Age Traders, The

By jumpingbassflash

Growing old just plain sucks! Its the one thing we all have to do though, no one gets out of it! No one! Unless of coarse your in the age traders! They get a way with it all the time! They move in the shadows of our world! They control time its self! Whether they choose to make a person old! Or make some one young they do it! Its really ends up ultimatly the victoms choice! They do it to the worst of us, and to the best of us ,but they do, do it! And no one is safe, and no knows if they'll be next!

There are two of them! They have been around for a millinia and will be around forever! They pick on mostly men, teens young men and even guys in their thirtys and fourtys! They rarely pick on the old! Theres just no fun in it! And they like to have fun with their victoms!

There names change as much as there bodys and ages do! They can make a person old but leive them in a young body! Or give the the victom a body thats as helpless and weak as a five year olds, but still leive them in there older bodys size! They control time it self and can even change just parts of their victoms and leive the rest as it was! Or just make the whole body young, or old, but leive the mind its original age!

The two had only recently discovered television, and loved commercials and infomercials, and even some prime time shows! They were facinated with the Gym equiptment ads, Both in magazines, and TV ,But the one they loved the best was a Bow Flex ad! The one where the guy says he's 42 years old and in better shape now, then he was at 22!

The two could change their sex as well as their age, But the power to do so had to be taken it didnt just come to them like magic! That was the only draw back to their power! If they came with instuctions it would read victoms not included! You need to supply your own!

Their names for now were ones stolen some time ago they were Tom and Cindy for now! Last names not included or necessary! The two watched the commercial together one day, and Tom who was now stuck in this smaller younger body he had stolen wanted to get a better body! And age had its benefits!

"Well what do you think! We find that guy and I take that body of his!" Tom said to Cindy as they fondeled with each other on the couch! "You want to be that old?" Cindy asked and laughed! "No I dont want his age I want that body! Thats all!" "Well what does he get in return!" Cindy said as she got off the couch and headed for the kitchen to get a snack! "WELL HE GETS A YOUNG ONE! MAYBE A TEN YEAR OLDS ONE! I DO HAVE RESERVES YOU KNOW!" Tom yelled so she could hear him while she made her snack in the kitchen!

Cindy smiled! That was true they both had built up a good reserve of power and it wasent out of the question! "ALRIGHT THEN WE"LL DO IT! BUT HEY? LETS LEIVE HIM IN HIS FOUTY TWO YEAR OLD BODY AND JUST GIVE HIM A TEN YEAR OLDS BUILD! IT"LL BE A BLAST!" She hallerd back from the kitchen, and headed back to the living room

The reserves they talked about were the ones built up from their victoms! If they only took part of someone they could store the part they didnt use! They were like rechargeble batteries in that way!

"How are you going to find the guy Tom?" "Ive already homed in on him!" "Youve used up some reserves then!" "not that much! He's real close to us honey! He lives on the beach just ten miles away!" Tom said with a big smile on his young face!

"Tomorrow then right!" Cindy said as she handed Tom part of her sandwitch!" "Right tomorrow it is!" Tom said and the two cudled together on the couch and watched TV the rest of the evening!

Tomorrow came and Tom was more then exsited He was down right antsy! "You ready! Todays the day you get a hunk for your man!" Tom said as he concentrated on the guy and fixed his location in his mind! "He's at a photo shoot! Real close to here!" "Really whats he modeling?" " AHH JEANS! I think? or at leist thats what he has on now!" The two left to do the dirty deed!

The guy was standing near a wall when Tom and Cindy came up on him! He was flirting with some young girl and didnt have his shirt on! His body was magnifecent! Well toned and well built no sign of body fat at all! And he was so handsome as well! Cindy thought! "Well lets do this quick! There are bound to be questions when your through, so lets do this one quick and get the hell out of here!"

Tom got with in range and looked the guy over! His older but still very handsome face sat on a strong thick neck that sat on the biggest broadest muscular shouders Tom had seen on any guy and those pecs! Those wonderful pecs man they were nice! The guys back was the perfect V shape with well defind back muscles and tight abbs on the front of it !and it all rested on big musculare legs that filled out the tight but not to tight jeans the guy was wearing! The guys body was everything Tom wanted his to be and his soon his would be just like the one he staired at with a gleem in his eyes!

Tom concentrated on the unsuspecting guy! He could take him slow or do it fast! Either way would be fun! But Cindy was in a hurry so he would have to do it somewhat faster then he would have liked to!

The guy was still flirting with this young lady as the changes took place on his fine frame! His big as hell Bicepts and big firm forarms, were the first to show the signs of becomeing those of a ten year olds build! They began to become actually firmer at first but soon they softened in muscularity and size! they had gone from at leist 22 inches to 24 and then fell fast to 18, Tom was loveing this and watched as they became under propotioned for his still fine torso! The guy didnt seem to notice but the girl defenetly did she had a look of surprize and shock as his arms dwindled away on the guy!

Tom thought about leiveing him that way but it was just a thought he wanted the whole package! Cindy was laughing at how weird the big guy looked now with arms that were so thin and muscleless while the rest of him was still this well built looking guy! The guys bicepts were now only 11 inches at best and his forarms had dwindled down to the point that his once big wrists were now smaller then hers!

Tom was laughing as well by then! But the guy sure wasent he was stairing at his arms that he had brought up to his veiw and was freaking out! His handsome jaw had droped open and he had a look of sheer terror on his handsome face! " COME ON TOM FINISH IT! You cant leive him like that its just not natural!" Cindy said still gigeling! Tom concentrated on his torso then and he rapidly lost size and muscle as Tom did it Tom laughed again as the guys waist line got thinner and his back started to loose its defenition and his abbs tunded to babby fat as they to lost there definition! " Come on ya cant leive the poor guy like that either! He looks rediculuse and besides I want you to have those legs of his!"

The guy was freaking out all those years of staying in shape were rapidly being taken away from him and now as he stood there he was this still tall guy with a torso that looked like the muscleless body of a skinny ten year olds! All this on legs that now were so muscular they looked way out of place on him! Tom was laughing so hard that he almost lost his concentration!

"Just finish this Tom!" Cindy said as she looked at how comcal the poor guy looked now! Tom smiiled and went back to his concentration! The poor guy though was now a real mess his well worked torso was now the strait up and down non definined body of a weak ten year olds But he was still sporting the well developed legs that went with his now stolen greek god physic " NOOOO!!" Was all the poor guy could say as his jeans that were now loose around his waist but still tight on his legs! Began there trip down in size and age As they got younger the jeans grew baggyer and baggyer on him and before he could react they were on their way down his waist thighs and now skinny legs and so they came to rest all bunched up around his now knobby knees! The guy was an emotional wreck now and he fell to his knees and threw his hands to his face and just cryed!

"Lets go Tom! Before we get caught!" Cindy said as the two left! Toms body was now surging with the new energy and he was ansious to begin the tranformation of his new stolen streanth! "Hey baby just do me one favor though!" " What?" "Promiss me we'll come back to see how this guy likes his new look!" " You got it babe! But Tomorrow alright!" Cindy said ! As she pinched Toms now firmer abbs!

Cindy and Tom stuck around long enough to watch as the crowd of people that were there run to help the now thin skinny guy! Tom had taken some of his years as well and now the fourty two year old had a twenty two year old body! Tom threw that one in as a joke! Now he wasent lyeing when he made that infrence too haveing a better body at fourty two then he had at twenty two like he said in the commercial!

"I thought you didnt want to be that old Tom?" Cindy said as the years transfered to him and pushed his 18 year old body to 38 years old. " Ill just give ten of them to the first guy we see who's starting to loose his hair! It'll be a kick to watch it fall out in seconds instead of years!" Tom said with an evil grin!

"Your down right mean sometimes Tom!" Cindy said secretly loving the idea! Tom turned around and kissed her and they both just mosseyed off like nothing had just happened at all!

Cindy and Tom got home and Tom was anxious to see how he looked with this guys muscles on his still smaller frame! "Well come on Tom change! I want to make love to that guys body!" Cindy said as she watch Tom take off the size 28 jeans he was wearing! Cindy smiled! "You know Im actually going to miss that body! You may not have been a muscle god but that kid did have a really toned body!

Tom just smiled! Changeing body size came with the power and Tom was now quite used to disgaurding old bodys and sizes for the new ones he stole! Tom smiled back to her as the changes took place on him! His muscles doubled in size and he even grew two inches taller as he filled out to the guys old size! With in moments Tom was now a huge musculare guy with a build that had taken the guy he stole it from years to sculpt into this now perfect body!

"I love it Tom! Now come here and make love to me!" Tom was still wearing the undewear that had fit his old frame and the waist band strained against his now wider waist line! Cindy reached up from her laying position on their bed and went to feel Toms new man package still hidden in the tight underwear! "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!" Cindy yelled as she grabbed hold of Toms new cock! "IT SO SMALL! No wonder the guy lifted weights! He certainly wasent getting any pussy with this little thing!"

Toms face flushed and he quickly whiped off his tight underwear! What fell free from them disapointed both of them! It was positivly puny! Three inches long and Tom had a freaking hard on! "THIS SUCKS!" Tom said as he picked the little thing up with just his four finger and thumb! "Whyed you take that little thing man! You should of kept the kids nine incher! I dont want that little thing in me!"


"HEY IT LOOKED HUGE IN THE GUYS JEANS! Man he must have packed a sock in his jeans to fill them out for that shoot?" Tom just shook his head and watch the tiny dick go limp! It shank down to just two inches and looked positivly stupid on his now huge muscular frame! "This sucks!" Tom said as he played with it! " Well I'll need a new one of these thats for sure" " Whats the guys name anyway Tom!" "Hum, HA HA HA! JOHN! Beleive it or not!" "YEA THAT MAKES SENCE TO ME! The poor bastered had better have been John! Cause thats the only way he was going to use that little thing! He was a John alright a prostitutes John that is!' Cindy rolled out of their bed and just laughed at Tom as he got madder and madder about his now puny dick!

"WELL ARE YOU JUST GONNA KEEP THAT LITTLE THING OR WHAT!" Cindy yelled as she left their bedroom! "FUCK YOU BITCH! And NO!Im not keeping this puny little thing! Im giveing it away! Tom said as he stood up and went to their walk in closet! It was full of clothes all nicely hung up and arranged by size and sex!

It took Tom a few minutes to find some clothes that fit this new body and threw on the pair of kahkies that fit him and grabed a shirt and two sets of socks and some shoes and went to the living room to finish getting dressed! Tom sat down and started to put on one of the pairs of socks he had grabbed out of the dresser drawer. Cindy came over and rubbed his now broad muscular shoulders! " Dont do that Cindy! I dont want this little guy to come to attention till he's bigger! Alright!"

Cindy laughed and got up off the couch and watch Tom finish getting dressed. Tom did look good in this body though and Cindy was acheing to make love to it! Tom threw on a tee shirt and left it untucked! "OH tuck it in Tom! you have the body for it now!

" First things first!" Tom said as he picked up the extra pair of socks. " Why do you have that folded pair of socks Tom?" Tom smiled, he knew what he was going to do next would make Cindy laugh her ass off! Tom smiled at her and thrust the extra pair of socks into the front of his pants and ajusted it as he did it! Cindy watched the whole thing and was laughing so hard she litterally doubled over in pain!

"Im not going out with this body unless it at leist looks like it got a little down there as well!" Tom said and laughed right along with her!

Cindy couldnt stop laughing as the two left to get Tom some size! "Where we going anyway?" Tom asked as he shifted the sock from the out side of his pants till it looked right! "THE BEACH! I say the beach! That way you'll know what your getting this time! And Im picking the one that I like! Not you!" Cindy said as the two got to their car and headed for the beach!

"And you can get rid of those extra years as well!" Cindy said as Tom was driveing! "No I want to give them to a guy whos gonna go bald!'" " Well I can see its been along time since youve been female! Dont you know bald guys always have big dicks honey!" Cindy said quite nonshalantly!

They got to the beach and both got out of the car and headed down for the sand and the surf! Tom took off his tee shirt to show off his new well tanned big body! Cindy laughed at him as he did it! "What?"Tom asked with a pissed off look on his face! "WHAT NOTHIN HONEY! That body aint nothin without a drive train!" Cindy said and laughed at Tom again!

"WELL YOU BETTER PICK ONE QUICK THEN! CAUSE YOUR PISSIN ME OFF NOW!" Tom said as he followed her down to the edge of the oceans shore and looked around for Toms next victom! Cindy waited for the right guy to come there way!

The beach was full of people and a majorty were guys! But cindy wanted the right one! Soon a young guy came walking by! He was a very good looking guy to Cindy! And as he got closer she scoped out his crotch, the guy was well endowed indeed! "Him!" Cindy said as the guy in his mid to late twentys passed by them! From behind the tell tale sign of hair lose was visable, and the fact that he also had a receiding hair line helped her pick him as the next to be forever changed!

Tom had also scoped out the guys package and was quite pleased with the choice, " Alright then lets follow him then! Shall we babe!" Tom said as he began to concentrate on the well built guy he wasent as muscular as Tom now was but he was still a big guy! And from behind he looked to be in great shape as well, a fine bubble butt and nice trim waist and a broad V shaped back! And strong tall muscular legs! " He's a little hottie hone!" Cindy said! " Well not for long baby cakes!" Tom said as he began the guy demise!

Tom stole the guys package first! and just let it grow in his pants as it dwindled to Toms tiny size in the unsuspecting guys tight fitting show all swim trunks! Soon the guys pride and joy was only an inch long flacid and the trunks had an empty area where his once proud member lived! But Tom wasent done with the guy yet! Tom began the transfer of the years he no longer wanted to the poor still young guy as he strood along the beach still thinking he had something to show off in his tight as hell swim trunks!

The poor guys thinning area became more and more visable from behind! And it seemed to itch or something because the guy began to scratch the top of his thinning scalp! Soon the years added began to take there toll on him as well! His strong well toned V shaped back both thinned and lost definistion as prominent love handles formad at his waist line! Cindy couldnt help but laugh and the guy turned around to see who was laughing! The poor guys hair line had almost disappeared from his forhead! and a very pale white shinny bald head gleamed in the brite sunlight!

The guys body was waisting away as the years took their toll even more on him now!Without exosize his bodys muscles began to atriphie as he stood there! And his tight abbs became a roll of fat that now hung over much looser swim trunks! The poor guy was now ten years older then he was, and Tom decided to give him just five more years to boot!

Neither Tom or Cindy were watching Toms changes to his body but they were takeing place! As Tom got younger his body lost some of its definistion and size! The big muscular body he was so happy with started to really get smaller really fast! Tom suddenly felt his pants rideing down his thinning thighs and stoped dead in his tracks " FUCK ME! WHATS THIS FUCKIN SHIT!" Tom screamed as he lost his concentraation on the guy and he still unaware of the drastic change to his body wondered away and out of their site as he moved through the crowded beach!

Cindy started to laugh as she saw how much weight Tom had lost! He was much younger now about twenty two to be exact! And he was indeed not in as good a shape as he was when he first got to the beach, His weight had droped by 60Lbs and had lost alot of the well toned muscle he had stolen! "THIS SUCKS!" Tom said as he was forced to now hold up his pants! Cindy was laughing her ass off! " Well I guess that guy wasent lyeing when he said he was in better shape now then he was at twenty two!" Cindy said and laughed at Tom again! " Lets go we'er leiveing! Tom said as he stormed off the beach holding up the pants that he had filled out so nicely just moments before!

Tom had drained his reserves by then and would be stuck like this till he had time to build them up again! Both went home and Cindy took advantage of the new package Tom now sported! •

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