Bull's Strength

Joshua gets too BIG!


By Muscl4life

And such food and training boomed into one extreme result: At the age of 15 years old, just about six months Greg gave him the training set, Joshua broke every record in the world, even though very few people knew about him. He was 7'3 and weighed 394 pounds of pure rock hard muscle! He was so muscular his arms seemed overdeveloped compared to the rest of his body, his chest was larger than anything Greg had ever seen, and his legs, they were thicker than dozers. That very same day, he asked his uncle for more weights, specially J- plates:

“They're the only weights I can really use now, uncle Greg! Joshua said happily

“But I've made you 10 of those! Greg said astonished

“Yeah, I know, but I had to train with all of them at the same time! I feel it so light now!

“You what? You could barely lift them Greg was completely frightened

“You told me, I need a challenge, so I started lifting ALL of them at the same time, and guess what, I am doing so well, I gotta have more challenge.. Greg didn't argue anymore, after all it was his fault, he gave the boy the thing, now he had to keep with it

“And we could do some 600 pounds so, couldn't we? If you teach me how to make them I'll do by myself uncle Greg! - Greg thought everyday about Sarah's story, what if she wasn't crazy at all? What if...? As Joshua grew everyday, he started asking :

“Aunt Clara, you think I am getting thinner? He asked while finishing a whole corn bread with chocolate milk

“Oh my God, Josh! You know you're each time stronger and BIGGER!

“But I still think I could use some more muscles! - He FLEXED his arms and asked Clara to touch them

“Aren't I getting weaker? Joshua seemed to be kidding, but he meant it:

“Josh you are the most muscular, the biggest and the strongest man in the whole world and you know it! Then his smile shone again and he kissed his aunts cheek cones again...

“It's because you food Auntie! You are making me this HUGE! And I LOVE it, as much as I love you Auntie Clara! At work, Joshua never felt better, he could do everything alone, better, faster and much more organized than all the workers, and somehow it started to cause some prejudice against Josh, the workers, who used to treat him like one of them, became afraid of his mass and his strength, they didn't talk to him anymore, and it all became worse when Josh tried to help them... One afternoon one guy appearing to be very rich showed at the farm asking for help, his car got stuck in the road and he accepted the not so modest request the workers asked to help him a.s.a.p. so they borrowed the farm tractor, without asking for Greg's permission, and went to help the driver. What they didn't expect was Josh's company right there at the place where the truck was stuck. He was coming back form his morning walks - the very few times he left home - when he saw the tractor and followed the guys ...

“Hey guys! What's up! - Josh complimented the workers, and the driver, who was impressed by the sheer size of the boy's naked muscular torso...

“We're just helping our friend here, Josh, you can go home now...

“But I want to help too! - Josh said and rushed to car ,it was a Porsche, beautiful and black, the left wheel was stuck in the mood. Joshua rubbed his mighty hands together and said:

“Hey, I can take this baby out, just give me some space!

“Serious sir, I don't think you'll be able to - the driver shut his mouth as he heard the boy straining his mega muscled limbs and literally lifting the car. He just grabbed the sides of the car and used his might legs to lift it the thing from the ground. He lifted the rear higher than his head, and went to middle of the car, adjusting his back to handle the weight, he lowered his legs and said:

“OK THEN! EVERYBODY CLEAR, I WILL TAKE IT OUT OF THE MOOD! - Joshua was so thrilled about the challenge of lifting an entire car, he barely noticed the fancy driver nor the pissed workers who cursed his inhuman strength. Then with one mighty push, the Porsche was being carried by Josh like it was one of his training weights, he walked about 10 feet away from the mood and he gently lifted the car over his head, giving a whole display of his freaky muscles, he actually lifted the car a few times just to be sure of the weight and joked:

“Hey, that's not that heavy, I've handled much more heavy weights in my gym ... Then he finally lowered the car and went to the driver's astonished figure:

“Here's your car Mr., I hope I didn't damage it! Joshua offered a hand and literally shook the guy, then he turned his back and said:

“Gotta go now! Thanks for letting me play with your car! The driver smiled, got back to his vehicle and rushed into the road, with no further talking about the worker's scheme to get some money from him. They went mad with Josh:

“Why did you have to appear anyway? Why don't you go lift the bull again you freaking faggot!

“Yeah! Go lift your stones and get out of here!

“What? W-why?

“ Josh was still a child most of the time, he didn't understand why they were so mad at him, he was just helping the guy and having some fun too... Although he could kick all their asses, Joshua never was an aggressive person, he just ran away from the guys and never told his uncle what happened then, he wouldn't get fired, he wouldn't feel good about himself ... But yet, Joshua was so happy, his energy was contagious, specially on Clara, who just loved to feed her "little bull" with tons of food each day. Greg also loved Josh, but he was afraid of the consequences: each day Joshua grew in size and strength, and the comments started to become worse than ever:

“That Spencer's nephew, he's a FREAK! Have you seen the size of the kid?

“He's only 15! It can't be normal!

“I've heard Greg gives the kid those things - steroids- that's why he's so big!

“And he's doing this, so he can use the boy as his slave!

“He wants to fire all his employees! It will be only the boy And even so, Joshua never ended growing, his muscles and height increased as he powerful heart beat, each day, everyday he was more muscular, stronger and freakier, but yet, Greg couldn't forbid Josh to train, it was the kid's only fun! He already managed to do the deliveries at the city, so people won't provoke Josh, the poor guy doesn't even go swim in the lake anymore! Then in that very same day afternoon, when Josh was supposed to be training, he heard the comments between the workers:

“The freak is doing it again!

“What? Already! But he did it just this morning!

“Yeah, but he's there humping with Mr. Bronco again! The other said and they both laughed and rushed to the scene of crime. Greg was furious. He thought Joshua had forgotten about the whole thing, but now he saw, that his gift had only gotten things worse, if Josh was a freak before, now he's only bigger and freakier, and much hornier too! He rushed to stables, he passed through the workers who pretended to do something else, and broke into one furious parent into Josh's "humping". Poor Mr. Bronco was being severely pounded up in his ass! It screamed and drilled, as Josh held him be the horns and released himself, fiercely : "Oh, yeah, fuck yeah! I am so strong, so big! Fuck yeah..."

“JOSHUA! Greg yelled at him. The giant boy only had time to get his big cock out of the bull and tried to run, but his uncle had already seen him :

“HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD TO STAY AWAY FROM THE BULL? Greg yelled and punched Joshua's might slabs of pecs, he kicked the boy's legs, in a display of fury never seen before, he was so mad, not just at him, but at his size, his muscles, his freaking strength , why, why he had to be so freaking! Was he really a demon?

“Uncle Greg, uncle Greg, I am so sorry! I didn't mean to do it...

“You're lying, you freaking monster! Why you keep embarrassing me like you do!

“No, no Uncle! I -I just... - Josh didn't even bother to protect himself from Greg's punches and kicks, they didn't even hurt him, so dense his muscles were.

“You're a freaking! You're mother was right! You're a demon! You are a freaking horny demon! Greg punched Josh, and he didn't notice when the boy grabbed his hands and lifted him, he just kept cursing:

“You're a freak even before you were born, you killed your mother at labor, because of your freaking size! You crushed her form inside. Josh felt the pain he never felt from the punches, kicks or anything, he felt weird, he felt bad, his guts burned, his mouth was dry, he was confused..

“What? A demon? What are you talking Uncle Greg, and why did I killed my mother? Josh burst into tears, he just let Greg go and ran away... Greg fell on the ground, his heart was accelerated, his breath was difficult, his head pounded... Clara arrived right before Josh ran away, she was shocked. How could Greg say all those things to the kid, was he out of his mind. The workers all gathered around, helping Greg to stay back in his feet. Clara helped too, she asked them to find Josh and they took Greg to the farm house:

“Why did you do that? Clara said in a mix of sadness and anger

“I lost my mind! I couldn't hear the comments anymore! Greg was still feeling his pounding head, it was so painful, he could barely look into Clara's eyes...

“Why bother with the comments, you think I don't hear them too? But Josh's way more important than those silly comments, he's just the way he is? Why did you have to tell him those things, you called Sarah crazy when she told us, why believe in those sick lies, any way?

“Clara, you don't understand, I was mad at him, because the workers were making fun of him, about his horniness, he was fucking with the bull for heaven's sake! Clara froze.

“That's right! And it wasn't the first time, he's been doing this for almost five years now, he's a freak! He never stops growing, he eats more than my entire staff! His cock is bigger than my arm, and it is never soft! He lifts weights no one could ever do, and he's still growing! He can't be natural, Clara! He's a freak, he's a DEMON! - Greg felt his face burn with the impact of Clara's hand :

“You never repeat it again, you bastard! He's my nephew, my son, my Josh! He's the sweetest boy in the whole world! You shut your fucking mouth or you'll get the hell out of my house! Greg looked at Clara's face, she was red of anger, she never even argued with him, and now she had even slapped him! How could he do this to the woman he swore to love, how could he hurt the nephew he raised as the son he never had, why? Greg lifted form the chair and rushed to the truck! He had to find Josh, he had to apologize:

“If he appears tell him I love him! Greg said to Clara and kissed her forehead, she was also crying. He jumped in the car, and went wild to the road.

Josh ran around the road until his lungs burned, and his legs begged for rest. He leaned in one tree and cried more, he could just cry: "

“You're a freaking! You're mother was right! You're a demon! You are a freaking horny demon" - The words pounded in his mind, then he remembered all the times when children pointed at him, the humiliations he went through, and the feeling of loneliness, did he really killed his mother? Was he a demon as uncle Greg said? Why was he so damn big? Why he was so strong?

“Why everybody hates me? Josh finally yelled and cried out loud...

“That's not true! I love you, son! - Clara said soft in his ears...

“Auntie Clara? How did you find me? Josh said cleaning his eyes

“You think you can hide from me? No way! - Clara seated near him and rested his head in his over muscular slabs of pecs:

“You have to forgive your uncle Greg, he's just worried about you!

“Why, did he say those things to me? Are they true? - Joshua gently nested his head over Clara's

“No dear, they are not, your mother really died in labor, but she was severely ill. She had a mental condition, and her pregnancy just got it worse, that's why she invented those things...

“My mother was crazy? Did I made her crazy?

“No dear, absolutely not! She just got frightened with the news, and that has nothing to do with you, she loved you more than anything! Here, she made it for you herself, but it was to little for you to wear it! - Clara gave him one blue woolen cap. Joshua grabbed it and read the initials "J.E." inside

“You mother choose your name, it felt like she already knew it was you, of course she didn't guess you would be so cute! Clara kissed his cheeks and stood up, offering her hand :

“Now, let's go home! - Josh stood up and gently grabbed her tiny chubby hand

“What? Don't I get a ride till home? What's the matter with you? Clara protested waiting to be carried for his giant freaking muscle nephew. Joshua smiled and lifted his auntie effortless from the ground. They walked to home, where they found Greg coming back with his truck, he parked it and went towards them, Josh tried to go away, but Clara held his big hand:

“Your uncle loves you, and he's coming to apologize to you! Josh stopped, and Greg approached. Clara kissed Josh and went to the kitchen:

“Listen, Josh, I didn't mean to say those things to you, I was just mad...

“Because I disobeyed you... Josh completed with his eyes looking down...

“Well, not just because that, you're only 15, your job is basically disobeying me, but I couldn't stand hearing those bastards making fun of you and Mr. Bronco - Greg went red

“Uncle Greg, I just needed to do it, you thought if you give me my gym, then I would stop doing this didn't you? - Greg nodded - Well, I also thought, that's why, I've trained so hard, but the more I trained, the more I grew, the hornier I got, Uncle Greg, I just don't know how to explain, I am hard all day long, my cock never goes down, I tore my pants with my cock, I jerk off more than twenty times a day, and still I need to release myself, I just need, it's not my fault - Josh was about to cry again, but then Greg dried his tears:

“Look, all I'm saying is that you gotta be careful! The workers already saw you, and soon all the people of the city will be hearing about that, but they won't tell one word of them if you do as I say… •

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