New Neighbors


By MuscleBoy27

It was the summer of my sophomore year when the Williams family moved in across the street. I had been lifting weights in the garage when I saw the moving truck pull up. Not far behind was a minivan. As it pulled up, the doors opened and out piled the Williams'. Mr. and Mrs. Williams appeared to be in their forties or so. Both of them looked very athletic. There were three kids, the oldest was a girl, Brenda, she looked to be around 18 or so. Then there was Mike. As it turned out, Mike was fifteen, just like me. Finally there was Justin, who was thirteen.

Mike and Justin noticed me and my garage gym. I watched their reactions and it was clear that Justin wanted to come over to meet his new neighbor. Mike was apparently talking him into checking out their new house first. The sight of the two of them talking was amazing. Mike was clearly about an inch taller than me and probably ten or fifteen pounds heavier. I was used to being one of the most built kids in my grade, and I could see that I was going to loose ground to Mike immediately. Justin was impressive too. He was obviously younger as he was shorter and had a total baby face - but his body was another story. Even though he was a good five inches shorter than Mike, he still looked very strong. Both Mike and Justin were wearing shorts and T-shirts, and I would swear that Justin's arms were bigger than Mike's. My mouth was dry just watching the two of them talk.

Before we get too far along here, let me tell you about myself. My name is Eric, and as I said, I am fifteen and will be a sophomore when school starts next fall. I'm 5'8" and 150 lbs, with dark brown hair and eyes. I'm an only child, so I get pretty much anything I want from my parents. I love them both, but my Dad is totally obsessed with his career and my Mom volunteers for almost every cause known to man. As a result, I've been more or less left to raise myself. I've tried organized sports - I played baseball and football in eighth grade, but it didn't' really suit me. I asked my Dad for weights last year and have been totally in love with bodybuilding since then. I don't really have a lot of friends at school, I'm pretty sure I'm gay, and I just can't handle all the sexual weirdness that goes on between teens. So that's me - I do well in classes, I keep to myself, and after school is over, I head home to work out. I'm obsessed with bodybuilding, so I'm super careful about what eat and how I take care of my body - I'd love to be a pro bodybuilder some day.

I thought I was doing really well with the weights until I saw Mike. I wondered how he got so muscular. Even from a distance, I could tell he was stronger than me. I wouldn't have long to wait to find the answer, because about two hours after the Williams' had pulled up, Mike came trotting over to introduce himself. From a distance it was clear that he was built, but up close. damn, he had the kind of good looks that melted hearts. He was about 5'9" or 5'10" and easily weighed 170 or more without an ounce of fat on his body. He had blond wavy hair and piercing blue eyes. Those eyes! When he smiled and gave me those eyes, I knew I'd be total lust with him forever!

"Hi there! I'm Mike" were the first words out of his mouth. I smiled and swallowed hard, saying "Hi, I'm Eric". We shook hands and I could feel the power in his grip. I stared at our hands clasped together while Mike surveyed the weight equipment in the garage. "Wow, you've got a great gym here! I guess that's how you got so built, huh?"

"Uh, yeah, I work out here a lot" were the only words I heard from my mouth. 'Damn!' I thought to myself. Here the hottest guy I've ever seen is chatting me up and I can barely complete a sentence, what's the matter with me? Luckily Mike seemed oblivious to my stammering and was more than happy to run the conversation. "So do you train for some sport, or are you more into bodybuilding?"

I couldn't believe the question. I mean, I spent most all of my life working to keep people at a distance and this guy was getting right into my personal life - well, at least that's the way I saw it. "I'm not into sports, I just like to lift." I said looking blankly at my flat bench. "Right on!" chirped Mike, "so how much have you got on there - looks like about 205?" "Uh huh." I replied - beating myself up again for being such a great conversationalist. And so the conversation went.

"Cool bro, you mind if I do a set?"

"No problem, go ahead. Um, you wanna warm up first?"

"No problem bro, 205 is about right for a warm up."

In mild disbelief, I moved behind the bench to spot. Mike walked over, took his shirt off, laid down and cracked out 10 effortless reps. It was a good thing he didn't need a spot because I was hyperventilating at the sight of his upper bod. His abs were a perfect eight pac, his chest and back formed a perfect 'V' from his tiny waist, and his pecs were so big that his nipples actually pointed down at the ground.

"Wow" was the only word to escape my lips. My eyes must have been as wide as 25 pound plates. Mike jumped up from the bench and smiled at me. "Take it easy bro, it's not that heavy!"

"So, what's your max?" I asked sheepishly. Mike told me that he could do 275 for a few reps, but since his weight set was only 275 lbs, he wasn't sure what his max was. As we talked, he stood closer and closer to me. I was sort of uneasy because I never let anyone get in my personal space the way Mike was. He looked at the weights as we talked and finally suggested that we find out what each other's single rep max was. I was definitely up for that. I pretty much knew that mine was about 250 or so, but I really wanted to know what Mike could do.

We moved the weight up to 225 and each took our turns lifting. Neither of us had a problem with it. Then 255. then 275. then 295. then 315! I couldn't quite get 315 despite Mike's encouragement. I was finally getting more comfortable with him, so I felt like I could finally talk more. He pushed up 315 without too much trouble and continued on. Finally, he couldn't quite make 365, I tried to push him, but he just missed it.

"Wow, Mike, I've never lifted even close to that much in my life! And you, fuck bro, if you can get 365, you'll set a new school record! The seniors won't be liking that!"

Mike was obviously very pleased with himself. He flexed in the mirror and smiled that killer smile at me. "Damn, Eric! You really seem to bring it out of me. Maybe we should train together from now on." I looked at him in disbelief, after working to keep my distance from almost 2000 kids in my school, this guy had worked his way under my skin in big way. I had my first crush, and he would be training with me every day! Life doesn't get any better than that! I quickly agreed to working out together and asked Mike if he wanted to get something to drink and hang out in our pool for a while.

"You have a pool!?! Let's go!" And with that, Mike and I went through the house and stopped in the kitchen before heading to the pool. I asked him what he wanted to drink, and to my surprise, he asked if I had any protein drinks. I smiled and hauled out the blender and made him one of my favorite protein smoothies.

"Damn bro, if we work out like this and down protein like your smoothies, we'll be totally huge by the time school starts." I smiled at Mike and as I did, I heard the words "right on!" come from my mouth. Huh. Now I was starting to talk like Mike. It didn't matter, I was just happy to have found someone so cool who shared my interests.

We walked out to the pool. Mike looked around and whistled, "damn bro, this place is awesome!" As he was looking around, I took off my workout shorts leaving me with only my Speedo. Mike looked back at me and frowned a little saying that he didn't bring a swimming suit. "No problem bro, you can borrow one of mine, come with me."

He followed me into the pool house and I pointed to a pile of suites in a basket. "Take whichever one you want." He looked at the basket and picked a fairly small red suit. I tried not to look, but couldn't help myself. He took off his shorts and put them on a chair. He didn't seem to be in a hurry to put the swimming suit on, but slowly he did. I didn't stare at him naked, but I did look - and I REALLY liked what I saw. This guy was a total fantacy!

We went outside to the pool and jumped in. I didn't think the afternoon could possibly get any better than it had been, but it did. We talked and talked, and laid around on rafts and drank our protein smoothies. I felt like Mike was really becoming my brother - albeit a real REALLY sexy brother!

Mike finished his drink and dived under the water. I was lying on raft finishing my drink when I felt his hands grab my leg and arm. He pulled me off the raft and the drink went flying. Without thinking I started wrestling in he water with Mike. It was amazing! I felt the power of his arms. I felt the strength of his legs. I felt his pecs against mine. and then I felt his hard-on against my swimming suit. And then I froze. •

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