Fun with Math

By Josef Howard

The inspiration for this was an old science fiction novel (maybe by Robert Silverberg) in which mathmatical formula are used to do magic.

Todd was having trouble in his college math course. His professor was so distracting that Todd found it hard to concentrate on theorems and formulae. When Professor Matthews shucked his suit jacket to hang it on the door hook at the start of every class, the sight of his bulging muscles straining the fabric of his shirt made Todd's mouth dry and his dick as hard as steel. And watching him stand perfectly straight, chest high, abdomen flat and tight, shoulders back, making notes on the overhead projector as he lectured, kept Todd aroused all hour, unable to register a word the man said.

After Todd failed the first two tests, Professor Matthews called him to his office on a Saturday afternoon. Todd accepted the appointment, but arrived in Matthews' office as nervous as a cat about being alone with him, afraid of betraying his sexual attraction and embarrassing himself.

Since it was a Saturday the math department’s faculty office building was nearly deserted. The thought of being in the building alone with his sexy professor was getting Todd excited already. As Todd neared Matthews' open office door he could see Matthews was dressed casually in tight blue jeans and a snug white T-shirt. The T-shirt was stretched so thin around Matthews bulging torso that Todd could see a dark mat of chest hair under it. Right away his dick went to full mast inside his sweat pants.

Professor Matthews looked up and saw him. He motioned to Todd to enter his office.

"Todd, your transcripts from high school show you were an A student in math. What's wrong?"

Professor Matthews was sitting at his desk in his small six by six office. Todd stood next to his shoulder just inside the open door. All Todd could concentrate on was the immense round globes of Matthews' shoulders, and the bulge inside his professor's jeans.

"I'm sorry Professor Matthews. I – I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on the subject matter."

"What's the problem Todd? Don't you find math relevant? It is relevant, you know. Almost everything in life is described, influenced or controlled by mathematical formulas."

Right now the only number Todd was thinking about was the number of inches the professor's cock stretched a tape measure, but he tried to keep up his end of the conversation.

"What do you mean?" Todd asked.

"What do you like to do?" Matthews asked.

"Pardon me?" Todd asked incredulously, and then realized the professor wasn't talking about sex.

"What are your hobbies?"

"Well, I've been working out a lot the last few weeks. A lot of the college guys are big here, and, well, It's become sort of a new obsession."

"Alright, let me show you what I mean, Todd." The professor picked up a pencil and wrote out an unfamiliar equation. "What's your current weight?"

"Uh, 150."

"Let's let 'a' equal 150. How tall are you?"

"Five foot ten."

"That's 70 inches. Let 'b' equal 70. How much would you like to weigh eventually, after you've put on all the muscle you'd like?"

"Two fifty, more if I could gain that much."

"Wow, you're really serious about it! Mr. Olympia isn't much bigger than that! Okay, let's set 'z' equal to 250. The variable in the equation is Factor X. Show me how you would solve for x, Todd."

The equation was a simple polynomial. Even though his dick was throbbing painfully inside his pants and he almost shot his load when their hands touched as the professor handed him his pencil, Todd managed to transform it using basic theorems from junior high and arrived at an answer.

"Very good – 10x. Ten 'x' is the factor you need to conjure – sorry – obtain if you want to grow to a weight of 250."

Although Matthews's story problem hadn't completely succeeded in engaging Todd's brain, Todd was at least partly distracted from the round protrusions Matthew's pectorals created inside his T-shirt by the professor's odd approach. He wondered where it went from here.

"How do I find out what 10x is?" Todd asked.

"You mean how do you solve your real life problem? Because, Todd, if you find out the value of 10x, you will solve your problem."

Matthews took the pencil from Todd. The muscles under the hair-covered skin of Matthews' forearm twitched and rolled, making Todd's tongue tingle just to watch them. Matthews sketched out another, more complicated equation, filled with symbols Todd had never seen before.

"This describes factor 'x', Todd. Admittedly this steps a bit beyond undergraduate mathematics, but you're a bright young man. I'll walk you through it."

In a series of transformations that filled two pages of notepaper Professor Matthews took Todd through the steps to divine the substance of factor 'x'. As he wrote the last equation and explained it, as a glimmer of understanding of factor 'x' flooded into Todd's young mind, Todd felt an incredible rush of energy swell up inside of him. His muscles tensed, his posture became more erect. His feet began to slide apart and his elbows spread away from his sides. His loose fitting XL T-shirt stretched to bursting, and even his baggy sweatpants grew tight. The feeling was so intoxicating that Todd completely lost sense of anything outside his own skin. Matthews pulled the uncomfortably tight T-shirt over Todd's head, exposing the body of an Olympia champion, carved out of iron and etched all over with striations and pulsating, ropelike veins. There was barely enough room now for both Todd and Matthews inside Matthews' small office.

"Goddamn! That was fucking incredible!" Todd said. As he raised his hand to his head to run his fingers through his hair, Matthews had to dodge his massive arm or be elbowed in the face. "I mean, I never knew a bunch of fuckin' symbols could have such an effect!"

Matthews reached around Todd's prodigious bulk and slid the pocket door to his small office shut, forcing Todd closer to him in the tiny office. He tugged at Todd's tight sweatpants and pulled them down to his knees.

"Holy shit!" Todd cried. "Is that all me down there?"

A dick the size of formidable cucumber arced out from Todd's groin. Freed from his sweatpants, it was stretching and straightening. Along each side of it at the base were two nuts the size of large tomatoes. It was too big for Todd's professor to attempt to put even its head inside his mouth. Instead he grabbed it with both hands, neither of which could completely reach around it, and massaged. Todd fell back against the closed door in excruciating ecstasy and moaned so loudly that the door vibrated. As Matthews stroked one hand up to the head, Todd felt a jolt fire along its tremendous length. Every hypertrophied muscle in his body clenched and forced out a mess of cum so great when it splattered out his cock on Matthews' chest it sounded like a bucket of water hitting pavement.

Professor Matthews pulled his drenched T-shirt over his head and wiped his face and hair with it. At last Todd saw the chest he had fantasized about for so many weeks. It was even more magnificent than he had imagined. The fibers of Matthews' huge pectoral muscles showed through his thin pale skin. Thick, dark hair covered them completely except for a small area around his silver dollar sized areola and his fingertip-thick nipples. The professor's abs defied any imaginings. Thick and tight, like a steel corset of veiny muscle they gathered his flaring torso into a waspish waist. Even more beautiful than his chest were Matthews' arms. They were just a little larger than proportionate. His biceps bobbed and bounced like water balloons as he moved his arms.

Matthews jiggled Todd's still stiff dick.

"I confess, I built this part of your anatomy into the equations purely for selfish reasons," Matthews said.

Blood started forcing its way back into Todd's dick. Once again it arced up and climbed higher and higher.

"I guess I'm a bit of a size queen. But if you dig being a man and wanting a man, why wouldn't you want as much man as you can get?" Matthews said.

Matthews opened his mouth as wide as he could and sucked hard along each side of Todd's dick from root to head with his hot, wet lips.

"I had my eye on you since the first day of class, Todd. And the way your eyes devoured my body all period made me damn horny. That’s why I never step from behind the overhead projector when I lecture."

Todd still reveled in the bulk and the power of his new muscle. Just the feeling of filling more space was incredible to him. The tremendous new strength made his limbs feel light. He felt as if he could fly.

Matthews stood as best he could in close spaces, unbuttoned his jeans and slide them off. Todd drew deep breaths at the sight of Matthews' wide, strong, hairy thighs and the huge protrusion inside his crisp white underwear. Matthews slid down his underwear and a phallus like a garden hose flopped out. Matthews reached around Todd's waist and tugged Todd toward him. Their taut tummies pressed Todd's fully erect prick in a sandwich. Todd felt Matthew's dick throb and swell between their legs.

Matthews was a few inches shorter than Todd, forcing the professor to pull Todd's face down to his to give him a deep kiss. The feeling his own stiff muscle pressing firmly against his professor's hard physique made Todd's head light. Then, slowly, as they sucked other's mouths Todd felt his head straighten and begin to tilt upwards. He opened his eyes and saw his professor's body pulsing and growing. He was already larger and taller than Todd was. When he was too tall for their mouths to meet they broke their kiss.

Matthews broad, swarthy chin broke into a wide grin. "Some of us can do math in our head," he said, explaining his own dramatic growth.

The professor put his hands under Todd's ass. Todd felt his enormous bulk slide up along the wall, effortlessly levitated by Matthews' twenty-eight-inch arms. The wide head of the professor's donkey dick bobbed up between Todd's legs and lodged in the crack of his ass. Matthews flexed it with his groin muscles and positioned the head on Todd's anus then lowered him down on it until Todd had it completely inside of him. The feeling of it reaming him out made Todd forget about all the other feelings in his newly hypertrophied body, and the taut muscles inside Todd’s ass emptied his professor’s head of any thoughts but those of his dick. Professor Matthews’ muscular arms pinned Todd to the wall by wrists, and Todd curled his legs up to his shoulders and held them with his steely abs. Never in his wildest imagination could Todd have dreamt of a scene this intense with his sexy math professor. Matthews locked eyes with him and watched the expressions each stroke etched on his face. He grinned at each exquisite grimace, reveling in the effects of his powerful prick. The grimaces tightened and tightened until the pleasure became so intense that Todd screamed and the second load of cum poured out of his stiff dick, shooting up at the ceiling and drenching Matthew’s furry chest.

Hearing Todd’s excruciating scream, seeing his enormous dick head expand and explode, and feeling his hot cum on his body, Matthews drove himself so far into Todd it felt like he’d never be able to get out. He plastered himself over Todd, flattening him against the wall. Every muscle in his body stiffened in a gut wrenching orgasm.

As both their breaths slowed to normal, Matthews relaxed his grip on his pupil. He squatted and withdrew his thick, stiff dick from Todd’s ass. Todd lowered his legs and stood on them again. They kissed a final time, passionately, and then Matthews stood away. Inches and pounds slipped away from him like water from a glass. He sat down in his office chair the mere hunk that Todd had fantasized about every day before today.

“I prefer this size most times,” he said by way of explanation. “It makes getting in and out of my sports car easier, not to mention walking through doors.”

Matthews rubbed Todd’s thick forearm affectionately.

“But I sense you prefer to keep your new size. Is that right?” Matthews asked.

Todd nodded.

“Your sweat pants still fit, but that T-shirt was way too small to get back on. Let me loan you a spare sweatshirt, just to get you home without freezing.”

Matthews pulled a bunched up black velour garment out of his desk drawer. Todd put it on, but it was clear he wasn’t going to get home without drawing attention.

“Of course, if you stay at this size, I may not be able to concentrate on my lectures anymore than you can. I suggest a little pre-class tutoring every day to take the edge off our appetites for each other.”

Todd smiled broadly. •

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