New Neighbors

Serious In The Gym


By MuscleBoy27

I sat at my desk staring at the phone trying to will it to ring. I’d turned on my computer, but never even bothered to look at the screen. Finally, I looked over at the computer and started the browser. My default home page came up: teenage muscle guys. Some guy named Ed was the new banner dude. He looked hot, but couldn’t even concentrate enough to look further. I was about to pick up the phone and call Justin when it rang.

“Hey bro” It was Mike. Finally!

“Hey, you don’t sound too happy.”

“It didn’t go too well. My Mom dumped on me and my Dad wasn’t much help.”

“Oooof, I’m sorry Mike.” I paused and was trying to think of something else to say, but what? It wouldn’t sound right to say ‘ignore your Mom, she’s full of shit’, even though I wanted to. Luckily, Mike started talking again before the silence became uneasy.

“Would it be OK if Justin and I came over for a little while. I want to tell you both what happened, but I don’t want to do it twice.” He sounded so emotionally drained. His voice was almost lifeless.

“Sure. Come on over, your Mom won’t mind, will she?” I didn’t want to start another fight between them.

“Nope she’s happily swimming up da Nile.” This was the first sign of the old Mike. I was happy to see he still had a sense of humor.

“Funny boy! OK, get over here and tell me the story.” We hung up and five minutes later I heard the doorbell ring. I met Mike and Justin at the door.

“Hi boys, should we head up to my room?” I asked as I started up the stairs.

“Eric?” Mike asked; stopping me about four steps up. “Would it be OK if we got a protein shake or something? I’m starving.”

“No problem bro.” So off to the kitchen we went. I made protein shakes for all of us while Mike told the story. Justin listened intently, holding his head in his hands and staring down at the counter. Mike finished telling the story and started to drink his shake.

“So, they didn’t say anything about me?” Justin asked. He turned his head just enough to look at Mike.

“Nope, J-boy, they didn’t say anything about you. You’re still the golden boy.” Mike smiled weakly, then the smile disappeared from his face. “And I don’t think this would be a very good time to tell them.”

“Guess not” Justin mumbled.

I walked around the counter and stood behind Mike. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tight. “So, are you OK bro?” He squirmed a little bit and then nestled his head back against me.

“Not really, but this helps.” I could tell he was smiling a little just by the way he talked.

“You guys want me to leave now?” Justin asked. He was sincere in the way he said it. As worried as he was about his own fate, he knew Mike was hurting pretty bad.

“Not yet J-boy.” Mike said. “I wanted to ask you guys to help me with something.” I let go of him and walked around beside him so we could all see each other’s faces. “This all sucks so bad, so I figured the best way to get past it is to really throw myself into training. I want you guys to help push me cuz I really want to get growing huge again.” Justin and I both readily agreed. It sounded like a good idea to us.

Mike stood up and faced Justin. Justin instinctively stood up and the two of them hugged. “Thanks you little shithead,” Mike joked, “I’ll always be here for you too.” He paused second while they hugged. “Now, ummm, take off so I can hang with Eric for a little while, OK?”

“No problem, bro. But try to be quiet this time.” Justin grinned at getting in a playful jab at his older brother.

We started walking toward the door to let Justin out. Mike looked back at the counter and noticed my half finished shake. “You mind if I drink the rest of this?”

I smiled a kind of amused halfway smile. “Go ahead muscle monster, Justin and I will work it off you tomorrow.”

Mike grinned back, “that’s the idea!”

After Justin left, Mike and I spent about an hour or so in my room. We held each other and talked about everything and nothing. Mike needed to not hear anymore about the ordeal with his parents, so we didn’t talk about it. It felt great for the two of us to retreat into our own private world for a while. I spent the majority of the time watching his blue eye sparkle at me. The more time we spent, the more relaxed he because and the brighter the sparkle was.

He glanced at the clock and saw that it was 10:30. “Dude, I don’t want to go, but I think this would be a bad night to ask to stay over.” He’d rolled so that I was on my back and he was on top of me. He slowly pushed himself up and then moved to sitting on the side of the bed.

“I know, bro. I don’t want you to go, but you gotta do what you gotta do.” We walked toward the door and he stopped me just before I was about to open it. He spun me around and hugged me more tightly than I ever remembered him doing before.

“I love you so much Eric. I’m so lucky I met you.” He was crying again, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was too. “What the fuck did I do wrong? I try to do everything my parents want, why don’t they love me?” I didn’t have an answer for him. Even though his parents had said that they did love him, their actions said differently. They were tolerating him and that was eating him up.

Slowly he regained his composure. I walked him out silently. Saying only, “see ya tomorrow, bro.”

The next day after school, we met at the garage gym for our workout. Justin would be joining in about an hour after he got done with school. We were going to train legs; we started with the usual stretching. As I was sitting on the mat stretching my back, Mike tackled me. “Hey bro, Justin won’t be here for at least 45 minutes, how about we mess around a little before he gets here!?!”

“Uh oh…” I laughed, “There’s a horndog barking at me.” Mike had a mischievous look on his face, the kind that said ‘I need this – now!’ I barely got the word “OK” out of my mouth, when I felt him yanking my shorts down. He kicked off his own and spun himself around so that we were 69ing each other. Mike hadn’t been this aggressive in a long time, but I was loving it. He rolled a bit so that he was on top. He wrapped his legs around my head and squeezed me firmly but gently. I could barely keep myself from gagging on his dick as he pushed himself deep down by throat. It the same time, he was piston sucking my dick; it was almost like I didn’t have to do anything but lay there for him. It a matter of seconds, I felt him shooting down throat.

He slowed, and I was about roll him off me, but he stopped me. “Just wait a second, bro.” Sure enough, in less than a minute, his dick started to harden in my mouth again, and he was ready for round two. This time it took a little longer. We both were getting into it. I knew my orgasm was close, and Mike sensed it too. He locked my head again with his legs and intensified his pumping. We both came seconds later. He sucked me dry like a hungry puppy.

We finally rolled off each other. I shook my head to clear out the post-sex cobwebs and looked over at him grinning. “Where the hell did that come from, bro?” Mike was grinning too.

“Dunno, but it was fun, huh?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “I’m definitely ready to work out now tho!” We got dressed and started doing some light warm ups. Justin came walking in just as we were getting ready to start doing squats. I guess we still had silly looks on our faces.

“What’s so funny, you two?” We both shrugged as Justin continued looking at us. “You two had sex! You two little hornytoads just had sex didn’t ya?” We both grinned and nodded. “And you guys say I’m the horny one. Mmm, mmm, mmm.”

As we started lifting, Justin and I both noticed Mike’s intensity. We’d gotten used to switching the weights up for Justin and me, and then down for Mike. Not today. Mike kept up with us, and then some. We weren’t going for maximum weights, but he managed to go rep for rep and pound for pound with us. When we thought he wasn’t going to be able to push another rep, he pulled energy out of somewhere and made it happen.

By the end of the workout, we were all sweaty and pumped. Justin and I were tired, but Mike looked like he was walking a foot off the floor. “Damn that felt good!” he said. “I don’t remember the last time I had a workout like that.” Mike was flexing his legs and looking at himself in the mirror.

Justin was sitting on a mat stretching out. He turned and looked up at his older brother admiring himself in the mirror. “That’s because you’ve never had a workout like that, you freak. You should probably stop licking yourself and stretch out before those huge muscles start cramping on you.”

Mike looked over at Justin smiling slyly. “So you think I’m licking myself huh? Maybe I should make you do it!” Mike jumped on Justin and they started wrestling. They were playing for the most part, but it had been a long time since I’d seen them do this.

“Uh oh, Mikey!” Justin laughed as he managed to escape from his brother’s grasp. “You shouldn’t have started something you can’t finish!” They laughed and exchanged barbs at each other while they wrestled. Justin probably could have pinned his older brother, but he didn’t. The two them traded positions and control of the match. “Truce?” Justin finally asked, laughing and panting out of breath.

“Truce” Mike replied. I walked over to them and extended a hand to each of them pulling them up to their feet.

“You two are a sweaty mess!” I laughed.

Justin patted me on the chest. “Look out for him, bro. He must be serious about this new training thing, because I can’t remember the last time I had that hard of a time with him. He almost beat me!” This was incredibly high praise from Justin. He’d grown up a lot in the time I’d known him, but modest he wasn’t.

Mike smiled, “Yeah, boys, Mikey is back with a vengeance! You two better look out!” he panted through is labored breathing. “I need a shower and food!” Mike paused for a second to wipe the sweat off his face. “We should definitely take measurements this weekend. I want to see if I’m any bigger!” We smacked fists and went our separate ways to clean up and eat. •

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