New Neighbors

The three way


By MuscleBoy27

Mike grinned at Justin, "what did you have in mind, J-boy?" While we waited for Justin to answer, Mike and I looked at each other exchanging thoughts silently. We both thought Justin could use some TLC, but we wanted to hear what he was thinking first.

"I don't know, but you two are killing my legs." We could hear in his voice that he was genuinely uncomfortable. So I figured we should do something to relax us all.

"OK boys, lets head up to my room. I've got an idea." As we walked up the stairs I told them I thought we could use a hot shower.

"All of us?" Justin asked. There was anticipation in his voice like I hadn't heard in a long time.

I walked into my room and Mike and Justin followed. "Yeah, all of us. Now strip!" They both did and Mike turned on the stereo while I warmed up the shower. Justin followed me in to the bathroom. He was shivering a bit and eager to get in the shower. As steam started to come over the door, I opened it and went in. Justin followed and a second later Mike was in too. The three of us were a bit of tight fit, but we didn't mind the body contact in the least. I grabbed two bars of soap and gave one to Mike. We got Justin in between us and started soaping him up. He faced me and his back was to Mike. He stood with perfect posture, his hands hung at his sides and eyes were closed.

"Just stay loose J-boy," Mike said, "let us do the work." The two of us worked together, as Mike did his back, I did his chest. We worked our way down together so that we always applied force against him from the front and the back. His chest felt so good to me. The thick slabs of muscle that formed is incredible pecs were hard, yet they felt so soft because of his smooth skin. They flared beyond his rib cage, and even with his arms relaxed I could feel the thick tie-ins to his shoulders. I slowly moved across his chest and he bounced his pecs once each as I touched them. His eyes stayed closed and he tilted his head back to relax his neck. He smiled as though he knew I was looking at his face appreciating the little pec dance he'd just done.

Mike and I proceeded down his torso. Mike worked across the thick slabs of muscle that led to a deep trench at Justin's spine. I took my time working over each of the eight little granite mounds that made up his abs. We heard a few relaxed long breaths escape Justin and knew that he was enjoying the attention. Mike and I looked at each other and grinned, we were both having fun working on Justin and we knew it was going to get better.

Mike started to soap up Justin's butt and as he did, Justin jumped a little and then relaxed again. It was fun seeing and feeling his reaction to these new sensations. I worked on his balls and now very hard cock. As I grabbed it, he let out a soft moan that told us this was exactly the sort of attention he was missing. I was careful not to get him too excited. We didn't want him to lose it yet. We each started on a leg to finish the job. Even relaxed, the deep cuts in his legs were so sexy. His thick hamstrings were round and hard and gave incredible bulk to his legs.

Finally we both stood up. I put away the soap and grabbed the shampoo. We both pressed our bodies hard against him as we worked the shampoo into his golden blond hair. We slid ourselves around on him a bit as we massaged his scalp. He loved every minute of it and started to laugh a little. I could feel is hard-on against my abs; I started to worry that he might be getting close. He started to put his arms around me, but I brushed them away. "OK, it's time to rinse you off."

"But... but. but. I didn't, I mean, we didn't - we're done?" Justin was whining, he wanted more.

Mike smacked him lightly on the back of his head. "Don't worry; we aren't done with you yet." We rinsed off and got out of the shower. Mike and I dried Justin off with big towel and then quickly dried ourselves.

I grinned at Justin, "OK muscleboy, time for a ride." I bent over and lifted him into my arms. He put his arm around my neck and I walked us both into the bedroom.

"Careful," he said, "I bruise easily." I ignored him. I put him down softly on the bed and rolled him onto his stomach. Mike joined us with a bottle of baby oil. Mike and I poured some oil into or hands and then began to massage his legs. Even after the shower the muscles in Justin's legs were tight. He was still feeling the effects of his workout with Carl. We started with his calves and did our best to loosen him up. The harder we massaged him, the better he liked it. The three of us were still naked, and Mike and I were getting off on what we were doing. We'd occasionally exchange a kiss as we worked. We didn't speak at all; it was more fun to communicate without words.

After spending a good while on his legs, I started working on his butt and lower back while Mike did his shoulders and arms. After we loosened up his back and legs, we had him flip over. We each started working on his quads together. Every now and then Justin would moan a little or say a few words of appreciation. Most of the time he just laid back and enjoyed it. Mike and I continued to exchange kisses. The sexual tension was building.

I moved up to work on Justin's arms and chest while Mike continued on his legs. I could feel my cock getting hard as I worked on Justin's arms. My mind was racing with what would happen next. I looked back at Mike and we smiled at each other; then Mike's head went down and Justin's dick disappeared into his mouth. Justin took a quick breath; his eyes opened wide, his body tensed and head lifted slightly. That was my queue.

I put my arms behind his back, laid down on top of him and gave him a huge intense kiss. I felt his arms move as though he didn't know what to do with them. His first instinct was to push away so he could figure out what was going on, but before he actually acted on the instinct he started to enjoy the experience. His head went back against the pillow and I followed him down never releasing the kiss. Mike continued to work on his cock. One of Mike's hands gently held Justin's balls while the other was on my lower back telling me that everything was going the way he wanted.

Justin's hands slowly found a home on my shoulders. He held me gently but firmly as we kissed intensely. Our tongues danced together softly exploring each other. Slowly one arm slipped across my back and the other found its way to the back of my head. He held me gently at first; just enjoying the rush of sensations he was feeling. Slowly I felt his grip on me become stronger and stronger, I knew exactly what it meant. Mike was getting him close and he was fighting to hold off the orgasm. Mike's hand slipped down my back to my butt as he worked more intensely to bring Justin to orgasm. Finally Justin's grip on me became almost painful and his body starting shaking and jolting. When he started to cum, he tried to pull away from me a bit. I tightened my grip on him - there was no way he was getting out of this kiss until well after his orgasm was finished. Again his hands moved to my shoulders as his body spasmed with each shot. I held him tight and drove my tongue down his throat.

His body stopped moving and again his hands returned to softly holding me by my back and by the back of my head. Very slowly I loosened my grip on him and gently broke the kiss. I slowly lifted my head making eye contact with him. He looked back at me in a way that I'd never seen from him. It was a look of astonishment and gratitude, but there was something more there too. It said something like, 'you've given me exactly what I wanted, how did you know?' We communicated that way silently for a second and were joined by Mike. He'd crawled up along the other side of Justin and we now had our arms on each other's shoulders.

"How'd you like that, J-boy?" Mike grinned.

"Holy shit, you guys could charge millions for that!" Justin said still breathless. "Damn that was intense. I guess if I had any doubts about being gay you two just took care of that." He was thinking about something; his expression changed to a cheesy smile. "So, now that I'm officially a member of the club do I get this treatment all the time?"

Mike started laughing, "with my boyfriend? Not fucking likely. You're going to have to get your own, bro." He moved his hands so that he was mockingly choking Justin. "But we might include you once in a while, right Eric?"

I couldn't just agree, I had to put my own twist on this somehow. Finally it occurred to me. "Well, I don't know, Mike. I think it depends on whether J-boy gives as well as he gets."

Mike turned to me and looked at me quizzically. "That's right, you've never been on the receiving end from our boy have you?" •

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