JP (Original True Story)


By JoiseyTawlk

I guess you could say that JP and I were more than just best friends. We did almost everything together. I drove him all over the place, from to school, to band, even to wrestling if his brother couldn�t. I went to as many of his wrestling matches as I could. And he was winning most of them. Unfortunately, he lost to his rival in districts. I thought for sure he would beat him, but I guess that�s just the way life goes. Being a perfectionist, he was mad at himself. He went into the locker room and banged on the lockers or something. I could hear it from the bleachers in the gym. I wouldn�t be surprised if he left some dents in those lockers. We were always over at each other�s houses. He would help me with my homework, even though he was in a lower grade and we would watch our favorite TV shows, like The West Wing and Malcolm in the Middle. Every once in a while when we were alone, we would part our arms around each other and kiss. It felt so good knowing I had JP in my life. Sometimes, when there was no one else in the house, he�d take off his shirt and let me feel his muscles. They seemed to get harder and bigger every time I saw them. We would lie on the couch watching TV, his arm around my shoulders, my head leaning against his massive chest fondly caressing this crevices of his abs. Of course, we had to be careful and make sure no one caught us like this.

We even worked out together, even though wrestling season was over for him. After a year hiatus, I was going to row on the crew team again, so I had to lose some of the extra fat I had gained since freshman year. JP always commented on the strength of my legs when I would do the leg press. I mean, I spent more time on that machine than any other because it�s actually the thrust of the rower�s legs that propels the boat forward and not the stroke of the oar like most people think. Of course, you have to have strong shoulders, chest and back to, but mainly for endurance and for sprinting toward the end of the race. �Dude,� JP said, laughing. �You look like a speed skater.� I lifted up the bottom of my boxers and flexed my thighs. Small ridges of muscle popped out. I guess I was a little out of proportion since my upper body wasn�t that big. JP squatted down and felt my legs. �Jeez, man!� he said. �It�s all hard muscle down there.� It felt weird having my hunk of a friend comment on my muscularity I sighed. �That�s the only part of me that�s hard.� He looked up and smiled. I knew exactly what he was thinking. �Don�t you dare say it, you little asshole,� I said, breaking into laughter. �Your thighs are almost as powerful as mine are,� JP said, standing up again. �But what you need to do is build the rest of your body up that way.� Then, he raised both of his arms and flexed. �Like this.� My heart skipped a beat. There just seemed to be no limit to how big JP could grow. His arms were beginning to look like pythons. Forget the tennis balls of the old days; this kid had baseballs�and he did even have a driver�s license yet! His strength was growing too. His maximum bench press was now up to 215, while mine was somewhere around 160. In fact he lifted regularly more than what I could max, at about 170. I would curl with the 35 pound weights, which isn�t that bad, but it was nothing compared to the 70 pounds JP curled with. I didn�t even want to know how much he could max out on. �Dude,� JP exclaimed, dropping his arms. �If you starting working more on your upper body, we�d be an awesome pair.� I had no doubt we would. Just standing there in his boxers, JP looked beautiful. His neck was beginning to grow past his cheekbones like his brother�s did, his broad shoulders were capped with a thick layer of hard muscles, while his python-like arms bulged every time he moved them. The striations in his forearms were unbelievable to watch when he lifted. His chest was just huge, two round slabs of rock and his abs were as glorious as ever, perfectly carved. His lats clearly showed from behind pushing his arms further, it seemed, away from his body every month. His waist was still smaller than mine at 27 inches, although mine was a trim 29 inches. I had to laugh when he called his brother �fat� and he only had a 32-inch waist. Every muscle in his legs was beginning to stick out when he took a step. But above all this, the best thing about him was his eyes. Hauntingly blue, they would look at you and you had no choice but to sigh. �You�re so hot, you son of a bitch,� I said, punch him in the chest. That hurt. And he wasn�t even flexing or anything. His pecs were like stone. JP immediately swung his left arm around my waist and picked me up like I was nothing. I mean, this is a kid who can bench 215, so picking up a 145-pound guy in one arm isn�t too hard for him. �You know,� he said, mockingly. �I hardly even felt that.� With my entire body under his left arm, he walked across the room to the couch. I clutched onto his right side with my hands. God, I thought, this kid doesn�t even have love handles! When he got to the couch he threw me over the back of it and I landed with a plop on the cushions. Then, just as I was able to catch my breath, JP vaulted over the back of the couch himself and landed on top of me. It didn�t hurt, but he was still pretty heavy. �Man, JP,� I said, gasping for air, but laughing. �How much do you weight now?� �Oh, I don�t know,� he said. He knew; he was just making a dramatic pause. �Maybe�154?� I just shook my head. He was now lying on top of me and we were looking face to face. �Actually, I�ve got news for you.� JP raised his eyebrows with a sort of humble expression. �I�m getting growing pains in my shoulders again.� My eyes started to widen. �That doesn�t mean what I think it means, does it?� I said. �Well,� JP explained. �The last time I had growing pains like these was about a year ago�� Then, he started smiling again. �Right before I gained 15 pounds and grew a shitload of muscle over the summer.� �Shit, man!� I said with disbelief. �You�re going to get even bigger.� �Yep,� he responded, lifting his head and turning his eyes up to the ceiling. �Just more of me to love.� We both burst out laughing, but then quieted down, looked into each other�s eyes and kissed. �Keep growing.� I whispered. �Don�t ever stop. I want you to be fucking huge.�

JP then suddenly got a little serious. �Hey, I wanna show you something,� he said. He got up off me and stood up. He grabbed the elastic band and started pulling down. Immediately, I sat up, knowing exactly what he was going to show me. Slowly, JP pulled down his shorts and as he got past his pelvis, his dick sprang up. Man, it was huge�and hard. �Wait a sec,� I told him, standing up myself. I pulled down my own boxers, so that my dick, which also was hard, stood up with his. Sure enough, it was what I thought. �Damn,� I said, shaking my head. �Even your dick is bigger then mine.� I guess I�m proud to say I have a pretty good sized dick at approximately 6.5 inches, but JP�s was a little bit bigger, probably at around 7 inches. �Sorry, man,� JP said, blushing. �I guess large dicks sort of run in my family. You should see Ryan�s.� He rolled his eyes and I laughed. If JP�s was 7 inches, I could only wonder how long his brother�s was. JP suddenly got down on his knees. �Whoa, man,� I hissed, a little nervous. �You�re not going to so what I think you�re going to do.� �Relax,� he assured me. �I�m new at this too.� Well, if this was his first time, it surely didn�t seem like it. JP gave me an unbelievable blowjob. I braced myself against the couch and my best friend went away with his tongue, moving slowly around the shaft, up and down. Man, his tongue was so flexible. At the same time, his hands were gently massaging the back of my thighs which turned me on even more. Within a minute, I felt myself about to spasm. �Dude,� I gasped in between breaths. �I�m going to blow.� Calmly, JP lifted his head and moved one of his hands from my leg to the shaft of my dick and continued massaging it. Suddenly, white jism spat from my dick squirting all over JP�s chest and abs. My own abs were impulsively flexing in and out and I felt like I was falling down a bottomless pit. I loved it. Both JP and I collapsed, catching our breaths. �Was it as good for you as it was for me?� he asked. �Is that possible?� I replied. Noticing the semen on his body, JP said, �Grab me that towel over there.� I reached back to clasp the towel and handed it to him. As he wiped the gooey substance off his chest, he said with a laugh, �This towel�s definitely going in the wash.�

In April, the band went on their annual spring trip. This year the destination was Orlando and Disney World. We visited all the parks and had a lot of fun. I spent most of the time with the same group of friends, which included JP. Of course, in public, we could do no more than exchange a few quick glances, but I remember laughing at JP having trouble on some of the roller coasters because the harness would be uncomfortable around his large chest. Well, it had gotten even bigger since the last episode, so it was no big surprise. Since the weather was a lot warmer in Florida than it was back home, it was the first time JP decided to wear tanktops and muscle shirts all the time, except when we were performing of course. And he looked good in them. Everywhere we went, people would look at him with wide eyes. Girls he didn't know even came up to him to take pictures with him because they thought he was so hot! Obviously, they didn�t suspect him to be gay, so he just played the part of the hunky high school jock. Every guy was jealous of him. His face still looked like a young kid, but his body was way beyond his years. After each ensemble performed, they were brought lawn outside the theater to have their picture taken. The jazz band had an incredible performance, thanks is part to a fantastic trumpet solo by JP. I didn�t know whether the girls were screaming for his trumpet playing or his body, but it was loud in that auditorium. After a formal picture on the lawn, the photographer took a second picture where we were able to do whatever we wanted�well, almost. Anyway, one of the saxophone players, who was always a little weird got the idea to have all the guys in the band pose for the picture with their shirts off and wearing nothing but their slacks and their ties. A few guys, mainly the fat one, protested, but eventually we agreed. As we began unbuttoning our shirts, the other girls in our group realized what we were doing and ran over to take their own pictures. JP and I were standing next to each other and we looked over at each other, knowing exactly what was going to happened next. �You go first,� he mouthed to me. I slid the shirt off my body and threw to the ground. Now that it was the middle of crew season, I had buffed up a bit. Although I was nowhere near JP�s muscularity, I had the six-pack and a pretty good chest. I think it was my naturally broad shoulders and narrow waist that made be look bigger. I heard one of the girls say, �Shit, look at Matt. He�s buff.� Man, that made me feel good. JP took that as his cue. He made sure his back was toward the girls and slid his shirt off his body and dropped it to the grass. Then, he slowly turned around to exhibit his amazing physique. He wasn�t acting too cocky, just cool. Every girl gasped. Very few of them had seen him since band camp, so they hadn�t seen his growth happen as gradually as I had, so I guess it was kind of shocking to see a 16-year-old kid with as gorgeous a body as he had. Of course, the other guys were making macho comments like, �Damn JP, you been working out?� and �Trying to get the girls. You go, man!� Still, you could tell they were just as shocked as everyone else. The percussionist, who was also a football player, piped up and said, �How �bout we have JP lie down in front.� �That�s fine,� the photographer said, gulping. He probably had never seen anything like JP, and he did sports teams as well. JP strided over to the front of the group and got down on the grass. He lay down and looked at the camera very provocatively as if he were a model posing for a male swimsuit calendar. All the girls were screaming and snapping pictures like crazy. I was trying not to laugh too hard. Afterwards, the percussionist came up to JP and said, �Man, I think you have a future in that.� JP just shrugged. He walked over to me to retrieve his shirt and whispered in my ear, �That one�s definitely going on the wall.� I loved his attitude. •

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