King Rex

Deus ex Machina


By AbsMan420


Page ONE -- seven panels (2- 2- & 3 -- see breakdowns for rough layout)


CAPTION-1a (top of frame): Our story so far:

(Illus: Superion descending through the night-time sky toward the illuminated skylight dome of the Megalopolis Museum of Antiquities. The bold colors of Superion's costume are lit from below as he prepares to land feet-first on the Museum roof. He looks graceful, athletic, and brave.)

CAPTION-1b (bottom of frame): The Mighty Superion intercepts a silent alarm...


(Illus: Medium view. Villain's POV. We look down over a massively muscled arm, cable-thick veins wrapping around it, with a hand pressed flat against Superion's forehead. Superion's eyes are closed, but is he screaming in pain or pleasure? We can see the top of his torso and his outstretched arms as he involuntarily flexes -- he seems to be exploding from his costume.)

CAPTION-2: ...and gets quite a bit more than he bargained for.


CAPTION-3: With Superion's metamorphosis, it isn't long before Night Owl succumbs to his darkest fantasies.

(Illus: Night Owl is being held from behind by a now hugely-muscled, but scantily clad Superion. Between Night Owl's spread legs kneels Wonder Boy, his own body swollen thick with youthful muscle. Wonder Boy has pulled down his senior partner's codpiece and sucks Night Owl's cock -- Night Owl is clearly trying NOT to enjoy it. The same big arm from Panel #2 reaches in from the side, lightly touching Night Owl's forehead.)


(Illus: Our massive villain is being hit by the mystic lightning of Captain Thunder, lifting him off the ground. The discharge of bright, white energy keeps him in silhouette -- although we can see the reflective, metallic lightning bolt on his chest -- even with his head thrown back, we can tell his heavily-muscled outline is NOT the real Captain Thunder.)

CAPTION-4: He absorbed the power of the Mystic Lightning...

PANEL(S) #5, #6, #7

(Three rapid-fire panels leading to the page-turn. P#5 -- Superion slam-fucking Speedster, the boy lost in dreamy ecstasy. P#6 -- The Psychic Saturnian tossing a glowing, green rock into his mouth as the eyeslits and shield of Night Owl glow in the shadowy background. Perhaps we can also see Night Owl's twisted grin. P#7 -- The transformed Saturnian stands arrogantly over the Purple Power, who suckles the Saturnian's over-developed breast and fucks himself with a giant purple dildo made from his ring's energy.)

CAPTION-5a (This box lies on top of all three of the smaller panels, bridging them together): ...and one by one, his muscular minions over-powered the once proud Justice Club, until they became known as...

Page(s) TWO & THREE -- One Splash Panel. Double page illustration.

(Majestic angle. Group shot of the now-transformed Justice Club as they stand on a large dais in the Megalopolis Cathedral, the villain's Throne Room. Superion, dressed only in a thong made from his "S"-shield, is toward center. Kneeling at his feet is Speedster, although now dressed in his old KID Speedster costume, his out-of-proportion legs exposed from the high-cut hip of his bodysuit. Kid Speedster has an arm wrapped protectively around Superion's redwood thigh. Splitting Center with Superion is the Psychic Saturnian, wearing only blue trunks that almost identically match his skin color, making the lump of his package obscenely large, but undefined. Above, his magnificent breasts are fully and proudly displayed. Next to him stands the Purple Power, who uses the energy from his ring to create a costume only a micron thick, covering him completely from head to toe. He looks like he's wearing tight rubber, or plastic, or a second skin, every striation and vein of ! his beautiful body visible, highlighted by the shiny purple coating. It creates a pouch for his enhanced package that doesn't hide, but rather lifts and supports, a magnificent display, every vein and rugged inch visible. If it were possible, we'd see the butt plug he's also made with his ring's energy, which moves inside him, adjusting itself to his inner shape no matter what position he's in, but always stimulating his prostate. In the background, Night Owl and Wonder Boy lurk, Wonder Boy clinging to Night Owl as if no more than another attachment on the big man's utility belt, their hot leather harnesses difficult to see.

(Seated Center, on the gigantic Diamond Throne, is His Majesty, the King of Thunder, the Magnificent Rex. He dwarfs the others in size and power. Spread-legged, his unbelievable cock is the focus of this entire picture, laying there purposefully in his tight purple spandex shorts. The metallic tip of the lightning shield embedded in his gigantic chest points straight to it. He is confident and strong, the Jeweled Crown of Camelot jauntily cocked on his square head. Perhaps instead of standing, Superion is seated on the arm of the throne, Kid Speedster at his feet, Superion gently touching the shoulder of his sovereign husband, Mighty Rex.)

CAPTION-5b (Bold letters -- title font): ...EIGHT HEROES FOR A MAD KING!

CREDITS BOX (bottom of panel)

The last chapter of the "King Rex" saga brought to you faithfully by:

Plot/ Breakdowns/ & Dialogue -- [email protected] Pencils & Ink Art -- Imagine It! Studios Colors & Separation -- The One-Eyed Digital Python Editor -- Tommy "The Morph" Miller


The Atlantean struggled so fiercely that it took not only Fat Tony to contain him, but also the help of Johnny J and that new guy, Sam. There were so many new guys, Fat Tony was lucky to know anyone's name at all. He knew Sam, though. Sam had been one of the men recruited with the "Cycle One" shtick -- the "magic potion" that turned normal men into the incredibly muscular subjects of the King. So whatever he had been before -- and he'd mentioned something about having written some juvenile fiction -- now he was happy to stuff his big cock into the white thong of the servant class and flex his generous muscles for the entertainment of His Lord and Majesty, King Rex. Like all of them.

Like all of US -- Fat Tony thought, shrugging, rubbing his hand over his flexed ten-pack -- only keeping his pre-transformation nickname as a joke with the other guys.

There were over a hundred of His Majesty's subjects now, and the number grew with every gym they'd targeted. No one was able to resist. No one wanted to.

Which was why the Atlantean's behavior fairly mystified him. If he knew how good it felt to submit to His Majesty, the Atlantean wouldn't fight. Yet the new recruits ALWAYS fought -- were they unwilling, or afraid to confront their darkest truths? Fat Tony vaguely remembered resisting himself, but it was hard to remember anything of his old life, his unimportant life, before he knew Rex.

The Prince of Atlantis was bound hand and foot -- well, foot to foot but hand to HOOK --his shiny gold stump easy to bind -- yet he still gave them trouble. Of course, he had super-strength, and the ability to survive the crushing depths of the oceans, so he was not to be underestimated, but the three of them weren't slouches, either. Johnny J was bigger than Fat Tony, and Fat Tony was pretty big -- Sam was bigger than either of them, which he loved to flaunt -- but none of them were in the strength class of the Atlantean, even AFTER their transformations -- even BEFORE his!

Still, they managed. They HAD to get the Atlantean to the Throne Room, after all -- His Majesty had commanded it. And His Majesty was to be obeyed. And it felt SO GOOD to obey. Finally, even amidst the Atlantean's protests, they hefted him above their heads and got done with it, entering into the presence of His Sovereign Lord and His Majesty's willing Circle of Knights.


Dex Deadly was a cautious man. And though he'd made something of a reputation for himself by taking advantage of momentary opportunity -- building a billion-dollar multi-national corporation with little more than his own will -- he preferred nonetheless to secretly plot and surprise. A spider. Machiavellian barely even began to describe it.

Take Superion for instance. Dex had at least five separate plans in motion now, designed with nothing more in mind than Superion's destruction -- and at least ten in development -- when the perfect opportunity shows up on his doorstep -- or, in this case, his office window -- the one on the one-hundred and twenty-fifth floor of the DexCorp building, the tallest skyscraper in Megalopolis. HIS Megalopolis.

He'd given his visitors the tools they'd need to rid the world of Superion forever. Dex chuckled, watching Amazon Woman's invisible jet streak away into the night sky, taking both herself, and her unlikely ally KittyKat with her. This would've been one of those moments when Dex Deadly tapped his golden ring -- the ring with the radioactive fragment of Superionite embedded as a jewel -- but for the first time in over five years, his finger was bare.

Let them go. Let them think victory over Superion would be the end of the problem. They didn't know what Dex's informants had already told him -- that Superion was in the thrall of a major powerhouse of a new villain -- a big old baddie with mind-control powers. Maybe the women would do Dex another favor and dispose of that guy, too. Didn't really matter. Dex sighed, rolling his eyes -- all that mattered was the downfall of Superion, not some over-sized bodybuilder with domination issues. They were a dime a dozen.

When the invisible jet was out of sight, Dex went back to his desk and studied the other item his operatives were able to acquire for him. Tapping a few bits on his keyboard, his security monitor changed to a picture of one of the many holding cells in the sub-basement of the DexCorp building. Standing at the base of the cell's bed unit was a heavily-muscled young man posing in one of the many wall mirrors, his erection painfully blatant in the posing trunks that were quickly becoming too small for him.

Dex lifted the bottle his operatives had acquired -- the so-called "Cycle One." The man in the holding cell had been ingesting it steadily for three days, and he'd gained over thirty pounds of muscle, and the other side-effects...

How could he take advantage of it for his own profit?

Dex Deadly waited for a report from the women.


He was the Prince of Atlantis! He was the PRINCE of ATLANTIS!!

The Atlantean ached to keep his mantra, but the feelings of erotic pleasure were almost too great. His legs seemed connected to the ground, unmoving, unable -- somehow this crazy muscle-freak had increased the gravity around them. What the hell was he doing?

He'd been brought into the Throne Room, bound and gagged, only to be shocked by the sight that awaited him -- his teammates somehow transformed into monsters, all of them changed into pornographic gay-muscle fantasies -- but before he could get his bearings, the biggest of them, the one wearing a variation of Captain Thunder's costume, stepped forward and introduced himself. "I am Rex, the King of Thunder," he said, his bass voice echoing through the abandoned sanctuary, "and soon, lowly Prince, you will serve me."


It was his only hope. His only chance.

Before he confronted this gargantuan madman and fell to the same fate as the others, he had to get away. Get reinforcements. Maybe women.

With a mighty roar, he broke the ropes restraining him and threw the three humans who held him away. Only one of them had any kind of real size, but almost no experience in using it. The three were dispatched quickly -- a simple battle -- he threw the unconscious bodies toward the back. The Atlantean couldn't fly, but after sacrificing his left hand to save his son, he had an impressive hook and cable in its place. He aimed it at the ceiling and prepared to shoot.

Then he was held again, this time by the Purple Power and the Psychic Saturnian, blue on one arm, purple on the other -- the energy from the Purple Power's ring clamping his hook to his stump. "Let me go!" he snarled at them, whipping his head back and forth. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

The Saturnian smiled. "Look at these breasts and tell me what's wrong with me," he said, hefting one tit with his free hand. "Don't resist, Atlantean. I see in your mind that you like them. They remind you of your wife's, back when she was young and firm."

"Don't fight it," the Purple Power whispered to him. "None of us do anymore."

"No," the Atlantean said. "No..."

Then the big voice -- the deep voice -- again. "Release him, Saturnian," it said. "I have him."

And when they complied and let him go, that was when he felt his legs become heavy, almost as if they suddenly connected with the earth, gaining the planet's weight and its mass. He was unable to move, bound to the ground.

And then the pleasure began.

Not even slowly. Not even tantalizingly. It was like somebody punched him in the gut with pure bliss. His cock sprang to life in the heavy rubber diving pants he wore.

No! He couldn't succumb! Not this easily. He was the Prince of Atlantis -- he had to be strong for his people.

The Prince of Atlantis! he thought. His muscles began to swell.

This giant -- Rex -- stepped into his field of vision -- the wide, wide torso, the glint of metallic lightning -- holding his hand out toward the Atlantean. "When you join me," he said calmly, "your kingdom will join me, too." Then, he smiled -- what beautiful teeth. "You'll be MY Prince." He laid his hand on the Atlantean's forehead -- and though the Atlantean wanted to fight, his cock didn't.

And when the blinding wave of pleasure and growth coursed through him, as his eyes rolled back in his head, as his balls began to churn, he swore he heard the crash of glass -- he thought he might've seen someone breaking through the sky-light above him. All he really knew was that the pleasure suddenly stopped. Just as it was about to climax, the pleasure suddenly stopped. No! his mind shouted. His cock denied. No!

He fell to his knees, his strength gone. And just as quickly, the Psychic Saturnian's bloated blue jugs were in his face, dripping cream-colored cream from their inviting blueberry nipples.

The Prince of Atlantis was happy to ignore the action around him and suckle.


The Atlantean was growing nicely. He wore only heavy rubber diving pants, which were unsuccessfully trying to accommodate both the size of his growing legs and the heft of his thickening cock. The Atlantean's wavy blonde mane and the short beard on his strong jaw only improved with the changes, thickening like the rest of him -- interesting that he had a beard when his entire body was completely hairless, as all the other creatures of the sea.

No matter how many times he did it, no matter how many men he'd put through it, Rex loved watching the transformations -- and superheroes -- especially superheroes who resisted -- were the greatest thrill of all. The Atlantean was of proud, noble stock -- his mental resistance was stronger than anyone outside of Night Owl, and Rex wondered what a contest of wills between the two must've been like. Not that it ultimately mattered -- they'd get along now.

Rex's favorite moment: when the ribcage of his target would expand to accommodate the broadening chest. Most men threw their arms out to the sides like they were yawning or flexing their backs, as the Atlantean did now. Rex could actually see the torso widening, thickening, their ribs spreading. You'd think it hurt, but for the look of sheer ecstasy on the face of the man going through it. When their arms came forward again, their chests were always magnificent, bloated and round, heavy with muscle -- their nipples almost always expanded, almost always pointed straight down. Rex loved that.

The Atlantean was beginning this process, his head thrown back and his arms held wide, when the sky-light above them shattered, startling Rex -- distracting him from the task at hand. He looked up, just in time to see the lithe, athletic form of Amazon Woman burst feet-first through the glass. She landed gracefully on the far side of the dais.

"Halt, villain!" she called, her stance wide., small shards of glass dropping around them. "Cease your manipulation of these fine heroes!"

He seemed unfazed. "Ah, Amazon Woman," the giant said. "I'm surprised to see you here, but welcome. I am Rex, Ruler of Lightning and King of Men." He stood tall, his musculature primed, pumped, and huge, and continued, "The Atlantean, like all these others, now belongs to me. The truth is, it is YOU, Amazon, who should cease."

Barely a motion made, and the Justice Club attacked -- the now transformed, perfectly loyal Justice Club -- His Justice Club -- His subjects. His pawns.

He crossed his arms before himself and watched his minions attack, all except the Atlantean, who suckled the swollen breasts of the Psychic Saturnian like he'd never finish transforming -- but even he'd be ready before long. The Atlantean's muscles grew with each swallow of the Saturnian's milk. He was beginning to look truly spectacular.

Rex laughed, for he knew Amazon Woman had made a fatal mistake.


From her vantage point on the roof, looking through the shattered sky-light, KittyKat waited for the right moment to reveal herself. After all, she had the secret weapons -- BOTH of them -- but when they'd arrived, and had seen what had been going on, Amazon Woman had insisted on trying to save the Atlantean before they activated the device. So she'd jumped in, broke through the glass, hell-bent on rescue, and told KittyKat to hold back until the right moment. It was all about timing.

As Kitty watched, the first wave -- the lesser heroes -- attacked, while the heavy-hitters hung back -- Kitty kept a careful eye on the movements of Superion. Speedster got to Amazon Woman first, his form little more than a muscular yellow blur as he streaked around her. Without warning, her arm suddenly shot out and she grabbed the boy, using his own momentum to pull him off-balance.

Rather gracefully, she spun around, the boy in tow, and threw his body into the gawking Purple Power. The two of them crashed against the far wall, defeated. Limp.

Now Amazon Woman faced the larger forms of Night Owl and Wonder Boy -- it didn't look to KittyKat like the Atlantean or the Psychic Saturnian were going to offer any real resistance -- the two of them couldn't seem to stop having sex. KittyKat had always considered the Saturnian to be a bit of a prude, but he and the Atlantean were going at it now with energy that KittyKat thought reserved for only the longest of the sexually deprived.

Then Wonder Boy charged. Bam! He punched. Wham! She struck back. Pow! Night Owl took a shot. Biff! Bang! Oof! Even with their fighting skills, despite their transformations, they were no match for a warrior-trained immortal princess with the strength of the Roman pantheon of ancient gods. Within moments, the two of them joined the Purple Power and Kid Speedster in unconsciousness. Now, Amazon Woman turned on Superion.

"Enough!" shouted the leader, the gigantic muscleman they called King Rex. To KittyKat, it was all obvious now: there was the man who'd done this to them. There was the man who'd made all of the heroes his gay muscle slaves. There was the man who'd taken Night Owl away from her.

Kitty wouldn't be satisfied until he was dead -- not simply gone. And SHE would control that moment. After all, she had the device -- the one meant for Superion. Now she was beginning to see a new use.

The King spoke again, his voice deep and cavernous. He and Amazon Woman squared off against each other. "Stop your attack, Amazon Woman," he said. "You won't win."

"Release these heroes from your grip," she said in a low voice, still not dropping her guard. "I know not who you really are, False King, but as a true Princess of the Amazons, I can tell no true royal blood courses through your veins. You are a fraud. And I will find a way to defeat you, and turn these once-proud men back to their former selves."

Rex laughed. "You've made a fatal mistake, Amazon. One your kind has been making for thousands of years." He casually grabbed his hefty package and readjusted himself, almost as if he was just trying to draw attention to his obscene cock -- his muscles flexed with the movement, causing Amazon Woman to frown in disgust. He spoke again, his voice serious and final. "You believe yourself incapable of falling victim to the same weaknesses as men," he said. "And for that, Woman, you will FAIL."

He raised his massive arm, and KittyKat saw Amazon Woman suddenly stiffen. Why was she staying rooted in that spot? Kitty didn't understand. Amazon Woman almost looked like she was struggling against an unseen foe, like she couldn't move. What was wrong with her?

Then Rex spoke again. "Do you feel it, Amazon? Do you feel MY power?" He walked closer to her, keeping his hand raised toward her. "Foolish woman, you thought this only worked on men." He actually laughed. "I've only converted men because that's what's interested me sexually. But women have muscle, too. And women fall victim to pleasure the same as men." Rex was almost in her ear. "So experience my power, Amazon Woman, and be my first female convert."

And when KittyKat saw Amazon Woman's physique -- already impressive for a female athlete and warrior -- when KittyKat saw Amazon Woman's muscles begin to swell and grow, when KittyKat heard Amazon Woman weakly moan, KittyKat knew that the moment was upon them. HER moment -- the reason she'd been held in reserve. It was suddenly up to KittyKat to save the world.

With surprising confidence, she leapt through the broken skylight.


Superion strode to his King and Husband, his Lover and Master, his Transformer, the beautiful and powerful Rex, and smiled darkly, standing just behind Rex's shoulder. His Majesty had the situation completely in control, holding the Amazon firmly in his power. Superion couldn't help but remember a time not too long ago when the Amazon had rejected HIS romantic advances -- teasing him memorably with a cover-shot kiss. In a way, he was getting his own peculiar vengeance in her transformation. She wouldn't reject him anymore, if he ever felt any desire for her.

He remembered being attracted to women -- before. But then His Majesty had awakened the part of Superion that released his truest, hidden desires -- his inhibited needs. Now that he knew his own truth -- now that he knew His Majesty, King Rex -- Superion realized that it had been his attraction to women that had been the lie -- the societal lie. Happiness came in the actualization of repressed fantasy.

And now, the world's most powerful virgin was feeling Rex's truth. Through gritted teeth, Amazon Woman tried to fight the moans that escaped her. Years of sexual avoidance and denial gave her some strength, but Rex was the most powerful of all. His Majesty had shown Superion that fact again and again. How many years had Superion waited for that, ultimately? For someone more powerful than himself to submit to?

Now, despite her struggle, Amazon Woman's muscle -- already impressive for a female -- grew larger, almost completely exposed from the swim-suit-sized costume she wore, though her breasts were having a difficult time remaining hidden by her battle armor. Closing in on two-hundred pounds, she somehow retained her femininity. Somehow, it seemed enhanced. There was a creak of metal as her battle armor suddenly bent forward, pushed out of shape by her mammoth tits, exposing her swollen nipples.

This time, Amazon Woman screamed as she orgasmed.

"That's right, Amazon," Rex chuckled, sweaty from exertion, empowered by the battle, "you feel it now, don't you? One more push, and you're mine."

Superion excitedly watched as Rex raised his arm -- flexing his almost thirty-inch biceps -- to release the final wave, his thickly-muscled coup de gras, something landed on Superion's shoulders. A human. Female by the weight. He barely had time to register her identity as KittyKat before his knees buckled, suddenly weak. How could that be? It felt like...

The green glow in his face. She knelt on his chest as he lay on the floor and she shoved something in his face -- a green glow. A ring. THAT ring!

KittyKat had Dex Deadly's Superionite ring! His one weakness. Helpless within its radioactive field, Superion could barely breath. Already, it poisoned him. No clear thought except escape, but suddenly, he wasn't even strong enough to raise his arms. He could only hope his Lover, His Majesty, His Hero would save him. Someone...

Then KittyKat spoke, distracting Rex from his task. "Release her, Mad King!" she hissed. "Release her, or I kill Superion!"

Not breaking her stare, Rex reluctantly relaxed his arm, and Amazon Woman collapsed in a heap.

Superion had only seconds left.


There was a certain thrill to the last moment, when the subject's last bit of resistance faded, when they accepted the domination of a new way of thinking, love for the pleasure generated by their own bodies, and their growing need for a King. If there were truly a climactic moment for Rex, it was their submission to this new truth -- HIS truth.

Naturally, the more the subject struggled, the stronger that submissive second, and the more Rex got off on it. Amazon Woman offered him the most resistance this side of Night Owl -- perhaps because she was a woman, and he was used to transforming men, or maybe because her warrior race really DID harbor the stronger minds between the sexes.

And now, she was almost his. He wasn't straight, but he approved of her body -- especially the fantasy tits -- straight men wouldn't be able to resist those lures, until they met Rex -- one more shot of his power, and her tits would be bigger than the Psychic Saturnian's. Already the metal of her battle armor was bending, unable to accommodate her watermelon-sized rack.

And then the yelp behind him, the sound of something large collapsing, and Night Owl's bitch KittyKat was suddenly standing over Superion, threatening his life with the radioactive rock from his home planet, demanding the release of Amazon Woman. Bitch.

Rex let the Amazon go, and she immediately fell to a heap, no doubt aching inside for Rex's power to finish the job he'd so eloquently started, dying for that ultimate orgasm -- the total release that her erstwhile partner, KittyKat, was denying her. "You threaten my lover and husband," Rex growled. "You break into my castle. You interrupt a sacred ceremony, and for what? For me to release the woman? All right, I've let her go. What now? Do you think I'll let you leave? Do you think Amazon Woman will still want to?"

KittyKat stiffened, still holding the ring to Superion's throat. No doubt she hadn't thought this far ahead -- her instinct was probably to save Amazon Woman from the moment. She hadn't thought of the long-term.

"I'm not the one leaving, Rex," she said, raising her arm -- the arm without the ring. There was some sort of device strapped to her wrist. What the hell was it? Quickly, KittyKat pressed a large button on its side -- the device hummed to life.

"What are you doing, Kitty?" he asked, looking around for some evidence of the device's intent. Was it a gun? A laser?

KittyKat smiled cruelly. "I'm gonna get rid of you, you son of a bitch."

Another button, another switch, and the device activated. Suddenly, immediately behind Rex, the air glowed, and shimmered. And warped.

A hole. A hole in reality. A shimmery door that led somewhere. Nowhere. Someplace other. Space folded and tore in this oval opening floating there behind His Majesty. He examined it, but was careful to go nowhere near it. "And what is this, Kitty? And how will it save you?"

She hissed. "It's a dimensional portal, muscle-boy. And it's gonna take you the hell away from here." KittyKat laughed. "Maybe to hell itself. I wasn't careful with the programming."

Rex barked a quick laugh, a brief guffaw, then tried another tact. "And will THIS give Night Owl back to you, KittyKat?" Rex purred, indicating the unconscious hulks of Night Owl and Wonder Boy. "He's mine forever, you know. Nothing you do will change that." He smiled. "But if getting rid of me will give you some small pleasure, let me show you how keeping me around will feel."

When he raised his arm, and she felt the manifestation of his power -- she began to orgasm almost immediately. Rex hit her with a dose of pleasure so hard that it knocked her off her feet, tripping over the body of the suffering Superion. She moaned, her body alive like never before. There was no hope for resistance.

Rex smirked. "You're not even taking a tenth of what I gave Amazon Woman," he said. "Surrender the ring and I'll give you the full treatment."

She reached for it. She couldn't help herself -- it felt so good. So amazing.

Amazing... amazon...

"Amazon Woman," she cried weakly, "help!"

His Majesty laughed in his deep, round bass throat. A triumphant, full-bodied laugh. A maniacal laugh. The laugh of a villain whose plan was about to succeed.

Rex took the deadly Superionite ring and tossed it casually into the dimensional portal.

Nothing could stop him now.


With effort, Amazon Woman pushed herself off the floor, considering hands and knees to be a triumph. She was dizzy, weak -- but somehow strong, more powerful than she'd ever felt, like the buzz of her new-found energy was what was making her sick. On hands and knees, her breasts were so big, they almost touched the floor, the peak of her nipples only millimeters away. Unbelievable. And when Amazon Woman brushed them with the back of her hand, the erotic jolt that emanated from that touch almost made her pass out again.

Great Juno! What had this... this MAN... done to her? Worse, why hadn't he finished the job? It would be so easy to ignore the world and lose herself in the physical pleasure she'd just felt, the pleasure she'd been denying herself most of her long life -- since the gods fashioned her from the clay of ancient Rome -- to stroke these newly-made breasts and enjoy the insane levels of ecstasy it gave her. But no, she was a Princess of the Amazons, and Amazons were sworn to never again submit to man. No matter the cost.

She raised her head and took in the scene. The first thing to catch her eye was the twinkling of the dimensional portal. KittyKat had activated it. But where was....?


Kitty stood over the unconscious body of Superion, and this Pleasure King -- this Rex -- stood before her, his back to the portal. They were arguing -- the words unclear to the unfocused Amazon. Then Rex raised his arm, Kitty collapsed, and Rex took the glowing ring from her -- or did Amazon Woman's fevered mind imagine her giving it to him voluntarily? -- laughing, he threw it through the shimmering portal. A blink. A flash. And it was gone.

Almost immediately, Superion stirred -- in a little worse for the wear than Amazon Woman, no doubt, but conscious nonetheless, and already regaining strength. If the Princess were to do anything, she had only moments.

When Rex turned his attention back to KittyKat, and KittyKat shouted a weak cry for help, Amazon Woman denied erotic fulfillment for the final time and leapt into action.

Exhausted, but somehow charged, she used every last ounce of her strength to dive at the mighty Rex, the wall of muscle that -- to her -- represented man in every negative way, a creature of fleshy pleasure, strength and size, power and dominance. He was that great enemy of all Amazons -- of all WOMEN -- a living cock -- but the Princess of Power would pass the final test of the Amazons, and deny the Ultimate Phallus completely.

She screamed just before she hit him, summoning her strength and her courage with a battle cry. Though she could've moved him before he'd affected her -- she had the strength of the gods, after all -- with the muscle size she had now, he was nothing.

Before anyone realized what was happening, she hit. Before anybody could protest, the job was done. Rex himself didn't even have time to react, other than the surprise on his face. Perhaps he'd never met anyone like an Amazon, someone who wouldn't admit defeat. Or maybe no one had ever denied him before -- he'd only used his powers on men, remember.

Whatever. Didn't matter. None of it mattered. With all her strength, Amazon Woman shoved the muscular man into the dimensional portal.

A flash of light. A blink. The bass echo of a cry.

His Majesty, King of Thunder, the Mighty Rex -- gone. Triumph!

Weakly, Superion stood. And screamed.


Fortunately, his instinct was to go to the portal and not to her -- he was not moving fast, so Amazon Woman still had time to finish the job. With surprising deftness for someone with muscles -- and breasts -- the size she now had, Amazon Woman back-flipped out of Superion's path and landed next to Kitty-Kat, the feline writhing and moaning on the floor, helplessly fingering herself.

KittyKat looked up at her, and smiled weakly. "Thank God," she said, tears in her eyes. "It felt so good. I couldn't fight him."

"Then allow me to finish the job!" Amazon Woman said, surprised by the bass-end of her voice, and she ripped the dimensional activator from Kitty's wrist, easily crushing it into a metal ball -- destroying it. The villain -- the False King -- would never find his way back now.

The sound of sobbing stopped her -- surprised her. Amazon Woman turned.

There, where the portal no longer appeared, where the crystal twinkle of faded energy dissipated, knelt the hyper-muscled Superion, his mighty shoulders heaving, tears coursing down his face.

His husband and lover was gone. •

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