Jack and the Giant

By Josef Howard


"Hey kid!"

Jack turned as he was unloading his trunk. A tall, man in baggy clothing who stood near the entrance to the alley was calling him.

"Yeah, what?"

"What are you doing with that equipment?"

Jack was loading weight plates from his trunk into a cardboard box. The bottom of the box had given way as he tried to lift it out. He had reinforced it with duct tape and was loading the plates inside it again.

"I'm selling it."

"You got a buyer?"

"Yeah. The pawnshop." Jack jerked his head in the direction of the storefront a few doors down from where he was parked.

"What did he give you?"

"Fifty bucks, why?"

"Aw, man! That's a rip-off! I bet you paid a least a hundred for those! Listen, kid, I can give you a lot more than that for them."

Jack stopped loading the box and straightened. Jack was huge for a guy his age. Jack had just graduated high school, but he was 5' 10" and weighed 210. He loved bodybuilding. If he had his way, he'd be buying more plates, not selling what he had. But his mother was out of work. The two of them lived alone and they had run out of money for food this week.

"What would you pay?" Jack asked.

"These." The dirt smudged man pulled his hand from a pocket. In his palm were green colored beans.

"Get out of my way!" Jack huffed in disgust.

"No, wait. It's not what you think. This stuff is more valuable than gold! It's a natural supplement! With all the exercise you do, this stuff will make you bigger than Arnold! Ferrigno, even!"

The guy must be older than he looked, Jack thought. Those guys were ancient. His idols made those two look like amateurs.

"Don't even bother," Jack said.

"Come 'ere," the old guy motioned. Jack just stared at him in disbelief. Then he put down the plates and walked into the alley. When they were out of sight of the street, the old guy said, "Punch me in the stomach. Go ahead. As hard as you can."

Jack meant to barely touch him, but the guy annoyed him so much he slugged him pretty hard. He didn't even budge. The guy's midsection was hard as bricks.

"Harder. You can do better than that, Muscles."

Jack threw his whole upper body into it. The guy was like an iron girder. Jack's hand hurt. The old man lifted his shirt to reveal a set of abs that would have made any bodybuilder envious. They are thick and tight. He unbuttoned his loose shirt. The rest of the guy was just as impressive. Jack didn't know how he could have failed to notice what was underneath the guy's clothes. As he shed the shirt Jack saw arms that dwarfed all but the largest of his heroes.

"Pretty big for an old guy, huh? And I gave up working out years ago."

"Let me see those things again," Jack said.

His mother would kill him, but - fuck - those were his plates and barbells. She hadn't even helped him pay for them. She thought bodybuilders looked grotesque. Let her charge some food on her credit card until the next unemployment check came!

His mother went through the roof when he got home. She slapped him, threw the beans out the window and sent him to his room. Jack made a mental note of where they had landed and decided to go pick them up the next morning. If he defied her orders now, no telling what she would do.

He woke up early the next day. When he looked out his window he couldn't believe his eyes. In the yard outside his bedroom window was a tree where yesterday there had been nothing. It was as wide as a redwood and looked to be as tall. As he snuck out the front door, it occurred to him that the beans had landed somewhere near the roots of this thing.

"Shit!" He said out loud. This tree or whatever it was, had grown from those beans the old guy had sold him! Fuck, now he'd never be able to use them! He looked up the trunk. It was taller than a redwood, he thought. You could see the end of a redwood, but this thing grew into the clouds. It wasn't a tree really. It didn't have bark. It was green, like a beanstalk. Hey, what if the thing grew beans like the ones it grew from? It was so big he'd have way more than the handful the old man sold him. He'd use some and sell the rest!

The nearest limb was several stories above the ground, but the trunk was ridged enough to have footholds and handholds to climb. He took a leap at it and started climbing.

His house looked about as big as a matchbox before he reached the first limb. He examined it carefully but couldn't find any sign of beans growing on it. What the hell! He was this far up; he may as well keep going. If he went back down now, he knew he'd try climbing higher later anyway.

Hours later he was in the clouds and there was still no sign of bean pods or an end to the stalk. But in a clearing between clouds he saw the oddest thing - a huge house built on top of the cloud. If this cloud could hold up a house, he ought to be able to walk up to it on the cloud. Still he wasn't stupid. He gingerly set his foot down and tested the cloud for solidity. It held. He hung tight to the stalk and put his other foot down. He let go.

Fuck! He was walking on a cloud! If the old guy had sold him mushrooms he'd have sworn he was hallucinating!

After you walked a few yards, you could even get used to walking on a cloud. The fluffy vapor swirled at his feet as he stepped through it, and he must of have lost track of how far he had walked. The house was getting bigger but it still seemed far away. Then he realized it was much bigger than he thought.

The doorway was over twelve feet high. The window eaves were near the top of his head. When he heard footsteps inside, he hid behind a billowing cloud. The door opened. The man in the doorway was almost ten feet tall and more muscled than Jack could have imagined possible. Jack was totally overcome by lust at the sight of him. His prick was so hard it hurt inside his jeans. Since no one could see him, he unzipped at let it out.

The freedom and the high altitude air blowing on his hard-on only made it more intense. He grabbed it and sighed in lustful relief. Soon he was pumping it to orgasm and watching his cum drop through the clouds like piss through white snow.

He shook it dry and tucked in back in his pants. He peered around the cloud at the giant. He was just standing there on the front step sniffing the air.

"Fee, fie, foe, fum, I smell the funk of boy cum," the giant said in a voice as deep as thunder.

Jack started to get hard at the sound of his voice and the thought of this giant's interest in his sexuality. He had never been attracted to men before, but this giant exceeded even his wildest imaginings of masculinity. There was something terribly exciting about someone so masculine, so powerful. Rather than hide, Jack stood out in the open. He crossed his beefy arms over his chest and stared at the giant defiantly.

"Ho, young stud. What brings you to the top of the world?" the giant called to him with just the hint of a grin.

Jack stiffened his spine and answered, "I came to get what I paid for."

The giant stepped closer to Jack. "And what exactly is that?" he asked, with a grin almost as broad as his shoulders.

"The beans like the ones that grew the giant stalk I climbed to get here." The closer the giant got to him, the stiffer Jack's prick became. It poked out from his groin like a tent pole and threatened to tear the double-stitched seams.

"Like these?" the giant asked as he reached into the cloud at his feet and scooped up a handful of green beans that looked just like the ones the old man had sold him.

Jack's prick fired long, hard squirts inside his distended pants at the sight of the long sought magic anabolic beans in the extended hand of the gigantically muscled giant who now stood less than a few feet in front of him. A dark blue wet spot flowered and spread at his crotch. The giant's eyes glanced down at it and grinned. "Come inside," he invited.

"I think I already have," Jack smiled sheepishly.

Inside the giant's house everything was built to scale for a ten foot tall man, which meant that tables came to Jack's chin and chair seats were chest high. When he tried one of the kitchen chairs out he looked like small child.

The giant took a bag of beans from his cupboard and called Jack over. Jack thought he was going to feed him one, but suddenly the expression on the giant's face changed, he caught a glimpse of the giant's enormous fist descending on him and felt a pile driver blow to the side of his head. He crumpled to the floor.

When Jack woke up he was stripped naked, strapped down on a padded table inside a cage. The giant was across the room stirring something in a small bowl.

The giant saw him move. "You're awake. Good." He walked into the cage, closed the door behind him and tilted the table Jack lay on to a forty-five degree angle. The giant lifted a spoon full of pale green mush from the bowl and pointed it at Jack's mouth. "Open wide."

Jack jerked his head away. The giant set the bowl down and slapped him across the jaw. The next time the giant stuck the spoon at him, Jack opened wide and licked it clean.

"That's better. You're going to be eating a lot of this stuff, so you better get used to it."

"What is it?" Jack asked between spoonfuls.

"The beans. Makes young men like yourself hornier than a billy goat. It makes 'em fill out nicely too, if they live long enough. But more importantly it makes 'em shoot buckets of cum, 'cuz it takes a lot of cum to keep a giant fed."

Before Jack swallowed the last of the bowl he began to feel tingly and flushed. The giant set the bowl down and pulled his shirt over his head. Jack had never seen the giant's naked chest. In an instant Jack' prick sprung to full mast. The thickness of his pecs, fibrous, but hard as rocks, the deep sweep of his biceps, triceps and deltoids made all the blood in Jack's body rush to his dick.

The giant glanced down at Jack's cock and grinned. "Dinnertime!" he said in a sing-song voice. He unbuckled his pants and dropped them. If anything his thighs and his buttocks were bigger than proportional to the rest of him. But his prick topped everything else. It dropped over half way down his thighs over two enormous balls and wagged excitedly at the sight of Jack's young body.

The giant opened wide and engulfed the whole of Jack's meat in his mouth and throat and began to give Jack a blowjob that made every muscle in his body curl with delight. In just a few minutes Jack was squirting long and hard like a cow teat into the giant's throat. The orgasmic convulsions wracked Jack's body until he thought he would pass out. When they stopped he was wasted.

The giant looked up at Jack and said, "Now for the second course." He rose and gave Jack a long deep, open mouthed kiss on his weakened lips. Jack couldn't have cared less what he did to him at first, but then Jack felt the flush returning to his body and his dick inflating again, as desperate as before for release. It throbbed against the giant's cobblestone abs. It was not only harder, Jack thought it looked thicker than usual, enough that it didn't even look like his dick.

As the giant dropped down to inhale him again, Jack glanced at the rest of his body. He could see his veins, and it looked like his muscles were a little bigger too. Or was it just a pump?! But when the giant's lips clamped around his prick, Jack could think of nothing higher than his waist. The slither of giant's hot sucking lips and the caresses of his rough tongue made Jack's heart beat like a trip hammer. The tortuous tension lasted forever this time, until Jack blasted down the giant's throat even harder and longer than before.

But when Jack's orgasm finally ended, his erection did not, nor did the giant's hungry sucking. Before long Jack was jerking and squirting again. Jack's eyes glazed over. His consciousness faded. He lost count of the ecstatic spasms that punctuated his periods of comatose bliss. Had he cum ten times? Twenty? More? The mashed beans had made him horny beyond the ability of any healthy man to fulfill himself. Only the giant's tenacious milking had allowed him to empty his balls of their pent up juices.

When he woke it was daylight, but was it the same day, or even the same week? Jack looked down at his constrained naked body. The bean mush had put ten or twenty pounds on him. His muscles bulged and strained at his skin like wild animals pawing for release. Their sweep, their depth and their fullness exceeded the fullness of form of the finest bodybuilders. Jack flexed them as best he could against the straps that held him tight to the table. The sight of himself sent the blood to his penis and again and made him painfully erect.

"Ready to be milked again?"

The giant had been in the room just outside his field of vision.

The thought of another session with the giant made Jack weary, yet his cock plainly needed draining.

"You won't have enough spunk for a whole meal without eating some more bean mush," the giant said. He picked up another bowl and fed it to Jack.

The first time it had been foul, but this time Jack thought it wasn't so bad. There was something to be said for its bitterness and gumminess. As the first few ounces slid into his blood stream, Jack's enthusiasm for the mush increased. He ate it as fast as the giant could spoon it to him. And when the bowl was empty he asked for more.

"Nothing succeeds like excess, eh? I'm extra hungry myself." The giant lifted the lid of an urn and scooped out a heaping bowl of mush. He smiled as Jack downed the second, bigger bowl faster than the first. And in between swallows, every so often, the giant indulged himself in a spoonful.

By the end of the second bowl they were both dizzy with lust. Pre- cum escaped Jack's stiff, tortured prick in tiny squirts that foreshadowed a great grand mal orgasm.

When the giant devoured the whole of his stone-stiff prick with his fleshy mouth, Jack almost cried in delight. He gazed adoringly at the giant as his lips pulled and pushed along his penis, and gasped at the sight of the giant's prick as it filled out and rose as high as his chest and as thick as a fence post.

The giant's loving oral caresses went on much longer than Jack thought he could last, until finally the blisteringly hot cum burst from the end of his prick and gushed like oil into the giant's mouth. It drenched the giant's face and filled his gullet to overflowing. The next spasm was a fierce as the first. And on and on they came until the giant pulled away, his stomach full. Still he worked Jack's cock with one enormous hand while he captured the rest of Jack's spunk in bottles and bowls.

When the orgasmic jerking ceased, muscular seizures began. Every one of Jack's beautiful muscles began to tense and swell until Jack thought he might explode. And so he did, but with muscle. Even the giant stared in awe as Jack's body expanded and grew. His chest muscles swelled into shelves. His deltoids ballooned into basketballs. His arms grew to twenty, twenty-five, almost thirty inches. Jack couldn't even see his legs, but he felt them burst the leather bands that held him to the padded table.

"Aw, God! You're gonna make me cream, kid!" The giant fingered his nipples, thick as dimes, and jerked on his baseball bat dick with a ham sized hand.

Although Jack was bigger than the biggest bodybuilders now, he was still a midget compared to the giant. The giant grabbed him by the arm and flipped him over on his stomach.

"Giving's good, kid, but now it's time to get," the giant said.

The giant's huge thumb wiggled into Jack's asshole. Jack gasped. The giant thumbed Jack's prostate and Jack's prick swelled to attention again. Jack had seen the giant jerk off his prodigious prick and was sure it would split him like a old sock, but he was so overwhelmed by lust he would have welcomed a freight train through his ass.

At almost twice his height, the giant dwarfed Jack. His body enveloped Jack's like a child wrapping its arms around a puppy. His club-like cock found the entrance to Jack's ass and the giant's hips thrust it inside. Sweat coated Jack's forehead. His sphincter tried desperately to close, but the giant's cock held it wide open as it dug deeper inside him.

"You're doing good, kid. I almost got the head in," the giant said.

Jack's ass closed around the crown. Jack felt an instant of relief until the giant plunged deeper and spread him wide again. He wondered if this wasn't what led to the early end of the other men the giant kept.

"Aw, damn, kid! You are tight!"

The giant laid his huge hands on Jack's narrow hips and pulled himself into Jack's body. He moaned in joy. Three or four sawing motions and he was half way in.

The heat of him and the beat of his pulse in his prick began to take Jack's mind off the strain. He felt horny again. With some of his newfound strength, he pushed back and took more of the giant inside himself. The giant's knees weakened and he fell hard on Jack, jabbing himself in the rest of the way.

Both of them were stunned. Jack recovered first. He wiggled his ass underneath the giant and sent bolts of ecstasy through the giant. The giant strained to move and soon eked out a few minor pokes. Their sexual energy fueled further thrusts. A few minutes later the two of them were fucking like animals, drenched in each other's sweat, completely lost in the act. Jack came frequently, and his spasms built tension in the giant's cock. Finally the giant unloaded, pawing frantically at Jack and drooling uncontrollably.

As the giant's cock softened, Jack wiggled free. The giant was exhausted. He slept so deeply he never felt Jack roll him off his back and lay him gingerly on the floor.

Jack took the keys to his cage from the giant's pants. Then he decided to wear them. The pants fit like a tent, but he couldn't go home naked, and there was no way his levis would fit him now. He closed the cage door behind him as quietly as he could, and searched for the front door. He was barely outside when he heard the giant roar. He knew the bars of the cage wouldn't hold the giant. Stopping just long enough to fill his pockets with beans, he ran to the stalk he had climbed and hurriedly began his descent.

When he reached the ground he found an axe and began chopping. As strong as he was, it still took a long time to cut through a trunk as big as a redwood. What would happen when he finished? Jack wondered. Several miles of falling stalk could do a lot of damage to houses and roads. But as soon as it was severed from its roots the stalk began to wither and crumble to dust. Its disintegration spread up into the clouds as fast as the eye could follow. If the giant was on his way down after him, he'd be coming down a lot faster than he planned! Jack stood looking up into the clouds expectantly, but he saw nothing. The clouds began to drift apart, the sky cleared. He must have been gone at least a day, but things on earth seemed just as he had left them the morning he'd discovered the stalk growing outside his house.

Jack heard a car honk.

"Looking good, Jack!"

It was his neighbor, a guy he saw at the gym once in a while when he went early in the morning. The guy had been lifting for almost ten years and had been a huge source of inspiration to Jack when he first started working out a few years ago. It must have been months since the guy had seen him last if he wasn't suspicious about how fast Jack had grown.

Jack dug his hands in his pockets and felt the beans. The guy would probably pay a fortune for these. So would the other guys at the gym.

Jack smiled. At least for a while their money problems were over. •

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