JP (Original True Story)


By JoiseyTawlk

JP told me over the phone that he had gotten �a bit bigger.� That was an understatement. He had gotten a lot bigger! In fact, he was now nearly as big as his brother! Ryan�s shoulders were still more massive, but JP was catching up quickly. The mere fact that JP had a smaller waist made him look more impressive, though. Every back muscle was perfectly accented and his butt was more beautiful than ever. They both turned around and noticed me leaning against the wall for the first time. Ryan�s pecs were pushing out on his sweat-stained T-shirt, straining the fabric. JP�s chest and abs were just as chiseled as they always were, just bigger and more incredible. �Hey,� the elder brother spoke up. �It�s your little friend, Matt. Welcome back.� Being labeled little would usually have upset me if I hadn�t been mesmerized by JP�s latest brawn. Ryan�s eyes peered at me as he came toward me and offered his hand. I shook it and winced a little at his strong grip. I looked up at him and simply replied, �Thanks.� I remember later how he reminded me of Josh Hartnett (although a whole lot bigger, of course). Most people would probably say that he was cuter than JP, which seems impossible, but then, he wasn�t quite as nice a guy as his younger brother. �What�s up?� JP said coming over to us, standing next to his brother. He had actually grown an inch taller since the last time I saw him, so he was now my height at 5�11�. However, he was still a few inches shorter than Ryan. Now, I wasn�t a small guy; I had muscle myself, but next to these two hulking muscle gods, I felt like a puny, little fourth-grader. �Did you see me lift that?� JP was beaming with pride. �I set a new record for me.� They led me over to the bench press and I stared in disbelief at the amount of weight that was on the bar. Only in my dreams would I be able to lift that much. �How much is it?� I stammered. �270 pounds,� JP answered with a grin. I nearly wet my pants. �Fuckin� shit!� I gasped. Ryan smirked, �That�s no where near what I can bench.� I knew the expression on his face. I was good in psychology. I knew what was going on in his head. He was jealous. �Oh yeah?� JP challenged. �Tell him how much your record is.� �What does he care how much I can lift?� Ryan immediately rebutted. �Tell him!� JP urged again. Ryan turned his eyes away from me and said in a lower voice, �315.� My eyes widened and jerked my head back in amazement. 315? �Yeah,� JP continued. �And he�s been stuck on that weight for three months.� He let go a smile, showing his perfectly white teeth and I fell in love with him again. �Shut up, asshole!� Ryan sneered at his brother. �I going to take a shower.� With that, he pushed past us and started toward the stairs. �You wanna arm-wrestle later?� JP called after him, tauntingly. �Fuck you!� was all Ryan said as his legs disappeared up the steps.

JP turned back toward me, gave me the melting look and kissed me. �I missed you all week,� he said, gently massaging my back. �I�m sure you did,� I replied. �What�s with you and Ryan?� They always had sibling rivalry, but now it was getting rough lately. �He�s just getting scared,� JP shrugged. �I�ve been increasing my poundages a lot lately and he hasn�t. And then the other day, I almost beat him in a arm-wrestling match for the first time ever.� My boyfriend smiled and looked at me. �I think he�s worried I�m going to catch up to him and even surpass him.� He lay down on the bench and calmly placed his hands around the bar. �Will you?� I asked. �Oh, of course,� JP answered. �It�s really just a matter of when.� He looked up at the weights on either side of the bar. �At the rate I�m going, I might be able to hit 315 by the end of the summer.� I just shook my head. I was still trying to get over seeing JP bench 270 and now he was talking about lifting 315 pounds. The most I had ever done was 165 and that was when I was in really good shape. �Plus,� JP continued. �I don�t know if you noticed, but Ryan�s been gaining some weight lately. And I don�t mean muscle. Did you see his love handles?� I thought back and did remember him thinner than when I saw just a minute before. �He gained 30 pounds of mostly fat last summer,� JP explained. �And fought like hell to stay under weight limit all wrestling season. Now, he�s not working out as much, but still eating the same. He�s gained something 15 pounds of mostly fat over the last few months and starting to lose his six-pack.� I raised my eyebrows. �I�m determined not to let that happened to me.� I was amazed by JP�s dedication. �I going to work extra hard over the summer,� JP turned his head toward me. �And you�re going to help me.� I felt a tingling sensation all over my body and walked around the bar to his waist. �You know I would love to.� JP moaned and closed his eyes as I lay down on his massive body, gliding my hands over his pecs and shoulders, feeling their incredible hardness, even at his relaxed state. �I want you to keep growing,� I whispered into his ear. �I want to be able to completely melt into your body, feeling nothing but your hard, strong muscles growing bigger and bigger and bigger.� As I said this, I felt his cock hardened against my leg. Our lips locked together once again, this time, his tongue completely taking control of mine. He wrapped his python arms around my body and I just relaxed into his chest. We lay like that for at least a good five minutes. It was heaven to me.

He opened his eyes and I gazed directly into them. I had never seen a pair of eyes so beautiful. The deep blue color melted my heart on impact every time. By looking into them, I knew that he loved me more than anything and would give anything to have me by his side. My hands rose to his head and I combed my fingers through his golden brown hair. �How did I deserve to fall in love with a guy like you,� I told him. �I fell in love with you,� he replied. We kissed again, except this time his tongue played a little more gently. His hands moved down to my butt and I could feel his huge biceps nudging my sides. He pressed my body against his and his warm, hard abs felt incredible against my stomach. JP�s cock was getting even longer and harder between my legs and my mine was growing too. I moved my lips from his mouth down his wide neck, still kissing. My hands groped his massive shoulders, feeling their thickness. I continued down the middle of his chest, sliding my tongue between his pecs. From there, I slid to his stomach, moving my mouth around each of his six perfect abs. My hands glided along his side to the waistband of his boxers and gently pulled them down over his pelvis. His cock sprung out. I swear it had grown even bigger since the last time I had seen it. I moved my mouth around its head and started working my tongue around, all the time moving down, pushing JP�s dick further into my mouth. My hands gently massaged his rock hard thighs. I had never in my life done anything more pleasurable than this. JP�s hands groped my head, urging me to work harder. I did. Using as much strength as I could muster, I guided my tongue around his hard cock, moving back and forth, up and down the shaft. He started breathing heavily and let out a few �Oh my God�s. I reared back just as he erupted, spewing jizz into the air and all over my lower face and neck. While JP was recovering from the most powerful head I had ever given, still trying to catch his breath and chest heaving up and down, I ran into the bathroom to clean off my face. I looked at myself in the mirror. Man, I was sweating like crazy! I hadn�t used that much energy since crew season. I took off my shirt to cool off and bent down to rinse my face. As I was splashing the cold water, I felt JP�s strong arms wrap around my waist. I immediately looked up and saw his immense image behind me fill the mirror. He had completely taken off his boxers and was standing there stark naked. He pulled me toward him and enveloped my body around his arms. He must�ve known I loved it when he did that, taking entire control of my every movement, leaving me nearly helpless. His still-hard cock rammed against my butt. If I hadn�t been wearing shorts, he would�ve fucked me right then and there. �That was the most incredible thing I�ve ever experienced in my life,� he whispered in my ear. �Thank you.� I looked at his reflection in the mirror as he kissed my neck and shoulder. His shoulders flared inches past mine, yet his waist was still hidden behind my body. I couldn�t believe how a 16-year-old could be so built. His massive arms that held me exhibited veins that gorged with blood and his legs, which were spread a little bit, were ripped, his thighs now bigger than mine. I felt his concrete-like pecs against my back and sighed heavily. �I want you near me all the time,� he said, his voice echoing what my head was saying itself. JP let go of me and I turned around. I stared at him for a long second, trying to think of what to say. All that came out was, �JP, you�re so fucking sexy.� �What, and you�re not?� I loved JP�s confidence. He continued, �Flex your bicep. I wanna see how you�re coming along.� I obeyed, raising my right arm for his to inspect. My muscles are nothing to laugh at, I admit. With 13.5 inch biceps, I have a pretty decent physique. JP felt my arm which was not rock hard, but still solid from crew season. �Not bad,� he said with a smirk. �How much do you weight?� �About 150,� I answered. JP took a step back and raised his biceps to flex. �I�m 164 pounds of solid muscle.� With that, he flexed his arms and two mountains exploded out of his skin. I immediately shot my hands up to his left bicep and felt nothing but rock hard muscle. �17 inch biceps,� JP said with a grin. �More powerful than they�ve ever been.� I sighed and looked into his eyes. He stared back and said, �And by the end of the summer, they�ll be even more powerful and bigger.�

And bigger he got. I helped JP work out and watched him grow all summer. I watched as he pushed his body past what I would deem impossible. Nothing was enough for him. JP was a perfectionist. He would always strain for heavier weights, more push-ups and sit-ups, everything. I watched his weight increase from 164 to 170. I watched his biceps balloon from 17 inches to 17.5 inches. I watched his bench press increase from 270 to 275 to 280 to 285. There just seemed to be no end to how big and how strong and how sexy JP would become. He would do dozens of pull-ups, sometimes with me hanging on him as extra weight. He would do hundreds of sit-ups to keep his tiny waist and ripped abs. He would do many push-ups, straining to get just ten more out. At the end of each workout, he�d save up enough energy to make out with me, sometimes giving me the most glorious bowjobs, and experiences I never knew to be possible. I sometimes worked out with him, and with his encouragement put on 5 more pounds of muscle myself. But that was nothing compared to the 15 pounds JP gained in that same span. His weight continued increasing from 170 to 175. His biceps continued ballooning from 17.5 inches to 18 inches. His bench press continued increasing from 285 to 290 to 295. He grew another inch, towering at an even 6 feet. Even though his shoulders expanded, his waist stayed at an incredibly small 28 inches. The extra inch he blew off as �comes with the territory,� though he added another 100 sit-ups at the end of each day. JP had become a monster, but an incredibly sexy one. He never lost his good looks and, most importantly, his amazing attitude. I�ll never forget that time he finally broke the 300-pound barrier in the bench press. •

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