Mark's Misfortune

By jumpingbassflash

Mark got to the gym already pumped up he was going to finally go on a date with the girl form the front desk! Karin she and Mark had a friend ship that was dictated by her and his scheduals, and not there hearts, and now Mark was finally going to be able to do something else with Karin. Other then just talk to her at her desk at the gym !

To Mark she was one the most beautiful ladys he'd ever met beautiful face with fine feminine features, small cute pug nose and a pretty white as snow smile, her lips were thick and sensual and her hair was long and curled just enough to give it charector without being attrusive and over done. It was naturale and down to earth.

Mark liked that about her. And she liked Mark! And why not he was very good looking. He had the perfect body 6'2" and 195Lbs of well toned well defined muscle. His face was very good looking he had a small but noticable nose not femin but not to big either it was easy to look at and easy to forget. His face was square but not to square. He had high cheek bones but his thick face and angulare jaw and well trimed mustash led your eyes to his. Bright green eyes of the Irish decent staired back at you when you looked at him. And a feeling of self assurance and arrogance showed on his face. His thick eye brows moved as he talked as if they were under his control, esspresive and delightful to watch, as he talked. Marks confidence came from the fact that be He was very proud of his god given body and handsome face.

Mark was a very likeable guy for the most part, good temperment not real abussive towards women or men. But he was some what of a hater of smaller guys. He made no real beafs about it, he thought little skinny guys were just that way by choice, and not natures reasons. Mark hated little guys his adopted brother Carl, was and still is a little guy! At 5'6" and 115LBS, He would always have to be defended by someone, and that was weak to Mark, he thought, every guy should be able to just stand up and fight for themselves! But he knew from expereince that little guys do little of ther own defence! Its always the big guys that do it for them!

Mark was just finishing off his workout when his cell phone went off. Mark was ready for a break anyway, he hoped it was Karin, he and her had a phone thing going, ever since she found out his cell phones number. Mark picked it up and said hello in the sexest voice he could come up with! Mark was mortified when his adopted brother Carl said "Hey Really SEXY DUDE!What the hell was that? You hopeing for a call from your girl friend or what big guy?" Carl said, knowing that he was! "Hey Carl whats up little guy?" "Not much big guy! But hey do me a favor tonite big guy!" "What?" "GO ON A DOUBLE DATE WITH ME!" Carl nearly yelled. "What? NO I GOT A DATE WITH KARIN MAN!!!" Mark said in a no way tone. "COME ON MAN! ITS MY TWENTY FIFTH BIRTHDAY DUDE! PLEASE!" Carl said in voice that would surly get a yes answer.

Mark was pinned Carl had used his trump card and the game was his! Besides he owd alot to his younger brother adopted or not! He had helped Mark out of a lot of bad times from jail to near suiceid, and moneterilly as well! Yea Mark owd alot to his weaker brother. The dicision was already made for him by fate! Mark said alright and they chatted for and then Carl said he had a surprize for Mark! Mark asked what it was? "No way dude! Its just that! It a surprize! You know youve always been my protector! Well NOW ITS MY TURN TO HAVE TO PRTECT YOU!!" Carl said very confidently, like he was the big guy now! Mark laughed and said "Alright little guy Ill talk to you later! Love ya Carl!" Mark hung up and thought about what Carl had just said! MONEY! THATS WHAT HE"S TALKING ABOUT!" Mark said very loudly. And in a very excited tone!

Carl was very well off his two degrees in both physics and chemestry provided him with a very good job indeed! With his own reasearch and development team! And a very fat one hundered thou+ a year job! Yea Marks mind was on money his favorite thing besides women and being big, strong and good looking!

Mark took a shower and headed home. He hadent thought about where the four would all go together but he did want to keep it casual he hated to get dressesd up! Unless of coarse it was a wedding or some work related thing. He liked to wear jeans and a casual shirt at best. Mark decieded that they would all go to a low scale but not sleazy resteraunt and then a movie. And then the couples would go their seperate ways!

Mark got home and his brothreers Jaguar was in the driveway blocking his way in, he had to park in the street and walk up to his drive way he was slightly pissed off but not that much, hell it was his brothers birthday and that was that! Mark walked in and saw his brother was already in the house. He had a key so it was no big deal! Mark walked into the kitchen and there he was. "Whats up little guy? HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARL!" Mark said in a very nice tone, "THANKS! Mark Ive got some real good news DUDE!" Carl said, as his voice got more excited at the end of his sentence.

"WHAT!?" "WERE RICH!!" Carl said and then smiled! "RICH? HOW?" Mark said as he grabed two beers from the fridge and handed one to Carl and smiled back!

"Ive invented something that rich guys every where will want to have!" Carl said. "But its untested as of yet! But I have a buyer! Ten MILLION! He wants to see how well it works first!" Carl said and then drank some of his beer and walked over to a box that he had apperently brought with him! He pulled out a small bag of bottles and then a large crude looking device that seemed to hum on its own. Mark looked at it and grimmiced if that was the ten million dollar baby it looked like a losser to him!

Carl laughed and told him it was the proto type and that the one he sold would look more expensive!" Mark looked at it his eye brows squinted together and he smiled "Well whats it supposed to do?" Mark said and smiled again! "Thats gotta be a secrete for now. Im sorry." Carl said as he got out a glass from Marks cabinet and poured a beer into it. He then grabbed one of the bottles he'd brought and then poured it into the glass and stired it! "HERE! DRINK THIS! When your rich you'll thank me for it!" Mark gave the NO WAY FACE! And just waved it out of his face! "Drink it or you'll be struggleing for the rest of your life!" Carl said demandingly! Mark looked up and smiled! "Make me carl!" "You dont have to drink it actually Mark!" Carl said as he tossed the whole drink on to Marks lap! "It assorbs thru the skin as well so enjoy! Its not deadly so dont worry! Ill meet you tonite!" Carl said as Mark just sat there unable to even move thanks to what ever Carl had just poured on him!

Carl walked out and left Mark stranded there unable to even move a muscle Mark couldnt beleive his submissive brother had just done that! marks fellings to his limbs soon returned and found he could move around again and he quickly stood up and started for the door he was going to make his little brother pay for what he figured was just a joke adopted brother or not! He would know how Mark felt about that joke! Mark got to the door just in time to see him drive off, Mark shook his head and then smiled. What that was all about he hadnt a clue! But it was his brothers birthday and no real harm was done.

Mark went up stairs and foulnd another pair of jeans and started to take off his now soaked crotched jeans, something was wrong though! They werent as tight as they were? They wer looser! Maybe just streached them out he thought! And took them off, and then he took off his underwear! They were a little loose as well! But what really surprized him was the size of his penis! It was two inches shorter then it wa befor! Marks heart sank! Was that what this shit did to a guy? Mark just grabbed it and fondled it for along time, it eventually became erect but it was so thin and small looking! No more then 5" and thin as a fat magic marker! Mark was pissed his brother had just shrunk his dick down to an average sized dick at best!

Mark was going to meet Carl alright he was going to either get his old size dick back or kill him it was one or the other! Mark got redressed in new jeans and walked to the mirror! He was pissed there where a statly cock once filled his jeans crotch, was a empty airy looking wrinkle that had been formed permenently by the out line of Marks once proud member! Mark couldnt beleive Carl would do this to him, but he had and now it was payback time!

Mark came out of the bathroom and heard the hum of the machine that Carl had left on his table! The TEN MILLION DOLLAR MACHINE!" Mark said as he stood over unit and pondered its purpose! Mark left it alone! Maybe it was worth alot of money? Maybe he would just hold it as colateral untill his fucked up brother restored his man hood!

Mark left the damb thing running and headed off too pick up Karin, He felt weird but not sickly weird? It was more a weak type of feeling! He wasent tierd so that wasent it? He just felt weaker ,like he did after a good days work or a good work out at the gym! Mark dissmissed the thought he had other things to think about and one was getting Carl back and then his dick! IN THAT ORDER!

Mark picked Karin up and drove like a mad man to the resturaunt, Carls car was sitting right out front! Mark was pissed but kept it to himself. He would deal with his own problems as the night wore on, he opened Karins door and they went inside. There was Carl just laughing away at something! It pissed Mark off to no end! He knew that Carl had to have known what his drink did to him! Mark went to the table and looked at Carl with an evil glare! Carl excussed himself and motioned for Mark to follow him as he walked toward the bathrooms and kept giving the follow me come here motion to Mark! Mark followed not because he wanted to but more because he wanted his dick back!

"So what do you think big guy?" Carl said as they both enetered an empty bathroom. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY DICK!!" Mark screamed! "SHHH Dont yell! Its not perminent trust me! I just wanted to see if it worked on humans! Your not done yet my once big brother!" Carl said with a smile! "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING CARL!" Mark said in a very worried tone! "Just wait and see big brother just wait and see." Carl said as Mark stood there in fear and anger! He had to take a piss all of the sudden and just let that weird statement go. Mark went to take a leak he barly made it in time! He was pissed not only was his dick smaller his bladder was either weaker or smaller now too! Carl left the bathroom and went back to the table, he would keep the ladys entertained till Mark came back.

Carl knew what this night would be like it would be like no other either had been thru! The first part of the experiment was going along just fine, not what he had intended but he knew what had transpired. THe liquid fuel would work on the first muscle it came in contact with and then go form there! So If things went right and the transferal device was still on Carl would soon aquire the dick he had admired for his whole adult life! And a body to match it! Marks old size!

Mark was furious he had never come that close to looseing it since he was in jr high! He came out of the john while still buttoning his jeans, something seemed all wrong though! His waist line was all wrong! He had a small but obvious flab of fat hanging over his beltline! This cant be he thought he did hundreds of sit ups a day! He never had a stomach before! This was more off Carls work he was sure of that! Mark stomped out of the bathroom and headed back to the table! Now he was really pissed he had just lost one of his favorite asset his abbs! Mark looked down at his stomach as he walked it showed big time even more then it did when he was in the bathroom! There was no way to hide it as he walked it got bigger! And then he felt the indistinksual feeling of his muscles getting smaller!

Mark stoped and felt his bicept it was getting smaller as he griped its circumfrance with his other hand! Marks eyes got wide and his pace quickened! If there was a way to stop this he would have to do it quickly, or he would loose years worth of diligent training and cautious diettary ruitiens! Mark could feel himself getting smaller and his jeans that fit him so well and showed off all of his proportions and well developed legs started to ride down his thighs and he felt them begining to get loose and baggy on him as his steps quickened but the damage was already done . before he even reached the table his once tight fitting shirt was hanging off of him and he was actually holding up the jeans to keep them from falling down! His skin was as pale as Carls had been and he was still getting smaller as he walked! He was now at about Carls old weight and he knew it! This was bull shit he thought! Surly his adopted brother wouldnt do this to him! and WHY? Mark was freaking out by now his jeans that had fit him to a tee were now HUGE! his shirt now almost covered his hands and was completly empty of any real mucsles or weight it hung on him like a moemoe!

By the time he made it to the table he was a stick at best! Anyone could have kisked his ass now! He was the tinyest guy there! Even his skinny brother out weighd him now! He was freaking out he could see his arms getting smaller and smaller and he felt his legs go weak and frail all of his hard work on his body was for nothing now as he quite litterally felt his body shrinking into weakdom! Marks still handsome face was changed though his eyes were watery and tears of frustration and fear rolled freely down his still dimpled though gaunt cheeks! Marks world as the big guy was over! His look was more that of a scared kids then an adults!

Mark looked over to his once smaller brother and saw that his once baggy sweat suit was now fuller and even tight on the bastard! He was now Marks size or even bigger! And Mark was now even smaller then his old size! His Jeans were not only to big they were now way to long for him. Karin stood up and just staired at Mark! She knew it was Mark by his still handsome face but his whole personna had changed! He was as skinny as a rail and short as hell! Shorter then even her!

Mark was forced to have to hold up his jeans now they looked huge on him and now the waist line came up to his nipples! He looked so frail and thin, Carl busted out into a good laugh as poor mark could feel even more of his muscles leaving his frame and Carl got bigger with evry pound he lost! "WHATS HAPPENING TO ME CARL! PLEASE STOP THIS!" Mark screamed as his voice cracked back to that of his adulecent days! Now his voice matched his tiny body. Mark the once handsome muscle stud was now a guy stuck in a body that was as small as a skinny as hell ten year olds. His mustash and beard stuble looked out of place on his now guant face, Carl got up and went over to him, his sweat suit looked so tight on him now that it showed every new muscle he had stolen from Mark, Including his dick! Marks was now the size of a 5 year olds.

"Why Carl? Why you do this to me?" Mark said as tears flowed down his cheeks and driped off his chin only to hit the floor 4 feet down from it. Mark was now 4'6" inches high and weighed only 60Lbs. While Carl was now 6'6" and weighed an increadable 260Lbs of pure unadulterated muscle! "I'll tell you why I did this Mark! TO MAKE MONEY! What skinny rich man wouldnt want one of my machines?" Carl said as he and the girls got up to leive. Mark watched as karin took one last glance at him and then quickly turned away. She felt bad for Mark but the promiss of money from Carl and the fact that Mark was now and would from now on be dependent on bigger guys for protection! Completely turned her off! She like Mark always hated skinny guy! •

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