New Neighbors

Bonding with Justin


By MuscleBoy27

There was about six weeks left to the summer; Justin and I had cleared up our little drama and the three of us settled into a new routine. We figured that sooner or later Justin would need even more weights, so rather than borrowing ours, it made more sense for Justin to use my gym too. He still went to his martial arts classes in the morning while Mike and I were in the gym. He’d come over and use the equipment in the afternoon while we were messing around by the pool or whatever. It worked out well, because we could spot him when he needed it, and he could have total access to all the equipment.

Sometimes, after Justin was done, he’d come and join us by the pool. His growth spurt had slowed, but not his strength gains. I’d actually started a little growth spurt of my own. I was gaining weight now and starting to lift some heavier weights too. Mike was at a plateau, but he’d had it happen before. He seemed OK with it, and he was really proud of me since I was making good gains. We started tracking Justin’s gains too and entered them into the same spreadsheet that Mike and I were using. Justin even stayed over with us a couple Friday nights. I almost forgot about the difference in our age, he was just another cool friend.

Mr. Williamson had one more weekend planned for each of his sons. Mike’s was going to be this next weekend they were going deep-sea fishing. I asked him if he minded if Justin stayed over on Friday. “Of course I don’t mind, I pretty much assumed he would. Why should you two sit home alone just because I’m not around?” It made sense to me, so Justin and I planned to hang out that Friday night together.

Mike and Mr. Williamson left, and shortly after Justin came walking in with his duffle bag. We ate dinner and then headed up to my room. We played a couple of computer games, and then decided just to talk. Justin started talking about how much he liked using our gym, and how much he was improving. We brought up the spreadsheet that tracked our stats. I made graphs of our progress so we could see the change better. On the size graph, Justin had his first big initial growth spurt, and then he and I were tracking each other almost exactly. I guess we knew that, but seeing it on the graph was really cool. Then we brought up the strength chart, and of course Justin was gaining a lot faster than I was. We were surprised to see that I was gaining a little faster than Mike was. He started out fast, but he’d slowed down some.

“So are you ready to enter this week’s stats?” Of course he was. We both took off our shirts and I got the tape. I started measuring him. “OK, bro pop that killer bicep of yours.” He flexed hard and I measured it; it was 16.5 inches. About a quarter inch bigger than last week. “Now your chest.” I went around his back, reached around his pecs and pulled the tape around him “Looks like 44 and quarter. That’s up about a quarter too. Now your neck.” He and I were similar for the most part, except his neck. He had a thick wrestler’s neck and I didn’t. “Eighteen inches, mutant boy. Same as last week.” He grinned at being called mutant boy.

OK, let’s check your lower half. He took off the baggy shorts that he was wearing. He didn’t have anything on under them. That was a little strange, usually we had speedos or something on when we took measurements. He was naked now, and I was starting to get a little uneasy. My hormones were kicking in, and Mike was 150 miles away. I could handle it. “OK, lets check your waist. I saw you munch down a box of cookies yesterday, I’ll bet you’re getting fat.” He smiled at me, “check it and see, bro.” We both knew he wasn’t getting fat. “Hmmmm, looks like 31, no almost 32 inches…” He looked at me and laughed. “I think you better check again.” Without saying anything, I did. “Oops, you’re right, I was wrong. 29 inches, just like last week.”

“Now how about your legs? Any guesses?” He looked down and flexed them revealing the deep cuts that showed three distinct muscle masses. “I’ve been hitting ‘em hard for the last two weeks, I think the cookies landed in my quads.” I went down to my knees and ran the tape around his leg. He shifted a little so that his dick was right in my face. “Hmm, this can’t be right. Looks like 27 inches, that’s up a full inch from last week.” He was grinning ear to ear. “Read it and weep leg boy.” I checked it again; he really had gained an inch. “You suck, Justin!” I measured his calf next, it was sixteen inches, up a quarter inch.

I stood up and looked him. “Awesome week bro. You are a machine.”

He grabbed the tape from me. “Your turn!” He did my arms and chest. They were identical to his; my arms had gone up almost half an inch. We were both amazed. He did my neck; it was 16 inches, up about a quarter. “Not bad, pencil neck!” “Fuck you.” We both laughed.

Now the lower half, Justin instructed. It was a little strange, but he was still naked. We usually didn’t get dressed right away, because we also checked our weight and height, but it was still odd that he was totally naked. I figured what the hell, I might as well join him. I stripped off my shorts and speedo at the same time. He smiled at me and got down on his knees. “Let’s see about waist lard-o” He measured it at 29 and a half. I looked down at him in amazement. “You’re lying!” He was still holding the tape. “Look!” he said. I looked down, and he was right, I’d lost a half-inch. “I believe it bro, your abs are much more defined.” He smacked my stomach, and I pretended to be hurt.

Next he did my legs. They were 27 and my calves were 16 inches, same as last week, and now identical to Justin’s. We went into the bathroom and checked our weight and height. We both weighed exactly 162, he’d gained three pounds, I had stayed the same. We checked our height. We were both exactly 5’8 ½”. He was up about a quarter, and so was I. We were both kind of quiet as we walked out of the bathroom. Justin broke the silence. “Bro, we are almost identical. That’s pretty cool.”

I turned and faced him. I didn’t know what was happening, but I didn’t want to stop it. “Yeah, it is very cool.” I said softly. We put our hands up so that we were palm to palm. We looked directly into each other’s eyes. I knew where we headed now, but it was too late to stop it. We leaned forward and kissed. It was soft and a little tentative, but really sexy. Our hands parted and we hugged each other and kissed more intensely. Mike was pretty far from my mind. Justin and I had some unfinished business, and it looked like we were going to finish it now. As we embraced I felt his hard dick against me and he must have felt mine against him. We kissed like that for few minutes, his strong arms were crushing me against him and was doing my best to return the favor. This was so hot!

We finally separated, and guilt came over us both. “We can’t do this.” I said. He nodded. We silently each grabbed a pair of shorts and put them on. Justin had grabbed his from his duffle bag. He reached back in and pulled out a muscle mag; he tossed it to me. “Here, maybe this will help distract us.” I plopped down on my bed and began paging through it. He had two other magazines in he hand. He brought them over and put them on the bed next to the one I was reading. Instead of lying on the bed next to me, he got on top of me.

I was leaning on elbows as I looked at the magazine. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed a little. Wow, it felt good. His pecs were digging into my back and his biceps were pressing against my sides. His dick was lined up exactly with my butt, and he put his legs right on top of mine. He whispered, “I hope you don’t mind, Eric. I just wanted to feel what it was like to be on top of my twin. So whatchya lookin’ at?”

I could feel his breath against my ear and his hair brushed against mine. What was I looking at? At that very moment, I was looking at the back of my brain since my eyes were rolled so far back in my head. Mike and I spent a lot of time on each other like this. With Mike it was familiar, sexy, comfortable and safe. With Justin it was new, electric, dangerous and erotic. I knew I should have told him to get off, but it was the last thing I wanted right then. “I was just looking at this article about Flex Wheeler. They give his measurements both cold and pumped. There’s a pretty big difference. I wonder how much different ours would be?”

“I don’t know bro, but we should find out. It would be cool to know.” He opened one of the other magazines. It was a WWF magazine. I couldn’t believe that he actually bought those magazines, but I also found myself glancing over as he paged through. He stopped at a picture from one of the old Wrestlemania events. It was the Ultimate Warrior holding some other wrestler over his head. Fuck that looked hot. I kept looking at it and realized I was getting hard. I squirmed a little. As I did, I felt Justin’s cock getting stiffer and pressing against my butt. “This is the hottest picture, bro.” Justin whispered. I don’t think he was trying to get me aroused. In fact I think he was on top of me just like he might have been on top of his own brother. Justin was all about close contact and warmth. He loved to share every experience. The closer he shared stuff with us, the happier he was.

“It’s a totally hot picture, but I’ll bet it’s hot for me in a different way than it is for you.” He was clearly intrigued by this. “Really? OK, tell me how it’s hot for you.” He moved his arms around my chest again and squeezed me a little; I think he was letting me know that he was paying total attention. “Well, when I look at that picture, I’d guess that you imagine yourself as the Ultimate Warrior, totally crushing your opponent and making him beg you for mercy. You know pretty much like to did to me that day.” I turned my head as I said this so that he could feel my breath as I said it. “Bro, you know how sorry I am about that.” He whispered, still holding me tightly.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be so sorry, bro. The thing that excites me about that picture is imagining that I’m the guy being lifted over the Warrior’s head. I guess it’s kind of weird, but what I find totally erotic is being at the mercy of a guy who’s much bigger and stronger than me. This is totally between you and me, bro, but I still fantasize about that day you made me blow you. It was bad because it could have affected my relationship with Mike, but it was honestly the hottest thing I’ve ever been through. I wack off thinking about that sleeper at least once a week.” I reached back with my hand and softly stroked his delts. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I was so glad I’d finally admitted this to Justin.

He thought about it for a second and kept holding me tightly. My dick was rock hard and his was pressing even harder on my butt. “Wow, Eric. I had no idea.” He paused again and whispered even more softly “but you’re wrong about the picture.” Now I had no idea what he was talking about.


“I don’t picture myself as the Warrior, I picture myself as the guy getting thrashed too.” I was shocked. Indestructible Justin was telling me that his fantasy was to be manhandled? The poor kid. It was never going to happen to him. “Wow, Justin. I wouldn’t have guessed that. You’re so strong and so good at wrestling and marshal arts, I guess you aren’t ever going to have that feeling.” He’d released his grip, and now was rubbing my shoulders. “That’s not quite true, bro. You gave me that feeling when you had me in your leg scissors. You’re a lot fucking stronger than you give yourself credit. If I hadn’t had my arms by my sides, you probably would have had me begging you like a little girl.”

“Shut up, mutant.”

“It’s true.”

We just stayed exactly as we were for a while – both thinking, I suppose. I finally broke the silence. “So, you wanna go down to the gym and see what our measurements are pumped?”

“Let’s go bro!” He jumped off me and we both headed out the door. It was late enough now that my parents had gone to bed. Their room was on the opposite end of the house, so we weren’t worried about disturbing them. We headed down the stairs and into the gym. I turned on the lights and Justin put in a CD, then he took off his shorts and was naked again. “Take yours off too bro, I wanna see you lift.” I did it in an instant, but went one step further. I grabbed a bottle of baby oil and started oiling myself up.

Justin stood and watched as I did. I finally finished and faced him. “Fucking hot, bro. Throw me that bottle.” I shook my head and motioned for him to come over by me. He grinned and walked toward me. I started oiling him up just like I’d done to myself. When I finished, we both turned toward the mirror and flexed. I have to admit - we looked fucking hot!

We started pumping up. We hit everything, arms, legs, chest, back, even abs. We finally were ready to do some measuring. I went first this time. Just before we measured each part, we pumped it up again. My numbers were a lot bigger this time; everything was about half an inch to an inch bigger. Justin was great. He was totally into it. He told me how great I looked and encouraged me to flex in the mirror. We’d done it dozens of times, but this time it really was more intense.

Now it was his turn. While I was proud of my numbers, I was about to learn why Justin was so incredibly strong. When he was pumped, his measurements went up close to two inches almost everywhere. His arms were almost eighteen inches pumped. I couldn’t believe it. He flexed and he really looked like a bodybuilder. It was so hot. When we’d finally finished measuring him, he turned toward the mirror and did a double bi pose. I couldn’t help myself. I came up behind him and started feeling his arms and chest. Now it was my turn for my dick to rub up against his freaky steel hard butt. “Bro, you may be a mutant, but you are one amazingly hot mutant.” He dropped the pose, turned toward me and kissed me. We were holding each other and looking into each other’s eyes. One thing kept running through my mind - I had to ask him.

“Bro, will you do something for me?”

“Of course, anything.”

“I want you to put me out with that sleeper again.” I felt kind of stupid asking, but I knew he understood.

He kissed me, really hard. “OK, big boy, you’ve got it, but only on one condition. I’m going to teach you how to put that hold on me, and then I want you to put me out.”

My eyes must have been as big as he’d ever seen. “Do you really think I can put you out?”

“Of course, you’re my twin! And, you’ve got a great teacher.”

“OK, Justin. Let’s go!” •

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