Worst Night of My Life!

By jumpingbassflash

My buddies and I went out to our favorite hang out, it was a local bar that we all went to every Saturday night. I liked the bar because it was casual dress, and I liked to wear jeans and a muscle tee, when I went out, and I always seemed to at leist meet some young lady that was either willing to do it or at leist seemed intersted enough to go out with me again. It never failed I was the guy in the group to get the ladys attention, and no wonder, I was 6'4" and 245 Lbs of rock hard muscle, I worked out every day, I was into my body and I enjoyed looking good. I wasent bad looking either. I had a face that had gotten me several front page covers for Mags like Mens Fittness and Muscle Magazines galore. I was doing so good that I even quit my day job in construction, and it paid $25.00 an hr, so you can tell modeling was really paying off for me! Hell I had the face for it, I had a strong angular jaw line and high cheek bones, and deep dimples that showed when I smiled. My eyes were a peircing light blue and my hair was thick, blonde and well cut I parted it in the middle and kept my bangs long so they would frame my face. I sported a goatee that when I wasent working shared my face with the last couple of days beard growth, and that night I was sporting the stubble that made my face sexy, at leist thatís what I'd been told.

Well we went into the bar, and I told the guys to find us a table and I went right to the bar, I liked to get a drink right away and waiting for the waitress always seemed to take to long for me. I was also intrested in checking out the new girls, the whole place could be checked out from the bar, so thatís where I always went. And it also let the ladys see what the bar had to offer, besides drinks and loosers, It had me! I was arogant and conceided I admit it, but if you looked like I did you would be too.

I was scoping out the bar for the cream of the crop when this skinny wimpy little bar tender came over and asked me what I wanted, I told him "Just a Budwieser! And a beautiful babe, in that order!" He laughed a little and said "I'll get you that beer, and as far as the babe goes. Well just look at the end of the bar mister, there aint none better then her!" He said and walked away. I watched him as he walked away.

I smiled to myself, the guy was so thin looking! His shirt sleeves were rolled up and his forarms were thinner then most girls , you could easly touch your thumb and index finger together around his bone thin wrist. The guys jeans were a meisly size 28-30 and they hung off him in baggy vertical wrinkles that went from the top of his ass to his knees, from there they bunched up in horizontal folds to the tops his shoes. I thought of how lucky I was to be this big strong muscle bound guy. I looked away from him and looked down to the end of the bar to check out the girl he was talking about. There at the end of the bar was the most beautiful girl Id ever seen. She was mysterious looking and I was instantly intrigued. I decided to walk over to talk to her, and I went to get my beer. I saw the skinny guy was just stairing away at me. It gave me the creeps, I glared at him and he turned around and went to help another customer.

I went over to the girl and asked her if she wanted a drink, she said "Yes." We talked for awhile, I told her my name was Tyler Jenkins, and she said her name was Venus, like the Roman goddess, she did'nt give a last name, and I did'nt ask her for one. We talked for along time, and even danced a few dances and then I took her by my friends table to show her off to the guys. They all were alone and seemed to be jealous of the fact that I was with this beautiful lady and they had all struck out. I told the guys Id be back later. And Venus and I went off to find a secluded table.

We were talking away and having a great time when she stunned the hell out of me, she said quite litrately out of the blue! " You want to go make love Ty. Im dieing to see what you look like without a shirt on." she said. I was taken back by her forwardness but I jumped on the chance to have sex with this ravishing lady. I smiled and said "YOU BET BABY! Im game when you are." She smiled and said "How about right now! I have an apartment right above the bar here. Lets go!" I was more then happy to go, I told her I had to let my friends know that I was leiveing though. I really just wanted to make them even more jealous of me. She said, "Hurry up then baby, times a waisting!" I hurryed over and told the guys what I was about to do, they all just sort of hung their heads and said they would wait for me. I laughed and said, "Hey if I don't come back by the time the bar closes go home with out me. Hell looks like you fellas are going home alone again anyways." I laughed and they all just shook their heads. I could tell they were jealous and I loved it! I gave them all a bicept pose and they all smiled and looked away. I turned back around and saw these two good looking young girls, the one was checkin me out when I did the pose and she said"Hey stud, why don't you join me and Cindy here?" I smiled and winked at her, I went to her and whispered that I would be back in an hour or so. I gave her a innocent little pec on the cheek and headed over to where Venus was, I think she saw me give the girl a kiss but she did'nt say anything, so I figured Id gotten away with it. Venus grabbed my hand and we headed up the back stairwell to her place.

We got to the top of the stairs and went down a long hallway to the only door up there, Venus opened the door and we went in, I was so ready to just fuck the hell out of this girl. I figured I would play around with this babe and have a little four play, and fuck her till she was wore out. And then Id sneak back down and see if I couldnít make it with the other girl too, two girls in one night. Not bad if I could do it! Venus pulld me up close to her and she just started to kiss me and play with my nine inch flacid dick through my tight jeans. I was getting pretty horney by then , she pull my tee shirt out of my jeans and raised my thick muscular arms over my head and she took the shirt off. She was all over me when I put my arms down, she started playing with my now hard eleven incher through my jeans while she ran her other hand all over my muscular hairy chest, and then traced a line with her finger down the deep valley of my thick firm pecs, she got to my eight pack abbs and traced each one out with her finger as she went down towards the waist line of my tight fitting jeans. I was so turned on by her that I almost came in my jeans, she unbuttoned my jeans and shoved her hand down my pants and fondled my thick penis in her hand she was playing with my balls and tickling them.

Then the front door opened up, I was startled and my dick went slightly limp, I looked up and in walks the damb skinny little bar tender, I couldnít believe this shit! I was pissed! Venus still had her hand down my pants and was still playing with my dick, but it was to late I was going limp by then, I wasent going to have sex in front of this guy! I pulled her hand out and glared at the guy. "Whats he doing here! Do you know him Venus?" I said in an angry tone. "Chill out Ty he's my roommate, he's brought us up something to drink. Itís a house speacialty." She said and then kissed me and rubbed her hands down my thick muscled quades and in between my legs, she got up, and I followed her, I was pissed! The moment was waisted, and now I had a wet spot on the front of my jeans from the pre cumm. I rubbed my hand over my crotch and felt it, it just pissed me off that much more! "GOD DAMB IT! WHY THE HELL DID'NT YOU FUCKIN KNOCK? ASSHOLE!" I screamed at him. Now I would have a visible wet spot on the front of my fucking jeans, I watched Venus and him talking to each other, he handed her a small bottle and then another bigger bottle and the two of them disappeard into the kitchen together. I figured I would try to dry the cumm off my jeans and just go back down to the bar and get the other girl. I was just about to put my tee shirt back on when Venus came back out and hurryed over to me.

"Dont leive Ty! Joey just wanted to bring us the drinks. He also wanted to see what you looked like without your shrit on too, I hope you dont mind?" I did of coarse but I figured he was her roomate and he was her problem. 'Just tell him thanks for the drinks and get rid of him." I said.I shook my head in disbeleife and just stood there.

"Joey come here honey. I want you to apologize to Ty." Joey came out and hung his head down and said "Im sorry about that sir! Here these drinks are for you two." He said and he handed us both a glass of what looked like wine. "Look Im sorry but I don't like wine!" I said and handed it back to him. Its not wine Ty, Its a speacial drink, its real good. Please try it at leist!' Venus said as he handed it back to me. I drank it down in one big gulp and handed the glass back to the weak little guy. It did taste good and even gave me a slight buzz right away. "Whoo ah, thats some powerful shit there Venus!" I said. They both just smiled, and he took the glasses back to the kitchen.

"Thats going to have you feeling like a different man in no time Ty!" Venus said and then called Joey back out into the room, 'Joey wants to be as big as you are Ty!" she said. I looked at her and just laughed,"WELL IT AINT NEVER GONNA HAPPEN HONE!" I said loudy in my deep voice,"He hasent got the bone structure to be my size baby, he's not built for it!" I started to laugh and went stood in front of the weakling and staired down into his face, "How much do you weigh little guy?" I said trying not to laugh. "Ah 110 Lbs maybe 115." He said. Venus looked over at me,"How much do you weigh Ty?" She said. "245 Lbs of rock hard muscle babe!" I said and smiled and looked down at the scawney wimp again. He looked up and smiled at me. "Thats what I want to weigh mister! Its not what I weigh now! But Im going to be bigger then you are Ty!" He said and smiled at me again.

I stood there and just shook my head, how could this guy think he could ever be a big guy? It was physically impossible! Venus smiled and looked over at Joey. "Take your shirt off Joey, and show him what you got baby!" I laughed again as this guy did it. The moment his shirt left the waist line of his jeans they slid down his thighs, I looked and gigged at him as the ass of his jeans fell flattly over his bony ass, the crotch was between his skeletor thighs about half way to his knees, I watched as he pulled them up and turned around and looked at himself in the large mirror that took up one whole wall of the place. He looked rediculus standing there with his baggy jeans starting there journey back down his thighs as he did a impromtue poseing scene for us. I could'nt beleive this shit, he was just skin and bones his chest was sunken looking with only nippels showing where his pecs should have been, his arms had very little defenition at all, his bicepts were so small I could almost touch my fingers together around them. I just laughed my ass off and went and stood behind him and did the same pose, I looked nearly three times this guys size I was a good head taller then him and I could see my own bodys reflection quite well even though he was standing in front of me. Venis walked up and stood beside us and laughed at how stupid he looked. But then she did what I never saw coming. She said "YOU CANT MOVE A MUSCLE TY! In a very powerful loud voice.

I smiled and went to put my arms down, I had had enough! But when I went to do it I couldnt! I couldnt move anything but my neck, I was frozen with my feet spread out and my torso was stuck in a bicept pose! I was freaking out. How could she do this to me? Was I being hyptmotized? I looked down at my reflection and Joeys and he seemed to be frozen as well, but he had a great big smile on his gaunt little face! I was pissed off! "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO? YOU LITTLE BITCH!" I yelled and tryed to move again, I couldnt! I was begining to get scared. I could feel my muscles getting tencer as I stood there frozen in place. My 24 inch Bicepts got tighter feeling and so did my abbs and my glutes and quads were as tight as they had ever been, as I trying as hard as I could to just move any muscle at this point. Sweat was running down my forhead and into my eyes burning them and causing them to water. Venus came over to me and wiped my forhead with her hand and smiled at me, I could turn my head and see her clearly, but my head was the only thing I could move, I could feel my whole body though. I just could'nt move it!

Venis put her hand on my crotch and started to fondel my dick through my jeans, It felt intence like it had never felt before, and I could feel my cock going hard until it was in a full and quite painful erection, it pressed real hard agaist the fabiric of my tight fitting jeans. And I wished for the first time that night that I had worn looser fitting jeans."STOP IT BITCH!" I said, I felt humiliated and violated for the first time in my life. I was stuck and there was nothing I could do to help my self! I was so frustrated that my eyes were watering again! Venus wiped the tears that driped from my eyes one at a time and said" Are you afraid Tyler Jenkins?" And laughed, Joey laughed as well and I was tripping out, I was gritting my teeth and trying with all my streanth just to move I could see my muscles bulging under the pressure of the strain but I still couldnt move!

"Just stop it Ty! You can't move so give it up!" Venus said as she walked over to Joey and lifted his whole body off the ground and stood him next too me. His legs were spread like mine were and we were both froozen in the same bicept pose. He looked like the stereotypical wimpy nerd standing in a power pose with no muscles to speak of!

And I looked every bit the big muscular bodybuilder I was. I really looked huge compared to this guy!

"Don't you think Joey would look good if he was just a little bit bigger and more muscular Ty?" Venis said as she looked in the mirror and winked at Joeys reflection. He winked back, it sent a chill down my spine. They seemed to be in on all of this together. But why did she freeze me and how? Was it something in the damb drink My mind was reeling, why ask me if he would look better bigger? I couldnt care less about the skinny asshole!

"Well I think he would Ty! And I think you would look adorable as a skinny little guy!" She said as she pinched my tight ass and rubbed my hard cock again. I didnt know what to say to her about the skinny comment she made about me, and I did'nt care about Joey. I was more concerned about the fact that I couldnt move a muscle, but my dick was in sensory overload, and I was about to cumm in my jeans again! Venus kept pushing my hard as hell member around in my tight jeans and I could feel every bit of it. I was trying my dambdest to stop from cumming in my jeans but it was out of my control! Then I felt my abbs contracting and I could feel my cock getting ready to shoot a monster load! I could see my dick was as hard as steel and then saw it move involentaraly and I felt it shooting its load right into my jeans! My face turned red with embarrasment as a wet spot formed on them with my sticky cumm!

"Ahh! Look at that Joey! He cant move a single muscle except this one!" She said as she spread the sticky cumm all over the inside of my jeans by moveing my cock all around every movement caused it to ejackulate more cum and the wet spot spread to cover most of the upper part of my jeans crotch area! I was humiliated and furious at the same time!

Venus backed off away from me and laughed at me! It looked real bad like I had pissed my pants, and it was all sticky guey cumm! I could feel it coming out the tip of my dick involentarally. Then she said,

"Well I think its time for Joey to grow some! Dont you Joey?" "YEA BABY GIVE ME SOME MUSCLES BABY! And do it before he creams his jeans again!" Joey said. I was freaking out, give him muscles? Whos? Not Mine!!! I hoped. I was wrong of coarse! Venus said "I'll give you thrity five pounds off his torso first Joey! It'll be fun to watch the expression on his face!" She said and came and stood in front of me! I was freaking out badly by now and tears of utter frustration rolled down my deeply dimpled cheeks!

Venus waved her hands in the air and said a few weird words and then closed her eyes! I watched in horror as I my torso began to get smaller, My mighty pecs seemed to just start to deflate! And then my mountainous bicepts started to look like they were getting smaller as well. I stoped crying and I could feel that my eyes were as wide as they probably ever were in my life! Joey started to get bigger and his torso started to fill out. his flat chest started to develope right before my eyes! And then his sunken stomach started to develop a classic six pack of abbs as mine went form an eight pack and then a six pack and then they got down right flabby looking and a small but prominent roll of untrained fat formed over the waist band of my still tight jeans! My broad shoulders and delts got narrower and my neck thinned down. I was freaking out as I watched this happening to me. tears of remorse and shame started to role down my face again! I screamed, "PLEASE NO! DON"T DO THIS TO ME! PLEASE!"

I was literally begging her to stop it! But it just continued till I gave him the thrity five pounds of pure muscle from my torso. Joeys torso looked good for a guy his height, he had the beginings of some tight firm pecs and a six pack of abbs his shoulders looked broad and strong and his neck and face had filled out fairly nicely. He actually looked good that size, he had a nice V shape to the back of his torso, His bicepts that werent even 10 inches to start were now easly 16 inches around, while mine had dwindled down to 18 if that. I still looked bigger in my torso area then he did but it wasent by much. I looked pretty average sized from my waist line up! I hated it! My classic V shaped back was all but gone! And My pecs that had dominated my chest now looked like a guy who never worked out a day in his life! And below them was a roll of fat instead of my tight 8 pack of abbs. Love handels showed clearly on my sides. All those years building my torso to prefection were wiped away! given to this wimpy bar tender who probably never tryed to build a single muscle in his life!

Venus smiled at my misfortune and then went over to Joey and started to rub her hands all over his new more muscular torso. "He looks good this way Ty! Only you both dont look right from your waist down! His legs look so puny and weak! And yours look so big and strong! Their much to big for your torso now Ty." She said. I knew what could happen next! I started to beg, "PLEASE VENUS! Please dont do anything else to me! Im sorry if I hurt your feelings or anything! Please just make me the way I was and I'll never tell a soul! I promiss! Please!" I begged like I had never begged before! Venis smiled and then quit rubbing her hands on Joeys new muscles. "Come now Ty! Im not going to give you back a thing! Im going to give Joey fourty five more pounds from your waist down mostly Ty, sort of even your new builds out! I was freaking out I knew she could do it! I was for some reason running the damb math through my head! If she gave him fourty five more pounds and she already took thrity five then he would weigh one ninty and I would only weigh one sixty five! I would be the smaller guy then and he could kick my ass! I tryed to say something but my mind and body were both frozen then. My mouth out of fear and my body was out of my control! I began to feel the weight being sucked away from me! I watched in horror as Joeys jeans began to quickly fill out with my muscle mass as my own jeans began to feel looser and my still erect cock got the room it needed to feel free I watched as my Jeans crept down my once thick legs till my crotch felt like it was half way to my knees! I could feel my ass disapearing in the fabric of my now looser jeans! I watched years of speacialized weight lifting fade away from my legs in the now looser fabric of my once tailer fitted size 34-36 levis jeans. I almost cryed as it happened! But shock had turned to fear, and fear too denile, as I thought this all just had to be a really bad dream!

Joeys scream of pure delight brought me back to reality. I stood there and just staired at how different I now looked! My jeans no longer fit like a glove and my bicepts were even smaller then Joeys now! His looked to be about 18 inches and mine were now under fifteen if they were that! I was scared to death now. I was scared for the first time, and for the first time in my life I was afraid of a guy! It was as if she took my confidence along with my size! At 6'4" and only 165 lbs I looked thin to say the leist my jeans looked way to big for me now! and they barly clung to my upper thighs I could make out My elastic from my boxer breifs quite well and even it didnt hug my waist anymore! My cock was still as hard as a rock and it stuck out like a tent pole in its now more roomy confines. I was totally in shock by now! Venus wasent through with me yet though! "You Know what Ty? Your still not the way I want you to be! Dont you think so Joey. Joey you can move now!" She said and he quickly turned to look at me instead of wy reflection. he just started to laugh!

"Whos the big guy now Ty?" He said as he reached out and grabbed my cock and fondeled it! I was humiliated by this! Here I was a devout hetrosexual being fondeled by this size stealing fagget I felt helpless now, I droped my head and just closed my eyes and hoped that it was all just a dream! Venus said "Stand back Joey! Its time to take him down the rest of the way!" I couldnt beleive she would go farther with this! Wasent I small enough? hadent I given enough to Joey? Why more? "Please Venus! No more please! Just let me go!" I said, as tears just rolled down my now narrower cheeks "PLEASE NO MORE!" I said as she waved her hands in the air again and I watched as my body quickly deflated like a balloon with a hole in it! My jeans fell off my thighs and pooled around my knees in horizontal folds above my boots.

I could feel what was left of my muscles dwindeling away from my body as I stood there still froozen in place. My once massive pecs disapeared from my chest and My skin tightened around my ribs till I could count everyone of them! My stomach disapeared and sunk inward till my pelvis showed clearly, all the while my skin seemed to tighten to its new dementions. My mighty bicepts had turned to skin covered bone and you could easly touch your forfinger and thumb together around them, my elbows were now wider then my bicepts and my pelvic bone was wider then my chest, my shoulders looked slumped and weak! I was a skeloton of my former self! Tears flowed freely from my eyes as I went from average to anerexic in a matter of minutes! When it all stoped I was shorter the Joey and thinner then either of them. I was the thinnest guy I had ever seen! I felt weak, helpless and ugly! My deep dimples had disapeared in my guant face my high cheek bones now looked like they were to boney and my head looked to big for my body! Even my nice tan and manly hair were gone from my body!

Venus said "YOU CAN MOVE NOW TY!" I fell weakly to my now boney knobby knees and brought my long boney hands and skinny fingers to my face and weeped till my shoulders ached. Venus looked at Joey who had taken all his clothes off and had absorbed all of my muscles and smiled. I looked up with tears still rolling down my face at the once thin little guy! he was now massive and I was the twig I was so thin that even my feet were wider then my upper theighs now!

Venus laughed and so did the now hulking Joey! "Lets dress him in your jeans and take him down to meet that young girl he wanted to see earlyer Joey, and we'll see what his friends think of him now!" I looked up with wide blood shot eyes, and screamed "NO!! GOD NO! I CANT BE SEEN LIKE THIS!" I knew it was out of my control now and Venus wiped me to my boney feet and held me up as Joey dressed me in his old jeans! they were so loose on me now that even with a belt they were to big for my body! They escorted me down the stairs and left me standing there in the bar all alone! I was crying when my friends found me and I finally convinced them that I was Tyler Jenkins! Instead of feeling sorry for me they laughed about it. Eventually they took me to see a doctor. That was a year ago today. Im still a weakling and the doctors say I dont have the bone structure to be a big guy anymore! I can only hope I'll find Venus again someday and she'll return me to my old size! Till then Im stuck as a skinny little bottom guy for a group of gay guys who like boney guys! Im humiliated to have to live this way but what choice do I have? •

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