One Night Out at the Track

The Lotion


By Castereric

It wasn't like Josh needed the lotion….like his skin was dry or anything, but as he lay there in the jock strap, the breeze from the AC gently brushing him through the mesh, he closed his eyes. All he could see inside his head was that clip of the hunk putting on the lotion stored in high definition within the confines of his pornographic memory. He remembered how the lotion looked under the dim light of the lamppost. He could see the guy rubbing it on his legs, caressing the separations between his thighs, massaging his calves. He could see the shoulders glisten from the lotion, and stand at attention. He could see him rubbing it into his washboard stomach and edging down the pleasure trail, fingering the veins heading down south. He could see the guy massage his chest, and how it bounced to attention with just the tiniest hint of hair on it, and he could see this guys arms, tight, sinewy and muscular all at the same time; especially the barbwire tattoo across his bicep almost distorted by the sheen of the lotion. He could almost feel the God's forearms and the vascularity in them. He could also see that hint of dimple in his ass as he accidentally lowered his shorts when putting the lotion on his back, and without warning, picturing himself as this guy, he slapped on the lotion. The Feeling was electric. Even though the body wasn't the same, the feeling, coupled with his memories of the hunk made it feel like it was. Absolutely incredible! He reached down, and couldn't help it. He put some lotion on his cock and he instantly started oozing. God was this incredible. They say smoking crack is like a thousand orgasms all at once. For Josh, this was like a thousand crack hits with every stroke. He pulled on his balls and his dick, and came again. This time the feeling was even more intense. He could feel himself crawling deeper into his body. It was like he was falling and spinning at the same time. His eyes were closed tightly and his body felt like it was floating. It wasn't so much that he felt like he was moving, but rather, it felt like the world was moving around him. Each pulse made the orgasm even more intense, and even though he was spent (for now) the whole feeling of euphoria kept on going. The room was still moving around him, and the constant freefall was still there. Something strange started to happen. Josh's feet started to ache. His toes stretched out and incredibly were now at the tips of the cleats. When that subsided his calves and legs started to ache. The seemed to implode until they were no longer the flabby legs he had before. Then the stretched down and lost the little definition they'd gained. WOW! Josh was so overwhelmed with everything that his cock sprung to attention once more, or had it? NO, it was growing long, but still remained flaccid. It easily overflowed in length from one hand to the next with enough to hang loose. This feeling was intense and instantly made him hard. As this feeling intensified, he started to feel like he was being torn apart. His torso was stretching up and imploding instantly. His belly disappeared and a nice tight midsection appeared. The change wasn't complete yet. His arms stretched out and his hands grew bigger. The hair on his body suddenly faded away and a barbed wired tattoo appeared on his arm. As soon as this happened his calves started cramping up. They pulsed unbelievably hard. As he stretched to massage them he started feeling them expand. Towards their center a deep crevice with tiny indentations appeared. Veins started to work their way up to his thighs. It was like someone was inflating his legs. They gained muscles and striation and vascularity, but by far the most intense feeling was his ass getting tighter. He could feel each cheek expand and tighten up. When he rubbed them he could feel ridges on his butt. It had become striated. His back started expanding along with his chest and arms. His six pack turned into a ten pack and his chest blew up and instantly was covered with veins along with his midsection that led down the pleasure trail to his inner thighs. It was amazing. His lats were wide now but his back felt tight and compact. He could not only feel his muscles, but their edges and what they connected to. It was like he was turning into a walking human diagram of the male muscular system. His arms started catching up and pretty soon they were tightening up and displaying every ridge. His forearms got huge and sinewy. The feeling was amazing. He stood up and felt a bit off kilter. It was like he was….HE WAS Taller. His body felt incredible. He turned toward the mirror and there before him was the stud from the track. The same face and musculature that the guy at the track had possessed was now staring back at him. This was incredible. He took off what little clothes he had on him and stared in disbelief. He had the most incredible midsection. There before him was a ten pack with veins running across it. His arms were strong, and his back and shoulders wide. He bounced his pecs and saw how full they got. He turned around and looked at his ass. Yep, it was striated. This was the hardest ass he had ever felt. Oh god was this incredible. His legs were huge and as he bent his knee, he could see a bulge form at his hamstrings. He focused his attention forward again. Specifically, he looked at his cock. It was beyond any sculpted masterpiece. It hung between to orange sized balls loose and uncircumsized for at least 10 inches. It was thick and heavy too. It shot up at attention. He moaned from the pleasure he started feeling and caught his reflection in the mirror. His eyes were green. They had been brown before. His cheek bones were more pronounced. His lips were fuller too now, and his forehead and grown ever so slightly. His hair had gone from being a thick dark brown into a thinner dirty blonde hair. Josh really had turned into the most gorgeous guy he'd ever seen. He'd turned into the guy at the track. He decided to try this body out. Finding clothes was not easy, but he settled on some shorts and a tank top. He put on some slides and decided to go to the local sports bar. Walking in this body was incredible. Every brush of fabric made his dick stir. He also felt lots of strength and vitality that wasn't there before. He jumped up on the chinup bar and cranked out 30 with no effort. This was incredible. He then decided to try and do a backflip…yep, easy as pie. He got in his truck and took off. Even though Josh was bi, he leaned more toward men, but tonight he felt like getting some hot pussy. What usually took several visits took no time at all at the bar this time. Josh walked in and all stares were on him. Ladies started offering him drinks….wow, he was definitely going to like this. After about 10 minutes at the bar a random girl kissed him and pinched his butt. After about an hour, he was back at home with two of them. They quickly undressed him and started to fondle Josh. One of them rammed her tongue down his ass. This felt awesome. The other would kiss him and suck on his dick which was now growing beyond it's flaccid ten inches. She sat on top of him and guided his large throbbing cock inside her. She was very tight and the feeling of getting such a large member in there was explosive. It hurt Josh in the best possible way. He had sex with both women well into the night. He knew he'd have to try this on men the next day. He only wished that he could thank the hunk at the track. Perhaps he'd get his chance. •

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