New Neighbors

Fessing up to Mike


By MuscleBoy27

The next morning, we got up around 11:00. We had stayed more or less in the same position all night. Justin woke up first. As he stretched, he woke me up. He sat up and swung his feet over to the floor. I followed suit and ended up sitting next to him. "So J-boy, what do you think Mike is going to say?"

We were both looking down at the floor thinking about last night and what we were going to tell Mike. Justin turned his head and looked at me. His expression wasn't his usually cocky smile. He was about as serious as he ever got. "I don't know Eric. I get the feeling he won't be too upset about our little fantasy game, but sleeping together like this, that might piss him off. Are you sure you want to tell him?"

I thought about it and put my arm around him. "Yeah. we have to tell him. Keeping it a secret would just make us feel worse. We have to take whatever lumps he wants to dish out." Justin nodded and then stood up. "OK, bro, all this thinking has got me really hungry. Where's the food?" Now he was smiling. Food always made Justin happy.

"Yeah, I'm hungry too. What do you want to eat?" He was really excited now. "What have you got?!? I need lots of protein remember!"

"Easy J-boy, we'll find something." As I said it, he pulled out a pair of shorts for himself and then ran over to my dresser and found a pair for me. He threw them to me and stood waiting at the door. I shook my head and put on the shorts and followed him out the door. Watching Justin eat was an experience all by itself. He really didn't eat so much as feed, you know, like cattle do. Once his head went down toward the plate, he didn't come up until the plate was clean. The few times that he'd eaten over at my house, he had done his best to restrain himself. Mike still had to nudge him a few times to remind him that he needed to pay some attention to his hosts as well as his food. My Mom was thrilled when the three of us ate. She wasn't terribly maternal, but something about seeing three growing boys scarfing down food made her happy.

When we got to the kitchen, I was surprised to see that she was there. "It's about time you two. I thought you were going to sleep through breakfast. I was about to come wake you up!" Wouldn't that have been a sight for my usually absentee Mom. I could see the picture vividly in my head. She pops her head in my room and says, 'boys, breakfast time!' and then realizes that Justin and I are kuddled up together like newlyweds. 'Oh, thanks Mom! By the way, I'm gay. Oh, no don't get the wrong idea, Justin here isn't my boyfriend, Mike is. Justin and I are just buds. We'll be down for breakfast in a minute.' She would have fainted.

'So would you boys like pancakes?' Before I could say a word, Justin rushed over, sat at the counter and grabbed a fork. "Yes, please!" He beamed his parent-melting smile. "How many do you think you want?" my mother asked. She was falling into his trap.

I spoke up before Justin. I looked at Justin and then at my Mom. "I think you'd better make a triple batch."

"Triple what I make for you and your father and me?"

"Yeah, trust me on this one, we're both starving." She started mixing the batter and I went over to make protein shakes for Justin and me. "Won't that spoil your appetite?" she said as she saw me filling the blender. "Really! trust me on this Mom, we'll eat what you make."

My Mom was as happy as she could be. As soon as the pancakes came off the grille, we swallowed them. After about ten of them, I had had enough. She looked at Justin and asked if he still wanted more. She had about 1/3 of the batter left. He just nodded hungrily as though his appetite had rendered him speechless. She started pouring them out. The grille held about six of them. She poured three and then looked at him to see if she should keep going. He nodded. She poured another one and looked at him. He nodded again. This continued until the grille was full. Her mood changed from joy to something more like wonderment as she watched Justin devour the stack.

"More, Justin?"

"Please!" He finally spoke. They went through the same drill, but there was only enough batter for four more pancakes. He devoured those and finally leaned back in his chair. We were both shirtless. He stretched - and burped as he did. She looked at his tiny waist and eight-pac stomach. "Where do you put it all?" she asked. He shrugged and gave her that parent-melting smile again. "I guess I'm just a growing boy Mrs. B! That was great, you're a really good cook." I watched the two of them and was getting a little sick to my stomach. Their exchange was more syrupy sweet than the pancakes and my Mom was buying every bit of it. As far as she was concerned, Justin would have pancakes anytime he wanted. Well at least any Saturday morning - when my Mom happened to be home - and in the mood to cook. It wasn't that often. Nonetheless, Justin had won her over completely. She looked at me, "I like him!"

I smiled at her and grabbed Justin by the arm pulling him out to the pool. We jumped in and swam around a little. We were both too stuffed to do much, so we decided to lay out for a while. We talked about our night and about telling Mike. We agreed that Justin would bring him over as soon as he got back on Sunday.

After about ninety minutes, I felt like we'd finally digested our breakfast. I nudged Justin - he was sound asleep. He looked at me through a groggy haze. "It's gym time J-boy." He nodded and started to get up. I'm not sure why I started calling him J-boy. Mike called him that sometimes; it was kind of a pet nickname. Justin always called Mike 'Mikey', it was never just Mike. I guess I felt like I was close enough to him to start using the brotherly nickname. He never said a thing about it; I must have seemed natural to him too.

We worked back and biceps that afternoon. Justin did the first set in every exercise and the last one too. He always did when he lifted with us. He'd push each set to the bitter end, going until I had to help him with the last rep. Mike and I were intense about our training, but Justin was an animal. After we were done, we raided the kitchen and hung out by the pool a while. Justin asked if I wanted to come over to his house that night. It was tempting, but I figured we had enough explaining to do. There was no point in tempting fate. He agreed. We hugged each other and he took off.

I watched him cross the street and a smile made its way to my face. He was shirtless and had white shorts on. His back made a perfect V out of the white shorts. He was blond and cute and pumped and looking huge. He and I had an incredible time together; we just kept getting tighter with each other all the time. I easily admitted to myself that I admired him. I didn't even think about the age difference anymore. My mind kept wandering as I turned and closed the door. If it weren't for Mike, I thought, I'd be totally in love with Justin. I stopped in my tracks. That was a bad train of thought. Mike WAS there and I really DID feel totally different about Mike than I did about Justin. Even just the sight of Mike made my stomach started doing flips. When I saw him, I couldn't wait to touch him or to hear his voice. I didn't feel that way about Justin. I just really liked Justin's company. He was always fun to be with. I told myself all this as a way of setting my mind straight on them. I was OK.

I watched a couple movies that night and went to bed sort of early. I got up early too and cleaned the pool. I didn't feel like doing much else, and I figured it couldn't hurt to score a few points with my Dad. He came down for breakfast and saw me vacuuming the pool. "Hey, that's my boy, Eric! It looks beautiful son! Come on in for breakfast." I came in just wearing a speedo. He came over and hugged me a little. It was a rare display of affection, but nothing made him happier than the sight of me cleaning something of his. As he hugged me, he felt how thick my back and shoulders were getting. He looked at me and then grabbed my shoulders and arms. "Wow, kid I'm impressed! It looks like that weight equipment is really paying off; I don't remember you being so big. How much weight have you gained this summer?

I was really happy he'd finally noticed. "About twelve pounds, Dad. I'm about a half inch taller too." He smiled and looked me over again. My Dad's about 5'11. I suppose I'll end up being about that tall too. "Looks like you really are becoming a bodybuilder!" I was little embarrassed at that, but really proud too. I was happy that he was proud of me.

My Mom had walked in as we were talking. "Yep, our little boy is really growing up! You should see his little friend from across the street, he's becoming a little monster too!" My Dad seemed a little confused. He'd met Mike a few times and Justin only once shortly after the Williamsons had moved in.

"You mean Mike, dear?" my dad said as he leaned his head back toward her without looking at her. "He's always been a little bigger than Eric."

"No, no. The other one. What's his name, Eric?"


"Right, Justin! He's just as big as Eric is!"

My dad was really confused now. "Justin? He's not as big Eric. He's a little boy, he's three years younger than you, isn't he son?"

"Two years, Dad."

"Well I was feeding Justin and Eric pancakes right here yesterday dear. I thought he looked about the same size as Eric, maybe even a little bigger." Oh, thanks Mom. There's an ego killer!

My Dad looked at me with an expression that said, 'what's your mother talking about?'

"She's right, Dad. Justin's grown a couple inches and put on almost thirty pounds this summer. He's pretty much the same size I am. He's one strong kid"

"Huh" was the only word he said. I wasn't going to try to explain it. I could see the questions rolling through his mind. How could that kid now be so big? Why was he spending time with his son rather than Mike? Why was his wife feeding the kid pancakes anyway? Sometimes, it's best just to let parents wonder.

Sunday was our day off from the gym. I messed around the house nervously waiting for Mike to get home. It was about 4:00 and I was lying on my bed reading the muscle magazine that Justin had left. I heard the doorbell and my Mom yelled to me that Justin and Mike were here. I went far enough down the stairs to see them, and then told them to come up to my room. They followed me up the stairs and into my room. I shut the door and hugged Mike and told him that I missed him and was glad he was home. When I let go of him, he wandered over to the sofa and plopped down. He looked terrible.

"Whoa, Mike. Are you feeling OK, you don't look all that great." He looked up at me and was about to say something, but Justin interrupted him, it was clear Justin was dying to tell me something. "He was seasick all weekend long! He spent the whole time tossing his cookies! Isn't that right Mikey?" The kid was beside himself with glee.

"Yeah, the little shit's right. I was sick the whole time." I asked him why they didn't come back early. "Ah, we would have, but I didn't get sick until we were all the way out, fifteen miles. They kept telling me that I'd get over it. I didn't." I felt really sorry for him, but it was pretty funny. I couldn't help laughing a little. He looked at me laughing and said, "nice, boyfriend. Nice. I thought I might get a little sympathy from you." I apologized and tried not to laugh any more. "So, Justin tells me you two want to talk to me about something important. What's up?"

Justin and I instantly got serious. We sat on the bed and faced Mike; he was still sitting on the sofa. I started out telling him how we'd taken our stats and then started reading the muscle magazines that Justin had brought. I explained about wondering if our stats would be bigger if we were pumped. I was sort of surprised when Justin picked up the story. He told Mike how he had been looking at the wrestling magazine and that we'd both thought the picture of the Ultimate Warrior was cool. As he talked I reached back for magazine and found the picture to show Mike. He just nodded at it, so I continued. I told him about my fantasy and Justin told about his. I was really proud of Justin, I thought he would have let me do all the talking, but he held his head up and told his part of the story.

As we told Mike about acting out the fantasy, he just watched us stone-faced. His arms were folded across his chest and he didn't look happy. The only time his expression changed at all was when Justin told him about me lifting Justin over my head. He raised his eyebrows and looked at me and then turned back to listen to Justin. I felt I needed to explain to him about us sleeping together. I left out the part about Justin coming into the shower. I made it sound more like I had encouraged him to come in with me. When we were finally done, we both sat there with our hands in or laps looking at Mike and waiting for him to say something.

He sat there just looking at us; he wasn't saying a word. Finally Justin's head dropped, he was looking at the floor. I thought he might be fighting back tears. A second later I decided I couldn't look at Mike any longer and I dropped my head too. I was fighting back my emotions. Mike stood up and paced back and forth once. He finally spoke. Actually he didn't speak. He yelled. I'd never heard him yell in anger before. Justin and I both looked up at him with wide eyes. He was going on and on about being betrayed and how we'd abused his trust. He was really going off on us. I glanced at Justin just long enough to see that a tear was rolling down his face. Mike noticed me and commanded that I look at him and not Justin. I did it immediately.

He stopped and glared at us. Finally he said he couldn't stand to look us anymore and he turned toward the wall. Justin's head dropped again, he was wiping the tears from his face. I was still watching Mike, then I noticed that I could see his face in the mirror. He was laughing! He'd turned away from us because he couldn't keep a straight face anymore. I nudged Justin and motioned with my head for him to look at the mirror. Justin saw Mike smiling and trying to regain his composure. I was still a little stunned, but Justin wasn't.

Justin yelled, "Mike you big sonofabitch! Eric, let's get him!" We both jumped up and Mike turned putting his hands out as if to say, 'take it easy guys, I was just kidding.' Justin wasn't having any of it. He grabbed Mike's hand and used it to pull him; in a flash Mike was flying through the air and landed hard on his back. Justin was on top of him and I jumped on him too. We wrestled around for a while and finally stopped. I had Mike in a full nelson and Justin had his legs tied up. Mike wasn't going anywhere.

Justin grinned at me. "So what do you think we should do with him, Eric?" Mike was grinning too, before I could say anything, he sort of laughed saying, "Come on you two. I've had a rough enough weekend already."

Justin ignored him and spoke up next. "Hey Eric, you want to know a secret about our little Mikey?" Of course I did. "Justin reached up Mike's body and pulled down his shorts revealing a very hard dick. "It looks like ol' Mikey here likes it" He said it trying to imitate the kid in the Life cereal commercial. Then he started chanting, "Mikey's got a boner, Mikey's got a boner!" We both let Mike go. He turned and looked at me.

"You two had quite the weekend, didn't you?" We were now smiling at each other.

"I can't believe you aren't angry." He thought about it for a second and said, "We'll I really wasn't too happy about you two sleeping together, but the fantasy thing was kinda hot. You two had a pretty emotional experience. I guess I can understand it." Then a huge smile crept across his face and he continued, "besides, the way I see it, it's all Justin's fault!" We both lunged at Justin tackling him onto his back. He laughed saying "Oh, I thought you two knew better than this!"

Mike and I tried to hold him down, but he managed to slip out of our grip. The three of us wrestled for what seemed like an hour. It was probably less than ten minutes. Occasionally Mike and I would exchange looks that said "doesn't this kid ever get tired?" Justin didn't get tired. He just kept working us against each other and slipping away from every hold we tried on him. Finally we heard him say "I think you two have had enough." In no time at all Justin was on top of us both. He had us both in headlocks and had hooked each of his legs around one of ours.

"So have you girls had enough?" As he said it, he tightened the headlocks. He biceps were digging into our heads, and we were both in a good bit of pain. I heard Mike's muffled voice. "You big pussy!" Justin squeezed us even harder. "Did I hear one of you girls say something?" We were both silent. He said, "I didn't think so. Now I wanna hear you say, 'we give Justin.'" We both said it. "Now I want you to say 'Justin is strong and we are weak.'" We both said it. "And now say, 'If Justin lets us go, we'll do anything he says.'" We both said it and he let Mike go. Justin stood up with me still in his headlock. He picked me up and threw me to Mike who was now on his knees. "Here's your girlfriend Mikey!" Thankfully Mike caught me.

Justin ripped off his shirt and hit a most muscular pose. "Check it out girls! You just got thrashed by a thirteen year old!" We had, and we knew it. He did side bicep pose next. "Let's see, what do I want from you two. What shall your punishment be?" Mike and I were now both on our knees. We hadn't intended to be in a position of worshiping him; we were just trying to catch our breath. But he noticed, and found great pleasure in the fact that we were kneeling in front of him. "That's my good slaveboys. I think you two should give me a massage."

Mike looked up at him. "J-boy I'm not sure that's such a good idea." He did a double bicep pose. "Relax Mikey. I want JUST a massage, nothing else." Mike agreed; we'd do it. "Good slaveboys!" Justin mocked as he reached down and ruffled his hands through our hair.

He took off his shorts and shoes and plopped on my bed. "You can start on my back." We pulled ourselves to our feet. I got some baby oil and we started to work on him. I was working on his back while Mike worked on his legs. We all liked giving massages, so it wasn't such a bad punishment. Worse was hearing Justin talk the whole time. He was going on about how weak we were and how strong he was. Finally he rolled over. "Now this side boys." At least he'd stopped calling us girls. He looked as us both and said, "Seriously you two. You've got big muscles, but you two are in terrible shape. Don't you get any cardio?" He reached up and pinched our nipples as he said this.

We looked at each other and realized he was right. We didn't get any cardio exercise. We finished his massage, managing to ignore his raging hard on. We both plopped down on the sofa, exhausted. Justin started playing with his dick. He turned to us and asked, "You guys mind if I take care of this?" I looked up at him weakly and said "knock yourself out, J-boy." He happily started stroking himself while Mike and I talked. I asked Mike if he could stay over. He said he thought I'd never ask.

We turned and watched Justin just as he exploded all over himself. When he finally stopped, he sighed deeply. "Damn this was a good afternoon!" He jumped up and grinned at us. "Shower time girls, show's over!" and off he pranced into my bathroom to take a shower. Mike and both just shook our heads; we were both marveling at his endless energy. •

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