New Neighbors

Justin takes on the school's best


By MuscleBoy27

Mike got up and walked over to the bed. He grabbed one of the muscle magazines and started paging through it. I was happy to just sit on the sofa and rest. After a few minutes, I heard the shower stop. A minute or so later, Justin came out of the bathroom still naked. He was leaning his head back into his shoulder.

"Look what you girls did to me. I think I pinched a nerve in my neck." He rubbed his neck with his hand as he walked over to where I was sitting. He turned and sat down between my legs. He pressed himself against my chest and said, "Rub this for me, Eric." I was kind of nervous about this. After all, we had just finished apologizing to Mike for messing around together behind his back. This seemed like messing around right in front of him. I looked at Mike. He still had his head buried in the magazine. He apparently didn't think anything of Justin sitting in my lap naked. I figured he was OK with it, so I started massaging Justin's neck and traps. The muscles were knotted up tight. His thick neck and traps were so dense I was having a hard time working my fingers into his muscles.

Justin had his hands on my legs; his body was resting against me as I worked on his neck. He skin was tan and he smelled good after his shower. He was getting me really horny, so I did my best to focus on massaging his neck. "Yeah, that's the spot Eric. Harder, bro." I was pretty much working him as hard as I could, but I managed to give it a little more effort. "Yeah, there ya go!" He was starting to relax and I could feel the muscles starting to unknot under my hands. "That's it bro! You've got great hands." I was concentrating on what I was doing, but the warmth of his body against me felt so good, I could feel my dick starting to get hard.

Mike looked over at Justin. "J-boy", he laughed, "doesn't that thing ever go limp?" Sure enough, Justin was hard again. His neck muscles had finally relaxed and returned to their normal position. I'd worked the kink out, so I stopped massaging him. He rubbed his hands across my legs and softly said. "Thanks bro, that was perfect." Then he looked at his dick and then at Mike. "I don't know Mikey. The more I work out, the more this thing stays hard. It's a curse, bro." We all laughed at his joke. He pushed his hands against my legs and lifted himself off of me. He put on his shorts and looked at us, "so what are we going to do now, boys?"

Mike looked at him in way that I figured only brothers could. "Ummm, J-boy." Justin looked back at him and then looked at me. Finally it clicked with him. "Oh, you girls want to be alone, huh? I suppose you need to lick your wounds after your beating this afternoon." He giggled at that, he was pleased with himself that he'd managed to get one more jab us. He finished dressing and said "OK guys, I'm outta here." Mike asked him to tell his parents that he'd be staying over with me; he promised he would as he left.

Mike and I watched from the window as Justin went across the street and into his house. "How'd you end up with such a cool brother, Mikey?" I had my arm across Mike's shoulder.

"Yep, he's a cool little shit. I mean big shit. I'm glad you get along with him so well, because he thinks you're the best guy he ever met." I was a little surprised to hear Mike say this. I knew that Justin and I were getting tight, but I hadn't expected this sort of praise. "Really? What makes you say that?"

"Bro, it's pretty obvious just by the way he acts around you. He doesn't come to me to massage his neck; he comes to you. At home he won't shut up about you. It's 'Eric this' and 'Eric that' constantly. He thinks of you as his best friend."

"No way." I really wasn't expecting this.

"Well think about it. You're older than he is, but you treat him like he's the same as you or me. You let him use your gym, which to him is the most incredible facility he could ever have. You include him in stuff we do and even spend time with him when I'm not around. He idolizes you." Mike was smiling at me as he was watching this new information sink into my head.

"Huh, I hadn't thought about it that way. So if he idolizes me so much - and we know he looks up to you, how come he just kicked our asses right here?" I was joking of course. I was really happy to learn that Justin thought of me that way. After all, I idolized him too and loved spending time with him. I wondered if Mike knew that too.

Mike laughed. "He didn't kick our asses; he got lucky." I smirked at him as he continued. "We just needed more space, it was too cramped in here to really let loose on him. If we had more room, we would have mopped up the floor with him." The tone of his voice told me that he didn't believe anything he was saying.

"So that's what you tell yourself, huh?"

"Hey, I got an ego too, bro." We both laughed and he pulled me into his chest. I pushed away from him. "Dude, I don't mean to be nasty, but you totally stink. Is that sweat or dead fish from your little boating trip?" It was just sweat, but we both needed a shower badly. He headed to the shower and started to get cleaned up. A few seconds later, I followed him in. He looked a little surprised as I got in the shower with him. "We should conserve water." I said as I grabbed the soap out of his hand and started rubbing his chest. He sighed a very happy sigh and said, "makes sense to me."

We cleaned each other up and headed down for dinner. To my surprise, both my parents were in the kitchen. They were making something together; I hadn't seen that in a while. What ever it was, it smelled great. My mom said hello to Mike and my Dad asked if he would stay for dinner. Just like Justin, Mike was masterful with parents. He had them eating out of his hand in seconds.

My Dad asked if he had been away for the weekend. I was impressed that my Dad realized that Mike normally would have been hanging around with me. I decided this was a good time to get into the conversation. "Oh yeah Dad. Mike was away on a fishing trip. Tell him all about it, Mikey!" He shot me a dirty look. I was with Justin on this one; the seasick story was just too good to keep. My Dad was interested; he liked stuff like deep-sea fishing. Mike described the boat and told about where they fished. He said that the boat had caught six fish in the course of the weekend. I couldn't let him get away with this. "So, Mike, how many of those fish did you catch?" The dirty look was back.

He sighed deeply. "OK, before Eric splits a gut over here, I didn't catch any of them. I got seasick the whole trip. I spent most of it in the bathroom." My parents laughed a little. He turned to me. "There, are you happy now?" I grinned back at him, "Oh yeah, very happy."

Then my Mom spoke up. Sometimes I didn't know whether she was clueless or whether she new exactly what she was doing - but she would occasionally say things that totally put me in my place. "That's too bad, Mike. It reminds me of the time we took Eric to DisneyWorld." I hoped my face didn't show the terror I now felt inside. Oh no Mom, please, PLEASE don't tell this story. She continued. "Now this was a couple years ago, I think Eric would have been about as old as your little brother, Mike. Of course he wasn't as big as your brother is." Nice, Mom. You found a way to add a little to the humiliation. On she went. "It was a warm day, and Eric insisted on going on all the roller coasters. He'd been eating hot dogs and ice cream and anything else he could get his hands on." Ah, great. She's telling the long version. "Well, he came off the last ride, and we could tell that he wasn't feeling well. We were asking him if he wanted to go home when all of a sudden." Here comes the pay off. "All of a sudden Donald Duck came up behind him. Well, you know, it was actually a guy in a Donald Duck suit." Mom, he knows Donald isn't real, just get on with it. "Well, Donald put his hands on Eric's shoulder. Eric, poor dear, just wasn't expecting it. He spun around and looked up at Donald and before any of us could do anything, he threw up all over Donald." Oh yeah, Mom! Perfect - the 'poor dear' part, that was especially nice.

Mike was howling with laughter. He put his hands on my shoulders, "wassamatter Eric? Did ol' Donald scare you?!?" My Dad was snickering too, enjoying the show. Mike quickly took his hands off my shoulders. "Ooops, better not grab you there, I wouldn't want to scare you and end up wearing your lunch! You poor dear!" But my humiliation wasn't quite complete. My mom tried her best to look at me with new concern saying, "Oh, I'm sorry dear. I shouldn't have told that story. I'm afraid I've embarrassed you in front of your friend." Ah, the humiliation was now complete. She'd told the story, and then showed concern that maybe I couldn't handle having it told. Of course she knew what she was doing; mentally I bowed to her. Bravo, Mom.

As we ate, Mike kept pumping my parents for more stories about me. They told him a few more. None were anywhere near as embarrassing as puking on a cartoon character in front of thousands of happy little mouscateers. It was kind of cool to see my parents enjoying Mike's company so much. I wondered if they knew we were more than friends. I don't think my Dad had a clue. My Mom would occasionally give me a look that seemed to indicate that maybe she knew what was going on. I suppose mothers always know - even though she wasn't around all that much, she of anyone could read me pretty easily.

As we got up from the table, she turned to Mike. "Oh, Mike, I was wondering, would you like to see some pictures of Eric when he was little?" Yeah, she knew. Mothers don't offer to show your friends pictures of you when you were little, but she would offer to show them to a boyfriend. He took her up on the offer just a little too eagerly. I could see that my Dad was little uncomfortable with the whole exchange. "I'll help you do the dishes, Dad. It looks like Mom is going to be busy destroying what's left of my ego." I was helping my Dad clean. He was happy again.

Mike and I finally headed back up to my room. "Your Mom is quite a trip, bro. You were a cute little kid. It's no wonder you're so hot looking now." He was giving my ego a much-needed boost. We talked for a while and then crawled in bed. We were both exhausted. As we were lying there, I thought about what Justin had said. "So, Mikey, I think Justin might be right, we need to get some cardio." Mike had been thinking the same thing. I had a couple killer mountain bikes; I used to ride all the time before I discovered weights. We decided we'd go riding at least a few afternoons each week. We'd get some aerobic exercise and Mike could see a little more of the area. He'd mostly just seen the gym and our pool since he'd moved here.

The next day we hauled out the bikes and took off for the afternoon. I had a good time showing Mike around the area and he liked seeing more of his new neighborhood. I decided to take him over to the high school so he could check out that. I knew the football team would be doing their two-a-day training routine, so Mike could meet some of those guys too.

We got to the school just as the varsity team was heading out to the practice field. I introduced Mike to few of the guys I knew as they came out the locker room. Finally when everyone was out, the coaches came out. I asked one of them if I could show Mike the weight room since the team was working outside. We were sweaty and shirtless and Mike was looking as huge as ever. The head coach told me it was OK to check out the facilities, but even as he spoke to me, he was starring at Mike. No, he was nearly wetting himself at the sight of Mike.

"So, Mike you've been working out with Eric here, huh?" Mike nodded. "You look like you'd make one hell of a football player son, would you consider going out for the team?" Mike gave the coach his killer smile and told him that he was more interested in bodybuilding, like I was. The coach kept at him a little, but Mike wasn't interested.

We parked our bikes and went through the locker room into the weight room. It was a nice facility; our high school was mostly filled with rich brats like me, so funds weren't a problem. We looked around and tried out a few of the pieces of equipment that we didn't have at home. Mike noticed the big record board on the weight room wall. He looked at the numbers for squat, bench, deadlift, and so on. Derrick Thompson held most of the records; he'd be a senior this year.

"So this Derrick Thompson seems like the guy to beat huh?"

"Yeah, I think I might be able to match him in squats. You'll give him some trouble for the other records. He won't like getting competition from sophomores."

"He's a hard ass, huh? Does he go out for sports?"

"Yep. Football and wrestling, he'll probably wrestle at 185 this year. He's got quite the bod, and he knows it too. His brother Jarred is our age. He's a pretty good friend of mine and much more easy to take than his brother."

We started walking back out to our bikes. Mike asked why I hadn't introduced him to any of my friends yet. I'd basically been too busy obsessing on Mike to think about them. "Yeah, you should definitely meet some of my buds. How about I invite some people over to hang by the pool tomorrow afternoon?"

I called five of my friends. They all gave me shit for not talking to them all summer. I apologized and they were happy to come over and hang out with us. The next day we worked out as usual and shortly after lunch, my friends started showing up.

Terry Smith was the first to show up. Our housekeeper agreed to stick around for a bit to show the guys back to the pool. As Terry saw me sitting by the pool, his jaw hit the ground. "Skates! It looks like you've been hitting the weights pretty hard man! You look incredible." Mike looked at me with a confused expression. 'Skates?' he mouthed without actually saying anything. I shrugged and introduced Terry to Mike. We chatted a bit waiting for the others to show up.

One by one everyone arrived. They all had the same reaction - they were amazed at how much more developed I looked. Of course they all liked Mike and he seemed to like them. Jarred was the last to show up. He was even more amazed at my buffed up bod than everyone else. He had to know where we trained and what our routine was. I took him over to the gym so he could see where we trained. Justin was there just starting to stretch out for his work out. "Skates, who's he?"

"That's my little brother." Mike was standing behind us.

"He doesn't look too little to me." Jarred was clearly in awe of Justin. Justin had taken to wearing spandex shorts and no shirt when he worked out. He'd seen in magazines that most bodybuilders wore them, so he figured he would too. He looked pretty incredible in them - they didn't leave much to the imagination. Justin got up as we came in. He looked at me with a funny look. "Skates? What's that all about?"

"It's just a nickname." I told him. Jarred felt the need to explain. "We call him Skates because he has big legs and little arms, like a speed skater - well he used to have little arms." Both Mike and Justin found this very amusing.

Jarred squeezed Justin's arm. "Pretty impressive, bro. So how old are you?" Justin told him, but he refused to believe it. "No way can you be only thirteen, dude. No way." Mike and I both told him it was true. Justin flexed his arm in front of Jarred's face. "Feel it, bro. Pretty good for a thirteen year old, huh?" Jarred squeezed Justin's arm. He couldn't dent it. Then he squeezed it with both hands, he still couldn't dent it. "That's pretty good for any age, dude." Justin looked very pleased with himself. He turned and went back to stretching.

The afternoon wore on, and as it got late the guys had to take off. Finally only Jarred was still there. His brother was supposed to come pick him. Derrick drove up a few minutes later. He saw Mike and me, so he got out of the car to check us out. He complimented me on getting bigger, and then turned his attention to Mike. "Were you guys at the school today?" We both nodded. "You're the guy the coaches were talking about today, aren't you?" Mike said that he probably was. Derrick tried to do a little recruiting, but he wasn't getting anywhere. He decided to take the discussion in a different direction. "You're pretty built, Mike. Looks like you might give me some competition for weight room records."

Mike knew enough not to knock the chip off Derrick's shoulder. "I don't know Derrick. I'm not in your league yet, but give me a year and maybe I'll take some of your records." He'd stroked Derrick's ego and still stood up for himself. Mike was good.

Jarred decided he had to fill Derrick in some more. "Bro, you have to see the gym these guys have, it's totally equipped! Oh, and you definitely have to see Mike's brother! He's only thirteen, but that kid is beyond built!" I really didn't want to show Derrick the gym, but Jarred just started leading him toward the garage. We went in just in time to see Justin doing squats. He had 315 on the bar and he was cranking out perfect reps. He put the bar down, took off his weight belt and came over to talk to us.

Justin was now completely pumped and he looked incredible. Sweat was dripping off of him, and the splits in his legs were huge. Derrick looked at him with amazement. "You're really only thirteen?" We all assured him it was true. "Damn impressive kid. Damn impressive. That must be double your weight, huh?" Derrick was referring to Justin's squats. Justin nodded. "Damn, I can barely squat double my weight", Derrick continued.

"How much do you weigh?" Justin asked. Derrick told him 185. "Huh. That's funny; I lift double your weight too. My max set is 365. You saw me doing a cool down set."

Derrick was not happy about this andJustin wasn't giving him any slack. He looked a little more closely at Justin. "Hey, do I know you from somewhere?" I couldn't imagine how Derrick would know Justin, but Justin knew.

"I think you might have seen me at wrestling camp this spring."

Derrick thought about it. "Maybe, but you would have been in the junior class."

"I was in the junior class until the last three days, they moved me up."

"What's your name?"


"What weight class were you in?"


"Oh! You're THAT Justin." Derrick was now totally wide-eyed. Justin was grinning from ear to ear. "You're a little bigger than 132 now." Derrick continued. As it turns out, Justin was moved up to the seniors at his wrestling camp. Not only did he move up, but he won the weight class in the final wrestle-off. Everyone at the camp knew who Justin Williams was. Everyone.

"Yep, 162 right now."

"Damn kid. You are going to be tough! You'd probably be able to beat me some day." Mike and I were both praying to ourselves that Justin would take the compliment and leave it at that. He didn't.

"What do you mean, 'some day'?" Oh shit, Justin! Don't! Mike and I were both thinking the same thing.

A smile came across Derick's face. "You think you can take me, little man?"

I had to speak up. "Come on Derrick, you've got over twenty pounds on him. That's not fair."

Before Derrick could say anything, Justin spoke up. "I think I can keep up with you."

"Well let's find out, kid."

There was nothing we could do. Derrick started taking off his shirt. I figured they needed some sort of control, so I told them they could wrestle on our mats as long as they let Mike ref. Mike wouldn't be scoring them, but he'd make sure they broke if they got off the mats. The both agreed.

There was a look in Justin's eye that I had never seen before. He was in total concentration. He watched Derrick's every move and analyzed what he saw. As they started to wrestle, Derrick kept talking to him, trying to get him angry, trying to get him to do something stupid. Justin was totally cold and calculating. They exchanged a few takedowns and escapes. Derrick kept taunting him. Justin started to be more aggressive. His muscles were constantly tensed and he was looking huge.

He shot into Derrick and took him down. Derrick hit the mat hard. Justin let him up and then took him down hard again. He did it three more times. Justin moved incredibly fast; he was amazing to watch. He almost didn't seem human; every move just seemed so perfectly fluid. Derrick was getting frustrated. He taunted Justin, saying that he was afraid to wrestle him on the mat. Justin was in total control of the match. I never imagined that he'd be beating Derrick like this. Derrick looked something between frustrated and scared.

Justin took him down again. As he did, he lifted Derrick's body completely off the ground. Derrick's legs flew over his head. Justin threw him down to the mat even harder and landed on top of Derrick. This time, he didn't let him up. He worked Derrick around as Derrick tried to escape. He couldn't get away from Justin; in fact Justin seemed to be controlling Derrick fairly easily. He eventually had Derrick turned so that his shoulders were toward the mat. He was bending Derrick's arm trying to get Derrick's shoulders down. Derrick was pushing back with everything he had. Justin was using ever muscle his body; he was sort of bridging himself up and twisted Derrick's body toward the mat. His calves were flexed hard, showing a beautiful split. His thighs were tensed and we could see the cuts in his quads. Veins were popping out on his arms and traps; they looked little fire hoses running across his muscles.

Derrick's shoulder's inched a little closer to the mat. Justin finally said something to him. "Face it bro, you're done. Let it go." Derrick was frantic; he was giving it everything he had but his shoulders inched toward the mat. Derrick's muscles were straining too, but he looked small next to Justin. Justin gritted his teeth and twisted Derrick's arm even harder. Derrick let out a little desperate grunt and pushed back as hard ad he could.

Then it happened. If I live to be 100, I'll never forget that sound. We all heard the sickly dull pop of Derrick's arm breaking. Justin had broken Derrick's arm. Jarred, Mike and I were frozen for a split second. It was like we were watching it all happen in slow motion. We could see the bone actually was pressing against the skin of Derrick's arm, but it hadn't broken the skin. Justin had immediately jumped up and was looking down at Derrick in complete horror. Mike was the first to move. He was down trying to help Derrick as Jarred had rushed over too. Derrick was in serious pain; he was probably going into shock. Justin started to slowly walk toward Derrick; he was totally stunned. I think he walked toward him more as a reflex than anything else. Derrick looked up and saw Justin walking toward him. "Keep him the fuck away from me!" He cried. Mike turned to me and yelled, "get Justin out of here, NOW!"

I ran over to Justin and grabbed him. He was in shock, he looked at me, but I wasn't even sure he recognized me. His eyes didn't seem to focus; he looked dazed. His mouth was open like he wanted to say something, but words didn't come out. "Justin, come on bro, come with me." I led him out to the pool and sat him down.

He put his head in hands; I was rubbing his neck telling him it would be OK. "What did I do?" he kept repeating it over and over. He was starting to cry. I don't think Justin could remember the last time anyone had given him any real resistance on the wrestling mat. He was used to pinning his opponents easily. Now, when someone had finally challenged him, he'd broken the guy's arm. I didn't blame him for crying. I sat down next to him and tried to console him.

"Hey, J-boy. Come on, bro. It's not that bad, it's just an arm, it will mend." Just then Mike stuck his head out the door and told us that he and Jarred were taking Derrick to the emergency room. Luckily Jarred had gotten his license over the summer, so he could drive. Unfortunately, Mike's timing wasn't good as far as Justin was concerned. Justin looked at me through his tears and said, "Emergency Room?" He leaned against me and totally broke down. I just let him cry for a while.

He started to regain his composure a bit, so I went back to assuring him that Derrick would be OK. Justin looked at me with tears still pouring down his face. "You don't understand, Eric. That guy plays football. I just ruined his senior year season. If he needed a college scholarship, he won't get it." He was right, I hadn't thought of that. "Not only that, he probably won't be able to wrestle this year, and if he does, that arm will be really weak." That was true too, I thought. "I can't believe I did that to him." I looked at him and said, "Hey, you didn't mean to do it. Don't be so hard on yourself."

That made him cry harder. "Damn it, Eric. Don't you get it? I DID mean to do it." I was stunned. I couldn't think of anything to say. He started explaining. "I noticed that he was always guarding one side of his body. I figured he must have a weak arm or an old injury or something. Each time I took him down; I made sure that he landed hard on that weak side. When he started saying that I couldn't wrestle him on the mat, I decided to show him that he was wrong. I knew I shouldn't have done that. I knew I should have softened him up some more. But, no, I was going to show him right then - and I was going to use a hold that really hurt. Eric, I thought to myself as I put that hold on him, 'OK tough guy, you're either going to get pinned or I'll break your arm.'"

He fell on me crying again. I just held him and stroked his hair. I couldn't think of anything to say. He slowly stopped crying. He looked at me and said, "I don't think I can wrestle anymore." •

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