New Neighbors


By MuscleBoy27

.the moment of truth. Just a quick recap: Eric and Mike worked out and were wrestling at the pool. Eric won and talked Mike into giving him a massage. Naked and loving the massage, Eric doesn't realize he's popped a hard-on. Mike asks him to roll over, and the moment truth is upon us.

I was in a total fog from the ecstasy of the massage that Mike was giving me. I really didn't realize that my dick was rock hard. Suddenly I felt Mike's hands gently grabbing my dick. The fog cleared quickly and I pulled back a bit as I opened my eyes and looked into Mike's eyes. Gone was that cocky, confident smile that I loved so much. Instead, I was looking into his blue eyes and they were almost begging me to give him approval to do what he wanted to do. How amazing is this guy!?!

I smiled, closed my eyes and leaned back in my lounge chair. Without a word between us, Mike knew that he had complete leave to do whatever he wanted to me. My whole body was in an amazing state - somewhere between total relaxation and total anticipation. The most amazing guy that I'd ever met had just moved in across the street from me. Not only was he totally hot and smart and fun to hang out with, he was apparently gay just like me and he was about to blow me.

As that thought ran its way through my head, I felt Mike's warm mouth take my dick. Two small breaths escaped from me as I finally managed to really relax and enjoy the amazing sensation. Mike began sucking my dick slowly - working around the top and slowly down the shaft. My dick isn't huge, but it isn't small either; Mike handled it easily. Within a few seconds, he had swallowed it completely and I could feel his chin nuzzle against my balls. He began contracting his throat muscles and the feeling was like nothing I'd ever felt before. As his warm mouth slid on my dick, I felt my eyes roll back in my head. I sighed and relaxed even more. This was incredible - if I ever had any doubt that I was gay, none now remained. This was sex the way it was intended to be for me.

As Mike worked me a little faster, I felt my dick stiffen even more. Just then, I felt Mike softly grab my balls. I'm not sure how long it took, but he worked me even faster. Just as I was about to loose it, he pulled my balls lightly. That was it, I couldn't handle it any longer. I started coming and coming like I never had before. Mike swallowed every drop and then held my dick still in his mouth as it slowly softened. I was finally able to breath again, as I did I opened my eyes to see that Mike's killer cocky smile had returned. He slowly got up and leaned toward me. When his face met mine, he gave me a huge kiss and dropped down on top of me.

"So how do I kiss, Mr. Musclelegs?" he said quietly.

"Totally amazing" I said, smiling and looking into his eyes.

"Really? Imagine that." Mike said, now smirking a little. "Who would have thought you'd like the taste of your own cum?" He was now laughing at his own joke under his breath. As he tried to hide his laughter, his body was shaking on top of me.

I liked my lips a little, and sure enough I was tasting my own cum. I didn't tell him, but wasn't the first time. A few times after jacking off I'd gotten curious and tried it. Honestly, I didn't really like it, but after tasting it, I knew I could swallow someone else's. "Hmmm, that is my cum isn't it. I hope someday I'll get to try yours too." Mike smiled a huge smile and planted another kiss on me. This one was longer and much more intense. This kiss said: "you can taste any part of me any time you want."

We lay there kissing each other and doing some exploring with our hands. Mike had great arms. I could feel the horseshoe form in his triceps as he pulled himself up higher on me. His lats flared a bit and I could fill the separation of the muscles in his back. I couldn't have imagined a better first time with a guy than this. I finally worked my hands up and ran them through his short hair. This guy was just totally perfect in every way. He finally pulled away from me a little and leaned his head on his hand.

"So." he said, smiling that killer smile, "am I the best you've ever had?"

Oh, great! How do I respond to this? He thinks I've been with other guys. I knew honesty was the only way to go, so after a short pause I told him. "Ummm, well you're definitely the best!"

"Yeah, that's what they all tell me!"

I looked away from him and almost whispered: "Well, honestly, it's not only that you're the best. you're the only one I've ever had." I shrunk back in the chair a little. Mike was definitely going to have a good time joking with this fact.

"Whoa. You're a virgin, huh?" Just as I thought he was going to start teasing me about it, a very sincere look came over his face and he brushed my chest with his hand. "That's pretty much what I thought, bro. It's really cool that you let me be your first. I've only been with a couple other guys myself. The first time is amazing isn't it?"

"Uh huh." That was the only word I could muster. I was looking into his eyes and totally falling in love.

"I have a little secret to tell you, bro. I haven't been able to think about anything but you since we met. I wasn't sure if you were gay when we wrestled. But when you ripped your swimming suit off, I was pretty sure I was home free. Lucky me, huh?!?"

That was the start of the most incredible relationship I've ever had. For the next couple weeks, Mike and I lifted weights in the morning and hung out at the pool in the afternoon. Sometimes we'd wrestle, sometimes we'd just go straight to having sex. I was in heaven.

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