to do abs today,” I whispered in his ear. “Well, then we must do them,” he whispered back. I loved how when he was working out, even if it was just his muscles, he would say it as if we were working out his muscles. I pulled myself off him as he propped himself up. His boxers had started coming down, revealing part of his cock. We both giggled when we noticed it. “Oh, what the hell,” he smirked, stripping them off and throwing them aside. “Hold my ankles,” he said with a devilish look. “If you can.” I positioned myself at his feet and he began his grueling sit-ups session. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… I looked over my glorious boyfriend from top to bottom. He was the specimen of the perfect man. His ripped thighs bulged with power…16, 17, 18, 19…his incredibly narrow waist covered in nothing but muscle…32, 33, 34, 35…his tight abs growing harder and more defined with every rep…67, 68, 69, 70…his chest, two huge slabs of meat, unable to be stopped…103, 104, 105, 106…his nipples, hard as rock and sexy beyond belief…145, 146, 147, 148…his flaring lats, giving his torso a V shape that pulled every shirt he wore at its seams…179, 180, 181, 182…his muscle-capped shoulders, so huge, you could barely fit you hands over them…225, 226, 227, 228…his powerful biceps, 18 inches of stone-hard muscle…258, 259, 260, 261…his python forearms, ripped to the max and able to crush anything…298, 299, 300, 301…his wide neck, so broad and hard, you’d swear it was a tree trunk…332, 333, 334, 335…his lips and tongue, strong and gentle at the same time, you wonder how they could come from a body as beautiful as JP’s…368, 369, 370, 371…his eyes, steel blue beacons that could pierce you, yet so soft, you could get lost in them…397, 398, 399 and 400…his cock, long, hard and so inviting…as JP cranked his 400th rep, I lunged for his cock and heaved my mouth around its head. “Whoa, Matt,” he said, sounding surprised. He pressed my head into his crotch, practically forcing the entire thing down my throat. I groped for his abs, feeling their hardness, especially after doing 400 sit-ups straight. They were so tight. He cock was so juicy. He wanted more.

“Harder,” he hissed. I sucked like never before, my throat starting to get soar. I grabbed his waist with my hands, pulling him into me, he pushed on my head even stronger. My tongue flirted around the head of his dick. I felt his lower back arch and I quickly darted my hands under his body and down to his butt, pushing him into me. I felt nothing but cum and JP’s juicy dick in my mouth. It actually tasted better than I thought it did. When he was done spewing, I lifted my mouth off his cock and started licking his abs. Along all the crevices and over all the bumps, I dragged my tongue, covered with jizz. I rested my head on his right pec as he brushed my hair with his fingers. When he finally caught his breath, he said, “That was the most amazing thing you’ve ever done to me.” He looked down at me, his eyes so soft, they made me cry. “I have to return that favor.” Then, he grinned. “But first, I’d have to bigger and stronger and sexier to out-do that.” Was that possible, I thought to myself. With JP, anything was possible. •

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