New Neighbors

My fantasy becomes reality


By MuscleBoy27

Justin was looking around the gym / garage for a second, and then turned back to me. I could tell he was getting pretty stoked about this whole idea. "OK, bro. Let's do your fantasy first, but I want to make it a little more realistic. You just stay in here lifting and I'll be back in a couple minutes."

"What do I do?"

"Don't worry bro, I'll take care of everything. You just play along." I nodded and he turned and quickly left the garage. I started doing some curls and wondered what he had in mind. After about five or ten minutes, the door to the gym burst open and Justin came in. He slammed the door and took a couple steps into the room.

"What are YOU doing in MY gym? I've warned your sorry little butt before about this. This is a gym for real muscle, not for a weakling like you." I almost started laughing, but I managed to control myself. He had on one of my over-sized T-shirts and he'd painted around his eyes to look like the Ultimate Warrior. I wondered where he got the paint; I hoped he hadn't used markers because we'd never get it off. He was trying to talk in a deep voice, but he was obviously having trouble keeping that up.

He looked around a little, and then stared straight at me. He had a look that actually scared me a little. It definitely helped set the mood of the fantasy. He started talking in his regular voice, but he was still talking loudly and he really did sound pissed off. "It looks like you need to be taught a lesson little man." With that, he grabbed the collar of the shirt with both hands and ripped it off his body. I wasn't sure if he had put cuts in the shirt or if he just ripped it as it was, but the effect was perfect. He wasn't wearing anything under the shirt, and he'd found some pieces of fabric to tie around his upper arms to accentuate his bis and tris. Now that he had the shirt off, he was totally naked and really did look like a miniature version of the warrior. His blond hair wasn't long enough, but he did keep it longer than most guys, so he looked amazingly close to the part.

He looked over to the side and grabbed two pieces of rebar that were sitting on the floor. They were about three feet long and somewhere around a half-inch thick. He had the two pieces in one hand and he started swinging them into his other hand making a smacking sound each time the steel hit his hand. "Yep, I think you definitely need a lesson in respecting my gym."

I was a little worried; he was strutting toward me with the two pieces of steel in his hand. It crossed my mind that he might actually hit me with them. He stopped in front of me and glared at me. "So, little man, you think you can compete with me, with these muscles, with this incredible body?" He flexed as he was saying this, and with his upper arms tied, the bulge of his biceps looked almost inhuman. He brought his arms back down and he threw me one of the pieces of rebar.

"OK, little man. Show me what you've got. Let's see how far you can bend it." I took the ends of the bar in my hands and did my best to bend the metal. It started to bend a little, but I couldn't bend it much beyond a few degrees. "Just as I thought, you're totally weak. Give me that back. Let me show you what real muscle can do."

He grabbed the bar out of my hand and then took it and the second bar together and started to bend them both at the same time. His face turned red and every muscle in his upper body totally stood out in relief. Veins popped up everywhere and he was grunting as he gave it everything he had. To my total amazement, both bars began to bend. He kept squeezing and straining, sweat was pouring off of him. He finally stopped when the two bars were a U shape. "When you can do that, little man - then you can work out here with me!" he shouted loudly. Well the fantasy was definitely having the right affect; I was mesmerized, terrified and totally turned on. It seemed like there was no end to his strength.

He walked over to where I was standing and looked me in the eye and flexed. He sort of snarled at me and said, "I'm not done with you yet." With that he flew toward me. Before I knew it, I was draped across his back in a fireman's carry. He walked over the mirror and stood in front of it. "Watch some real muscle, boy." He moved his hands so that they were at my chest and abs. Then slowly and forcefully he lifted me over his head and held me there. "Yeah!" he screamed as he lowered me and lifted me again. He did ten slow reps, stopping each time at the top so I could look over in the mirror and see his incredible body. Wow, he was really just a freak, it was hard to believe we were the same size. He looked so monstrous to me at that moment.

I was still on his back as he walked over the mats. "I think you haven't quite learned your lesson little man." He threw me on the mat. I landed and started to get to my knees. I looked over at him and he was flexing again. I just stopped and stared at him. How could this kid be only thirteen? He came over and grabbed my head and put me in a headlock. His biceps were digging into my head as he took us both down to the mat. He flipped me around like a rag doll and got me in the position he wanted. Finally he adjusted his arms and re-grasped my head. I remembered this feeling; I was in his sleeper.

He slowly tightened the grip on me. He started talking once he felt the pressure was right. "So do you feel my power, wuss-boy? How come you aren't struggling to get free? You know you can't get away from me, don't you!" I definitely wasn't struggling. My hands were on his arms feeling how hard they were as slowly and deliberately started cutting off the blood flow to my brain. I suddenly became aware that he was stroking my dick too. "That's it pussy boy, lets get you nice and hard. Let's see you worship this muscleboy." He tightened the hold further and stroked faster. My vision blurred, I could hear his voice, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. Finally my vision went to black and felt myself spasming. That connection between my dick and brain was the last thing to go. This was the most incredible orgasm I'd ever had.

As I started regaining consciousness, I realized I was lying on my back. The ceiling of the garage finally came in focus. I shook my head a little, trying to clear the cobwebs. I leaned up a little and looked over. Justin was laying next me with his head propped up in his hand. He was smiling from ear to ear. "So, um, is that what you had in mind, bro?"

"Geezus Justin! You were amazing. I really thought for a while you were going to hurt me. Bro, you should do that for a living, people would pay thousands." He didn't really say anything just then, but his expression clearly told me that he was happy he'd delivered what I wanted. We both just stayed where we were for a second, then he said, "hey bro, check out your chest!"

I looked down at myself and then touched my chest with my hands. I was wet everywhere. I'd blown my load all over my chest and even some on my neck. We both started laughing. "You got some on me too, pussyboy - maybe you should come over here and lick it off!" He was laughing as he said it, and didn't mean it. I wasn't really in the mood to go lick up my own cum anyway. I got up, staggered a little, and then got us a towel to clean up. I wiped myself up, and then threw him the towel. He caught it and said, "hmmm, sloppy seconds, huh. I hope this isn't part of my fantasy."

He then used the corner of the towel to wipe the black stuff off from around his eyes. "What is that stuff?" He giggled a little. "It's shoe polish." I laughed at him, "I hope you keep giggling, because it isn't all coming off." There was a gray shadow were the shoe polish had been. "Maybe you can work it into my fantasy." he said. I think he was trying to tell me something.

I'd almost forgotten that I promised to learn how to do sleepers and then put him out with it. I couldn't just do it to him on the mat and leave it at that. He'd spiced it up big time for me. The least I could do was return the favor. "Don't worry, bro. I'll think of something good for you too. Now show me how that hold works."

He came over in front of me and helped me get my arms in the right place. I put some pressure on him, and he said that it definitely felt right. His neck was so big from all his wrestling, I wasn't sure I could really put enough pressure on him. He seemed to think I could handle it. I let go of him and we both stood up. I asked him one more time, "are you really sure I'm strong enough? I mean look what you did with the two pieces of rebar, I couldn't even bend one of them."

He laughed and ran over to where the two pieces of metal were. He picked them up and gave them to me. "Look!" he said, giggling like a thirteen year old. I looked at them. One of the pieces had been almost completely sawed through in two places. "Oh, you fuck! You had be believing a wasn't even half as strong as you!"

"Well, that's probably true" he laughed, "but there's no way I could bend two of these. I noticed that this one had some cuts in it, so I figured I was probably strong enough to bend it along with the one solid one." He laughed a little more, and then went on, "I was actually afraid that you were going to bend the one solid piece, if you'd have gotten it just a little further, you'd have done it. I'm telling you bro, you are very strong, you just need to believe in yourself." I wondered if he was right, maybe I just needed to believe in myself more. Self-confidence was a problem for me, but I could think about that later. Right now it was time for Justin's fantasy.

"OK, bro. Here's the deal. You head up to my room and start playing with my computer, I think I have a few ideas on how to fulfill your fantasy. " •

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