New Neighbors

Eric's First Time


By MuscleBoy27

We walked silently together into the house. I put the trophy on a table near the door and we headed up the stairs. I hadn’t told my parents about the contest either; I wondered how I was going to explain it to them. I realized I should have told them earlier, but there wasn’t much I could do about it now. We walked into my room and I closed the door behind me. As the door clicked shut, Mike dropped his pack, wrapped his arms around me and laid a long deep kiss on me.

When we finally broke the kiss, he kept his face just a few inches from mine. “Eric, that was awesome tonight. I never imagined that you’d do that.” Mike was grinning at me. He kissed my neck and then whispered in my ear, “I wanna see you do your posing routine again – right now.”

He was still holding me tightly - in fact really tightly. He’d wrapped his arms around me so that my arms were pinned to my sides. His blue eyes sparkled at me. “So you want a private show, huh? I think I can manage that.” He let go of me and sat down on the bed. “You want that with the posing trunks, or without.” I was fumbling around in my pack trying to find the cassette with the music on it.

He paused for second, “ummm, with the trunks. I’m not a sex starved pervert ya know.” We both laughed at that. We’d have sex four times a day, every day if we could. I found the tape and put it in. Then I shut off the lights and turned on my desk lamp. I twisted its neck so it shown towards the door of the bathroom. “aaaaah, stage lighting and everything!” Mike grinned.

“Quiet in the audience!” I laughed as I hit the play button on the tape player and ran into the bathroom. I’d left a thirty-second leader on the tape, so I had just enough time to ready. The music started and out I came. I was so much more relaxed this time, but I was still concentrating on getting everything right. Finally when I made the last turn to point at Mike, I lost it and started laughing. He was laughing too. I started walking toward the bed so I could jump on him and get started with rest of our evening.

Mike put out his hand to stop me. “Wait!” he said, “I wanna get that posing suit off you first. Just stand there a sec.” He got up and shucked off his clothes, he kept eye contact with me while he was doing it. Then he stood up in front of me. “Pretty damn impressive bro. You are one hot stud!” He said as he slowly walking around me. I watched him as he walked – something was different.

“Mikey, are you getting bigger!?!” I finally blurted out.

He grinned broadly at me. “It’s about fucking time you noticed!” And with that he dropped to his knees and grabbed the posing suit with his teeth. He pulled it down and then buried his face in my crotch. He took my half hard dick in his mouth. It immediately got rock hard.

He started bobbing up and down on me; I could tell I wouldn’t last long – so I made him stop. “Not yet stud, I want this to last a while. Let’s take a shower, OK?” Mike tried to look disappointed as he climbed to his feet. I looked at him more closely. How could I not have noticed this going on with him? His pecs, arms, shoulders and traps were all bigger. “Wow, Mikey – you really are getting bigger!” I said as started feeling his traps.

He grinned at me and flexed his biceps, “I know, I can’t believe it! I’ve gained five pounds in two weeks. Check it out.” I squeezed his arm. It was amazing, I knew his biceps better than I knew my own, and the first thing I noticed was that the muscle felt wider and deeper. He could see my shock as moved to squeeze the other one.

“Wow, Mike. You are definitely growing. You’re arms feel wider and harder!” He put his arms down and I grabbed his shoulders; I still couldn’t get over the change. “I guess I’ve been a little self-absorbed with getting ready for the contest, because I honestly didn’t notice you were growing like this.”

He smiled, slapped me on the butt and then picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. “Don’t worry, bro. I don’t blame you, I’m just glad you noticed now. Let’s get going on that shower!” I could tell by the way he picked me up; it took almost no effort. I felt almost like I did when we first met. I remembered being in awe of his body, if he kept up like this, I’d be in awe again soon. He put me down when we got to the bathroom. We washed each other up and then dried each other off. We didn’t talk much the whole time, we concentrated more on each other’s body. We silently reacquainted ourselves with every inch of the other. It seemed like we were almost hypnotized by each other. After we finished drying off, Mike gave me one of those looks that seemed to go right to my soul.

“Are you sure you want this?” I nodded silently. I honestly was kind of scared. Our first attempt was mostly a bunch of fumbling around – not exactly what I’d call high quality lovemaking. But I wanted to do this, for both of us, I wanted the experience and I wanted Mike to have the experience too. “OK, Eric,” he said softly, “get that hot bod of yours on the bed.”

I walked over to the bed and then turned back to him in a panic. “Shit, Mike. We don’t have any of that lube stuff!”

Mike smiled slyly and grabbed his pack. “You mean this stuff?” he said as he pulled out the bottle.

I blinked at him finding myself speechless. “Bu, bu, but I didn’t tell you I wanted to do this until we started walking over here.”

“I thought maybe one of us might be up for this.” He grinned softly. “I guess Mikey knows his boy pretty well.” His confidence was back in full force; I shook my head and laid down on my back. Mike came over and laid on top of me. He kissed me and looked into my eyes, “Bro, you do understand that it works better if you lay on your stomach.”

I laughed a little, “So that’s your idea of foreplay, huh?” I rolled him off of me and then flipped onto my stomach. “Well, at least I got a kiss first. I guess it’ll do.”

“You’re going to get more than that!” he laughed. I felt him grab my butt like I’d felt a dozen times before – but then I felt something I’d NEVER felt before. Mike was licking my butt… and I was LOVING it. I moaned and squirmed with pleasure as he worked his tongue into my hole. The feeling was incredible, like nothing I’d ever even imagined feeling before. He’d reached between my legs and grabbed my dick. His other hand was on the small of my back. He tried to use the grip to stop me from squirming around, but I couldn’t help it. If this is what anal sex felt like, I wanted more – A LOT MORE.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he started nibbling on me. I moaned loudly this time. Occasionally he actually bit hard enough to cause me pain - I’d jump and then settle back, then he’d do it again. I realized he was having fun making me bounce around like rag doll. Mike was always able to surprise me, and this was one hell of a surprise. Finally he stopped and came up for air. He got up to his knees and slapped my butt hard. “So how I’m doing so far, muscleman?”

My first instinct was to say, ‘ohmygod, you’re incredible. You’re, a, um, a god! You can have anything you want, just don’t stop!’ but I realized it was a little over the top. So, I said, “It felt pretty good, what other tricks do you know?”

He tried to pout. “Just pretty good, huh? I guess you musta had better. I can’t top that, I’m getting out of here.” He started to climb off me.

“OK, OK, you’re the most amazing guy I can imagine and what you were doing to me was the most intense thing I’ve ever felt. OK!?!” I knew he was kidding, but I didn’t have a problem with playing along with the game.

“That’s better.” Slap! hard on the butt again. “Now where’s that bottle of lube.” He reached to get it off the nightstand. As he did, he leaned over me and kissed me again. “This is all about you, bro. Just tell me how you’re feeling and it’ll be great.” I nodded and kissed him back.

“Just relax, man.” He said as the cold goo hit my butt. He slowly started working it in with his fingers. It felt great, he’d done an incredible job with his tongue and it seemed to have loosened me up. He worked his finger in me for what a long time. As he did, he leaned over and reminded me to relax. He was giving me the benefit of having been on the receiving end from me. I thought about when I’d been doing this to him. I was a neurotic mess making every mistake that could be made. Mike definitely seemed to have a lot more self-control. I could tell in his voice how concerned he was about me, it really allowed me to relax and enjoy the whole experience.

“OK bro, are you ready?” I nodded. Mike lubed up his dick and laid down on top of me. “OK, just tell me when in starts to hurt, and I’ll back off.” I nodded, but as I did I thought about his words: ‘when’ it hurt? How about ‘if’ it hurt. I guess first timers didn’t have an option – it was going hurt at least a little. Slowly he started to push into me. At first it felt fine, then he hit a spot and I swear all hell must have broken loose. A white-hot pain shot through me.

“Mikey, Mikey, owww, owww, please, wait!” Mike immediately pulled back.

“It’s OK, bro. It just takes a second; it’ll go away. Just take your time and tell me when you feel OK again.” He lubed himself up again, and the pain subsided.

“I ready bro, but go slow.” He put some more lube on my butt and started again. This time, his dick slid inside of me. It hurt some, but nothing like the first.

“I’m in, Eric. Are you OK?” There was concern in Mike’s voice.

The truth was, I was in a little pain, but it was going away. I had a hard time breathing and when I talked, it sounded strained. “Umm, yeah, I’m OK. Just stay there a second don’t move.” Mike was laying against me now. He held himself still as he wrapped his arms around my head and chest.

His breath hit my ear so softly, “Eric, you mean everything to me, bro. I’m getting two incredible presents tonight. The first was at the show, and now this. How could I not love you, bro?” As his voice trailed off, he slowly started moving his hips. The pain was gone – long gone! This felt good. We moved in rhythm for a while, and then slowed. Mike was getting close, I could tell. We stopped for a second – Mike kissed my neck and then started again. This time there was no stopping him. He pumped harder and hard, and worked with him slamming myself up as he slammed himself down. “Aggg, ahhh, aaaI’m cuhhh ahghh” Mike’s words didn’t make sense, but knew exactly what he said, because seconds later virtually the same words came out of my mouth. When we finally stopped, he pulled out of me. I rolled on my side and looked up at him.

“Dude, that was amazing! Whoa!” I was still shaking a little from the whole experience. Mike looked down at the bed where I’d blown my load.

“Ummm, bro? I think you messed up your comforter pretty badly…” I looked down at the puddle.


We cleaned everything up laughing and kissing the whole time. Part of me was beyond exhausted, but there was also a part that was wide-awake and ready for anything. We showered again. By the end of it, I realized how exhausted I really was. Mike saw it too.

“Looks like Mr. Bodybuilder is ready for bed,” he said soft. I nodded wearily. We headed back into the bedroom and crawled into bed together. We held each other face-to-face. Mike had taken care of me so well. It all reminded me of what initially attracted me to him. He was cool and confident, everything I wasn’t. I wanted to tell him, but I couldn’t find the words.

“Mikey,” I whispered looking into his eyes, “I love you sooooo much!” his soft smile broadened.

“Tell me something I don’t know, bro.” He whispered back and then kissed me. We slept in each other’s arms the entire night. I don’t remember ever waking up at all, I don’t even remember dreaming. The world seemed so perfect.

The next morning, I woke up hearing my Dad yelling for me. “Eric? ERIC!” Bam bam bam! He was knocking on my door.

“Umm, yeah Dad?” I quickly answered.

“I want to see you and Mike downstairs in five minutes! •

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