Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

Manny was so hot by the muscle stud that he was still erect, and ready to go again. He started jerking himself off and watched as Jeremy climbed unsteadily to his feet. He was 6'8" tall if he was an inch. He was wider and more muscular than Jack due to his massive size. Manny shot again, spraying Jeremy's smooth enormously muscled chest with his cum.

"What the hell is going on?" Jeremy demanded to know. His voice was so hot Manny started cumming again, shooting spurts of cum out of his near empty balls.

Manny fell to his knees, his huge cock bouncing and dribbling, standing erect from his crotch, swooning with the sight of the youth transformed into a raging muscle stallion. "Everything I want!!" said Manny. Jeremy turned and looked at himself in the full mirror in the locker room. He was stunned with his massive size. He felt himself with his huge hands, feeling the thickness of his enormous biceps and pecs. His hair was hanging down onto his shoulders, thick and bushy. His blue eyes were electric with excitement.

"You did this to me?" asked Jeremy, his voice dynamic and reverberant in his massive muscle chest. Manny nodded.

"Just like Jack did this to me!" Manny gestured to his body and very obvious cock. As he spoke, his cock began to subside, but was still enormously huge, over 11" soft now. Manny's balls also stopped aching with expenditure.

"Man so that's what happened to me! How long does it last? Is it permanent?"

"I sure hope so!!!" Manny exclaimed. Jeremy laughed, low and deep in his massive chest.

Manny stood, recovered a bit.

"Me too, Manny. Especially that huge cock of yours!!"

"I'm still getting bigger and bigger!! Jack wanted me bigger and bigger and bigger!!!"

Jeremy studied Manny, while Manny looked at the huge muscle stallion, enormously huge but still so young, with scarcely any hair except his armpits and groin. Jeremy's cock was big, as suited his size, but nothing like Manny's. Manny obviously was most interested in muscle, Jeremy thought as he stared at Manny, and glanced at himself in the mirror. "...but I'll bet I know what Jack likes!!" he mused aloud, looking back to Manny's huge cock.

"What?" asked Manny.

"I was just thinking you're getting bigger still! You're bigger and bigger, but not yet bigger and bigger and bigger, obviously!!!"

Jeremy reached out and grabbed Manny's shoulder, feeling the deltoid with his huge hand that could easily palm a basketball. Manny was definitely still growing. Jeremy could feel the muscle swelling, growing, fighting the firm grip of his muscle hand.

"I am taller than I was, and more muscular."

"Manny, look down!"

Manny looked down between his legs and saw his cock visibly growing longer, hanging lower. He grunted. He looked at his balls. They were the size of large oranges.

"Come on, Manny, we'd better shower," said Jeremy.

"I'll give you a cum shower," replied Manny.

"That's the best kind." •

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