Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

They splashed around in the surf, playing pull cock and grab-ass. Finally they climbed out, one sexy superhung stud and one musclegod. Jack laid down on the warm sand. Fred laid down in his arms, his cock draped over Jack's thigh, laying against Jack's cock.

Fred enjoyed laying on the hugely muscled figure of his friend, carved like a greek statue, but living flesh, warm and powerful. Jack's skin was golden bronzed, he was a classic blonde Adonis in form, a living Herculean Titan of muscle and power. Drops of salt water beaded on Jack's muscle, which Fred playfully licked off with his huge tongue, then curled up against Jack so he could lick Jack's nipples with his tongue. They instantly hardened under Fred's caresses.

Jack flexed with pleasure at the caresses of Fred's tongue. What was best was the enormous size of Fred's cock, however, laying across his thigh, and then lengthwise down Jack's own thick monster. Jack could get hard and go for another round, but he was enjoying the lazy feeling of erotic foreplay, and the warm romance of his incredibly handsome and hung lover close by his side. His heart ached as he realized that he really loved Fred. He ached with pleasure, and with the jealous knowledge that he'd have to share Fred with others. Fred was too much a stallion to be faithful, however much he'd want him to be. And for him to be any less a stallion wasn't what Jack wanted at all, for Fred, or himself.

However, they had some problems to deal with, and they'd better do it soon, before someone came along and saw them naked. Their clothes were mostly dry. Jack's t-shirt was in tatters, his calvins were still intact although considerably stretched out, and his shorts were split up the side of both legs. Fred had his t-shirt, baggy shorts, and jockstrap. They needed to be at least reasonably dressed to get to their rooms.

Fred tried on the jockstrap. His balls, still reduced in size, fit, but his cock hung out and down his leg 14 inches. This would never do. Fred tried on the stretched out calvins, and they did hold everything he had... if holding it was to have the fabric stretched perilously tight. But the calvins compressed his cock to 10", and he doubled his cock up under his balls, so that he had a big bulging smooth basket, with his cockhead under his balls. The leg openings were pulled out just a bit, but held okay. He walked up and down the beach under Jack's watchful gaze, to try out how to move. The weight of his cock and balls was constantly fighting the cotton fabric, reminding him of the size of his cock.

"Damn nice, Fred! You know your muscles really pump a lot when they flex stud! Your ass really is amazing when you walk...!!! Incredible. All your muscles pumping while you strut!"

Fred blushed, but kept his mind on getting dressed.

"I'd never dreamed of what a problem this would be when I was after other hung guys. Of course, they hadn't been this hung, although I've had a couple 11 and even one 12 inchers... that's hard measurements, Jack."

"You put them to shame Fred."

Fred next began to try on his baggy nylon swim trunks, but then stopped. He might be able to wear Jack's torn up shorts, but Jack never would be able to again. He threw the jockstrap and his shorts at Jack, then picked up Jack's shorts. He pulled them up over his long, strong muscled legs. They still had the waistband, button and zipper intact.

"I think the only measurement that's the same on you, Jack, is your waistline!"

Fred buttoned the shorts and zipped them up. It took some adjusting to zip over his huge bulging basket, but it finally zipped over the huge basket. He pushed on the package and manuevered it down to hang a bit lower. It fit, and he could walk freely. His muscular legs were visible through the tears on the outside seams, but it was a very sexy effect. The shorts hung quite nicely on his hips, accentuating the handsome lines of his torso and legs. Fred's slender waistline and hips outrageously complemented the huge bulge swinging between his legs. A line of dark hair trailed up his muscle stomach from his pubic hair to spread lightly across pecs. His broad shoulders also contrasted nicely to his slender lower torso. His tightly mounded pecs and the v-taper of his high set lats also showed up his exaggerated proportions and declared his rampant sexuality. Fred's legs were powerfully shaped and formed, flaring from his hips, arcing down with muscled thighs surrounding his package. He turned and posed for Jack.

"Wow," said Jack. "You're fucking hot. How can you be so fucking hot?"

"What do you mean?

"Cause you're so fucking cool."

Fred blushed again at the compliment.

"I love it when you blush Fred. It's so sweet. And the blush does wonderful things to your face." Fred blushed even more furiously. "The red sets off those incredible blue eyes, Fred. Very nice, you handsome mega-hung lover!"

Jack stopped teasing Fred and pulled Fred's jockstrap on his massive legs. He actually had trouble getting the straps on over his thighs, they were so hugely muscled. By scooting the strap up over his thighs evenly he was able to manage after a minute. He lifted the strap over his balls and cock, and adjusted the strap on his waist. Then he reached down and pulled the fabric wide on the sides and down, under his huge tennis ball sized testicles, fitting the fabric over his entire genitals. With his incredibly thick 6 1/2 inch long cock, and the two tennis ball sized bulges, Jack had an incredibly obvious package, unmistakeable as to content. Fred by contrast had a much larger, but smooth package as his cockhead was folded under, and his balls hidden under his flaccid tightly packed cock. The size of Fred's package was huge, but exactly what was where was and how big was an enticing puzzle.

Jack reached back under his ass and adjusted the leg straps, then gave his body a shake and posed a double bicep followed by a most muscular. His package bounced.

"WOW. You're enormous Jack. The way your muscles, even not pumped are so huge is amazing. You sure don't have a tiny dick like some bodybuilders either!!! You're perfectly proportioned, but freakily massive."

Jack tried to pull on Fred's ultra baggy nylon swim trunks. They almost fit, but stuck above his knees on his massive thighs. Fred ran into the shack, found a discarded knife in the kitchen, and slit the sides of the trunks so they slid on. They worked, but were pulled so tight they were not baggy by any means on Jack. They showed off his massive muscle glutes as well as his package up front, the thin nylon obscuring nothing of his massive bulging genitals.

Jack looked at Fred's t shirt. He picked it up and held it in front of him. it was an xxxl long. It was tiny compared to Jacks' thickness.

I'm gonna have to rip out the sleeves to wear this." Fred cut off the sleeves entirely for Jack, and slit the side seams down from the arms about 12 inches. Jack pulled the shirt on and it looked like it was painted on him. His lats stuck out completely. His delts completely stuck out on each side, he was so broadshouldered. His huge biceps completed the package nicely.

"Jack you look more obscene dressed than naked!"

"Good! I want to be obscene for you Fred! As if I could be more obscene than your massive cock!"

Fred took the tattered remains of Jack's original t-shirt and pulled it over his head. He tied the tatters over one shoulder. His hot body set off the effect sexily. Fred now had that hot look of a male supermodel, the kind that could make a potato sack look like the height of fashion, and cause every wannabe on Wall Street to wear potato sacks to work.

"Well, Tom's gone for now at least." Fred scrawled him a note and he and Jack set off to go back to the hotel.

"What caused it in me, Fred? Was it cause I'm your friend?"

"I don't know."

"Fred, was it because I gave you a blow job, swallowed all that cum?"

"I don't know."

"But you swallowed Tom's cum, and then you grew!"

"Yeah, but differently than you!"

"Yeah, but I love big muscle, I've been working to get big muscle..Maybe you jerked off more than me, and your cock grew bigger cause of that!!"

"I don't think so. I don't think its possible to masturbate more than you used to."

"Very funny. And true! Hey, maybe its what we wish for, our wishes coming true!"

"Jack, I don't know."

"Why does it happen only when we sleep?"

"I'm not sure it does. Maybe it only happens when I sleep!"

"Hey yeah, maybe it happens only when you sleep! Maybe you did these changes in your dreams!"

"Maybe, but I did wake up and watch you grow."

"But you did dream of it?"


"Hmm... we should have a test!!! We should plan a test!!"

"Yeah, and in the meantime be careful what we wish for."

"And what you dream!!"

"How can I control my dreams?"

Jack walked along in silence. "I wish I was taller!"


"It's true! I do wish I was 7' or taller!!! and as muscular as possible!!!"


"I want to be your test, Fred. And I love you bud, and I know you love BIG MUSCLE. I wish I was 7' tall or taller and completely muscled and completely hot like you want me to be!!!!"


Jack got down on his knees in front of Fred. "I want to be your muscle slave, Fred. I want to make you happy. You gave me what I could never have, and I want to return my happiness to you!!"

"... and to have a BIG COCK too."


"I love big cock too."

"And I want to have a big cock too... but yours to always be bigger than mine erect."

Fred bent down and kissed Jack, tonguing him deeply. Jack pulled down Fred's shorts and calvins and gasped with pleasure as his cock descended to 14+ inches. Jack grabbed on and started stroking, taking the rapidly expanding cock with both hands.

"Now that's what I call a trouser snake!" Jack noticed even in the last half hour Fred's balls had gotten bigger again, bigger than tennis balls.

"Oh yeah Jack!!! Oh yeah!!!" Fuck yeah!!! I feel so hot!!! I'm gonna cum!!!!!"

Jack opened wide, swallowing Fred's huge cock. That he was able to do so amazed him. He deep throated Fred. Fred shoved his cock deeper, losing control. Fred started spewing a huge load directly into Jack's stomach. He came for about 2 full minutes. When he could see again, he pulled out, his cock still dripping cum. His balls again were reduced in size. He walked down to the water and washed off his cock, waited for it to subside, and then repackaged his cock and got dressed.

Jack was waiting for him, smiling. Jack patted his stomach. "It's just like money in the bank."

"We'll see."This is a gay themed x rated story. If you're easily upset by such, or offended, or underage, don't read it. Delete it. If you don't like it, don't read any more of my posts. Positive criticism will be gratefully read. Positive response will also help me write faster, if you like my writing. Suggestions as to what you'd like to see happen to these guys are welcome.

Look for more late tomorrow, for now... •

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