Eric's Growth

By wizard_angelo

This is my first story that I have written and therefore may not be up to the expected quality of all MGS's... Its VERY short. Anyways, Enjoy.

The blue liquid splashed on his tongue... mixed with saliva.

After spending years of work trying to find the complete human genome. He had done it...? By manipulating the phosphates in certain enhanced dna... He had created ENB... enhanced nucleic base.

Sure, the quadruple helix design was difficult to manipulate but after procuring some of the worlds finest bods... He wondered what the effect of Paul Dillon, Aaron, and other body builders mixed together would be.

The blue liquid splashed on his tongue... Would this work?

A very cold sensation spread throughout his body... Eric thought desperately that he had done the wrong thing... all that muscle though. It seemed so "appetizing"

He knew how the process would work...

He felt a rush of blood fill his balls as they expanded... lemons, coconuts, grapefruits...

The testosterone filled his body, he watched as his biceps grew from golf balls to basketballs. Traps that reminded him of cobras... As his delts expanded as well as his shoulders, he realized that he had gained height... Now 8 ft tall, he would be capable ofinflicting possible damage to his apartment.

He looked keenly as his pecs inflated and his pot belly changed to form 6, 8, 10 packs... He sensed his pecs... and moaned ever so softly as his sensitive tits sent responses of pleasure throughout the body.

The quads grew and he felt capable of running for miles, his calves became bulls and veins started to appear on his 35 inch biceps... his feet grew to accustom his height... His whole body pulsating with power.

A very lonely part started to grow too. The cock started from its erect 7 inch state to grow... 14 inches... 21 inches.. 36 inches... Where and who would he be able to stuff this manmeat in? He waited patiently for Andre to come home....

What would Andre do anyway? •

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