JP (Original True Story)


By JoiseyTawlk

Crew season was going full force now, so with practices and workouts every day I had very little time to go over to JP’s house as frequently as I had before. However, JP would come to some of the regattas that were held every Saturday. I admit my boat wasn’t the best one out there, but we would win a few races or at least get to the semifinals at every regatta. As a junior, I was the fifth man rower of the JV boat, which usually goes to the strongest rower in the eight-man scull since he’s in the middle. Therefore, I hoped to make the Varsity eight my senior year and JP was just as supportive to my goals as I was to his. After each of my races, JP would meet me at the launching dock. Since it was nearly a mile from the grandstand along the finish line, he had to run to catch me in time. Each time, he would congratulate me for doing a good job, even if we DFLed (or came in Dead Fuckin’ Last), which would happen every now and then, especially if one of our rowers caught a crab (that’s when the oar gets pulled underneath the boat by the current and that slows you down because of the extra drag). The other guys had gotten to know JP by the end of the season. And of course, because of his amazing strength, he would help carry the boat back to the boathouse. If you’ve ever carried one of those eight-man sculls (and I’m not talking about those new fiberglass ones that the Varsity eight used), you know those things are heavy, even for eight strong guys. Therefore, we were all appreciative of JP’s extra man, or should I say two men. Since he so much stronger than all of us, he could manage what two guys could carry together. No one told him to help us, he just asked and we said yes. There was another example of JP’s maturity. Maybe he just felt guilty seeing us do all that work and him just tagging along, getting in the way. When we finished putting the boat back in it’s place in the boathouse, each of the rowers would thank JP for the extra help and usually pat him on the back or something.

I remember the first time JP came to a regatta. We were talking after my last race in the boathouse and he commented on my uniform. The usual outfit for the crew team was a tank top shirt and shorts made of spandex. Of course, some of the shier guys would wear short-sleeve shirts underneath the tank top and would wear sweatpants or something like that until just before they got into the boat. “I know why you became a rower,” JP said to me that first time. I looked at him with a weird expression and said, “Why?” “Because your legs look great in that spandex,” JP whispered in my ear. I admit, my legs were probably among the best looking in our boat, although most of the guys in Varsity had massive thighs that I just couldn’t compete with. “Is anyone home at your house?” JP asked. I looked in his eyes and knew what he wanted. We hadn’t done anything sexual since that time he gave me a blowjob and I was trying to figure out when I would repay him. My dad was at work and my mom was spending the rest of the day working at the regatta, so being an only child, I would be home alone. I told him it was possible. I went to grab my stuff. He had told me not to bother changing, so I didn’t. He called his mom who had dropped him off earlier that day and told her he was going to my house for a bit. Of course, she didn’t think anything of it since either he was always at my house or I was always at his. We met again at my car and started the drive home. It was only a twenty minute drive from the lake to my house, but it seemed a lot longer. I was a little excited and nervous at the same time. I’m sure JP was too, since we didn’t talk that much the whole time.

We went down the stairs to my basement. I flicked on the lights and walked across the room to move aside the curtain that partitioned my mom’s massage table from the rest of the area. My mom was a licensed massage therapist and she would work on me every once in a while, especially if she was trying something new. I guess I was her guinea pig in that respect and it was a bit awkward, but hey, I got free massages. She also had an informal contract with the high school football team, so I remember as a middle school kid, I’d try to sneak down the stairs to catch a glimpse of my muscle-bound high school heroes.

“I never new this was here,” JP said, his face lightening up. He hardly had ever been down in my basement because, well, I didn’t have any workout equipment down there. “Yeah,” I answered back matter-of-factly. “But let me get some sheets so we don’t get stuff on the actual table.” JP chuckled. As I was tucking under the last corner, I felt JP’s arms around my chest. I guess he was pretty eager. He started gently pressing his body up against my backside and I felt his hard cock on my butt. “You’ve worked hard today,” he whispered in my ear. “Why don’t we just relax?” He caressingly kissed my cheek from behind, moving his hands underneath my tank top to massage my chest. I was really starting to get turned on now. It was like something out of a movie. For someone with his strength and size, he knew how to be gentle. Girls would’ve loved him if he were straight. He slid one of his hands to my right shoulder and slowly pulled down the strap opening up my shoulder to his lips. I just closed my eyes and let him work away. JP continued kissing my neck and inch by inch moved down to my shoulder. Every muscle in my body was tingling and a sense of warmth rushed through every nerve. He slipped the left strap of the tank top down around my shoulder and the shirt dropped to my waist, completely exposing my bare back to him. “Turn around,” he whispered to me. I obeyed and re-positioned my body to face him. His eyes were beautiful and we immediately touched our lips together. His hands were caressing my back and mine were on his hard bubble butt, pressing it toward me so I could feel his rock hard cock on my pelvis. I moved my hands up along his back and under his shirt, lifting it up to reveal his chiseled torso. He caught what I was doing and released me to take it off. I leaned back against the table and looked over my boyfriend. No matter how many times I had seen his body, it never ceased to amaze me. At 5’10”, 158 pounds, JP had a body that most grown men would die for and he had it at only 16. With a waist still at 27 inches around and incredibly wide shoulders, the V of his upper body was breathtaking. His lats flared out like wings as he pulled the shirt over his head. He stood there for a second just staring at me, knowing that I was admiring his muscles. He had gained about 60 pounds of pure muscle since the beginning of his freshman year. He started dropping his gym shorts, revealing his dick to me once again. Now fully naked, he started advancing toward me. We locked arms once more and resumed kissing, our tongues gently wrestling with each other. I was barely able to get both my arms around his unbelievably wide back. His massive chest felt warm against mine. He glided his hands down my back to my butt again. As he leaned forward, I started losing my balance and had to wrap my right leg around his thigh for support. He now had complete control of the two of us and I admit I liked it. Suddenly, as if it were nothing, JP lifted me up and swung me around, my leg still wrapped around his. He was now sitting on the edge of the massage table with me standing in front. We ceased kissing because we both knew what was coming next. He pulled himself fully onto the table and lay down flat. I looked at him lying there completely in the buff. I could hardly see his head from behind his mountain range of a chest. I got onto the table myself and positioned myself above his ripped thighs. His huge dick was practically calling to me. Was it even bigger than the last time I saw it? I closed my eyes and extended my tongue out of my mouth and touched it against the upper ridge. I heard JP moan as I continued gliding down and around his shaft. “Oh my God,” he groaned, a sign that I was doing a good job. I reached my arms up to grab hold of his body and I felt his hands grab mine, gently guiding them to his abs. Six hard rises of muscle greeted my fingers as my tongue continued working his dick. I felt his stomach start to contract, signaling me that he was about to blow. I pulled my head away just in time to hear a snap and I felt a falling motion, except this time, it wasn’t just a feeling. As JP’s cum squirted out, the legs of the table gave way and it collapsed onto the floor. Apparently, the combined weight of 300 pounds was too much for it and it buckled. We both lay there laughing like crazy, my neck covered in white goo and JP lying on his back, massive chest heaving up and down. I got up and immediately grabbed a nearby washcloth. “I hope it isn’t broken,” JP exclaimed, rolling over to push himself off the floor. As he did that, I caught a glimpse of his triceps exploding out of his skin. Jeez, I though, this kid as nothing but muscle upon muscle. “Let me see your arm,” I told him. I wasn’t shy about looking at his muscles anymore. “Ok,” JP said, offering his left arm to me for inspection. He definitely wasn’t shy about showing off his muscles either. He flexed his left arm just like he did in the early days when he had golf balls sticking. Now it was like someone stuck a baseball in his arm. I felt all over his arm and shoulder. Nothing but rock. He turned toward me and I felt down his chest. I felt like I was rubbing against a marble statue. My hands continued down, under his pecs, over his stomach. I squatted down to get a closer look. I played my fingers in and around the crevices. He flexed his abs and gasped in amazement at the hardness of them. I looked down at his cock which was still at attention. “Is your dick bigger or is it just me?” I asked him. “Nah,” JP answered modestly. “You’re just getting a closer look at it.” I moved myself around his body my face met his round butt. I placed one hand on each of his cheeks and marveled at their beauty. I continued up his backside, sliding my hands along his sides, past where there should have love handles but instead, displayed nothing but muscle. I moved up his wide lats and across his massive back, ripped with muscle and then up to his neck which was wider than ever. I glided my hands around the base of his neck and over his traps to his throat. I looked up at his eyes and we kissed one more time. It was the most unbelievable afternoon in my life.

In May, our school had its Spring Break. It was only a week, but is was a much needed break. Crew season was almost over and only regatta remained so I was getting pretty lax with working out. My parents went to visit my grandparents in Minnesota for most of the week, so I hardly got to see JP. The day before we left for home again, I called him. I wasn’t surprised to hear that he was still working out all the time like crazy. “Actually,” he said, his voice booming. It had gotten very low and deep lately. “I’ve gotten a bit bigger.” Was that possible, I thought to myself. “Really?” he could probably hear the excitement in my tone. “Not too much,” he said. Once again, he was being modest. “I expect to grow quite a bit more over the summer since I’m entering into another growth spurt.” I couldn’t believe my ears. He just didn’t stop. “We’ll see.” I told him about when I’d be getting back in the area and he invited me to come over as soon as I unpacked.

The next day, after I unpacked, I got into my car and drove to JP’s house. My stomach was in knots. How much bigger would he be? How much sexier would he be? I pulled into his driveway, went up to the front door and rang the bell. His mother answered. She asked me a few questions about Spring Break and about my grandparents and we had a short conversation. I tried being polite even though I was eager to see JP again. Finally, I asked, “Is JP around?” “Oh,” his mother answered. “He’s down in the basement working out with his brother.” Duh, I thought, I should have guessed. As I was going down the basement stairs, I heard grunting and the clanging of weights. “Come on!” Ryan was yelling. “Push, you jackass!” His brother was apparently still supportive of him. I reached the bottom of the stairs and leaned against the wall. Neither of them noticed I was there yet. Ryan’s huge back was facing toward me, hiding JP so I couldn’t see him. He was wearing a white T-shirt that seemed a little tight on him. He had also been working out, as was evident by the sweat stains. At the moment, though, he was spotting JP on the bench press. I noticed the weights on either side of the bar and it looked like there were more of them than I ever remembered JP benching. My heart was thumping so loud, I thought JP might hear it over Ryan’s yelling. At last, the brothers set the bar back in the rack and JP give a huge sigh of relief. I heard him sitting up, still unseen. Finally, Ryan began moving toward the front of the bench just as JP was getting up, so both their backs were still facing me. My heart skipped a beat as I tried finding my breath. •

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